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Muskegon, MI 49442
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Bidding Starts: Thursday Aug 1
Bidding Ends: Wednesday Aug 28
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Michigan Online Auctions

Contact: Maurice Lothschutz
Phone: 616-997-6462
Email: m2993333@yahoo.com
Website: MichiganOnlineAuctions.com

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Listing Terms and Conditions
This is a legal agreement between you, the user or buyer and the site owner or Auction Company. Each MIOA location is independently owned and operated. Any issues with a particular MIOA business, you must deal with them. General use Provisions Michigan Online Auctions and or Affiliates (Auction Company) in its sole discretion may ban from further use any buyer or seller which auction company believes to have in any way misrepresented itself or any items selling, failing to abide by terms, or conduct any improper auction behavior determined solely by Auction Company. Any seller who misrepresents their items in any and buyer who in probably fails to carry through with a purchase will be banned from any further use and may be subject to additional legal actions. The balance will be due within ten business days and prior to removal, payable by a cashiers check, cash, credit card, or wire transfer. In no doubt the purchase price is the Sum all of the bid price, buyers premium, buyers fee, and sales tax if applicable. All payments must be in U.S. funds. Auction Company reserves the right to charge any remaining balance of your purchase price on your credit card if the balance is not paid within seven days. All items to sell subject to auction company confirmation discretion. Notice: A buyers premium will be added to all purchases. This buyers premium varies, pending on the auction. The weekly online auctions will have a buyers premium up to 20 percent for on time pick up. After 7 days from date of auction date the Buyers Premium will be 25% (with no cash discount) plus storage fees. Prepaid items or shipped items will not receive a discount for early payment and if not picked up with 7 days from date of auction storage fees will be applied. Any items not paid with in 10 days will be charged a restocking fee equivelant of the Buyers Premium or minimunm of $5.00 per lot. Buyer may remove items. Most off-site auctions will have a 20 percent buyers premium. The actual buyers premium in effect will be noted on the additional information page. You will see this additional information page when you click on the button to view the items that will be selling. You may also call us to find out the exact amount of buyers premium for any auction. Also a 5 percent cash/cash equivalent to mediate discount will be given at the auction companys option on cash or cash or equivalent funds only. The 5 percent cash rebate offset a portion of buyers premium for weekly onsite auctions only. Visa MasterCards are accepted with no cash discount. We do not accept payment online it must be done at the time the product is picked up. Removal and failure to remove. All purchases must be removed from the auction site without damaging any property and within the time announced or posted. All costs, responsibility and risk of such removal shall be done by buyer and, in every case; buyer will use prudence and care in such removal. If for any reason buyer fails to remove any of buyers purchases within the time specified, the auction company shall have the right but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to recall, this guard or remove and stores such purchase at buyers sole risk and expenses (storage costs at $10 per day per item-other cost additional), without believing any rights that auction company or seller may have against the buyer. Storage charge will be the responsibility of the buyer (after five business days). Sales Tax: All bidders will be subject to Michigans 6 percent sales tax unless you provide our office with the documentation we require for exemption. Notice to the buyer of the titled items: For Michigan residents we are required by the state of Michigan to broker all vehicles sold. A $65 brokers said fee will be charged for all vehicles which need to be brokered. In addition to a $15 fee for title transfer will be charged. Please know that buyers will need to sign the appropriate paperwork required by the state for title transfers. The seller bidding: The seller or the agent reserves the right to bid on their own item in order to protect their investment. Terms: All items sell AS IS WHERE IS no warranty of any type expressed to or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any goods offered in the sale. All sales are made on an AS IS WHERE IS basis with all faults. All buyers are urged to physically inspect the item during the inspection period. No bids can be withdrawn after the auction for any reason. Buyers agree that these terms as well as all other terms set forth below, can be amended or revised only in writing, signed by the auction company. Buyers also agree that any oral representations made by the auction company shall not modify these AS IS WHERE IS terms. Buyer understands that any discretion given in the sale or written on the equipment is not guaranteed, and buyer will rely entirely on their own inspection. All information and descriptions contained in advertising the sale are believed to correct, but no responsibility is assumed by Auction Company for any errors or an omission. Posting closing time in display of auction companies current time is approximate. Auction Company reserves the right to close early or extend auction at any time at its discretion. It is strongly recommended that bid to be placed early to avoid losing out to two other ill times do to last-minute bid. All times are Eastern time. Dynamic bidding: the dynamic bid on this web site is a featured that does not allow any item to sell at the end of the auction until there is 10 minutes of bidding inactivity. Example in item is bidding on at 7:58 PM and auction is scheduled to close at 8 PM when this bid is placed the anytime will automatically extended it to 8:08 PM when another bid is placed at 8:07 PM the auction will extend to 8:17 PM. This will give bidder 10 minutes to place another bid if no bids are placed in this auction will conclude at 8:17 PM the key to the dynamic bidding feature is that the auction extended from the present closing time in 10 minute intervals. Auction company rights to terminate purchase if for any reason auction Company is unable to complete the sale of any purchase to buyer or provide such purchase free and clear of liens, even if the buyer was given notice that he is the high bidder and purchaser, buyer agrees that the auction Company may terminate the purchase agreement, and which case auction Company only a liability shall be the return of any monies actually paid by buyer. Auction Co.'s Right to Terminate Purchase. If for any reason Auction Co. is unable to complete the sale of any purchase to buyer or provide such purchase free and clear of liens, even if the buyer was given notice that he is the high bidder and purchaser, Buyer agrees that the Auction Co. may terminate the purchase/agreement, in which case Auction Co.'s only liability shall be the return of any monies actually paid by buyer. Consent to suit in Michigan In the event of legal proceedings arising from this contract or from the auction in connection there with, buyer consensus to being subject to the personal jurisdiction of the court of the state of Michigan. Buyer also agrees that venue be in Ottawa County Michigan. Buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold the auction company harmless against all claims , losses, expenses, damages or liability,(including, but not limited to, attorneys fees), directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from an act, including the negligent acts or omissions of the auction company, or any acting in his/her behalf in connection with or arising out of auction, except that the buyer shall not be responsible to the auction company for damages caused by or resulting from the auction companys sole negligence. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS ABOVE. BY BIDDING YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING YOU ARE IN AGREEMENT WITH THE TERMS ABOVE. PRIVACY POLICY: This privacy policy governs your use of the Web site located at the following Web address michiganonlineauctions.com The Web site is owned, operated and/or controlled by the following affiliated companies: Michigan Online Auctions. As used in this privacy policy, the terms "we", "our" and "us" refer to this company collectively. This privacy policy also governs the collection, use, and disclosure of information submitted and obtained by users, sellers and employees. This privacy policy is effective upon acceptance in registration for new registering users, and is otherwise effective on November 1, 2009, for all other users. We may from time to time make amendments to this privacy policy. We will post all amendments on this Web page. In addition, when you enter the Web site, there will be a pop-up alert notifying you of any amendments. All amendments take effect 30 days after they are posted. Because data-security technology and data-security law are rapidly evolving, we recommend that you visit this Web page frequently to check for amendments to this policy. 1. Collection: We will collect and store the following Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") on our servers if you choose to register on our site: your name, your company, your address, your driver's license, and at least one telephone number. We also request PII and/or login information (which would provide access to your PII) elsewhere on our site, including our login page, bidding page, account update page, and e-mail subscription page. Unless you provide us with your PII, it will not be collected or stored. Once you provide us with your PII, you have consented to the transfer and storage of that information in accordance with the terms of this policy. You can review, change, and delete the PII that you provide to us by logging into Your Personal Page, or by contacting us using the information found by clicking the "Contact Us" link on our home page. We may prompt you to make updates to your PII from time to time, but in order to combat "phishing" (a fraudulent tactic employed by criminals to acquire PII), we will request that you make the updates on our site. We will also collect a valid credit card number if you choose to register on our site. Your credit card information will be stored remotely in storage systems owned and/or operated by USA EPay (registered trademarks of GorCorp Inc.), our payment processor, and not on our servers. In addition, we automatically collect certain non-PII relating to your interaction with our site, such as your IP address. Your IP address is stored when you register on our site and every time you place a bid on our site. We use cookies, but purely for your convenience to allow you to remain logged into our site. We will not collect or store any other cookie information stored on your computer. We do not allow third parties to place cookies on your computer. 2. 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Cookie information will be used purely for your convenience to allow you to remain logged into our site. 3. Disclosure: We will not trade, sell, or rent your PII to third parties, except that we reserve the right to transfer your PII to appropriate third parties in the event that we sell all or part of our business, make a sale or transfer of all or substantially all of our assets, or in the event that we are involved in a merger. In the event that we disclose your information in the course of any such sale, transfer, or merger, your information will remain subject to the terms and conditions of this policy and any amendments thereto. Also, if we do disclose your PII in the course of a sale, transfer, or merger of one of our companies, please be advised that we will continue to store your PII until such time as you request that it be deleted. We will not otherwise make your information available to third parties, except when necessary to assist our service providers and vendors in completing authorized undertakings, and/or where necessary to provide confirmation of purchases to persons or entities who require such information to ensure successful fulfillment of any purchases made on our site. We do, however, reserve the right to disclose user PII without user permission in order to protect our legal rights, to comply with the law or legal process, to protect the integrity of our site, and/or to protect the safety and security of site users and visitors. Internally, your information will only be available to employees who have the proper security clearance. 4. Security: We use a variety of methods to protect your information, both during transmission and after receipt, from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. Any PII that you transmit to us is protected during transmission by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. 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Otherwise divert, or attempt to divert from MIOA, any business whatsoever or interfere with any business relationship between MIOA and any other person or entity. d. Knowingly compete with other MIOA locations for auction contracts with individuals or companies potentially listing items for sale on the auctions. In the event that any portion of this Noncompetition Covenant is deemed not to be enforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, because it is deemed overly broad in terms of time or the geographic area covered, this Noncompetition Covenant shall not be void, but shall be modified to extend through a reasonable time period and/or geographic area.
Listing Information
Welcome to our weekly consignment auction! Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am - 5pm and Thursday 9am - 6pm CLOSED Saturday, Sunday & Monday Office # 231-288-1958 We do NOT offer haulbacks to other locations. All items must be picked up at our location or shipped through USPS.

Pallet of general merchandise and Auto
parts/accessories, over 250 items, untested returns

Pallet of general merchandise and Auto
parts/accessories, over 250 items, untested returns

6061 aluminum plate 3 and 1/2 interstate 16 and
1/2 in wide by 40 and 1/2 in deep heavy

JB warwood Damascus steel 12 gauge shotgun with
rabbit ears. This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

W Richards Damascus steel 12 gauge shotgun with
rabbit ears This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

Crescent firearms 12 gauge single shot choke
bored genuine armory steel This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

New York arms 12 gauge single shot genuine armory
steel This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

Remington sportmaster model 512 22 gauge tube fed
bolt action, short, long, or long rifle, works This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

Remington model 514 22 gauge single shot bolt
action short, long, or long rifle, works This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

Springfield single-shot 22 gauge model 15 short,
long, or long rifle This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.

Nazi Germany 1938 German Mauser 8 mm model 98,
manufactured by mauser-werke AG, oberndorf a / N This is a Seller to Buyer Transaction, both Seller and Buyer Must be Present. Gun is not on site so please call to make an appointment to pick item up.


Blg2 space saving shoe storage cabinet 23 and 1/2
in wide 72 and 1/2 in tall 13 in deep


ZM plastic Walker straight for that boys room to
keep it organized 14 in wide 14in deep 49 in tall

SC3 25 rounds 30 ACC 125 grain Sierra PSP 17.5
grains of powder 2100 feet per second reloads

SC3 25 rounds 25 ought 6 100 Remington PSP 55
grain re number 19 3050 ft per second reloads

SC3 25 rounds of 300acc 125 grain Sierra PSP 17.5
grains of powder h110 2050 feet per second reloads

SC3 25 rounds of 308 AAC 125 grain Sierra PSP
17.5 grains of powder h110 2050 ft per reloads

SC3 25 rounds of 308 AAC 125 grain Sierra PSP
17.5 grains of powder h110 2050 ft per reloads

SC3 25 rounds 25 ought 6 300 Remington PSP 55
grain re number 19 3000 50 feet per second reloads

SC3 25 rounds of 25 ought 6 100 REM PSP 55 grain
powder re number 19 3050 ft per second reloads

R8 New insignia virtual reality viewer for your
smartphone, works with Google cardboard

Q1 Vintage forged ice tongs Meyer capper and cork
number one Detroit Michigan bottle capper, trap, and primitive horseshoe wall hanging rack

Q1 Vintage copper and brass coal /ash bucket with
lions head and porcelain handles.

Q1 Starlight wattsaver light incubator in
galvanized container glass covered.


Q1 Dell Inspiron 24 all-in-one touchscreen model
3459 Windows 10 in excellent working condition includes wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, speakers and printer. Large touch-screen especially nice for those with impaired or weak vision. Guaranteed by the seller.


Q1 Two vintage adjustable wrenches one marked 8in
Auto the other XH with a wood handle.

Q1 Moffitt oil company Incorporated metal
thermometer Kent City Michigan

R9 Double sided Tactix 12.5 inch organizer, one of
the hinges is broken, still works fine

P3 Harley-Davidson tank replica collection from
rattlesnake mountain Harley-Davidson Kennewick Washington

P3 Harley-Davidson repop oil Harley-Davidson
wallet and motorcycle rubber kickstand pad

R9 Harris diatomaceous earth food grade fossil
shell flour, 4 lbs, still sealed, full

R9 Cosco topside booster seat, forward facing
40-100 pounds, 43 inch - 57 in in height

ZN mid-century modern dresser bye Kent Coffey The
prestige style 40 in wide 22 in deep 48 in tall

ZN mid-century modern dresser 9 drawer by Kent
Coffey The prestige 64 in wide 20in deep 33 in tall with mirror

ZB Maple kitchen table with two leaves table
measures 59 in wide by 41 in deep by 30 in tall and leaves are 12 in each heavy duty nice


R11 Wooden mancala the game of collecting
gemstones - missing pieces for hinges

R11 Color-changing colorful spotlight, missing
screw in piece for other side of bracket

ZI single bed frame with under treadle to make it
pull out into a king size bed mattresses are on earlier numbers

P3 Tote of camping gear tent camp chair bedroll
air mattress pump and sleeping bag

Pr4 vintage the rose by Pier Joseph rodet 1759 to
1840 28in tall 23 in wide excellent condition Cenote on back

J3 one country oval rug 4 foot by 36 in three
matching kid's chairs three large bags of artificial snow

R12 Weed warrior pulverizer 200-foot trimmer line
.095 inches with bonus line cutter

R12 Karcher 25 ft pressure washer hose
.095 inches with bonus line cutter

K3 aluminum threshold 5in by 1/4 in by 3 ft and
satin nickel kick plate 6 in by 30 in

R13 hamburger Grill caddy lock is broke also
missing ketchup and mustard bottles

R13 Lodge cast-iron 20 inch by 10 and a half inch
cast iron reversible griddle / Grill

K3 easy by Frost King Brown slide on door sweep
and draft stop fits doors one in up to 1 3/4 in wide

CR John Paul Richards genuine leather ladies
jacket size small some leather on neck coming loose

CR Harley-Davidson genuine leather jacket has
some damage on arms looks like some road rash size 2XL


CR Harley-Davidson hooded sweatshirt size medium
hooded sweatshirt size medium ladies

CR ladies Harley Davidson shirt no tag
approximately medium-to-large

CR Harley-Davidson ladies shirt no tag
approximately medium-to-large

R13 3 Cars O scale train all need help two pieces
of track and it looks like a circus top for another car few spare parts

R13 New As Seen On TV lucky leash for large and
extra-large dogs 36 to 80 lb magnetic

R13 New true living set of 4 utility knives
stainless steel blades dishwasher safe

R13 New earbuds universal digital stereo good for
iPads iPods MP3 CD players phones laptops

R13 New sturdy style infinite power plastic 4 x 4
friction truck pulling trailer with Formula 1 car


R13 New 1/10 carat diamond tare weight sterling
silver earrings retails for 124.98

R13 New Disney Pixar Cars drink pouch 14oz Compact
and reusable and bpa-free with a clip

R13 New goody ouchless no metal elastics pack of 7
inspired by DreamWorks movie trolls

R13 New musical recorder great first instrument
for kids that want to be in band someday

R13 New Barbie for girls dangle star earrings
goody headband based on DreamWorks movie trolls and from Disney Elena of Avalon necklace and bracelet

R13 New Disney's Frozen Olaf the snowman glitter
page with five different colored markers

R13 New Disney's Frozen strong bond strong heart
glitter poster page with five different colored markers

R13 Three packs of new sealed Fleer 1991 baseball
cards 14 cards in one sticker in each pack

R13 NASCAR Tony Stewart number 20 Home Depot and
Habitat for Humanity 1999 Pontiac limited edition 1:64 scale stock cars

R13 Racing Champions The Originals NASCAR 1:64
scale diecast replica number 12 car mobile one

R13 Racing Champions stock car NASCAR Michael
Waltrip collector card display stand number 30 Pennzoil car

R13 Team Hot Wheels Pro Racing NASCAR Mobil 1
Jeremy Mayfield the number 12 car

R13 New Racing Champions 1:24 scale diecast bank
with key NASCAR number 59 metal arrested limited 1 of 2500 1994 Edition

R13 New Racing Champions The Originals NASCAR 1/64
scale diecast number 32 Monte Carlo Kleenex

R13 New Racing Champions series 4 to the max the
number 24 car Jeff Gordon with the collector card NASCAR


Cr3 ladies white vest one extra large one small
one with no tags I'll look approximately the same size

Q5 9 miscellaneous women clothes jackets leather
skirts skirts jean jacket shirts and more size medium to extra-large

Q5 one dozen women's dress shirts dresses skirts
swimsuits and more medium to extra-large

25 authentic Harley-Davidson boot rain gear
one-size-fits-all keep your feet dry in that rainstorm


J3 centron skill saw 8 1/2 inch blade 9 amp motor
rare belt driven motor very heavy duty

G2 2 tool boxes Craftsman it's 26 and 1/2 in wide
and 14 in high 12 in d what's 26 and 1/2 in wide 30 in high and 40 in deep

P3 Microsoft Windows 98 disc Windows 7 32 bit
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and work suit 2005



Pr15 the Lord will bless his people with peace
print signed and framed 28 in by 24 in

L1 free laundry baskets and file link rate
withfree laundry baskets and file link rate with files

Tr15 Alaska railroad corporation print framed by
Shane lamb 28 in wide 23 in tall

P4 to Johnson's paste wax 1 Minwax finishing wax
paste and a decorative keepsake box

P4 one Cuisinart coffee grinder and one starfrit
apple peeler both used but working

Q4 farberware stainless steel automatic 12 to 36
cup coffee urn Elegance styling with hot coffee at a cop a minute speed

Q4 Holly and berries platter set 18 in 3 section
tray and a 14 inch square platter

H2 huge lot of Hallmark holiday stuffed animals
and various other stuffed animals

Sc6 black finish ring Ruby Stone size 6 new never
worn. do not wear in dish soap or chemicals

G3 for Scotchgard outdoor chair cushions 18 in
Long by 20 in wide and 3 inches high

J3 2 Sony 5 disc changes Sony tape deck and a
Sony digital audio video control center


Os1 7 lawn chairs need restrung and crochet 1
plastic bench two chairs that need recovered

4 purses


R14 watches not working need batteries one ZTE
phone for T-Mobile on LG TracFone



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