Fine Vinton Estate, All You could hope to See!
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Vinton, VA 24179
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Bidding Starts: Thursday Mar 28,
Bidding Ends: Tuesday Apr 16,
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Tommy Wagner Auctions

Contact: Tommy Wagner, Barry Muse
Phone: 540 4003753,8756432
Website: ID#: 5378
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Welcome, Please read description for lot 2
This is an entire pure estate. Folks lived close to 100 years of age. Older Vinton Family of Woods and Oliver.

Parking and Entrance! Safety First-Read
There is limited parking in yard and driveway. Be careful in your approach. Drivers sometimes over the hill close to driveway. We are going to try and have a flashing barrier. ONLY 2-3 Cars in the driveway and yard. A few vehicles may turn off onto t...

In Deference to ALL Customers! Bring Help
Please plan for it, For Very Timely Removal. We appreciate you all and we try to keep our wait times at a minimum. There are some larger sets and pieces in this fine auction that will require TWO Folks to handle.

NO Shipping, Call 540 772 0999 for their Help
with this. They will pickup items during pickup if you will arrange with them. WE DO NOT SHIP!


Preview. 2-5, Monday April 15th. Careful Parking
at auction address. Please read all notices and information. View All images. You may park in yard of old cottage below this home.

No Shows, Card will be charged and items forfeited
Bidding is a contract and all items belong to the winning bidder at conclusion of the auction. Read all notices

All Bidding is online only, Tuesday Evening 4-16
Bidding begins closing at 7 PM, 14 second lot stagger, 2 minutes soft extended closing.

#Schoble, Vintage Man's Fedora,Beaver
few pics, Felt, Beaver from Mitchell's of Roanoke

Carved Dough Tray ,Burled?
Carved Finger Slots to carry. See Images for measurements

Read, Parking and Traffic- Safety First
We will try to have a barricade up the street. You attend at your Own Risk. 3 spaces in the front of house.. several may park at lower house. Will be difficult for trailers. Beware of cars popping over the hill. A few spaces between upper and lower h...

McCoy Vase, total 7" T
unmarked florist version



Vintage Kitchen Goodies
Crisco Shortening Measure,


Elegant Glass, 3 items,
One maybe is vaseline or styled like it! and old Fenton

Vintage Men's Ties, Many are Silk, 100s
Box is 15 x 26" X 9" Tall selection.

Lamps, Pair, Working, 34" Tall
Contemporary but very nice !

3 lamps, Tall one needs switch
All As Is, other two work.

Programs, scored in, Boston Red Sox, 1945
the game was against Cincinatti ! #FenwayPark . One from St. Louis game , 3 good, 1 loose cover

Happy Buddha, 12" Tall
Almost like chalk!



Mirror, Silk Image , 18 x 31
Faux Bamboo style frame, few gilt losses.

Metal Panels, 4-8 x 20 & Tin Peacock
Classica, Original, Hong Kong, Wall Art

Framed Stitched, #Needlework
18 x 25 & 2 are 13 x 18, quite beautiful,

Be mindful of and Careful with Traffic ***
Somewhat of a blind spot coming over the hill on Clearview. You be there at your own risk. We are searching for a blinking barricade to use. Vinton Police nor Public works would help us at all. I tried.

Painting, on Board, appears Japan, ? Lobollp
14 x 24, Painting, oriental artist,

Robert Wood, Sofa Print, 28 x 52 & His Lithos
the first time I can match one with an artist. See Link, 4 different lithograph prints, are 14 x 20 He was a US Veteran

Mexico Clock, 14 x 14 & prints ,Kinzle Germany
& 2 prints 7 x 8 Clock has no battery Takes C Size battery untested

Old Photograph, 26 x 30, Antique Oak Frame
few losses on frame. Very Beautiful colorized version. Beautiful.

Photo, WWII, 11 x 31, 77th Public Relations Batt.
Co. C 77 PR-Bn- Camp Fannin Texas, Is 1943

Art & Tray, dogs 12 x 16, Tray 13 x 20
Dog Image is signed. Meta Rlickebachum Vary great details. Dogs are Sandy & Jock. Dog Plate is pencil signed, German Lady

Forgive Me Dear,antique frame, 25 x 30
Haller & Weiner, 510, copyrighted by Parkinson & Co.

Old Mirror, 15 x 25
blacksmith square nails in back.

Old Frame, 1909 Litho, Photo
frame is 23 x 28 , Howling at the Moon 1909,



Lane Cedar Chest, Key,
19 x 47 x 22" Tall, few loose veneer pops

Johnson Carper Bedroom Set, Roanoke
MSM, made in Roanoke, formerly at Hollins Road Address. Blond or Pickeled finish. I believe handles are bakelite. 4 drawer chest, 18 x 32 x 41" Tall, Double Bed, dresser is 18 x 42 x 33" Tall. 63" Tall with mirror

Metal Wardrobe, with key. nice,Great Storage
that can be locked. CabArt, 21 x 42 x 66" Tall with key. Is excellent wardrobe style cabinet and not too heavy,

Butter Dish, Pie Stand, same pattern
9 inch pie x 5" Tall. Butter for full deep pound.

Fenton? Viking, Westmoreland Plates
Amberina 6" Tall vase, 7" plates.

Man's Overcoat,Large, Fur Like, nice,lined.
Clean by fur coat method. Really Nice Coat

Ladies Full Length Fur Coat
Henri Kessler, ,Beautiful cuffs and collar.

Majestic,, Stovetop, Awesome Kettle, 6qts
6 quarts I believe Losses of wood for handle

Small Table
missing a spindle

Candy Container, Pot Belly Stove
Keystone glass mark on bottom

Tobacco Jar? Horse Top,
no marks, 5.5" Tall, Cast metal horse,

"Buttons Buttons" Large Button Assortment, tins
Even more buttons have been added!

Calf Feeding Bucket, Needs new nipple
to hang on fence or trough! New nipples are available for $3.49, Vet Suppliers!

Brandy Set,Appears Bakelite Handle
matching cups or glasses,

#Roseville, #Mostique Line 9" Bowl, Tulips
3 1/2" Tall, Excellent, Great Color Developed by Rhead between 1904 and 1909! Appearss original price was $1

Humidor and Flasks, #BriggsTobacco
Briggs Humidor for Tobacco or Cigars

Plaques, Wall, 6 x 8" Asian Motif,#Brahm
Johannes Brahm, California, , Old crackle

Man's Medium Cashmere Overcoat, Davidson's
Beautiful, Nice, Custom,#HickeyFreeman,Very dark blue, lined.

Man's Overcoat, 46L,Herringbone,lined
#Botany500, 70% wool, 30% nylon.

2, Butter Pat Molds, Plated Water Pitcher,
no marks on Nice Silver water server.

Checkerboard Folding Card Tables, 2
bidding for the pair. By Samson before Samsonite they are in the bathroom off sunroom.

Engineering for Boys, #Meccano, 1923, Game
Cool Old Game, Similar to erector, by #Hornby, See Web Links

#Dorfan, Pre War Train Set, Near Mint Cond. 601
Believed 1929, Belonged to J F Oliver of Vinton. Cast Iron Engine, Tin Work Cars. Made in USA #DorfanTrains Shows 251B In the bottom of box also. Incredible. "O" gauge 040 engine #53 So nice. I believe he took the plug off to keep anyone from runnin...

U.S. Army, Pillow Covers, WWII
with original packages, Sold at PX in those days. Silk. Camp Fannin Was only open for 4 years and closed. Was a POW Camp.


Sweetbreads Stand, Preserve stand,
rim nic on lid of round one!

Cake Plate-14" Server, footed,etched flowers &
14 - 8" Serving plates with same etching design,

Large Glass Assorted, Tote in Sunroom
lots of it ! Packing will be outside! No Room indoors!

Baby Rattle, Plastic, Japan, no year
Have not been able to find one!

Hotel and Other Soaps Assortment,
large varied assortment fo de wash room!

#DIXIE, Bedroom Suite, So nice 1949 ?
Double Bed, Walnut, Corner desk 19x30 x 29" Tall. Chest 5 drawer, 19x41 x 49" Tall, Dresser 19x63x 29 plus mirror. Can hold extra mirror but not found. 2 Nightstands are 14 x 23 x 23" T. Really Nice appears as solid wood? 2 piece desk ensemble,

Bird Clock, several cross stitch panels
Includes 2 panels and case with parts etc.


Fashion Footwear, Ladies, 9N, 12 pair,Handbags
Pair of totes rubber outer boots, Most have some light wear, Evening & Clutch, other nice clean bags

Tole Painted Trash Cans, 9"T, And
Better Homes and Gardens



GE, Radio & 8 Track, Both Play
Plays tapes also, Very Vintage Electronics. Cannot believe my hears

Assorted Grooming, Vintage Aluminum Lady glasses
Looking Glass, Fine vintage scissors . Makeup mirror

Giraffe Brass, Sculpture, USA Crumb Snatcher
Brass Wall Skonces, Brass Angel Bell

Anchor Hocking Kitchen Glass,other
Coffee Set, Plate, bowl,

Vintage Kitchen Stool,
needs cleaning !


Hand Crafted, End Table,Coffee Table
Oak & Pine, one leg loose end is 14 x 28 x 28" Tall, Coffee Is 16 x 36 x 17

Metlox, Poppy Trail, 6 place setting, 54 pieces
Nice, accessory pieces, Real Nice Set for someone.

Refrigerator Dishes, Pyrex 503B b-24
9 x 7 x 3 1/2, other is quart storage

Early 1900s, Roanoke Advertising Therm.
still good and working .. Pfluger Jeweler, 118 Campbell.

Sail Needle / Darner ??? 9" Long
you can name it! Or For lashing canvas??

Rare, Advertising, Silhouette Thermomemtor
#Bufords Tavern Ca. 1940 Near Mint Condition, 6x8" , Phone 2-4523 Awesome find ! #Montvale #BealeTreasure

9 Fountain Pens, 5 pumpers, 1 cartridge
Esterbrook,Waterson,Congress, Monroe, Others Old Vintage pens

Local & other Vintage Writing Pencils
Vinton Supply- Massey Harris Tractors, Made-Rite Sandwiches, Dale Carnegie! , ODAC

Vintage Aluminum Cups with Liners
have not ever seen the cold liners, Lemonade Sounds Good

Kitchen Crocks, stress crack in large one
few chips and nics, 1 gallon and 2 gallon both for one bud.

Advertising, Thermomemtors, Coke is 17" Tall x
5" Cannot see what year. Two tin, Eubanks is Plastic

Needlework supplies, patterns and more
some finished pieces suitable for framing

Oak Washstand, Towel Bar
Excellent. So Nice

Quarter Sawn Lamp Table
22 x 22 x 28" Tall. One of the best I have ever seen.


Fabulous Linens,Tablecloth,
Great Assortment, Way Good Stuff

Embroidery & Needlepoint Linen Style Goods
fo de dining table , Tablecloths, Table Toppers, Nice round cloth , Biscuit cloths, Complete Panels

Old Tablecloths, Hangers,
Likely some Jewel Tea Pieces, Fallani & Cohn hangers

Harmonicas, Butterfly is Occupied Japan & Antique
Hanging Rock Paperweight =Very Old with mention of the Caverns, Old Dixie Caverns souvenir

US Revolver Co. Made by Iver Johnson
7 shot .22 Cal, Top Break Serial 14944. Marked as U S Revolver Co.

Squirel Plucker, .410, Proof Tested, 3" Chamber
Montgomery Ward Western Field, Model 10-SD247A , Stamped 94B



Roanoke Times Patterns, Dress, for sending in a
Question, The paper sent her a pattern ! Pre WWI Packages, Rt 2 Vinton 1917 and earlier ,Sewing patterns,

C&S, Old Can Covers, Hand Blown Crystal
10.5" Tall Cut Crystal Cruet




Delicate Glass & Crystal
one item of Princess House

Delicate Glass & Crystal
Fostoria Americana & Candle Wick

Dainty Dress, Home Made, Old but nice &
Eyelet Fabric , Ladies Kimono

Sectional Curio / Bookcase / Bar
29 1/2 x 78" Tall, 3 Sections. Glass push stops to open, Glass Shelves Very Nice

Bassett? Sectional Sofa, Mid Century
The back of curve is 6 Ft. 2 sections are 49" Long with no arm rest. With arm rest is 46" Long 8' From the wall.

Hand Crochet, Double Bed Cover and pieces for
Another with only one sewn strip. Pretty Awesome. See the pile of finished plates, Real Nice Pair

Afghans, 4 ,2 smaller size A 48 x 48 for a child.
other is 45 x 55 One is larger 62 x 71

Unsewn Quilt, Toppers & bottom need finishing.
Includes pieces, 3 other toppers, One yellow backed Dresden Plate !

Quilt, Oldie, Hand Done, 66 x 82
I believe has a blanket inside? Mixture of plates, feed sack material

Quilt, Hand Sewn, 62 x 80
double cloth on back!


William Byrd Ladies class ring, 1935,Henebrys
Sterling with gold plate. Is marked this way!

Man's Ring,, Tiger Eye, not gold?
7 grams of 10K Gold, Diamonds?

AEP, award pins, one is 12k GF,
two are 1/20th 12K GF Total weight is 27g

Gold Dollar, Liberty Head, 1853-C I believe
lower half of C is present. AG but is real. Close Wreath Reverse. 11,515 minted, AS IS, Is a real gold coin Have sent off for verification.


Wheat Pennies

Gruen & Elgin Ladies watches
Gruen is 10K RGP, Elgin likely GF

Ladies Watch Assorted,Quartz
One is Swiss made other 4 are timex

Wallets,Shoehorns,Watch Bands
3 Men's quartz watches


Boker, Straight Razor,Red-Injun
handle separation on one side. Excellent otherwise, #101 RR, #HenryBoker

Lighters, Bentley-Austria, Beattie
both gas I believe, Patent # On Beattie is 1894300

Awesome, Men's Cufflinks, NYC, Magram
#LewMagram 830 7th avenue NYC, pre zip code. Shirt Maker to the Stars, original boxes. Cool

Lighters & Knives, old Worn Boker
keychain knife is for Harry Camper, Salesman once at Blue Ridge Buick in Roanoke, Zippo slim knife, Lighters are Continental, Ronson and Mastercraft

Plate,Claw Feet, or tray for dresser.
8" Dia. Hallmarks but is Extra Plate

Pinback, Hollins Institute pre 1911,
Was renamed Hollins College in 1911. Prior was a Family Institute, Is enameled and maybe some gold plating. 1 and 3/8" Long x 1" And Picture from same generation ! #HollinsCollege #HollinsInstitute

Ladies Vintage Jewelry, Sorority Pin,Clip
Earrings, Bug Pins, Brooches, other

Ladies Jewelry, Napier Necklace, Sterling
Heart Pin, P. Buckley Moss Brooch

Men's Watches, 10K GP, & .1 Running & gold scrap
Bulova 10K GF, Waltham 17j, Nelson Swiss is running as i type

Scrap 10K Gold Ring, is broken, 2.09g
tested, marks worn off, Garnet

New Stainless Steel Tableware
8 new teaspoons, same pattern, 4 spoons, 4 forks

New Silver Plate,Serving Pieces
one small sugar spoon little used. Rogers, International Silver, other. All Nice Salad Set, Large Spoons, more

Sterling Table Ware, S. Kirk & Son,6 place 1675g
1- 3 butter knives, 1 cocktail fork -110 Grams,2- 11 Coffee or dessert spoons-328 g 3- 5 tea spoons 187g 4- Serving Spoon 73g 5- 6 dinner forks 327g 6- 6 salad forks 223 g 7- 6 small knives 264 less 6 short stainless blades 8- 6 Sterling handle ...

Vintage N&W Badges, Veterans Association 1935,36&
1938, In Roanoke, J D Oliver of Vinton

Earrings, Pairs, Some w Brooches, One Bracelet
ALL Earrings in these groups are clip or screwback.

Men's Cufflinks, One Set of Quartz
All of these are clean & nice items



Family Heritage, Stickpin of Beautiful Woman in
Family, Believed sterling bracelet.


Vintage Ladies, Pins, Brooches
2 are not shown-added

Gold Filled Items, Maybe other?
not weighed, old vintage

LaMode, Old Vintage Set, Necklace, Earrings
original box , clip earrings!


Ladies, Unpolished Opal Ring,
untested, lot of fire in it! Natural

McCoy Planter, Beauty, 81/2" Across & Brush, Plant
Planter, I think orange one is McCoy also

Enamelware, Refrigerator Dish,
excellent, 9 x 14 x 4 1/2" Tall

USA Pottery, Pot, Planter,
May be Brush Flora Line, 7 1/2" W Planter 4 1/4" Deep


Very Old Home Made Stool, awesome.
little looseness, 18 x 13" Seat

Swing A Way, NIB, Vintage Can Opener & Knife Sharp
Sharpener, with papers and Rival Can Opener

Gallon Jug, White House, Label
post zip code, Winchester Va.

Dis N Dat, Cool Things
Halloween Rattle, Japan tin pencil holder

Old Kitchen Cupboard-Basement, Marsh
Marsh 26" Deep x 40" wide x 69" Tall, on casters

Vintage Kitchen Table, 4 original chairs,Leaf,
Basement. 30" x 43" x 31" Tall, Has a leaf under top when pulled apart. 4 original chairs to go with it!

Metal Chimney Cabinet-Basement
12" x 18" x 66" tall

Vintage Dish Cabinet, basement
17" x 30" x 66" Tall

Primitive Work Table, basement
29" x 57" x 30" Tall

Christmas Topper, Ornaments
Unopened Mica Snow

McCoy Planter, 2 others
Cracked Polor Bear, Little pig- Shawnee


Vintage Tobacco,
2 full unopened Beech Nut,


Bedspread, Looky, twin size, Home Made
each plate are thread work State Flowers , Nice bed ruffle

Wagon, 1926, Thornhill Jr., #ThornhillWagonCo
24 x 40 x #Thornhill Wagon Company. Few of these left. Were given away in 1926 by the company as promos! Near Mint Condition, No Damage, All Original paint . Beautiful Work of Craft & Art to me! Only a few of these have any reference. Another Auction...

Three Drawer Chests, MCM,Bassett
Walnut, May have been Part of dining room suite ! Quality Pieces, Bidding for the pair, are awesome pieces, 18 x 32" Wide x 30" Tall ,

Etched Crystal, 6 of each glass
Princess House? All the same pattern , Really nice

2 One Gallon Kitchen Crocks
couple of finish losses, no cracks showing. Bidding for the pair

Vintage Canister Cabinet, Drawers as Bins
we washed out some flour etc, For Sugar, Flour, Tea and Coffee ,Really Cool #VintageKitchen , pretty good overall, original pulls, How Nice , #Emco, 9.5" Tall x 20" Wide, 6 1/2" Deep

Old Glasses, Some Gold Content, Nice Box,
pair of, 1/10 10K, 1/10 of 12K GF,, 1/10 10K GF, 1/10 12K GF, ear pieces, 3 1/10 12K GF,1/10 12K GF, Other

S&W, Church Ave in Roanoke, Sugar Spoon
Wallace silverplate, One of the best

Bakelite? Some are, Some are not?, Buckles,
Since 1907, Beautiful , Buttons

Old Vintage Coffee cups and saucers
#HomerLaughlin, Japan Relsea, ,Knowles,

Knives Assortment ,NIB Steak Knives
2 bakelite handles, Great selection

Old Paper,Ephemera, Vinton,Roanoke,
Banking and other, 1920s and up, Receipts

WWII Ephemera, War Department
Camp Fannin was permanently closed in 1946,

Alaskan Silver, Brooch, Dog Sled, Wheat Pennies
1926, VG++, 1928D VG++. Found the sled dogs, Alaskan Silver also! Vintage

Primitive Stool,Light blue milk paint,
15 x 9 1/2 x 14" Tall , old pine

Bassett, Dining Suite, Walnut, 6 Chairs, Ready
Good Home, So Fine, 6 chairs, Dia of table 42" plus 3 leaves of 12" x 42. Open is 78 x 42 with leaves, Plate Cupboard, is 18 x 48" Wide x 67" Tall, sliding glass, nice, plate slots in back of shelves. I believe is solid wood! The best we have ever of...

Curved Glass Curio, Cupboard, Oak
17" x 36 x 62" Tall, door frame has been stripped, Good one, glass is good.

Cupboard, "Possum Belly", Bakers Cabinet
2 pieces. All hardware present. Has been untouched for over 25 years and was in Lower House. Pulls and handles all there. 65" Tall, 25'' From the back, 46" Wide . Some is stripped and ready! I believe the work board is Birds Eye Maple, #PossumBellyC...

Morgan Eubank,Roanoke , Cupboard
Basic Furniture co. 63" Tall x 37" Across, X 15 from the wall. One side glass and the door glass are missing.

Original Oak Washstand, With Original Mirror
72" Tall x 34" Wide, x 19" Deep, top sanded but not hurt. I would stain the top back and leave it alone. Yes, The Mirror is correct for this piece, Never saw one! One serpintine drawer.

Beautiful Walnut finish wardrobe, Super Nice
64" Tall, 42" Wide, 20" Deep, one of the best I heve seen in a long time.

Pie Safe, Oak, All there!, Doors are not secured.
few loose boards. Some stripping already, Again untouched for 25 years. 77" Tall x 33" Wide x 16" Not everyday do we see them!

Yellow Pine Shelf, single drawer
11 1/2 x 41 1/2" Wide, x 32" Tall. Nice storage.


Vintage Fern Stand,
14 x 14 x 19" Tall

Home Made Work Station
23 x 38" W x 36" T


Craftsman 3/4hp, Table Saw
runs, fine tuning needed. 8"

Riding Mower & Push Mower
Craftsman 7HP No Knowledge

Concrete Mixer, Check wiring!!! has an issue, Sear
Electric, Attempted to turn on but may have a short

Sears Chainsaw 16"
no chain cover

Tools for a Carpenter to get started
electric drill, Mitre Saw, Bars. You could go to work with these.

Kenmore, Model 20 Carpet Cleaner in box
Appears unused. In box #Kenmore

Mud Tools, 1/2 roll copper tubing, 1/4"
Large box full of sandpaper

Forge Box, Pig Iron , no blower
18 x 22 x 36" Tall, 3 inch depth

Bucket Bench
11 x 43 x 18"T


Craftsman, Oxy / Acetylene Gauges, torch
seem very good, no cutting attachment

Waterfall Bedroom Suite, Dresser, Mirror, Bed 7
Chest, VG Really Very good ! All Matches

5/16 Cable, Chains-2 ,Come a Long
very old but good chain

Old Kitchen Glass, Other, cast coin bank- apart
Anchor Hocking, Loose Early Coin Bank

Old Cameras, Polaroid, 8mm Bell & Howell
#Poloroid Land, Argus, Rolls box, Bell & Howell

Special Jars, 1880s Ball- is only mark, lightly
Mason Star, Kerr 1/2, Ball blue 1908, Presto Supreme, Kerr Self Sealing,

Antique,#Sample #Stoneware #jug, Nice Sample
#Kentucky Vinegar Jug Sample, Excellent, Nice The last one that sold was for $100 #Kentucky, Inside the home, Not in garage !

3/8 Running Craftsman Drill, Shopcraft Jig Saw
Soldering iron, trouble light 10'

3 Pitch Forks,
Tater Rake,

Relic,Farm Made, Rail Splitter or Wood Wedge
60" Long, 3" Round Splitting head, Iron,

Photo Gallery