2500+ Lots Disney, LGB Trains, 19th Century Maps, Beer Steins!
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Edison, NJ 08837
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Saturday Dec 7, 2019 Completed
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 Live Auction 
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Bodnar's Auction Sales

Contact: Joseph Bodnar
Phone: 866-349-7378
Email: joebodnar@bodnarsauction.com
Website: www.bodnarsauction.com

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Payment: Payment must be made in full during or at the conclusion of the sale. We take cash or approved check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express. Absentee bidders may pay by PayPal. A 15% Buyers Premium will be added to the final bid price to all lots sold. A 7% New Jersey Sales tax will be charged unless you have completed an appropriate re-sale form (NJ residents a ST-3 form and Nonresidents a ST-3 NR. This form must be completed and signed by the owner of the company and you must be in the antiques and re-sell business. We have the right to decline your Sales tax number if you don’t produce the appropriate information. We have the right to hold you merchandise until a check clears. A check can be written only if you fill out the appropriate credit card information on your registration form. We also reserve the right to request a cash deposit on any buyer. If you walk out without paying your bill on auction day, a 5% late fee will be added to your final bill. If the open invoice is then not paid with-in 10 days a 10% fee will be added the final bill and it will be handed over to the local authorities as theft by deception and it will be handed over to a collective agency. All collection fees will be charged to the buyer. At the fall of the hammer you are in a binding contract with the seller and obligated to complete the transaction. Regardless of completion of the contract the auction house is entitled to the buyer’s premium. Registration Requirements: You must have some form of ID to register to bid at our auction. Required form of ID is a valid driver’s license, passport, residence photo ID, and a major credit card. We will not take a check for payment without a credit card number we hold in a secure file. If you do not have a credit card on file you will be cash or credit card payment only policy. We will not take starter bank checks as payment. Without a credit card we will ask for a cash deposit. Conditions of Items Sold: All items and lots are sold as-is, where-is, you the buyer know it to be with no refunds, no returns and no exchanges. Purchasers should take advantage of inspection opportunities to satisfy any questions they might have as to the condition, age, repairs, etc. of any item being offered. All sales are final. We guarantee all precious metals for 48 hours. We handle many estate items and personal property thus we sell antiques, collectibles, new and old item as well as reproductions, It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to make their own judgment how old an item is that is not in a catalog setting. Claims: No Claims will be allowed once you leave the auction facilities. If you have an issue with something you bid on you must bring it to the attention of the office and we will do our best to achieve an appropriate outcome. Please remember we are a public auction and not a retail establishment. In an auction setting all sales are final. Returned Checks: If a check is returned for NSF you will be notified immediately. A $35.00 fee will be charged and you credit card on file will be charged for the amount owed and the fee. If your credit card is declined or you don’t make good on the check within (3) days a 10% handling fee will be charged in addition to the bounced check fee and it will be handed over to the Edison Police department. Delivery and taking procession of items sold: At the fall of the hammer the buyers becomes the owner of the said property. Just because you haven’t paid for you items doesn’t mean it’s not your. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to secure the items or lots they buy. If an item is stolen at the auction we will do the best we can to help you recover the items however it is your responsibility to watch and secure your items. We will not refund you any amount of money for an item stolen or miss-placed. There are surveillance cameras posted all around the facilities and we will gladly review them on your behalf. The sale is also audio taped for security purposes. All items must be removed the day of sale at buyer’s expense. Any item left behind becomes property of auction house and is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Items to be picked up at our storage facilities will be charged no less than a $25.00 fee. Delivery is available, please talk with auction staff or office for details. Bidding at the auction indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions of the sale. In the event of a refund for any reason, we will refund the purchase price only, excluding the buyers premium. Absentee and phone bids are accepted, a 20% buyer’s premium on the first $500.00 will be charged and then the normal buyer’s premium will be in effect. We do all we can to execute absentee bids however we will not be responsible if an absentee bid was missed or not executed to its fullest. If you are the high bidder you will be notified within 2 weeks of the sale and the item can be picked up at our next auction of shipped at the buyer’s expense. After (60) days we are not responsible for items left in our storage. Disputes: In the event of a bid coming in at the fall of the hammer, the auctioneer may re-open the lot however it is the sole discretion of the auctioneer to do so. In the event of a dispute on your bill, you will pay the bill in full and the auction will be audited with-in 2 weeks. At that time we will either notify you of the outcome or send you a refund check. Pooling or working together as buyers to reduce the selling price is a Federal crime. It is a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. This practice will not be tolerated at our auction and violators will be reported to the FBI. In the event of an underpayment or overpayment, we will make the adjustment on the credit card on file.
Listing Information

December 7, 2019: 2500+ Lots Multi-Estate Public Auction

2-Ring Auction Most of the Day!


V.I.B Preview Friday December 6, 2019 3:00pm-6:00pm

Sale Day doors open 9:00am

at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

97 Sunfield Ave., Edison, NJ


All Single Owner Collections!


Collection of Beer/Liquor Items 11:00am

Collection of Dept. 56 11:00 am

LGB Train Collection 1:00 pm

Collection of Disney Cels and WDCC Figurines 1:00 pm

Collection of Antique Maps 3:00 pm



From several Estate Collections, We Will be Featuring:


A Large Collection of Liquor/Beer and other Bar Related Items!

A Collection of over 300+ WDCC Figurines and Disney Cels!

A Collection of over 150+ LGB Trains!

Vintage Marble Collection!

A Large Collection of Dept 56 houses and Accessories!

A Large Collection of over 300+ Antique Maps and Atlases!


Please Check Back the Day Before the Sale for Updated Photos




Offered at NO RESERVE!

Buy, Sell, Consign! Get in The Action!


Become a V.I.B Member and get an Early Special Preview on Friday December 6, 2019!



The first collection crossing the auction block is a large collection of beer, liquor and bar related items. There will be hundreds of beer steins and various beer mugs all ranging from nice German mugs to sports teams and more! There will be some early mugs, some reproduction mugs that are done very nicely as well as older mugs taken form bars that were most likely promotions at the time with different liquor and beer advertisements, sports teams, and many others! There are also hundreds of beer taps form companies such as Heineken, Coors, Bud, Hamm, Miller, Bass, Piels, Pete’s, Fosters, Kilian’s, Schlitz, Molson, Ginese, Red Dog and so many more! Rounding out this collection is some nice liquor advertising from Rheingold, Schlitz, Ballantine, Bud, Pabst, Knickerbocker and many more. There are stand up and character advertising from Heineken, Pabst, Labatt, Piels and Schmidt’s as well as trays from so many early companies!!



Our next collection up for auction is a very nice collection of Dept. 56 houses and accessories. You will not just find your run of the mill pieces here. There are many fantastic pieces to pick from, starting with some nice Disney pieces including the retired Disney Parks Village Series with Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Disney Fire Dept, Olde World Antiques Shop 1 and 2, Olde World Gate, Tinker Bell’s Treasures, Mickey and Minnie, the park visitors, the balloon seller, and the Silversmith’s Shop. There are many other fantastic pieces like a great McDonald’s, the Time Tower, Independence Hall, the White House, the Woolworth Store, Coca-Cola building, Mini Donut Shop, Letters to Santa Sorting Station, Mr & Mrs Claus House, Tin Soldiers House, Christmas Sweet Shop, Santa’s Lookout Tower, North Pole Gate, Hall of Records, Snow Factory, Peanut Brittle Factory, Marie’s Doll Museum, Fezziwig Warehouse and Carriage accessory, plus many other North Pole series and accessories!


Not to be out done by the Dept 56 is a fantastic collection of WDCC figurines. We have over 250 figurines to be sold at this sale including Pongo, Perdita , and many other 101 Dalmatians pieces, A Kiss Brings Love Anew, A Pirate’s Life for Me, I Have Always Loved Trains, Twas Brillig…, Yes Your Majesty, Let the Games Begin, and many other Alice in Wonderland Figurines, many Little Mermaid pieces including Seahorse Surprise, The Touch of an Autumn Fairy, Oops, Ben Ali Gator, Hyacinth Hippo, and many other Fantasia pieces, Once Upon a Dream, A Dance in the Clouds, Grumpy and Pipe Organ as well as all the Dwarfs and their musical instruments, many Pinocchio figures, the Three Caballeros figures, many Lion King figures including the Circle Continues and Pal’s Forever, Lady and the Tramp figures,  Tarzan of the Jungle and Miss Jane Porter, Jungle Rhythm, many Mary Poppins figures including Feeling Grand, It’s A Jolly Holiday with Mary and Magical Setting, from Trick or Treat we have the Base as well as all three ducks – L’il Spook, L’il Witch and L’il Devil, Magician Mickey, many Dumbo figurines, many Winnie the Pooh figurines including Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, many Toy Story figurines including To Infinity and Beyond, I Found My Moving Buddy, Mr Potato Head and more, Purty Flower, What’s Going on Around Here, and other Bambi figures, many Cinderella figures including off to the Ball, many Jungle Book figures including Hula Baloo, many Beauty and the Beast figures including Tale as Old as Time, Pocahontas figures, Hunchback of Notre Dame figures, Donald’s Debut, Mulan figures, Hercules figures, many Peter Pan figures including Nobody Calls Pan a Coward and True Believer, Mistress of all Evil, I’m Wishing for the one I Love, many titles, and so many more! We will also have Disney Armani figures including Tinker Bell, Sprite, Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice and others. We are not finished yet, there is still more to come! There are also many, many Disney Serigraph Cels including Cinderella, Hercules Earthy Companions, Aladdin, Lion King Simba’s Spotlight, Tinker Bell, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Song of the South, Beauty and the Beast and so many more! We also have some figures by Arribas including Dopey, Donald Duck, Tigger, Snow White, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, a Lion King set of figures, Dumbo, a set with Goofy Mickey Minnie Donald and Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, and Jiminy Cricket. Finishing off this collection is a great collection of Disney’s Enchanted Places miniatures that include The Jolly Roger, Steamboat Willie, King Louie’s Temple, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree-Pooh Bear’s House, Cinderella’s Castle, Ariel’s Secret Grotto, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Nestled in the Snow from Peter and the Wolf, The Beasts Castle, White Rabbit’s House, Tea Party In Wonderland, Seven Dwarfs Cottage, Hip-Hip-Pooh-Ray, Geppetto’s Toy Shop, Seven Dwarfs Jewel Mine, Fiddler’s Pig Straw House, Brick House and Stick House. There are also Enchanted Miniature figurines including the Seven Dwarfs figurines, Winnie the Pooh figurines, the Little Mermaid and Peter the Wolf figurines, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland figurines, Briar Rose and Pinocchio figurines, Three Little Pigs and Cinderella figurines and Peter Pan figurines. We will also be selling over 100 Disney Snow globes!


Next up in our day of collections is a large and fantastic collection of LGB trains. This will include a DC Comics Superhero’s set #92950, a Coca-Cola diesel engine set, many LGB Christmas sets, a Good Humor engine, a Steiff engine #2774, a Charlie Brown, a Campbell’s Soup Set, as well as many other engines such as LGB #72950, LGB #73401,engine #103, Santa Fe #329, NYC Steamer #99, NYC Diesel #1650, Engine #1067, Union Pacific #1464, Pennsylvania Steam Engine #2219, Steam Locomotive #2809, Santa Fe Diesel #2156, Steam Engine #251, Engine #2067, Trolley #1246, Trolley #952, Trolley #21, Diesel Engine #29.4.98, Lake George Engine #25, Cleo Engine #1, Union Pacific #9838, Trolley #413 and many others.


Lastly, we will be auctioning off a large collection of antique maps and atlases. The collection stretches from Canada and all across the great United States. Included are many from New Jersey and all counties such as an 1873 Beers, Comstock and Cline Atlas of Monmouth Co., an 1868 Geological Survey of NJ Maps, A.H. Mueller Atlas of Newark numbers 1 and 2 done in 1911 and 1912, 1890 Atlas of Essex Co. by E. Robinson, 1885 Brachiopoda and Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan clays and greensand marls of New Jersey, 1879 Historical & Biographical Atlas of the New Jersey Coast by Wollman & Rose, Atlas of Morris Co. New Jersey by Beers, Ellis & Soule 1868, Atlas of Long Branch New Jersey by J.L. Smith 1886, 1881 Atlas of Essex Co. New Jersey by Robinson, Atlas of Bergen Co. New Jersey by C.C. Pease 1876, 1889 Atlas of Newark New Jersey by Scarlett & Scarlett, 1872 Atlas of New Jersey by Beery, Comstock & Cline, 1874 Atlas of Warren Co. New Jersey by Beers, 1876 New Historical Atlas of Salem & Gloucester Co.’s New Jersey by Everts & Stewart, Colton’s Road Map of Essex & Union Co.’s New Jersey 1892, 1851 Map of Monmouth Co. New Jersey and an 1850 map of Middlesex Co. New Jersey by J.W. Oatley & J. Keily. These are just a few of the maps and atlases that address New Jersey and its counties. There are just too many more to name. Other states include many Philadelphia maps and atlases such as many of the wards of Philadelphia by G.W. Bromley from 1900-1920’s, as well as an 1876 Atlas of Somerset Co. PA by Beers, an 1899 Atlas of Serveys of Lancaster Co. PA by Graves & Steinbarger, an 1876 Atlas of York Co. PA by Pomeroy, Whitman & Co., an 1873 Atlas of Luzerne Co. PA by Pomeroy & Co., an 1877 Atlas of Philadelphia & Environs by G.M. Hopkins, an 1875 Historical Map of Pennsylvania by P.W. Sheafer and the Historical Society of PA, an 1860 Map of Berks Co. PA by H.F. Bridgens, and so many more! There are many maps of NY including an 1856 Map ofFulton Co NY by Samuel Geil, an 1856 Map of Allegany Co. NY by C. Bechler, an 1859 Map of Cayuga Seneca NY by A.R.Z. Dawson, an 1877 copy of 1788 History of Monroe Co. NY by Everts, Ensign & Everts, 1930 Atlas of the City of NY, Manhattan Vol 3 by Bromley, and many others. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 300 maps and Atlases from Nova Scotia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, Nebraska, Iowa, Queens, the Bronx, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Boston, Maine, as well as many world maps and atlases including but not limited to many versions of Mitchell’s New Family Atlas, Chambers’s for the Atlas People 1855, Bradley’s Atlas of the Eastern & Western Hemisphere 1887, Monk’s Ne3w Illuminated Steel Plate Map of the World by D. Griffing Johnson 1860, New Map of North America 1851, Mitchell’s New Outline Maps No 2 Large Series 1871 and many, many others!!!




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