Gallery Auction with Vehicle, Motorcycle Parts, Dolls and Doll Parts: 4-25-19
Listing ID#: 229156

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Hatfield, PA 19440
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Thursday Apr 25, 2019 Completed
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 Live Auction 
Company Information
Alderfer Auction

Contact: Ranae Gabel
Phone: 215-393-3000
Website: ID#: 9105
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Listing Terms and Conditions
15% BUYERS PREMIUM WITH 3% DISCOUNT FOR CASH OR ACCEPTABLE CHECK. WE ALSO ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. 20% ONLINE BUYERS PREMIUM Terms & Conditions of Sale Alderfer Auction, 501 Fairgrounds Road, Hatfield, PA 19440. 215.393.3000. By bidding at Alderfer Auction whether it be live, online, onsite, absentee or phone bid, you agree to be bound by Alderfer Auction’s Terms & Conditions stated here forth. Addendum statements made day of auction take precedence over previously printed materials. The validity and interpretation of any of the terms and provisions of this agreement or of the rights and duties of the parties under this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and venue of all proceedings shall occur in Montgomery County, PA. 1. Bidding Qualifications Live Bidding Buyers must register for a bidding number by giving name, address, phone number, and identification acceptable to us. Please show your bidding number to the auctioneer after each purchase you make. The highest bidder shall be the buyer, and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall decide the buyer or immediately put the item up for sale again. In the event of a tie between an online bidder and the floor bidder, the successful bidder will be at the Auctioneer’s discretion. The auctioneer’s decision will be binding and final. Some lots are offered subject to a reserve, which is a confidential minimum price below which such a lot will not be sold. The record of sale, kept by the auctioneer and clerk, will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes. Simulcast Bidding Simulcast Auctions are conducted in front of a live audience. During these events each item presented in the auction is also available for bidding in an online venue hosted by a third party provider such as,, While the auctioneer is receiving bids from an assembled audience, phone and absentee bidders, the auctioneer is also taking bids from bidders who are bidding through the third-party providers in real time or by advance bidding. Following the auction the successful bidders are notified and payment arrangements are made; applicable buyer’s premium applies. At its discretion, Alderfer Auction may also accept bids from approved internet bidders. Alderfer Auction or any of its staff shall not be held responsible or liable for any human or technical bidding errors, or internet bidding system shutdowns that may occur. Alderfer Online Only Bidding Alderfer Auction sometimes uses the services of a third party auction platform for online bidding. Please refer to third party website for how to register and bid online. Buyer is responsible for all online bidding. Alderfer Auction cannot place bids for the buyer as the buyer must properly register and bid through the third party platform. At its discretion, Alderfer Auction may also accept bids from approved internet bidders. Alderfer Auction or any of its staff shall not be held responsible or liable for any human or technical bidding errors, or internet bidding system shutdowns that may occur. Absentee Bidding For those unable to attend the auction, Alderfer Auction offers the absentee bid service as a convenience to our patrons. Alderfer Auction will not be held responsible for error or failure to execute the bid(s). Absentee bids must be in writing and a fifty dollar ($50) minimum bid is required per item. Phone Bidding Phone bids must be in writing. All phone bids are required to open at $250 or half of the published estimate (whichever is greater and no less than $250). We suggest that phone and absentee bids be made 24 hours in advance to allow time for processing. Everyone leaving an absentee/phone bid must be willing to leave their credit card number to assure payment of a successful bid(s) is received by the end of the next day following an auction. Illegible bid(s) will be disregarded. Applicable sales tax will be added to the sales total unless a tax-exempt number is on file in our office by the day of the auction. Applicable Buyer’s Premium will be added to each purchase. All successful bid(s) requested to be shipped to the buyer will be sent by an in-house or third party shipper and billed by the shipper. Buyer is responsible to make shipping arrangements. Bids are executed in competition with the audience on an alternate basis. Due to uncertainties of bidding, a lot may sell to the audience for the same amount authorized by the absentee bid. To avoid this possibility, the absentee bidder may authorize Alderfer Auction to increase their bid by one increment by placing a (+) sign beside the bid price. Merchandise is to be removed from the Auction Center within two weeks following the auction. Storage fees: Any items left at the auction center for more than two weeks following the auction date will incur storage fees at a rate of $10.00 per lot, per week regardless of the size or value of the lot. Storage fees will begin on the 15th day regardless of payment status Alderfer Auction offers the absentee/phone bid service as a convenience to our patrons who are unable to attend the auction. Alderfer Auction will not be held responsible for error or failure to execute the bid. All items are sold as is without warranty or guarantee. Alderfer Auction shall have the right to accept absentee and phone bids for any items consigned for any particular auction. Alderfer Auction reserves the right not to execute any absentee bid at its discretion and to have no liability for any inadvertent failure to execute any such bids. Bidding Increments for Live & Phone Bidding Generally, bidding increments are made as follows although Auctioneer has the discretion and authority to change. Online bidding increments may vary, see each auction for details. $5 until $49 is reached $10 until $199 is reached $25 until $499 is reached $50 until 999 is reached $100 until $1,999 is reached $250 until $4,999 is reached $500 until $9,999 is reached $1,000 until $19,999 is reached $2,500 until $49,999 is reached $5,000 until $49,999 is reached $10,000 until $99,999 is reached 2. Buyer’s Premium, Sales Tax & Payment Applicable buyer’s premium is applied per auction. The hammer price, buyer’s premium and sales tax shall be added together to reach the total purchase price for an item. PA residents pay 6% sales tax unless a Tax Exempt Form is on file. Acceptable forms of payments are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal (with the exception of Firearms, Militaria & Sporting Auctions), wire transfer, money order, cash and check. Payments are due immediately upon purchase and before exiting the facility. Returned checks will be assessed a $35 charge for insufficient funds. Successful online bidders, who bid through a third party online bidding platform, will be assessed a 5% surcharge. This charge offsets the fee collected by the third party platform. For more information regarding this charge please see third party website for terms. 3. Pick-Up, Shipping & Storage Fees Customer Responsibility Check List: Payment Pickup or Shipping Scheduling/Arrangements Vehicle, Helpers, Packing Supplies Review Terms Alderfer Auction offers onsite shipping subject to limitations. Shipping, handling and insurance fees are additional to the total purchase price. Fees must be paid in advance by credit card. If you choose to ship your item, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS. All lots must be removed from the premises of Alderfer Auction no later than 14 days after an auction. If you choose to pick-up your lots at the Auction Center, our regular hours are Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM. Please call 24 hours in advance to schedule a pick-up time. Packing materials are the responsibility of the purchaser. Any items left at the auction center for more than two weeks following the auction date will incur storage fees at a rate of $10.00 per lot, per week regardless of the size or value of the lot. Storage fees will begin on the 15th day regardless of payment status. Unpaid items still remaining at our auction center 30 calendar days after the auction date will be considered abandoned and will be consigned to a future auction without additional notice to the purchaser. For Fine & Decorative Arts, Collector's and Nostalgic Treasure Auctions please contact third shipper, Alderfer Auction does not ship extremely fragile items. Call or email to make shipping arrangements with the recommended shippers below or select your own: Alderfer Auction Shipping Department 215.393.3000 Recommended third party shipping is available through: The UPS Store 1250 Bethlehem Pike Suite S Hatfield, PA 19440 215.997.2212 For oversized items: Craters and Freighters of Philadelphia Phone: 215.234.8090 Toll Free: 866.397.0488 Vintage Transport 888.882.4442 Alderfer Auction is not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs via a third party shipper. Alderfer Auction may refuse shipping an item due to the size, weight, and fragile nature of certain items. We do not offer in-house shipping for: framed canvas paintings, glassware, statues/figurines made of glass, porcelain, or other breakable materials. We understand for some items there may be exceptions, however it is at the discretion of the shipping department to determine which items can be shipped and which items will require third-party shipping. Please inquire about international shipments. 4. Warranty & Condition Reports All announcements made on auction day shall take precedence over previously distributed information, print or electronic media. All items are sold "AS-IS, where-is" with no warranty expressed or implied. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Please bid accordingly if you are uncertain of the condition or use of an item. Statements by Alderfer Auction regarding the condition of objects are for guidance only and should not be relied upon as statements of fact, and do not constitute a representation or assumption of liability by Alderfer Auction. Photographs may also be used to represent condition of an item. While every effort is made to determine provenance, authenticity and condition, it is the responsibility of the Bidder to arrive at their own conclusion prior to bidding. Provenance and authenticity including attributions are guaranteed by neither the consignor nor Alderfer Auction. Alderfer Auction strongly encourages bidders to personally inspect all lots. The Bidder should also review online descriptions, listings and/or catalogs to obtain necessary information. Bidders may contact Alderfer Auction for a condition report at Alderfer Auction will attempt to furnish one, but shall not be liable for failing to do so. All auction inquiries must be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the auction. 5. Estimates Item estimates provided in print or electronic media are not a representation or a prediction of the hammer price that will be realized at auction, which may be substantially different from our original estimates. We shall not be liable for any discrepancies between our estimates and a price realized. Any appraisal, estimate or opinion expressed by any principal or employee of Alderfer Auction, consultant to Alderfer Auction, or other person with respect to the anticipated auction price of any item or merchandise is a statement of opinion only and Alderfer Auction makes no guarantee, warranty or agreement with respect to the sale price of any item. 6. Artwork Authorship & Authenticity General If we say "c." for circa, a certain date, then it was made within 25 years of that date. Measurements are given within 1" of actual size. Measurements are given height before width. WAF means With All Faults Alderfer Auction is not responsible for color variations in print and electronic media. Alderfer Auction is not responsible for typos in print and electronic media. Terms & Conditions may change frequently and without notice. Latest version of Terms & Conditions will always supersede any previous printed or online statements. Authorship Name of Artist- Indicates that the work, in our best judgment, is by the named artist. Attributed to- In our best judgment, the work may be by the artist. Circle of- In our best judgment, a work of the period of the artist and closely related to the artist's style. School of- In our best judgment, a work by a pupil or follower of the artist. After- In our best judgment, a copy of the known work of the artist. In the Manner of- This painting represents the style of the named artist but was painted at a later date; the authorship is unknown. Authenticity Signature- The signature, inscriptions and dates are transcribed in print as they appear and are located as follows: SLL: Signed Lower Left SLR: Signed Lower Right SUL: Signed Upper Left SUR: Signed Upper Right SLC: Signed Lower Center SUC: Signed Upper Center. If we state "signed" in our opinion, the signature is of the named artist. If we state "bears signature" in our opinion, the signature might be that of the artist, but we make no guarantee that the work is by the named artist. 7. Clocks and Watches Due to the sensitive and mechanical nature of clocks and watches, we do not guarantee them to be in running or working condition. 8. Furniture If we say "Chippendale Mahogany Chest of Drawers," we represent that the piece was made during that period. If we say "Chippendale Style Mahogany Chest of Drawers," we represent that the piece looks like the period mentioned, but it was crafted at a later date. 9. Firearms Alderfer Auction is a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Whether you are buying or selling firearms at Alderfer Auction you will be assured that your firearms have been processed according to the rigorous regulations established by the Federal Government. It is recommended that all Firearms be checked by a competent gunsmith before firing to ensure safe usage. Registration Fees A $9 per gun transaction fee will be assessed for gun registration; $7 per gun transaction fee thereafter which is in addition to the total purchase price. Firearm Laws All firearms are sold in accordance with Federal and Pennsylvania State Laws. All post 1898 (Modern) firearms must be registered in compliance with Federal and State Law. Purchasers of Modern firearms who are Pennsylvania residents must complete state and federal registration forms at Alderfer Auction, 501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA 19440, or provide a signed copy of a Federal Firearms License from a dealer that your purchase can be shipped to. FFL Dealers and out-of-state buyers must have in their possession on the day of sale, signed copies of their Federal Firearms License in order to accept same-day delivery of modern firearms. Buyers who act as agents for FFL dealers must have a letter of agency as well as a signed copy of the dealers Federal Firearms License (FFL). Internet bidders who are out-of-state buyers and FFL dealers must fax a current FFL license within 24 hours of the close of the sale to Alderfer Auction at 215-368-9055. Curio & Relic FFL licenses will be accepted on auction lots indicated in the description "(C&R)”. Specific State Restrictions Auctions may contain many firearms and items that are non-compliant (not allowed) in certain States. Alderfer Auction WILL NOT ship or SELL any of these items that are prohibited in any State. We are aware of these Sates and their Laws and it is the duty of each potential bidder to make sure they are allowed to own this legally in their respective States. Alderfer Auction WILL NOT convert or make any firearm compliant to meet a certain State's requirements. Listed here are state laws restricting the sale of certain high-capacity magazines. These are STATE laws, sometimes there are COUNTY or CITY laws with stricter restrictions. It is your responsibility to be or become familiar with local gun laws. California: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 10 rounds to anyone in California or anyone using a billing address in the state of California. Hawaii: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 10 rounds that may fit a handgun to anyone in Hawaii or anyone using a billing address in the state of Hawaii. Illinois: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 12 rounds to anyone in Chicago, IL or anyone using a billing address in Chicago, IL. We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 15 rounds to anyone in Aurora, IL or anyone using a billing address in Aurora, IL. Maryland: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 20 rounds to anyone in Maryland or anyone using a billing address in the state of Maryland. Massachusetts: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 10 rounds to anyone in Massachusetts or anyone using a billing address in the state of Massachusetts. New Jersey: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 10 rounds to anyone in New Jersey or anyone using a billing address in the state of New Jersey. New York: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 10 rounds to anyone in New York or anyone using a billing address in the state of New York. Ohio: We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines over 30 rounds to anyone in Ohio or anyone using a billing address in the state of Ohio. Any firearms sold containing prohibited magazines as mentioned above will be shipped less the banned magazine, no refunds will be offered. Purchasers may inspect the merchandise and are urged to do so. The Auctioneer makes no warranty as to condition and shall not be responsible for any defects in any Lot. Any used firearm should be inspected by a competent gunsmith for safety, function, and proper ammunition type/size before attempting to fire. Any description of mechanical function or condition does NOT mean the gun has been inspected or tested for firing capabilities. All goods are exposed for Public Exhibition and for Internet buyer's, condition is described in the listings. Firearm Shipping Shipping, handling, registration and insurance fees are additional to the total purchase price. Fees must be paid in advance by credit card before items are shipped. Because Alderfer Auction is FFL approved, all shipping, packing and insurance are handled by Alderfer Auction. Costs are as follows: Packing fee of $25 for the first long gun $10 for each additional long gun $11 for the first handgun $6 fee for each additional handgun UPS shipping and insurance fees will then be applied to each item. To economize we will pack multiple items of similar size and type together if possible. All items will be shipped UPS-ground or required overnight parcel for handguns. Insurance is an additional fee of 1% of hammer price plus buyer’s premium. We ONLY ship to the continental U.S. Any winning bidder wanting to ship a firearm or firearms outside of the continental United States must make arrangements with an FFL Importer/Exporter. The bidder is responsible for all shipping costs related to Alderfer requirements as stated above to the Importer/Exporter, and all costs in accordance with the Importer/Exporter in shipping the firearm(s) to said bidder. Questions regarding shipping, handling and insurance costs or tracking of your package, please contact our shipping department at: Alderfer Auction Shipping Department 215.393.3000 office 267.638.1063 direct Please allow 2 weeks for shipping from receipt of payment. 10. Endangered Species Each threatened and endangered species will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as mandated by State and Federal laws. If you have questions please call 215.393.3000. 11. Alderfer Online Onsite Auctions Alderfer Auction conducts auctions at various different onsite locations through online only timed auctions. The terms and conditions mentioned herein apply to these auctions along with the requirements below regarding merchandise pick-up. Designated pick-up times are established for customers to remove their purchased items. Schedule a pick-up time via or call 215.393.3000. instructions will be included in your invoice. NO REFUNDS will be given on purchased items that are not picked up during the designated pick-up time. Delivery Delivery fees are additional to the total purchase price. Please call or email for delivery fees for your particular lot(s). Fees must be paid in advance by credit card. If you choose to have your item(s) delivered, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING DELIVERY ARRANGEMENTS. Items brought back to the auction center will be held, at no charge, for 1 business day following the pick-up day. For each day thereafter that the item(s) are not picked up a $5.00 per day storage fee will be assessed. Please call us to arrange these services no later than 24 hours prior to the auction pick-up time. If you are in need of your purchase being brought back to Alderfer Auction for pick-up at our facility or would like the item(s) to be delivered to your home, call or email to make delivery arrangements: Alderfer Auction Delivery Department Dan Angstadt 215.393.3000 office 267.638.1063 direct 12. Limitations of Liability Alderfer Auction is not liable for any breach or default by the consignor of a Lot. Alderfer Auction may withdraw any item before the sale if there is doubt as to the authenticity, title, or laws restricting the sale of the item or the accuracy of the Consignor’s representations. 13. Governing Law Pennsylvania State Law prohibits any owner from bidding on their own merchandise to enhance the value. “Bidding in” or bidding on behalf of the Consignor shall be grounds for discontinuation of the auction and a claim for any resulting damages including, but not limited to, a reasonable amount for lost commissions. Alderfer Auction logo(s), content and photography are copyright materials that may not be copied, used or duplicated without the written consent of Alderfer Auction, 501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA 19440.
Listing Information

New Time 9:00 AM! Live at Alderfer Auction.2012 Ford Escape XLT SUV; Antiques; Furnishings; Collectibles; Primitives; China; Glassware; Artwork;  Sterling Silver; Jewelry and more. Selected Furniture, Motorcycle Parts, Rugs and Decorative Accessories to be sold Live and Online. 

Dolls and Accessories to include Cherished Teddies; MIB Madame Alexanders; Great American Doll; MIB Ginny; June McKenna Santas; Little Souls; Muffy Bears; Vintage Clothing; Accessories; Doll Wigs; Body Parts and More!

2012 Ford Escape XLT
Vehicle Type: Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV)
Mileage: 63058
Body Type: 4 Door Wagon
Trim Level: XLT
Drive Line: 4WD
Engine Type: L4, 2.5L
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic

VIN #: 1FMCU9D72CKB25678 

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Preview: Tuesday, April 23rd and Wednesday, April 24th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; 8:00 AM Day of Auction.


Order of Auction: All Times Approximate




Gallery (formerly Auditorium):


9:00 AM China, Glassware, Artwork


11:00 AM  Live and Online Decorative Accessories




Gallery Third Ring: (rear of Gallery):


9:00 AM Jewelry, followed by Sterling Silver


12:00 PM Live and Online Musical Instruments




Studio: (rear of Hallway):


10:30 AM Dolls, Followed by Box Groupings




Avenue 501 (formerly Hallway):     


9:00 AM Live and Online Ford Escape, Hallway Furniture, Rugs,  Motorcycle Parts


Offline Furniture to Follow



China and glass including Lenox, Wedgewood, Longaberger pottery, oyster plate, Limoges, chocolate pot, vases, Wattsware grouping, Majolica parrot pitcher, and more.



Glass including colored wines, gold enameled finger bowls, Waterford, decanters, bristol glass, cameo glass, goofus glass, art glass, marigold, Carnival glass, cobalt glass figural piece, Vaseline hobnail, depression glass, enameled juice set, antique bottles, figural bottles, cut to clear decanter and more.



Collectibles including Byers Choice with the Cries of London, chimney sweep, bird feeder, gingerbread maker, fishmonger, toy maker and more. The Cat's Meow Village silhouette houses including Route 66 collection, Crown Jewels of the National Parks,  Civil War collection and more. June McKenna Santa Clauses including Mrs. Claus Dancing to the Tune, Santa's One Man Band, Christmas Gathering, Checking his List, the Patriot and more. Salt collection including glass, hens on a nest, cobalt, vaseline, ruby glass, green depression, also including Noritake, Nippon, milk glass, Bavaria, Limoges, amethyst, silverplate, and more.



Sterling including J.E.Caldwell flatware set, master salts and shaker sets, ladle, dresser sets, carving sets, baskets, compotes, candle stands, coin silver, spoon groupings, trays and more. Silver Plate including trays, trivets, butter dish, serving pieces, fish set, covered containers and more. Brass including lanterns, bell, candle stands, napkin rings, and more.



Oriental collection including Satsuma vases, soapstone  stamps, soapstone vases, lacquer boxes, Asian silks,  wood blocks, fans, cloisonne eggs, double gourd vase, Canton platter and covered containers, and more.



Primitives including scales, molds, candle stands, oil lamps, Bennington, jugs, Ironstone, baskets, planters, agate ware, tin coffee pots, courting candle, door stops, Griswold waffle maker, indian head inkwell, primitive piano babies, powder horn, sewing shuttle, salt boxes, sewing boxes, coffee mill, copper pot, traps, planes, cookie cutters, and more.



Plus opera glasses, compacts, Mother of Pearl collection, Roseville Donatello jardinaire on pedestal, Roseville vases, cookie jar and teapot, and more. Sanford VISO Cardiette made for James D. Eisenhower Jr. M.D.



Toys including Lionel Train tracks and the cars, marbles, poker chip set, Hoky Poky, Unique Artie, Kiddy Cyclist, the Lone Ranger, Honeymoon Express, Lincoln Tunnel raffic, GI Joe, Boy Scout first aid kit, and more.



Artwork including decorative pieces, baseball items, Wallace Nutting, portraits, leaded glass, scroll, photographs, prints, watercolors and more. 


Coverlets including Charles Young Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania 1839, and Samuel Gilbert Trappe Montgomery County 1844 plus go-to quilts, hooked rugs and more.



Motorcycle items including BMW, Harley-Davidson, Buell, tank bags, saddlebags, custom seats, wind deflectors, genuine Harley parts, luggage racks, sissy bars, bike covers, rain gear and more.



17 tables of dolls and doll body parts including Revlon, Ginny, composition, porcelain, 1950s hard plastic Ideal Tony, Mary Heartline, Sasha, Boyds Bears, ventriloquist doll black dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, clothing, wigs, eyeballs, mint in box Alexanders, Muffy bears, doll books, Campbell kids, Madeline, and more.



Musical instruments including Gibson and Martin acoustic banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, accordions, violins, violas, Pearl Drums, Sabian cymbals, amplifiers, French horn, clarinets and more. Musical Instruments to be sold at 12:00 PM




Furniture including arts and crafts desk, Oaks card catalog, large corner cabinet, trunk, coffee table, butler, curio cabinet, drop front desk, ladder back chairs, Roadmaster Bicycle, primitive tables, sewing machine stands, benches, work tables, Hitchcock chairs, dough box, dressers, chest on chest, blanket chest, birdcage tilt top candle stand, drop leaf dining table, roulette wheel, oak dining room table and chairs, lamps, mirrors, slaw board coffee table, rocking chairs and more.

Photo Gallery