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ANTIQUES by Michele Markovich Estate Liquidation and Relocation

ANTIQUES by Michele Markovich Estate Liquidation and Relocation
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Contact: Michele Markovich 510-882-3242
Phone: 510-882-3242
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MICHELE MARKOVICH ESTATES We are more than a business~ we offer personalized solutions, prompt resolution, netting excellent results.  Courtesy onsite review and evaluation, proposal recommendations are presented with reasonable, cost effective options and problem solving strategies whether a straightforward project or one, presenting unusual circumstances and timing.   Castro Valley based, serving the...

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We are more than a business~ we offer personalized solutions, prompt resolution, netting excellent results.  Courtesy onsite review and evaluation, proposal recommendations are presented with reasonable, cost effective options and problem solving strategies whether a straightforward project or one, presenting unusual circumstances and timing.  

Castro Valley based, serving the greater Bay Area, our specialty is the disposition of commercial & residential inventory.  Detail oriented, our focus is dedicated to your specific needs, offering flexibility and direction, tempered with compassion and considerate care,  from the free evaluation to the final completion,  leaving your home empty, ready for the next phase whether a listing, rental  or a "re-do".


:Fully insured, licensed, registered reseller with SBOE. 

:Competitive rates

:Never out of pocket expenses to conduct a sale

:Networking with agencies, offering a wide spectrum of resources for seniors, at no cost. 

:Confidentiality and respectful consideration for clients, their property and home. 

Top notch and hired by multi-generations of families: parents, grandparents and extended families, we are dedicated to assisting clients with a variety of lifestyle transitions. Whether downsizing,  or a full liquidation for beneficiaries, trustees or fudiciaries, no job is too small. NO hidden charges, no fees for advertising, photography or out of pocket expenses.  Competitive rates, often lower than the current trend. Our fees are based solely on the gross sales of the actual estate sale. Therefore, it is critical to preserve all value prior to our evaluation by leaving ALL  editing to is.  Please, no donations, tossing or recycling prior to our appointment no donate,    References readily available. 

SHOPPERS: Please join us at future estate sales! SIGN Up with our exclusive email list to receive instant notification of estate sales and events.   Text phone number:  22828 and in the text box, enter :   mmsales   and follow the prompts to enter your email address. 

What Should We Expect?    

Start to Finish-  

-Set up, research, market, sell, and donation of any unsold items, leaving your home broom clean.

-Detail oriented, sensitivity to client's transition/estate responsibilities, offering a timely resolution, while coordinating deadlines, escrow closings, and timelines set by clients, fudiciaries, attorneys and real estate agents.

-ADVERTISING:  Our extensive email list of over 2,000, regularly support our sales.          We subscribe to multiple email providers whose focus is to reach  buyers in the communities where we conduct business.

-YOU ARE THE ONE- Never rushing onto the next job, our time is yours during this process. 100% dedicated, multiple selling days and "no short"  selling schedule. Our goal is to sell out,  100% of the household. 


 -Onsite FULL Estate Sales. 

-Clean outs are a separate fee based service.  Rates are reasonable and often, clean outs  are INCLUSIVE in our commission. We think GREEN and utilize ALL FREE RECYCLING SERVICES and disposal options first. 

-Buy Outs. 

-FULL Clean Outs, NO SALE 

-Consignments:  High end consignment placements at Hillsborough Antique show are optional with lower commissions. 

-Coming Soon:  Offsite Sales will be Offered as an alternative solution 

ESTATE SALES-- There  is No need to do ANYTHING!   We sort, organize, search for lost items or documents, identify valuables, research, price, market and sell, ensuring you get the proper value for your household. Our contact lists are hand built, not purchased or paid subscriptions resulting in a substantial customer base of loyal, knowledgeable, consistent buyers.  

Our experience is broad based, having sold for over two decades in a spectrum of venues, markets, shows and the prestigious Hillsborough Show, attending auctions throughout the country, developing a true sense of current market trends.  

WE OFFER a Comprehensive service, from start to finish with special attention to detail, a client's needs, from the initial Courtesy Evaluation, to closure.  Over 30 years of direct, hands on experience in the antique business, we offer clients a broad base of knowledge and  expertise, a network of resources, providing a professional, streamlined service with consistent, exceptional results. 

:WHAT NOT TO DO::: Hold off on donations, dumpster ordering, and tossing.  PLEASE Leave the EDITING TO US!  Donating and disposing  of items is discouraged and will affect the final outcome, lowering your proceeds.  We sell first!  Donation is for unsold items. 

:: FULL Attention is given to the security of your items before, during and following the sale.  Identification of sensitive documents and personal items found, overlooked by family are given to the estate.  We exercise due diligence in recovery, having an impressive high dollar recovery rate of lost/misplaced items and cash. 

::Extensive knowledge in marketing, antiques, decoratives and current market trends. An entire household is considered potential value, including common utilitarian items as well as antiquities. 

Repeat referrals and a proven track record, and  speak highly of the detailed attention given to each project and the level of confidence shared by a multi-generational tier of clients, customers, agencies, realtors and attorneys  in this companies ability to produce consistent, timely, profitable liquidations.  Unique is the caring hands, a specialized, detail-oriented approach to achieve individual problem resolution, excellent results and a satisfied customer who maintains a business  partnership with us over the years with friends and family. 

:Confidentiality and respectful consideration for client, their property, and home are paramount. 


:Inventory sorting, clean/organize, preparation, identification, research, separating family/personal belongings as necessary, search/recover missing items.

:Price items appropriately, hitting the "sweet spot" to sell reasonably and fairly to all parties.  We never price items so high it has to sell the next day, at half off. Over half of the items sell day 1, bargaining begins day 2  to make the deal. Come Sunday, there is never a FULL  house. Negotiating to sell to the floor boards, and if necessary, we will extend one day for extenuating circumstances, pick ups, bid completions, etc. 

:Advertise and market your sale,  conduct the sale over a period of specified days, donation to a non-profit with receipt, leaving your home empty, ready for the next phase-- listing, rental or renovation.

:Home is vacuumed, counters wiped, outside perimeter hosed down as necessary. 

:Any cash, cards with any monetary value, stamps, personal items, jewelry and overlooked documents/items  are returned to the estate. 

:A client will receive payment within 10 days, or less following completion of sale, bank deposits, and  verification of resale numbers. 

Meet the Owner

Michele Johnson Markovich, antique dealer, estate liquidator,  UC Berkeley Grad, School of Criminology, retired Peace Officer.

Mother of two, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friends to many. Love to cook, bake anything sweet, movies, appreciate a good read, research, travel...espresso with friends, family holidays, walk, extend a giving hand when needed, pay it forward. 

:Sole Proprietor, ESTATE LIQUIDATION AND PROPERTY DISPOSITION and owner, retail brick and mortar. Separate business, by appointment only.  Estate jewelry and silver primary focus. 

:Liquidations for well over a decade, a specialty, particularly those that require challenging solutions. Direct experience in the antique business, Michele has been hand-on for 36 years plus at various levels, a vendor at the Hillsborough Antique Show, knowledgeable in the antique industry at multi-levels as a seller/buyer in the US and abroad, at auction which  provides practical application and direct knowledge of current trends and market fluctuations.  This is extremely beneficial in the identification of values often overlooked and enhances a more realistic and lucrative marketing strategy.  Being a shop owner, a separate entity and business, is a strong advantage to Liquidations. We know what people want, don't overprice inventory with retail expectations. Knowledge of current styles, we are able to get more value on "trendy" items than someone removed from the retail industry.  High bid 'wins' on expensive items, and it doesn't end up in shop inventory. Occasionally, consignments are requested by a client as appropriate. 

B.A. UC BERKELEY, Retired California Peace Officer

References readily available. 

MY BEST ASSESTS--Love what I do, a real people person, excellent mediator, strong marketing skills, detail oriented, sensitive to personal/legal considerations, accept the realization that every  day is a learning experience, great pride in maintaining customer satisfaction on every level which is the key to a loyal customer base and a successful business partnership. 

Questions are encouraged and welcome
Text or call 510.882.3242


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