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Vinton, VA 24179
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Tommy Wagner Auctions

Contact: Tommy Wagner, Barry Muse
Phone: 540 4003753,8756432
Website: ID#: 5378
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Coins, Jewelry, Crystal, Art Deco, Art, Sterling table ware and pieces, Hummels, Statuary, Round Bed, Other antique and fine furniture. So many old and antique and collector smalls, Belies description. Follow Tommy Wagner Auctioneer page on Facebook for images at a later Date. You do not want to miss this one. So much more to go through.. Will likely take a month to find it all! An amazing collection. Lincoln Car, Swords,militaria,Stacks of records,Victrola,Tiger Oak writing desk,dolls,toys,unusual,Vinton Fire Department,musical instruments. Notice: Sellers have removed some items from the auction. #Rarepostmarks,#historicalpaper#civilwarletters,#freemales#Railroadhistory#Virginia&Tennessee,#SouthernRR

Vintage Estate Collection, For Everyone
Some previously mentioned items, a few removed by seller.

We welcome all to this nice auction,Read All Info
Please read all info and view all images for the best view.

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Open House, Monday Jan. 8th, 3-5:30
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Old Washboard, 12 x 24, Red & Black letters
I cannot read, well used, worn feet, Tin

Toy,Classic Tonka Loader
20" Long x 9.5"T, Excellent

Heater, OTR Semi Truck,Stewart Warner,US, Gas
Used Gasoline to burn in cab for heater,metered. Knob Missing

Car Tag, 1959, Single, #50, Repaint
Was used on a 59 Thunderbird the Late Jack Thomas had restored and showed. They never owned the pair!

Masonic, Lodge Badge,Fidelity, Roanoke, #30, 1895
by Hoag & Whitehead. Last patent on cloth tag is 1895,June. Excellent,Scarce to find. Fidelity #30, Is Masonic, Now merged with Wyoming Lodge, Shipbuilders, nice.

Christmas, Post Cards, 20+ after Raphael Tuck
Tuck images, and pack of other cards

Photo, US Army, WWII, 507th Battalion,PIR?
From Davidson Family, former Blue Ridge Springs Va. Now Villamont at Blue Ridge, no glass, 10.5 x 13.5. Crossed Cannons on Flag, with 507 Maybe 507 th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Litho, Hotel Roanoke, Signed,Ernest Johnson
327/450, Frame Size, 22 x 29" ,Really Nice

P. Buckley Moss, 10x10, 349/1000
Double Signed, Old Presbyterian Church

Carburetor, 70s,VW, for Ghia,
made in West Germany for Karman Ghia. Solex 34 pict 3

Hat,Fire Chief, "Frank Spradlin, Emeritus, #25
He was the Chief of Vinton Fire Dept. for many years. Fine Man, great friend to my late Father. made by Midway Hat Co. He and 11 other men were appointed by the Governor of Virginia ca 1959 as permanent "Chiefs of the 12 County Departments.

Case,Hand Made, Dolls,bisque,2 Japan dolls
About 75 years old. Villamont origin, seems to have hand poured glass cover!

Fire Phone, Montvale,chief,red
note: Telephone # matches number on local sticker.

Sword,Toledo Spain, Maybe Spanish Officer
Sharkskin soft scabbard, VF, 36" Long,Single blunted edge

Map,Framed,Bedford Co. 1931,SS Lynn
Shows now Rt 460 as Route 10, Many forgotten communities noted. Great Research item. 20 x 21

Cosco Kitchen Stool,vintage
one loose leg, needs a bolt & nut

Wagner,Electric Power Sprayer,paint
$86.95 cost on box. appears unused

Wind Chimes & Birdhouse
2 sets of wind chimes

Wallace Silversmith, 2000 Snow Globe
Is also music box, Peace on Earth

Kitchen Items, NIB, old sifter
Silverplate candle holder

Lionel Lines, #2035, Nice,some Track
Is post war, Locomotive,Tender,Boxcar,flatcar,tanker,Caboose We are looking for any other accessories.

Book,Comic, 10x16", Maud the Mirthful
by F. Opper, 1908. Owned by Harry Withers, 639 Campbell ave, Roanoke, was a circus promoter.

Bugle,Boy Scout,
Looking for mouthpiece. Bundy Case

Weighted Sterling pieces, 12.0 ozt & Denmark plate
Found the match to candle holder, 5.2 ozt. more weight + small sterling shakers, .615 ozt

Evanix, 25 Caliber Air Rifle, $800 plus huge scope
see link symbol, 2900 psi. Includes 2 magazines and extra stock. Charging nipple also. Is totally air operated. no powder, only air and 25 caliber pellets.

Sword,US Military Academy-See Link, by William C. Rowland of Philadelphia. Nice with brass furniture, Marked,MA, Nice scabbard. double sided blunt edge. overall length is 38 1/2", Blade is 31 7/8". ...

Bowl, Rose Medallion, Hong Kong, Marked,&
over the top of Japan China, Hand decorated. 8" Across

Toy,Jumping Goose,Good Action,Tin Litho,Excellent
Is a windup, I did not wind all the way. It will jump and or move! Original, good string. "Marx" Old Mother Goose" #MarxToys. See link, Last Found at Auction for $420.00. Is complete with little to no paint losses.

Tiny Cast Toys-see description, Mint
Clovor 7333-green, Tootsie Toy Jeep, Tootsie Sedan, Midget toy fire truck.

Plastic & Wood,Japan Policeman, Arms unstrung
found the arms, wood pencil case?

Victor,Candy Container,"Spirit of Goodwill"
after WWI airplane, Excellent, minor paint loss to wheels and pilot. 1920s,5"L x 2 1/2"T

Hat, 10 gallon,Larry McMahan,Rodeo Style
Made in Texas, 7 3/8, Foster's Saddle Shop, Denton, Texas. Appears unworn. Felt, Nice

Shoes,Ladies,Late 1800s,John Strootman
Buffalo NY, 8 or so, narrow, Montvale, Gray family. Leather flaps over buttons for closure or lacing.

"Frank Spradlin" Former Chief,VFD, Uniform items
Badges and Pins. Local Fire Department, Vinton and first aid crew.

Bed,"Elvis Style" Round, 84" D, inc. Chair & Bench
Will include side chair,matching bench. and bedding. Chewning Furniture, 1970. Chair image soon.

Lighting, The Jefferson, Rest. 612 Chandelier,Art
Is art Glass, maybe back to 50s?17" Diameter, 20+ Inches from ceiling. Fenton? Shade, Nice, will be in a box. Bought at onsite tag sale. Formerly The Jefferson, 612 was a motel, The Downtowner, Where the SS Office building is now. Beside Elmwood park...

Vintage Sofa,Winged Griffins Crest,Claw feet
Is extremely nice, late 30s to 40s. Likely has been recovered. You can add it right into your home! If you bid enough!

Bag and 2 cameras, Canon Rebel,Poloroid,35-80 mm
no wiring or accessories, nice bag. Zoom Style Lense

Rare, 1916,photo album, US Navy,Marines,
personal photos from US Occupation of Dominican Republic,1916-24. about 30 pages of pictures. Book is 8 x 12 x 1.75"

Old Paper,Ephemera,Civil War up to late 1800s
Families- primarily, Davidson,Gray, Others, Blue Ridge Springs, now Villamont,Montvale and Surrounds. Very Interesting! Each sleeve or bag will be added to as I go. I read a lot of this History, Bufordsville,Liberty,Montvale,Blue Ridge springs, Villa...

Conscription Exemption CSA, Civil War, Davidson
For Virginia & Tennessee Railroad, rare

Postmark,Bullseye, Blue Ridge Springs, 1879
Is now Villamont. Was East of Bonsack. No mentions since the 30s. Letter from Rondo Arkansas, #PostalHistory

Letters, Postmark, Bullseye,Flukes Virginia
2 letters, Nannie, Davidson Family Dec. 4, 1907. Flukes was the 1st settler of Blue Ridge Springs. I did find this earlier but cannot recall the reference. Operated a store and post office 1823-1873

Receipts, From Joshua Davidson, 1883
Mattie Gray, Montvale,Evidence of residence- for Bufordsville, Bedford Co. 1880s, many items in this large box of old paper are mailed to "Flukes" Many other small letters and receipts in this lot.

Letter, " Brother to Death, Agnew Davidson,1840
From Tennessee, Son Of Samuel Davidson, Col. in Revolutionary war. to Davidson, Blue Ridge. After the Indians killed off some in the Davidson family they ultimately migrated to be the first settlers of Blue Ridge. Date is 1840 so we know they were he...

Advertising, Hen Laying Tonic, agent in Blue
Ridge, Dr. Hess, Stock Tonic, cool!

Account Books, receipts,Small Letters,Liberty
Now Bedford VA. 24523 Did not look through it all. from 1869-1878 items.

Letter to Joe Davidson,Rare Postmark, Gish's
#Rare, The rarest postmarks I have ever seen! Gish's- Became Vinton is 1884. Hardysford is at Hardy rd bridge, Franklin co. side, at Roanoke river estuary

Letters, Love & Passion & Hopeful Marriage
From a woman, August 1869, From Leeland Kentucky, asking about diamond engagement ring and acceptance into family at Blue Ridge!!!

Letter,1847, to Jonathan Davidson, from
From Kentucky, Papers folds into envelope. no postmark, Plenty of Turkeys and pretty girls!

Auction Handbill, Details, 1878, Land Auction
by Executor, for 2 tracts of land, shown in other references in old paper, by Samuel Davidson, $150 deposit, & Old Tobacco sales receipt. Bedford Warehouse

Group of Paper, unsearched, from 1855
a very different way of transacting business in 1850s. many other pieces in this group

Model,Toy,Paper, Rocky & Bullwinkle, 20"L
seems all there. Needs patience to put together to hang up. Fokker 1, cool, & Wooden Airplane

Ice Cream Freezer, 5 Qts. Nice, as new!
Made in Danville, Cedar, Sterling

Table,Library, Empire,Mahogany,Writing Desk
needing tlc but solid and nice look, 26 x 42 x 30"T 1 drawer

Collector Plates, 1970 Fincastle Courthouse
2 different views of State Capitol, Vinton War Memorial

Lense,Minolta, AF Reflex 500mm, 1:8,New
Appears unused. Nice for 35 mm

AS IS, Cameras & Lenses, may have water issues
per Seller were salvaged from flood of 85.


Clamp,1 glove, other,DeWalt charger
flag holder and pole added for home,

Basket,Buttock,Blue Ridge Springs,Davidson
Oak? Nice fine weave, 1880s, Few losses and wear, still beautiful. 11" Across, 9.75 T

Toy Metal Soldiers, maybe leaded, patches
Revolutionary, WWI,WWII, Cool

Amazing Folk Art,hand carved animals,Davidson
From the old Davidson Farm, Blue Ridge Springs, Villamont now. Carved, birds,sheep,cows,pigs,Other. 100s of hours and old pocket knife! Awesome. A 2-21/4" L x 1/4" Thick, Rare to find, in old tin

Texas, I am aware of repros. 3$ Bill
paper is not stiff. More like old confederate currency. very thin. AS IS I do not see the cancellation cuts as mentioned in the link, See Link

Aviator Coveralls, US Army, sm Jacket liner
Polyester Style,SM, Tall and slender size!

#VFD, late 50s-60s, Frank Spradlin, Old Photo
I believe the old photo is also Vinton Fire Department, I personally knew a lot of these guys, Knew Frank Well, he was an awesome friend to my Dad. Navy WWII Veteran. He was appointed Chief also by the Governor ca 1959. Wagon is marked Junior Hose Co...

Proof of Flukes,Bible, Blanch Flukes, when it
was known as Flukes, prior to 1874, Before Blue Ridge Springs, a faith book, not quite a bible. Cool, Her Signature. The Fluke family were the first family to come over the Blue Ridge Mountains and Settle in Bot. co, Blue Ridge area in 1823

Book, Compilation of The Yank Stories, WWII
The yank was a weekly newspaper for the troops, Book is favorite storeies, cartoons etc.

Davidson Farm, Butter Press, 1#,Nice
full wheat, stalks and flowers, Villamont

Doorstop,Virginia Metalcrafters, 1949
Waynesboro Virginia, 11"L x 9.75" Tall

Iron,Davidson Farm, 7#
redone by blacksmith


Hutch, 40s, #28 Ball glove,youth
needs some restitching

Wheat Pennies, all 1940s, 1 lb. 9.2 oz.
147 wheat pennies to the pound!

International Sterling, "Prelude", 59.83 Ozt.
Weight given will be less 6 blades. 1861 grams. 12-22 spot is $16.38. Table service is 6+ 3 piece settings

Wallace Sterling, Many in sleeves, 32.87 Ozt
Many pieces in sealed packages, 6 blades to subtract 1178 grams

Rogers & Bros. IS Plated, like new,
Not sterling but very clean and nice. Add to your everyday silverware! Does weigh 920 grams. About 8 place settings!

Gorham Sterling, 65,36 Ozt. Very nice,as new
3 piece service for 8 plus extras.

Assortment,Political, Pinback Other cool pieces
Elsie the cow pendant, US Pin. German .800 coin silver Munchen Pendant. Man's Ring


Sterling, Antique Ring & Pendant
I believe ring is star sapphire!


Earrings,Vintage L-R, Weiss,Leo Barnard,
Lisner Clip, Crystal & Other iridized, vintage fashion pieces


More Great old paper,Ephemera,,Blue Ridge
Bot. co. Bufords,Lynchburg, Post office marks, Tobacco

Sam Davidson, tax receipts showing free males
over 16, 1867,1859,Lots of tax receipts, They owned 1-4 slaves at a time!

Letter, Kentucky, Ties Davidson Family, 1823
of Blue Ridge to the settlers who came from Shepherdstown Ky. They are descendants- from 1823 Letter shown. These were the first settlers, after the Fluke family which established a post office-Blue ridge Springs. Several Fluke postmarks scattered in...

Letter, Civil War, Sam Davidson, to Nancy
Nancy was Nannies Mother. Addressed to Bufords,Bedford co. Awesome to hear from a soldier, Written at Huntersville, Pocohontas- Still Virginia at that time. Is 1862, was Part of Stonewall Jacksons troop. Mailed from Hyland! Now Highland County. Part ...

Group, Letters,1880s-90s,20+, To Nannie Davidson
Rare Kennett Postmark, Kennett family were settled on what is now Rt. 678 in Franklin Co. > I have been in the old Kennett farmhouse before restoration in the 90s. Was a beautiful farm. Is close in Proximity to Hardysford as mentioned in other items....

Group, Letters, Everyday life, 1869-91 to or from
Davidson Family. At Blue Ridge Springs after 1873,Flukes post office pre 1873

Civil War Letters, 2, Mention,not waking Gen Early
General Jubal Anderson Early, Franklin co. Whose homeplace is open in warm weather, much as it was. Close to Kennett PO. Notice: Written from Camp, Reference to using dynamite, Written at 3:15 in the am and Not Waking Early! Years are censured becaus...

Hardysford Post Mark
Where Bay Roc Marina is not on Franklin side of Roanoke river. Letters, Davidson 1891 & up!

Lamp, 30"Tall, needs 2 bulbs
Brass & Crystal, no marks

Mahogany Tea Table, 17 x 26 x 17.5"T
Duncan Phyffe feet, little loose veneer

Mahogany Table, Triple, Nice Piecrust
37" Tall, 22" across for largest shelf

Iconic Greek Litho, 1867,Image is 13 x 19"
is marked on the back 1867, Davidson Farm. Great frame, is loose in the back, under glass, Frame is 19 x 25" Was a Greek Prophet Is a lithograph, Blue Ridge Springs era!K√ľnstler-AK Stengel & Co. Nr. 29782: Hieronymi Ferrariensis A Deo

Tea Table w Tray, Mahogany
19"T x 18 x 24 top,

Tall Clock, Ridgeway,Germany
5' 11" Tall, 15" Wide, x 9 Unknown Condition, not running

Aladdin # 11,Oil Lamp Conversion,21" T
hand painted shade, Very Nice

Pair,Signed Floral, 1999, 17.5 x 21
other is Lia Moore,Keen is 15 x 18

Wood Framed, Oval Florals, large are alike
smallest is 16 x 19" 2 are 20.5 x 17.5". No marks

P. Buckley Moss,The House on the Hill
19 x 22" . 19/1000, Double signed

Budda,9.5"T,Sleepy, very vintage,Hong Kong
Bring back from Hong Kong! Believe is real good stuff!

Classic Bookshelf, 45" T x 35" Wide
Step back nice, Mahogany

Lamps, Pair, Alladin, one finial not found yet!
, 21"T Appear as 40s and really nice translucent glass!


Oil Painting,Patsy Arryington Dorsett, 1968,Vinton
One of her early paintings, Local Artist,Vinton, 28 x 38. Signed on Reverse. Some losses? Roof of Mill? She has become very accomplished Painter, A Pro

Table,Center,Mid 1800s,Walnut, Marble
Beautiful early piece. 28 1/2"T x 40"L,, 28" Wide Victorian, Is the most beautiful I have sold. Very Fine Example

Photo, About 1989, US Air Force, VT Did rework on
Space Shuttle in Blacksburg. Brought to Roanoke, This is C5A? Leaving from Roanoke to take shuttle, Back to Ohio, Signed/Autographed, by crew, pilot, others on the team! 19 x 25 1/2, Many Autographs, all over,

Chocolate Set, Berry Set,Tray, 5 of,RS Prussia
cups, cup plates, Berry bowls. Very Fine Porcelain. Partial but nice. AS IS in every regard.

Lincoln LS * 2004, VIN 1LNHM86S64Y675689
AS IS, both mirrors broken housing,s RR door handle loose! 30% Rubber, We may have to install new battery. Runs out good. about 77,000 miles was 76,600 for 2016 inspection, Has been sitting since. AS IS. Is white pearl,over gray leather, good inside....

Chest, 4 Drawer,Chinoserie, Grand Piano
31 1/2"T x 39" Long, 17" front to back


P. Buckley Moss, "The Roanoke Valley",signed
1905 of 2000, 2001, 16 by 19 overall dimensions,signed

Very Fine Crystal, Mikasa, Slovenia
2 Champaign, 8 Water or tea glasses, 5 wine glasses, Nice pitcher. 8 other crystal stems, 8 water glasses alike

Books, 2 , Southern
Cookbook is 1948, other is 1959

Paper & Ephemera Assorted,
1974 Miss Virginia Program,Old Music Shows

Sign on for WSLS Radio, origins of Radio in the
In the valley, actually had live music in the beginning

Photo 5x7, Indian Mound Service Station,Montvale
460 was 2 lanes,Gulf,Pepsi,5 cents,Cool

Old plates,dated 1823, The oldest in the area
what remains, Davidson Farm, near Flukes, at Blue Ridge Springs, No Villamont, some damages. Some cup plates not shown

Barrister Bookcase, The best ever, Lundstrom
60"T x 33 1/2" Wide, 11 front to back! Nice all over, Tiger Oak, Good fitting drawer also!

Civil War Letter, Sept. 8,1861 from Blountville
Tennessee, Reference to Lincoln's Troops being defeated again, "We have nothing but war. Not from a soldier but Nannie Davidson's Sister, to Nannie at Flukes PO-Store. A Ladies perspective on the war!

Letters,Envelopes,Post Marks-Vinton 1891
Grocery receipt, 1860-1890s

Magazine, 1890, Partial of Liberty, Bedford Va.
1880, Booklet for men cures, Partial of 1892 Roanoke Times, Birthday of Robert E. Lee

Letters, one is 1869, From Forest Horne,Kentucky
to Lt. S.R. Crumbaugh, 1871, Versailles Ky. were in same envelope, Mary is mentioned,Nannie's Sister, another 1892 from Rondo Ark. to Davidesons.

Advertising Cards, Southern Almanac-part. 1864
Roanoke booklet, 1899, FW Brown. I believe Brown ended as a buyer of Cow & Animal Hides near Tinker creek, Orange Ave. Browns Bitters Card

Remaining Items in Basement, easy access
You may back your vehicle, cars too 2 at a time close to back door. All basement items will be taken out the back door

Assorted Letters, Old Bullseye Post Mark,per 1873
Nannie, 1880s-90s, Old Grocery Receipts as early as 1853

Train Schedule,1913,Southern, stops at every
Pig Path and Community! All Over

Late 1800s letters, postmarks,Alice Carney,
Medicinal Instructions for "The Cure" Letter from #Bonsacks

Tax Receipts,3, 1854,55,69 for Free Males,3 shown
Receipts for metal working in Liberty, Sharpening, repairs, Sam Davidson

First Settler, Receipt, from Fox, 1837
Meredith Davidson was the first settler of his Family, I believe this was for supplies for the journey? Paid in 1838,account page,

Notice,Civil War,RR, Lynchburg, 1864
#Railroad History#Virginia & Tennessee

2 Bedford Newspapers, 25x40",1883,1900,5 cents
The Liberty Star, Bedford Bulletin, I think these are all of the paper in that day! ? front & back, Cool ads!

Strawberry Baptist Association, 1870 Minutes
Charles C. Cocke of Hollins was present. Ad from Lawyer in DC to get union soldiers pensions, Real Estate Prospectus

Greens Almanac, 1881,Apparently Boschers German
Syrup would cure any malady and disease !! Sold in Bedford

Book, Horse Owners Guide, Dr. Harbaugh's
Remedies, who was a vet / surgeon, selling his voodoo medicine for Mules Too

Navy belt buckle,bill wallet,Harmonica-Marine
Band, Die Cast Plane, Compass Bracelet, Storm King Lighter, Other

Stand, 17" T x 17" x 14"Sturdy, For ?
Could have been for a large serving tureen, Well made? Could be a rest for old oval dough bowl, If you have one!

Vogue, 1968,Daytona 1965 Program,Interesting
Fashion and looks in 1968, 65 Racing info and vintage drivers and photos, 2 comics

Civil War, Conscript Notice, May 25,1864,Exemption
For his work on Va. & Tenn. RR, I believe his sons Clifford and Joshua were Confederate soldiers. Clifford was writer of Letter referencing not waking Gen. Jubal A. Early. Was with him! A previous lot showed another exemption for previous year.

Postmark, Rare,Kennett, Franklin Co. 1907
Shows other marks, Boones Mill, Blue Ridge Springs. Could have also been located on Rt. 122 going east, on the left, going towards Hales Ford. Near a long straight in the road. I remember seeing the old post office where Kennett farm was on Rt, 678, ...

Postmark, The Rarest, Leslie, State Rt. 116 S
My old neighborhood, Is located about 1/8 of a mile past Blue Ridge Parkway underpass. Now has different owners, Tribbetts primarily. I grew up in this area, Was also adjacent to Ballyhack which was behind facing east! Have never seen this as a postm...

1890 Court Summons/order, For road access
1861 receipt, 1881 letter, Letter from James T. Johnson,Bedford, concerning a will, Reference again from E. O. Vinyard, and wife Eliza-she was a Nannies sister, Davidson, 1856 Tax receipt.

Rare,Receipt,Historical Person, Jacob Bonsack!
from 1860, receipt, he was born about 1795,See Link, , Merchant and Store owner, Rt 460 Across from Rt 604, Roanoke Co. at the edge of Bot. Co. The Bonsack cemetery is located there now! And Rae Bonsacks Postmark and envelope for letter,

Signature Rare,Peter Obenshain, 1857 receipt.
he was or was a brother of famous Bot. , Mill Creek area potter, 1850s-70s, Is a receipt for filling hubs on wagon with seals and grease, Wagon standards, for Joshua Davidson. Interesting!

Civil War, Surgeons Exemption Confederate
For J. B. Davidson, Feb. 7th, 1863, For bad foot!

Rare Postmark, Gish's Mill, Bullseye to Flukes
accompanied by letter, 1870, Not Flukes after 1873, Both dated July!

Booklet, 1890, Obviously from another Confederate
Soldier, To a Davidson, Maybe Clifford, many soldiers were reassigned and served with other similar units. the 3rd is on, See Link, a list of Confederate units from Missouri. Served apparently in the Ozarks, In a previous lot in this Auction are some...

Civil War, Exemption, for RR. Jan. 15th,1863
for Samuel Davidson, in previous lot was another for 1862

Diary,Samuel Davidson, 1874-1882
Still strung together, His personal accounts, expenditures, folks he loaned money to, Interesting read!

Remaining Items in Basement, easy access
You may back your vehicle, cars too 2 at a time close to back door. All basement items will be taken out the back door


Books,2,Same Author, both first edition
The Sheik, 1921, Son's is 1925,

Guitars, Electric, 2 Unknown condition
No markings, no cords or other! In the past they were played at gatherings! No knobs either

Golf Clubs, Laura Baugh,Unused, starter
3 new woods, Wilson Irons, 2 are 7, putter, nice bag

Homer Laughlin Spittoon, Ladies
Or Snuff Pittoon! 3"T x 7" across

Oil Lamp, Vintage, Cast iron or Brass Base,
From Davidson Farm at Villamont, embossed hand painted flowers on 2 piece glass mold. Needs a new Burner or good old one! Nice

Fishing Pole, South Bend Rig
Typhoon rod, TC 555 Reel, 7'

Stetson, 7R,Beaver,Lonesome Dove! New,clean
box is damaged but intact inside

Crocks,2,gallon, one has stresses but usable
still good for storage, gray one is VG

The Best, Reeves Double Washing tubs, #2,VFC
Excellent,casters, #2 tubs, undamaged tubs and stand. Awesome

Vintage Coro Necklace, very nice, rhinestone &
Found Matching Earrings, Is a different box for another piece. Very Beautiful Vintage set

Fine Wagon Chest, Restored, excellent
Tagged inside restored by. An original Blue Ridge Springs piece! 19"T x 30" L x 17 1/2 front to back

Book, Robinson Crusoe, 1912 edition,Defoe
Current editions have been made PC and watered down original text. GC. Harry Withers was a circus promoter

Writing Desk,Qtr. Sawn Oak, 1880s, Few issues
lower shelf needs reinforcement, Top only likely needs cleaning or refinish. Cast iron furniture,small slat missing in drawer. Still very good desk, not every day! 28"T x top is 42 x 31"

Period Frames, Photos, Man & Wife, dynamite oak
Frames, one is slightly smaller in size. Late1800s, Montvale. Size is aprox. 25 x 30" Beautiful

Thai? serving stand, Water pot
Bring Backs, Vietnam era!

Victrola, 1935, Includes large assortment of Recor
Large stack of records in floor, books of records in cabinet, plays fine but missing the rest for arm ! Will also include a box of other 78s we have! Turntable will allow for 33 rpm. NOTE: You must have 2 strong helpers to load. we have furniture dol...

The Best, Reeves Double Washing tubs, #2,VFC
Excellent,casters, #2 tubs, undamaged tubs and stand. Awesome


Pottery & Porcelain and other, Cardinal Music box
The tail fell off unicorn so disregard please! Olympic shot cup-pottery,Germany 1972

Topps, 1989, Full Set,Baseball, 92 Orioles 92 Team
Team cards in small plastic boc, Cal Ripken

Twig Table, Vines Formed Heart, Davidson Farm
Old Blue Ridge Springs area piece. 16 x 16 top, 31"Tall

Fire Extinguisher, Fyr Fyter, Hugh Whitlow's Co.
Last Serviced in 1975. General TS-15

Guardian Ware, Assorted, English Platter,pie dishs
Trouble Finding lids. Fire King and Pyrex Pie Dishes, English Staffordshire Potter Turkey Platter, all good. No insides for coffee pot, German Crystal Bowl

Akron Brass, Nozzle, Fire Fighting, 1930
will accept 1 1/4" Pipe male nipple. Former, Vinton Fire Department. 7" Tall

Tokens,Men in Space, 1 1/2"D, 60s-early 80s
10 in all. Mercury - Mars Rover

Maddox,Bookcase Secretary,marked, 2 piece
79" T x 30.5" Wide, x 18", Serpentine front, Ball in Claw Feet. Very Good, Needs cleaning but nice in and out!

Dish Cupboard, 66 x 31 x 12, Poplar
needs two pulls on top doors

Large Stack of Mixed 33 rpm Records
includes all empty sleeves and records without sleevers, Bring Help, Bring Totes Please

Waterfall Bedroom Set, Bring Helpers Please
Needs some cleaning, Howards or refinishing. All useable

Large Oak Cupboard, needs door hinge
60" Wide, 77" Tall for both pieces

Vintage Golden Oak, Dining Table, 6 chairs
3- 10" Leaves, disassembled, 6 Matching Chairs, would be 42 x 63" all together. One chair needs cane seat bottom. Is a very good late 19th - early 20th century,Solid oak table. Unsuccessfully tried to get batter picture. Small 4 seater without leaves...

Quilt, Feed Sack,76x76Mchine,
needs new binding for edges

Vintage Leather Jacket, Leather & Rawhide, 38-40
Men's Small, needs cleaning but good!

Bugo, Cutting System, Complete,Weld Tool Corp.
Barely used by Hawkins and Cox. Track system with accessories. Used to cut large round tanks, or other where tracks can be assembled. All There, Client says they used once for N&W, Please bring help for large box and 2 crates of track. Is automated c...

Ladder, Vinton Fire Department, 14' from
I believe from an old 1949 Ford Pumper, Wound up behind my late fathers garage as junk! Roof Hooks,G

Harley Davidson, Rear Box, some HD Tools and
other Harley Accessories, Fiberglass, good condition. There are some other items added, all HD

Choker Cable, 11" Good hooks, ferrules
Cable Style Log Grapple, 11 feet, sliding ferrules for good bite!


Scuba Diving Outfit,Complete
Size small wetsuit,leaded vest,tank,regulators, double mouthpieces,shoes,mask, hoses. Will need to be recertified for safety!

HD,Web Load Binders,5 & 5 Chain Dogs,
For heavy duty OTR trailer loads, Strapping, with swivels

NSF, BBQ Stand,wine rack,cutting board, 62" Tall,1
1 piece stepback, Grinning center, great for any patio, any BBQ Event

Lawn & Garden Items, group,Pressure Washer
Spreader, blower,gas can, propane tanks, Bicycle- trail bike, drain snake, other

Yard Tools, 10 pieces

54" Wrought iron patio table,2 chairs
spring seat chairs, looking for others

My Quest has ended 2 catalog old paper,please read
I still have over half of the boot box of Historical paper,letters and other. Will be offered in future Auction of a fantastic archive of Circus Items, back into 1800s. #my Quest, was to include it all but the collection is of large and awesome cont...

About Pickup- PLEASE Read, Address is 416 McDonald
Street in Vinton. See link for location

We Will Not be taking on Pickup Day
day for directions. See links on previous 2 lots for map and apprise yourself of location and directions.

Shipping will Not Occur until Monday or Tuesday
For winning bidders who desire shipping? Please email auctioneer @ as the best way to provide me correct information to assist your needs. $5 handling fee for every package + Costs of packaging, postage, Insurance! If yo...

Pick Up & Checkout, No Facilities,
Sorry but many issues preclude this for owner occupant. We are sorry that few items were removed from the Auction. Understand. We will have little area for warmth. Please dress accordingly. Please bring helpers for large items. If you are not prepare...

No Alternate Dates,
Late fee of $30.00 Others may pickup for you! Please email tommy in advance so I have a reference to help meet your needs.

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