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The Vintage Girls Estate Sale Company

The Vintage Girls Estate Sale Company
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Location: Roswell, GA
Contact: Ashley Glass
Phone: (678) 414-7544
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Upcoming Estate Sales
Decatur Estate Sale by The Vintage Girls! Premiere Antiques!
December 2 - December 5
Decatur GA
Full house of Rare Antiques and Small Collectibles. This is a fabulous sale that you need to put on your calendars! Full Listing Coming in Mid-November!
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Premiere Estate Sale in Roswell Mediterranean Villa by AESC/The Vintage Girls Estate Sale Co.!
December 3 - December 5
Roswell GA
FULL HOUSE ESTATE SALE AT BEAUTIFUL MEDITERRANEAN VILLA ON THE LAKE IN ROSWELL! Northshore Drive Roswell, Ga 30076 December 3-5, 2015 Thursday-Saturday 10am-4pm Furniture, Antiques, China, Glassware, Collectibles, Baby Grand Piano, Be
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Roswell Estate Sale by The Vintage Girls! One Day ONLY!
December 5
Roswell GA
Full Listing Coming Week of the Sale!! Furniture, Smalls, and More!!
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The Vintage Girls go to Full House in Cumming!
December 11 - December 12
Cumming GA
Full House! Full Listing Coming Mid November! Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Basement, and Lots More!
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Sandy Springs Estate Sale by The Vintage Girls!
December 11 - December 12
Atlanta GA
Estate Sale by The Vintage Girls! Full Listing Coming Nov 23! Furniture, Antiques, Accessories, Smalls, Sectional Sofa, Foosball table, Ping Pong Table, and More!!
The Vintage Girls Estate Sale Company More Info

About Our Company

WOW, THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES IN ESTATE SALE COMPANIES, HOW DO I MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE?   Check out just a couple of our TESTIMONIALS HERE!!! We have TONS of references! Overwhelmed? Are you faced with handling an estate in Georgia and not sure how to begin? Not sure who to call or what to do,where to even start? You have contacted the right company!!  Our advice to you is to know who you are hiring. Are the qualified?...

Recent Customer Feedback


Customer Feedback

Company Information



Check out just a couple of our TESTIMONIALS HERE!!! We have TONS of references!

Overwhelmed? Are you faced with handling an estate in Georgia and not sure how to begin? Not sure who to call or what to do,where to even start? You have contacted the right company!! 

Our advice to you is to know who you are hiring. Are the qualified? How are they qualified? Why are the qualified? What is included in their percentage? What will happen after the estate sale? There are many questions to be asked!

I cannot tell you how many times people have called us and said that they hired an estate sale company and they still have 75% of their items left and can we do a sale for them. Unfortunately, The Vintage Girls will not conduct an estate sale after another estate sale company has conducted a sale. So, call The Vintage Girls FIRST, so you know you will have the best!

Why? The Vintage Girls have done hundreds of estate sales and are the most qualified in the business! Why? We know what sells, what is sells for, how to market, thousands of people on our email list, social media queens, and have connections all over the city. 

From Buckhead to Tyrone, The Vintage Girls know there stuff!!! So, don't be fooled!! Call THE VINTAGE GIRLS!!

Again WHY?

We know Atlanta, South Atlanta, North Atlanta, East Atlanta, and West Atlanta better than anyone. 

We were born and raised in ATLANTA. We know the history of this city and the treasures that are found here. This IS IMPORTANT!! 


If I moved to Vermont, well I did go to school and study in Massachusetts :), so let’s say, if I moved to Virginia, went to school there too (and oh the antiques in Virginia are some great ones!!), if I moved to North Dakota (ok, I have not been there!).... I would not know the items there, like I know the south, and the northeast (school for 3 years in Massachusetts and grad program from my antique appraisal studies in New York City at NYC), and the Midwest (family from Texas and we LOVE Midwestern treasures)! 


Ashley Glass, The Owner of The Vintage Girls, grew up in Buckhead and her family owned a horse farm in North Georgia. She is highly educated (Check out her "resume"...an estate sale company SHOULD supply you with a resume!...you are giving them a key to your house and your belongings. Know who you are hiring and why they should do your sale!) 


Ashley knows her stuff (as the customers say!). She knows new (Lexington to Pottery Barn), vintage (Herman Miller and Eames), antiques (from primitive, to Victorian, Renaissance to Art Nouveau). 

In the Estate Sale business, companies_import tend to "specialize" in a certain type of estate sales. You do not want to hire an estate sale company that only does newer item sales (downsizing and foreclosures) to sell items from a 1870's farmhouse. They will have no idea what a grist mill grinding wheel is or what a firkin is. You also do not want to hire a company known only to do old antique only estate sales to sell your Henredon and Maitland Smith. 

The Vintage Girls specialize in all types of sales and are just as knowledgeable on West Paces Ferry as they are in that 1870's farmhouse! This is the kind of estate sale you need to be looking for to conduct your estate sale!!!

Call today The Vintage Girls today to set up your free consultation!


A little about our company and how we got started...:

My name is Ashley Glass. I am the owner of The Vintage Girls.

Growing up in an affluent part of Atlanta around lovely antiques and spending my summers in Highlands, NC running around an auction house at the age of 8, I loved antiques and unique things at a very young age. From barns to art galleries, I was intrigued.

As a teenager, my mother and I frequented estate sales and antique markets all over the southeast from the East Coast to the Mid-West, and I loved every minute of it. I might have been the only kid I knew with all antiques in their room at the age of 10.

At the age of 14, I discovered my first treasure at an estate sale in Atlanta, being run by a family. Ten years later, I sent my treasure to Christie's in New York, one of the top auction houses in the world, and had a profit of $18,000. So I KNOW treasures are out there to be found for YOU. (This same treasure...I grew up watching Antiques Roadshow and studying "THINGS", history has been a passion of mine!! Imagine how exciting it was for me to appear on the Antiques Roadshow in 2006 as a guest!! )

At the age of 15, I was privileged to go to one of the best boarding schools in the Northeast (Thanks to my wonderful Mom!), again around the some of the best antiques in the world. Philadelphia,"Brimfield", Boston, and New York City...the museums, the shops, I was in heaven!

At the age of 21, I was a part-time antique dealer and set up at various places in the Atlanta area such as Lakewood Antique Show and Scott’s, Lakewood Interiors in Sandy Springs, and The Roswell Market in Historic Roswell while working full time in the emergency medical field.

As I continued to attend estate sales I saw items undervalued, undersold, and OVERPRICED (if it doesn't sell, what did you hire the estate sale company for! The HIGHEST prices in this business, does not mean the best estate sale company!!! They will be the ones that don't sell anything for you!)... and lack of concern for people’s property and I knew I could do a better job. I also saw my full time job as an asset to the estate sale business.


After working in the Emergency Medical Field for 16 years, I dealt with death and traumatic experiences day after day. In the estate sale business, usually an estate sale occurs after someone has passed or some other traumatic event has occurred and I felt that after so much experience dealing with life altering events, and my love of antiques and things, this was the right path for me.

I started The Vintage Girls over 7 years ago because I love antiques and I love people.

After starting The Vintage Girls, I have continued studying the field of Fine and Decorative Arts. In 2011, I attended NYU's graduate program to become an official appraiser in the field, the only estate sale company owner in Atlanta to attend this distinguished program. I am also affiliated with multiple antique organizations and societies, from Atlanta to New York City. Studying in New York, I am a member at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have several New York connections that aid in my estate sale business.

As a people person, my company’s goals are to make YOUR sale the best it can possibly be. My company prides itself in taking excellent care of your valuables in addition to marketing to and attracting high- end customers through our advertising and our extensive e-mail list of estate sale clients.

Being an Atlanta native (a rarity), I know this city, I know the people, the businesses, and the neighborhoods from Tyrone to Blue Ridge...we KNOW Atlanta and we will bring the best knowledge and experience in the business.

The Vintage Girls will handle all of your estate sale needs from arranging, pricing, cleaning, and displaying to the actual selling of your household contents.
We will treat your family and your business like our very own.
Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you for your free consultation.

Whether you choose us or someone else to help you in this process, as it is a difficult one, give us the opportunity to tell you what you should be looking for in your estate sale company. We promise we have several things that will help you in the process.

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