Spring Antiques & Stoneware Auction
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Dundee, OH 44624
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Friday Jun 5, 2020 Completed
Wednesday Jun 10, 2020 Completed
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 Live Auction 
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Raber Auctioneer

Contact: Atlee Raber
Phone: (330) 359-5905
Email: atleeraber@yahoo.com

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Porcelain Mail Pouch thermometer
Is in excellent condition!! Has minor edgware and some porcelain loss at bottom at grommet. Mercury strip is intact and works good. No hits in the field, field is clean clean clean!!! 8" x 39"

Cast iron dog doorstop
Approximately 16 in tall

Early glass visible mailbox
Has both metal lids on each end which is highly unusual. Most times these are missing. Approximately 12 in Long 5 in wide and 3 in deep

Fancy Hohner accordion in case
Appears to be in very nice condition.

T.F. Reppert 1-gal. decorated stoneware jar
Has stenciled T.F. Reppert Successor To JAS. Hamilton & Co. Greensboro, PA. A few spots of discoloration overall excellent condition!! 8 1/4 in tall

1950s Tonka Allied Van lines tractor trailer
Has areas of paint loss, some scuffs and scrapes, but still pretty solid truck. Approximately 23 in Long

Great red painted pantry box
11 3/4 in diameter

4 Gallon Bee Sting Jug w/ Turkey Droppings
Small chip on base and spout , otherwise good condition
16" h 

7-Up metal door push
Has some spots of corrosion and some paint loss but overall decent condition. 2 1/2 in x 30 to 3/4 in Long

New Haven Potterery Co. 1-gal. decorated stoneware jug
Small chip on base and a flake on spout, but overall very nice. 12 in tall.

Early wood shipping crate
Has some visible graphics. London is visible on both sides and 38 on ends. Has a hinged lid and metal-reinforced corners. 32 1/2 in wide 23 1/2 in deep 23 1/2 in tall.

Early primitive egg carrier
13 in wide 7 1/2 inch deep 12 inches tall

Salmon painted primitive carrier
18 in Long 10 in wide approximately 7 in tall

Primitive wooden barrel
28 in tall and approximately 10 in in diameter

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Has a dime sized chip on base, otherwise excellent condition!! 6 1/2 in tall

Wagner Sidney # 0 w/ glass lid & wire trivet
Lid is also Marked Wagner Ware.

Griswold #9 chrome cast iron skillet

SST Nichol Kola five cent framed sign
In a modern wood frame. Sign has some paint loss on one corner and some scratches throughout but still displays well. Signed A-M Sign company 6 - 41

12-doz. Unopened NOS Ball zinc lids
Here is a case with 12 unopened cartons and 12 lids per carton. New Old stock. Regular size.

2 gallon decorated stoneware jug
Has a few small chips on base overall very nice condition!! 13" tall

Small Paris arm bands display case
By A. Stein & Company. Hinged lid rear entry door. 13 5/8 in wide 6 in deep 8 3/4 in tall. Nice handysize!!

Great wood pantry box with bail handle
9 in in diameter

Awesome Unusual Painted Rocking Sifter
Great color/ graphics/ decorations 
11 3/4" w x 48" l 

1800s Victorian coal scuttle
Mahogany wood?? Has the metal liner and also comes with the small shovel. 13 1/4 in wide 19 in deep and approximately 14 in tall

Floral decorated stoneware jar
Probably around 3/4 gal. jar. A few spots of discoloration and a dime sized chip on inside of rim, overall good condition!! 9 in tall

Arcade Crystal No. 3 wall mount coffee grinder
Is in excellent condition!! 17 in Long. Glass jar is also embossed Crystal No. 3

Great curly maple dough bowl
Is in excellent condition!!! 15 1/2 inch diameter.

SST Armour Fertilizers embossed sign
Has some edgware and a few minor surface scuffs and scratches overall pretty nice condition. Buy American art works Coshocton Ohio. 23 1/4 in tall X 39 1/2 in wide

Early leather doctors bag with utensils
Includes several surgical utensils a couple tongue suppressors and various other supplies. Approximately 20 to 30 pieces. The doctor's bag measures 17 in Long 7 in wide and 8 in tall

1 1/2 gal. Floral decorated stoneware storage jar
Has 1 1/2 inscribed under the one handle. Very slight spidering hairlines barely visible. Otherwise good condition!!

Primitive noodle board
24in X 24in

Racine Wis. Cast iron implement seat
No cracks or brakes.

3 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Has a few spots of minor discoloration and a few small chips on one handle otherwise good condition. 10 1/2 in tall 9 1/2 inch diameter

6 drawer hanging spice cabinet
8 in wide for 1/2 inch deep 12 1/2 in tall

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Few small flakes on inside of rim and one area of discoloration but overall excellent condition!! 8 1/4 in tall

Beautiful 3- drawer quarter-sawn oak card file cabinet
Is in excellent condition and has a great look!! 11 1/2 in wide 21 in deep 21 in tall

1965 Gelria copper cream can
Has a few areas of corrosion and some wrinkles on sides. Also comes with a lid. Has Gelria 1965 embossed on shoulder rim. 22 1/2 in tall.

Lot of 11 handy oilers
Lead tops include Remington gun oil, Sunoco, 2-Singers, Flo-master with the tip broke off. Other notable names include Sohio, Marathon, Hoppes, Vantrol.

2-Small early chests
Includes and early dome top child's dovetailed chest that is 11 1/2 inches wide 6 1/2 in deep 7 3/4 in tall. The other box has fancy etching decorations and inlay has a comparted removable tray. Has diamond inlays on each side and front and star inlay on lid. Also has etched on one side Alaska 1945. Possibly a jewelry box?? Box is 12 3/4 inch wide 7 3/4 in deep 6 in tall

1/2 gal. decorated stoneware jar
Has 1/2 inscribed on side of crock. Has a few minor flakes and a few molding flaws still nice piece. 8 in tall

2- Glass country store candy jars
Lids are slightly different.

SST "Old Oscar" Rye or Bourbon sign
Springfield, Ohio. Embossed sign that is mounted on a primitive wood board. Sign measures 5 5/8 in x 20 in. Overall measures 25 1/4 x 8 1/4. Marked Desperate sign company Wadsworth Ohio

3 Gallon V. T. Y. Lee Decorated Ovoid Stoneware Jug
Has heavy crazing on portions
15" H 

Large primitive cheese board
24 1/2 in wide 36 1/2 inch long with handle. Unusually large size.

H.W.C. Bruin & Co. 1- gal. stoneware jug
122 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY. No chips or cracks. Approximately 11 1/2 inches tall.

Vintage hanging billiard light
48 in Long

P.P. Stewart Stoves wood sign
1 Edge has been cut and has a few small breaks on each end. 5 1/2 in x 33 1/2 in

Reproduction gulf gas pump globe
Two reproduction lenses in a capcolite body. 13 1/2 inch lenses.

Early wood mortar and pestle
9 in tall

Eneix & Frankenberry stoneware canning jar
New Genesee, PA. Graphics slightly faded, a few minor chips on rim overall good condition!!

2- Primitive painted butter bowls
17 and 14 in diameter

Small wood Burl bowl
Has a 3in crack on one end but early unusual bowl. Is not completely round is more oblong in shape. 10 1/2 in Long 6 3/4 in wide approximately 3 to 3 1/2 in deep

D.M. Osborne & Co. Wood Advertising panel
Auburn, NY Has great paint and graphics!! 63 in Long 9 1/2 in high

The Perfection Reproducer Phonograph
The Perfection Reproducer phonograph with horn and approximately 10 records.

Frank B. Norton 2 gal. decorated stoneware jug
Worcester, Mass. With nice floral design and a small flake on spout, otherwise excellent condition!! 13 1/2 in tall

3 Gallon Decorated Stoneware Jar
*has a Y- shaped hairline crack
9 1/2" d x 10 1/2" h 

Structo tractor trailer cattle hauler
Shows some signs of wear, but overall good condition. Approximately 21 in Long

R.G. Dun - San Felice cigar door signs
Tin tacker door signs one advertising R.G. Dun & San Felice with rolled over edges. Does have some edgware and some scratches but a great piece. 2 3/4th inches x 29 in Long.This lot also features a small R.G. Dun cigars door tacker sign, has a few corrosion spots and some edgware. 2 3/4 in x 14 3/4 in Long.

Primitive firkin bucket
Nice wood staved bucket in great condition!! 10 in tall 10 inch diameter.

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Has a slight molding indentation on side and a few small flakes on rim overall very nice piece. 6 1/2 in tall

Jensen No. 100 machine shop
This perfect miniature machine shop can be operated by any one of the Jensen steam engines. It consists of shaper, saw, forging hammer, drill press and milling machine all connected by belts to a line shaft. Machines actually move same as large machine shop tools. They are mounted on a wooden base that is 11 1/2 in by 14 in overall height is approximately 5 in

Red painted farriers caddy
22 in Long 11 in wide 13 1/2 inches tall

Small red painted firkin bucket
6 1/2 in tall and 6 in in diameter

Primitive barrel with spout
22 in tall standing on end.

3 gallon decorated stoneware jug
A few minor molding blemishes but overall excellent condition!!! No chips or cracks! Approximately 14 in tall

Oak 2-drawer card file cabinet
15 1/4 in wide 15 1/4 in Deep 6 3/4 in tall

Firkin bucket and two slicers
Firkin bucket has no lid. Double handled and single-handed slicers / cutters.

6 piece Texaco lot
Includes Texaco outboard motor oil, Texamatic fluid, Texaco motor oil insulated, Havoline motor oil, all are 1-qt. and unopened. Also includes Texaco tire inflator puncture sealer and Texaco battery radio in original box.

Primitive trencher bowl
Approximately 38 in Long

Excellent decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Almost flawless as good as they come!!! No chips or cracks. Approximately 8 1/2 inches tall

Small decorated box and small slide top box
Small slide top box is made out of single piece of wood and is 9 in Long 3 in wide 2 1/2 in tall. Other box has visible graphics on all four sides and on lid which is hinged and has a handle also is compared it. Measures 10 in Long 5 1/4 in wide 4 1/4 in tall

Rare Griswold heart /star waffle iron

Keen Kutter EC Simmons waffle iron
Marked E.C. Simmons on both sides outside and Marked Keen kutter on inside.

Griswold number 8 waffle iron

Decorated striper stoneware jar
Probably slightly less than half gallon size. Has a mold blemish on rim that appears as a chip, otherwise great condition!! 7 1/2 in tall

SST Pepsi Embossed sign NOS
great gloss, few minor scuffs
marked Stout Sign Co. 6-74
11 1/2" x 30 3/4" 

Mustard painted dry sink
Nice smaller-sized dry sink with great mustard paint!! 30 in wide 20in deep 30 in tall

12 piece miscellaneous advertising lot
Includes tin Delaval Holstein cow, Coca Cola ice pick in original box, Westinghouse Mazda lamp bulb in original box, Tung Sol bulb in original box, small Chevrolet thermometer and small City Dairy milk bottle shaped thermometer, Tycol paper clip, small tin with hourglass, Duquesne Pilsener bottle opener and several other pieces.

Primitive wooden horse
Sectional constructed horse with leather remnants of saddle and of tail, is missing Mane. Sets on a newer wood base. 34 in Long 21 1/2 in tall

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Has a significant chip on one side and a chip on rim, some discoloration overall great looking crock!!

Rare Griswold #12 double waffle iron
Very rare tall Base number 12 double waffle iron. Nice condition.

Early child's square nailed desk
25 3/4 in wide 19 1/2 inch deep 32 in tall

Primitive painted wood wash tub
With wire handles. 25 in diameter

Nice primitive carrier
24 in Long 17 1/2 inch deep approximately 11 1/2 inch tall at handle

1-gal. Decorated stoneware butter crock
Has a small chip on rim and a hairline crack. But has a great look!! 5 1/4 in tall 8 3/4 inch in diameter

Early Primitive painted dovetailed trunk
Is missing 1-metal reinforcement strip on front. 36 in Long 21 in wide 20 in tall

Excellent small blue painted caddy
13 in x 9 1/2 in and approximately 6 in tall at handle.

Primitive airplane weathervane
Has patina throughout. 39 in tall

Brunson Transit model 50 in wood storage case
In excellent condition!!

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
Has a few small chips on rim otherwise excellent condition!! 8 1/4 in tall

12 drawer hanging apothecary cabinet
10 3/4 inch wide 3 in deep 19 in Long

2- Lander's & Frary coffee mills
One is a wall mount and the other mounts to a table top. Both approximately 12 in tall

Mene 20th century French bronze cow and bull composition on marble stand
Impressive sculpture by Pierre Jules Mene. Depicting a bull and cow facing each other separated by a fence. Sits on an black oval marble base. Signed Mene approximately 20 in long 9 in wide 12 in tall

Primitive painted firkin bucket
A little larger than normal, has great crackle paint!! 12 inch diameter 12 in tall

Great 1- gal. decorated striper stoneware jar
Rim is on a slight angle hardly noticeable due to molding about as good as you will find them excellent condition!!! 10 in tall

Nice primitive cheese board
24 1/2 inch diameter

A.E. Smith & Son 4 gallon stoneware ovoid storage jar w/ flower
Peckslip, New York. With Maker's stamp. Has a chip on rim and small chip on handle, also a minor chip in flower. Backside of crock has remnants of something stuck to it. Overall great looking piece!! 15 in tall

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus poster
This is an outstanding paper litho depicting circus tiger and lion. Amazing colors and amazing condition!!! Poster is near flawless but frame is peeling. Frame is acrylic covered wood and the acrylic is peeling but poster is near perfect condition. 29 1/2 in x 46 in

White & Wood 1 gallon floral decorated stoneware jug
Binghamton, New York. Has minor discoloration and a few chips on spout otherwise Nice condition!! Approximately 11 in tall

3 gallon floral decorated stoneware jug
Has some discoloration and spots that appear to be flaking. Overall good condition!! 14 1/2 in tall

1914 Cast iron Jack Reynolds bridge sign
Cast iron county commissioners bridge sign Coshocton, Ohio. Has the names H.T. Clark, J.C. Crile, J.H. Elder, commissioners. FC McCullough auditor, A.H.C. Shaw engineer. 39 in by 18 in

Awesome Goodyear Tires "Enjoy Your Vacation" poster
Great graphics on a New Old stock poster in a sleeve. Sleeve has a few brakes and cuts but poster is in very nice condition has some Browning discoloration at bottom but overall very nice, has minor edgware. 28x 42

Nice primitive painted dovetailed chest
Has areas of wear and some paint loss but overall Nice condition, has a great look!! 37 in wide 16 1/2 inch deep 17 1/2 in tall

36 drawer card catalog cabinet
Has two narrow doors in the front and a drawer at the bottom. Drawers are approximately 21 in Long and 4 and 1/2 in wide. Great looking library cabinet!!! 18 in wide 23 in deep 41 in tall

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
A few small flakes on rim otherwise excellent condition! 6 1/4 in tall

Five coca cola trays
Includes a 1933 1940 41 42 43 all by Coshocton artworks. They show signs of wear and corrosion but Graphics are still good.

Great early dovetailed slide top box
Has a great primitive look!! 12 3/4 inch wide 27 1/2 in Long 11 3/4 in tall

SST VC Fertilizers sign
Has some minor edgware and a few scuffs. Appears to have been clear-coated. Signed A-M sign Co. 8-54

Highly Detailed Brass/Bronze Eagle
wingspan is approx. 17" w x 15" h 

Decorated striper stoneware canning jar
A few small flakes on inside of rim otherwise excellent condition!! 6 1/4 in tall

Globe 6-drawer quarter-sawn card file cabinet
14 in wide 17 in deep 13 in tall

1 Gallon Tornado Handled Jar
Few small chips on rim
10 1/2" h 

Brass bell in Horn display w/ brass edging
Bell is missing center pce. 
bell is 5 1/2" d 
overall 10 1/2" w x 14 1/2" h 

SST Dr. Salisbury's Service sign
Tin tacker sign with some corrosion around edges and a few small spots of peeling and some scratches. 17 1/2 x 23 5/8

2 gallon decorated stoneware ovoid jug
Has some minor molding blemishes but overall Nice condition. No chips or cracks. Approximately 12 1/2 inches tall.

5 various Betty lamps
Ranging from 4 to 9 in tall.

Five various Betty lamps
Ranging from 5 to 9 in tall

5 Betty lamps
All are similar in size from 5 to 6 in tall

Wrought iron farmhouse utensil hanger
Nice and ornate pc. 33 in Long 23 1/2 in wide 18 in tall.

4 gallon decorated stoneware churn
Rim is not 100% straight on a slight angle due to molding. Also has a dime sized chip on rim. No cracks! 16 in tall

2-Primitive wood butter bowls
One measures 18 in in diameter and other 10 1/2 inch in diameter

American Optical Ful-Vue triple mirror
Great early 1920's - 30s American Optical adjustable mirror with heavy weighted copper base. In as found condition which is good!! Stands 15 in tall and is 13 in wide from wing to wing.

Great red painted square nailed feed bin
Has incredible paint!! 40 in wide 19 in deep 27 1/2 inches tall

Breakstone's cheese preserver
Glass preserver mounted on a wood board with hinges. Reverse painted graphics on top. Case measures 12 5/8 in x 5 in and it's 5 in tall.

4 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Has a few small chips on rim and some discoloration overall Nice condition. 12 1/4 in tall 11 1/2 in diameter

10 drawer apothecary cabinet
With porcelain pulls. Early oak cabinet, shows signs of wear, but has a good look. Has a carrying handle. 17 1/2 inches wide 8 1/2 inch deep 15 in tall

Blue painted pantry box with bail handle
9 inch diameter

SST Quaker State motor oil convex sign
Has some corrosion spots throughout sign but will still display well. 24 in diameter

T.F. Reppert 3 gallon decorated stoneware jug
Greensboro, PA. Has a few minor imperfections and a few spots of discoloration and a very small Nick on spout, overall outstanding piece!!! Approximately 16 in tall

Casey & Bacon 2- gal. decorated stoneware jug
Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Has a few small chips on spout and some discoloration, overall good condition. Approximately 14 1/2 inches tall

Jeweler clock
Lights up but does not run. Approximately 15 in in diameter. Dial is Marked electric time company Natick Massachusetts.

Primitive pie safe
This is a screened pie save that is missing all screens. Is of square nailed construction. 56 1/2 in wide 16 1/2 inch deep 50 in tall

Smith Miller tractor trailer
Has areas of paint loss in back of cab, otherwise is in pretty nice condition. Comes with the heavy aluminum trailer. Approximately 28 in Long overall. Great piece!!!

Jules Moigniez (French 1835 - 1894) bronze cattle Figural
Depicting a bull standing over a cow and calf laying down by the fence. Signed J. Moigniez. Appears to be in good condition no visible cracks or breaks. Appropriate age patina. Approximately 16 in Long 8 in wide 10 in tall

Williams & Reppert 2-gal. Stoneware storage jar
This piece is about as good as they come almost flawless!! Minor discoloration. 12 in tall

Primitive painted washstand/ drysink
Has great alligator skin paint!! 34 in wide 16 1/4 in deep 33 in tall

1920s 30s Allan Herschell carousel horse
Circa 1929. Has areas of cracking paint and a spot of peeling paint on rump, but overall good condition. Approximately 50 in Long and 70 in tall

Great watch repairing light-up sign
Minor scuffing on acrylic face with awesome graphics!! Has a metal can. Works!!! 18 1/2 in Wide 9 in tall 4 in deep

Dilworth's roasted coffee box
Great graphics one side is faded. Box has been varnish or clear-coated. 28 in wide 15 1/2 inch deep 13 and 1/2 in tall

New York Stoneware Co. 2 gal. decorated jug
Has a few spots what appear to be paint splatters and a few spots of discoloration. Has a small mold flaw on handle, otherwise great condition. 14 in tall

Primitive multicolored sorting table
Gray painted table with areas of brown showing through and also areas of yellow/mustard showing. 40 in wide 21 in deep 28 in tall

Decorated Stoneware Jug
1 1/2- 2 Gal. w/ molding imperfections
14" h 

Incredible Shoe Repairs wood sign
Has a great look!! 20 in x 63 1/2

Awesome early red-painted footed chest
Absolutely gorgeous half sized chest with raised panels on all sides. Awesome red paint!! 31 1/2 in wide 15 in deep 17 1/2 inches tall. Square nail construction.

2 gallon stoneware jug
Good condition!! 12 1/2 in tall

Primitive Hanging Pie Safe
Great green color 
25" w x 22" d x 32 1/2" h 

9 drawer oak apothecary cabinet
15 1/4 inches wide 13 3/4 in deep 15 in tall

2-King Bros. Circus posters
Colorful paper posters mounted on poster board. One has some fading in the green and has a 4" cut in top right corner, also some crease marks but has great color. Other also has a puncture and crease marks but great colors. 21 X 36 and 14 x42.

DSP Socony-Vacuum Credit Cards Honored Here sign
This is a clean clean 2-sided sign, only blemish is a 22 caliber bullet hole on upper one corner. Has 1/2 inch flange on top and bottom. 14 x 23

E.A. Montell 5-gal. Floral decorated churn
Olean, NY. Does have a few hairline cracks. Floral decorations are great!! Approximately 16 1/2 inches tall

Primitive wood butter bowl
Does have a patched crack. 16 1/2 inch diameter

Primitive dough bowl
Does have some wormy character inside a bowl and a tin repair strip. 24 in wide by 19 in deep.

2- two sided porcelain street signs
Douglas avenue and Blakeslee. Both have some edgware and a few hits in the field but overall great gloss and have a great look!! Marked 1.R.11.37. 21 1/4 in x 11 in

Red painted barrel/keg
14 inch diameter 17 in tall when on end.

Nichols & Boynton 2-gal. decorated stoneware jug
Burlington, Vermont. Bottom looks funny as to some kind of mold flaw and does have a chip in base and a small 2 in crack at base. Otherwise excellent condition and a great-looking crock!! Approximately 14 in tall

Salmon painted firkin bucket
10 in tall 9 1/2 inch diameter

Primitive wood staved barrel
22 in tall 10 in in diameter

SST Royal Crown Cola die-cut bottle sign
Has some surface scratching throughout the sign but has sharp colors and still has good gloss. By Stout sign Co. 11" x 39"

General Store Kreamo Bread screen door w/door push
Early general Store screened door with original Kreamo Bread door-push and remnants of Paul's Kreamo bread embroidery on screen. Screen has been repaired at bottom of door and another spot in center of door. One side is painted gray the other has a nice chippy green paint. 32in x 80 1/2 in

E. & L.P. Norton 2-gal. Decorated stoneware jug
Bennington, Vermont. Has some flaking along bottom Edge and a few flakes on spout overall good condition. 14 in tall

E.H. Gerhart Co. wood sign
5 1/2 in x 69 1/4 in Long

Small Virginia stoneware jar with duck
Has some discoloration and a few small nicks on rim otherwise, pretty nice piece!! 7 1/2 in tall

Vintage Amshutz & Carrol Coverlet
Has minor fraying on fringes and a few fringes missing, overall in good condition. Approximately 72 in X 77 in

SSP Jersey Farm ice cream sign
Has some edgware and several hits in the field, also has 2 bullet holes on the one end and two mounting holes in the center. Has a maker's name at bottom right corner but is unreadable. 26 x 36

Awesome 3 gal. decorated stoneware jug
Excellent Graphics of crossed feathers. Has a few small chips on spout and one flake on side few spots of discoloration but overall a great looking pc.!!! Approximately 15 in tall

Early bronze Thundermug Signal Cannon w/ insignia
Early naval bronze signal Cannon with seahorse in shield insignia. Possibly Spanish?? Is in very nice condition edges are Sharp. Not a lot of chipping. 7 1/2 in tall 3 3/4 in diameter at top 5 1/2 inch diameter at base

Nice red painted 2-door cabinet
Is of dovetail construction. And has excellent red paint with hints of gray showing through. 55 in wide 19 in deep 35 in tall

DSP Kruger's ice cream sign
Has a few hits on each side and some edgware but still has great color and gloss!! 24 X 36

Early American Primitive dry sink
40 in wide 18 1/2 inch deep 28 1/2 in tall

G. Avery & Co. 2 gallon floral decorated stoneware jug
Ithaca, New York. Spout is leaning on a slight angle as to a molding flaw perhaps may have been redone??? Otherwise excellent condition!! No chips or cracks. Approximately 14 in tall

Early American 6 tin pie safe
Is in excellent condition!! 44 in wide 17 in deep 56 in tall

Marx Coal Dump Truck w/ Front end loader
showing some wear, overall solid
16" overall length

Marx City Sanitation Garbage truck
showing some wear , overall good condition
13" l 

Marx Coke Dump truck
has areas of minor corrosion , overall solid truck 
approx. 13" l 

Awesome T.F. Reppert 3-gal. decorated stoneware storage jar
Greensboro, PA. Near flawless with a few minor molding flaws and a few spots of discoloration overall excellent condition!!! No chips or cracks!! Approximately 13 1/2 in tall.

1 Gallon Floral Decorated Stoneware Jug
Fort Edward, NY 
also stamped w/ unreadable  name 
minor imperfection on spout other wise good overall condition 
11" h 

Beautiful 6 drawer quarter-sawn oak cabinet
Has all brass hardware. Does have a break on trim and upper left corner. Overall nice piece! 27 in wide 20in deep 15 in tall

SSP IGA Grocer sign
This is a large cookie cutter style sign that is in overall excellent condition other than one side appears to may have been dropped at some point but otherwise great condition!! 48 in x 72 in

Lg. Primitive trencher bowl
45 in Long

F.B. Norton & Co. 3-gal. decorated stoneware jug
Worcester, Mass. Does have a few chips and slight airlines on spout but overall an excellent looking crock!!! Approximately 16 in tall

Wooden kerosene bucket
Has a few spots of red paint remnant showing. 13 in tall 12 inch diameter

The Geo. Worthington Co. wheelbarrow
Cleveland,Oh. Graphics on both sides and front. One side rack has a crack and has wooden slat reinforcements. Great primitive red paint!!!

Primitive two door painted Depot cabinet
Nice small handysize cubby cabinet. With compartment interior. 24 in wide 11 1/2 inch deep 27 3/4 in tall

Incredible salmon painted firkin bucket
9 1/2 inch diameter 9 3/4 inches tall

3 gallon redwing crock
Has a small chip on base in a few areas of spidering hairlines. 10 3/4 in tall and 10 1/2 inch diameter.

Large painted firkin bucket
14 1/2 inches tall 14 in in diameter. Great hard to find large size!! With great paint!!

Lg. SSP Nation-Wide Service Grocers sign
Has some wear around grommet holes and edges but otherwise pretty solid sign. 20 in x 120 in

Rare Early Indy pedal car
Rare early Indy pedal car with great patina has been repainted at some point. Has a few dings and scratches but hard to find piece. One rear wheel is missing rubber. Approximately 40 in Long.

1 gallon floral decorated stoneware jar
Has a few hairline cracks. One through bottom up side a few inches and a few inch horizontal hairline as well. Also has small chip on rim. 10 1/2 inches tall

Hamilton & Jones 1 gallon stoneware jug
No chips or cracks. Does have a few minor imperfections and some discoloration but overall nice!! 12 in tall

Primitive barrel
17 in tall approximately 12 in in diameter

Primitive barrel
18 in tall 16 in in diameter

Primitive barrel
23 in tall 21 in in diameter

SSP Firestone vertical sign
Shows great color still has nice gloss but does have a few hits throughout sign overall good condition!! 15 in x 72 in

Wanner & Kline decorated stoneware jar
Has stamped on side Made for Wanner & Kline N. 228 North 3rd St. Philadelphia. No chips or cracks. Excellent condition!! Approximately half-gallon jar. 9 in tall

Primitive firkin bucket
11 1/2 inch diameter 11 1/2 inches tall

1920s 30s Allan Herschell carousel horse
Circa 1929. Has areas of cracking paint, mostly at seams overall good condition, is jeweled on one side, is missing one Jewel. Approximately 50 in Long and 70 in tall

SSP Eshelman Red Rose feed sign
Has two hits in the field and some rust around a few of the grommets otherwise in great condition. Has some minor edgware as well. 30 x 48

Builders, Painters, and Contractors wood sign
Great looking sign!! 14 1/2 in x 83 in

Cobalt decorated stoneware jar
Approximately 1/2 gallon jar with several chips on rim and a dime-sized chip on decorations in front and one small chip on side towards bottom, also has a 3" hairline approximately. 8 1/4 in tall

Favorite cast iron model stove
Nice ornate cast iron toy or model stove. Has chromed legs and three doors in front. 17 1/4 inches wide 10 in deep overall height to top of pipe is 27 in.

Outstanding lg. brass / bronze Bell
Great early brass / bronze flared Bell. Is unmarked and heavy heavy heavy.!! 18 in diameter at bottom approximately 13 in tall

Thomas Edison triumph phonograph with horn
Edison triumph phonograph combination type model D. Serial number 81750. Comes in a quarter-sawn oak cabinet. 17 1/4 in wide 11 1/2 inch deep 14 in tall. Is an as found condition has not been cleaned. Lid shows minor wear on edges. But overall good condition.

Great early 19th Century painted trunk
Great early blue painted trunk with hand-painted floral designs on front panel and also painted decorations on lid. Has metal reinforced corners and also metal strips in front and back, shows some wear, does have areas of peeling paint and a crack on front panel, but great early trunk!! 40 in wide 19 in deep 15 1/2 in tall

4 drawer quarter-sawn oak card file cabinet
13 3/4 in wide 16 in deep 20 in tall

Lyon 7 tier rotating hardware lazy Susan
Is in very nice condition!! Approximately 34 in in diameter and 65 in tall

Delaval cream separator cabinet
Also includes some parts that are in cabinet such as a New Old stock Delaval strip cup in the original box and Delaval bowl rings and several funnels and also a few cleaning brushes. Cabinet measures 17 1/2 in wide 10 1/2 inches deep 26 in tall

Early ladder back rocker

Awesome early straw bowl/basket
16 in diameter. Very hard to find in this condition!!

Cobalt decorated butter crock with lid
Has a significant crack from top to bottom and chips and both handles. Also has some chipping in clear coat in one area. Lid is wooden. 5 inches tall 8 inch diameter.

SST Norka Ginger Ale sign
Shows minor wear around edges but overall really nice condition. Marked MCA. 12 x 24

SST Norka Root Beer sign
Shows some wear around edges and a minor wrinkle on one end, but overall good condition!! Marked MCA. 12 x 24

Sharples wood trade sign
The black on the sign is smaltz the lettering is smooth. 13 in X 53 1/4 in

Primitive painted gathering basket
17 inch diameter, has an incredible look!!

T.F. Reppert 1-gal. stoneware canning jar
Stenciled T.F. Reppert successor to JAS. Hamilton Greensboro, PA. Has a dime sized chip on rim otherwise in excellent condition!! 10 1/4 in tall

Incredible small red painted chest
Has incredible red paint!! 19 in wide the 11 1/2 inches deep 8 1/2 inches tall.

Oak Stickley-style executive desk made by Phoenix
Great early oak Stickley-style desk made by Phoenix with original brass hardware and locks on all drawers and doors. 50 to 1/2 in wide 30 in deep 30 in tall

Incredible Eveready Daylo glass display case
Metal framed case with glass panels. Has a hinged lid rear entry door with mirror. Front glass panel marked Eveready Daylo. Also has one glass shelf. Nice handysize. 20 1/2 in wide 12 1/4 in deep at base and 12 in tall

Early primitive hobby horse
Has large areas of missing Hide. Is missing eyes. Does have mane and tail and also saddle is all intact in decent condition. Also has horseshoes on rear hooves which is unusual. Has a great primitive look!!! Approximately 37 in Long and 30 in tall

3 gallon floral decorated stoneware char
Has a few significant chips on rim also has some discoloration and some hazing in Finish but overall good looking crock. Has a one-inch hairline from rim. 15 in tall

Incredible red painted pantry box with bail handle
11 inch diameter

DSP Goodrich Silvertowns flange sign
Has some edgware and a few small hits on either side also has a small bullet hole at top, one side is better than the other, still retains great gloss!! 18 3/4 x 23 1/4

S.C. Tatum Co. Cast iron Country Store broom display
Cincinnati, Ohio has a great ornate look and is in Nice condition!! Top and bottom are approximately 16 in in diameter and 26 in tall. Cool piece!!

Blue porcelain 24" GOODYEAR letters sign
Letters are mounted on a 2 x 2 strip of wood. Several spots of porcelain loss but overall good condition.

Awesome red painted 2-door cabinet
Has awesome red paint on front and one side. Red Paint has wore off on each door in front and also an area on the one side, other side is not painted. One door has replaced hinges and hardware. Has a great primitive look!! 47 3/4 inch wide 17 in deep 38 in tall

Country Store 4 drawer countertop cabinet
Drawer pulls have been replaced, backside of cabinet is weathered and has peeling veneer. Cloth top on hinged lid has a half dollar size hole, otherwise pretty decent. 29 1/2 inch wide 20 1/2 in deep 12 in tall

6 gallon floral decorated stoneware dispenser
Also has wood spicket. Has a few small chips on inside of rim and has minor speckled flaking on finish in a few areas but overall great-looking crock in very Nice condition!! 16 in tall.

Metal Firestone tire holder with Riverside tire
Tire holder shows some wear and is marked Fogarty Dayton Ohio. But still displays well.

Early primitive child sleigh
Box has been repaired. Approximately 40 in Long

3 gallon decorated stoneware churn
Few areas of discoloration overall good condition. Approximately 13 1/4 in tall

Outstanding Corticelli silk spool cabinet
Absolutely incredible cabinet features 22 drawers with glass front panels and eight drawers with graphics total of 30 drawers. All drawers with original pulls. Both sides retain original graphics. 35 in wide 17 in deep 36 in tall.

Awesome Art Deco porcelain Penny scale
Distributed by southern vending company Jacksonville, Florida. Great looking jadeite colored porcelain scale from the 1930s. Porcelain is clean!!

Nylint post hole digger with trailer in original box
Great original paint. Has a few areas of wear but overall good condition!! Box is also in good condition.

Primitive multicolored one drawer table
33 1/2 inches wide 23 1/2 inches deep 29 1/2 in tall

Gustav Stickley Oak rocking chair
Gustav stickley arts and crafts oak slat back rocking chair. Top slot with v notch, original leather seat with beveled square upholstery tacks. Stickley impressed to lower right corner of back rocker. 34 in tall 25 5/8 in wide 27 in deep. Early 20th century. Shows signs of wear but overall Nice condition.

Primitive wood butter bowl
17 inch diameter

Early 1900s bark canoe
Made from one piece of bark. Comes from an incredible collection believed to be from the early 1900's would have been for a souvenir. This is a rare hard to find in this size, is bigger than normal. And is in incredible condition!! Approximately 40 in Long

Case Pull-Type Combines framed poster
Great dealership poster advertising case combines. Has great color!! Has a soil spot in one corner and some spotting along the very top a few small tack holes along the top overall in Nice condition. Measures 25 1/2 x 37 1/4 framed.

Primitive Gathering Basket

Awesome blue-and-white dovetailed jelly cupboard
Well built early jelly cupboard. Dovetailed and square nailed construction. Great looking cabinet with great paint!! Has beveled drawers that are dovetailed. Porcelain knobs. 43 in wide 21 in deep 49 1/2 inches tall

Primitive wood Buss bucket
With a Masonite lid. Approximately 9 in tall and 10 in diameter.

Early child's Victorian wash stand
Has a great primitive look!! Has one drawer over two doors. 1 door has been repaired. Is in as found condition has not been cleaned. Approximately 24 in wide 10 in deep 25 in tall.

Country Store Durro String Cabinet
Durro " The String that reaches around the world" 
some compartments are missing 
18 3/4" w x 14" d x 18" h

Peter Herman 1 1/2 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Has a significant crack going through the bottom and up the side approximately 6 in. 12 in tall

Great Early Primitive Chest
Great early bowling pin type legs/ w/ early hardware 
43" w x 23" d x25" h 
great primitive look 

Early primitive floor model butter worker
Approximately 38 in from front to back, 24 in wide in the back, 25 in tall in the back and 21 in tall in the front.

Incredible Hamilton Watches neon clock
Manufactured by Glo-Dial clock sales company. Awesome looking clock with Hamilton Watches glows white and the interior ring glows Orange. Works perfect!! Approximately 21 in diameter

Watch Repair neon light-up sign
Works perfect!! 12 1/2 in x 24 in

Jewelry Repair neon light up sign
Works perfect!! 12 in x 24 in

20 gallon Donaghho Co. jar
Parkersburg West Virginia. Appears one handle may have been repaired and has some discoloration throughout. Has a few very minor barely visible hairlines but nothing major. Very impressive crock!!! 25 in tall

Incredible early Murdock water fountain
Great early ornate cast iron Base with the name Murdock embossed on side. Also has foot pedal that is heavily embossed. Top bowl is made of brass. Has remnants of old paint throughout. No visible cracks or chips. Awesome hard-to-find pc. with great patina!!! Is 31 in tall and bowl at top is 11 in in diameter

Primitive painted Meal chest
Has nice green paint on front sides are different shades of blue where the yellow showing through throughout cabinet. Also has a flip-top lid, 2 swing doors in the front and one drawer. 33 3/4 in wide 20 3/4 in deep 31 in tall

Incredible early Koch's hanging barber pole
Great heavy (Rare) antique cast iron barber pole. Has an older amatuer restoration. Overall has a great look!!! Has plastic globe. Appears to be wired for lighting but cylinder is not wired. Glass cylinder is cracked. Length without globe on top is approximately 44 in Long. With brass makers tag. Heavy heavy!!

Colorful Stained Glass Window

Incredible 9-drawer apothecary cabinet
Has a great look!! 40 1/2 in wide 14 1/4 in deep 28 in tall

2-gal. E.S. & B. stoneware jar
New Brighton, PA. A few spots of discoloration but no chips or cracks overall great condition! 9 1/2 inch diameter and 9 in tall

L.N. Leonard's 10-drawer silk cabinet
Great Country Store piece with 10 glass front panel drawers. One drawer is missing pull. Ask graphics on each side L.N. Leonard's silk. Has a hinged door on back side of cabinet. That's a great look!! 22in wide 23 in deep 35 in tall

Neatslene Harness Oil framed poster
This is a a great New Old stock paper poster advertising Neatslene Harness Oil. In excellent condition other than crease marks. Actual poster measures 18 1/2 in x 24 1/2 in. With frame measures 25 1/2 hex 31 1/2.

Incredible primitive painted 2pc. Baker's cabinet
Has incredible alligator skin paint throughout. If you like primitive furniture check this one out!! Also a square nails. 47 in wide 25 in deep 68 in tall

Fisher's Famous Flyer wagon
All original wagon with good graphics on each side. Rubber on wheels is intact. Also has unusual handbrake. Wagon bed is 36 in Long 16 in wide 15 in tall

4 gallon decorated stoneware churn crock
Is signed but hard to read. Has a few hairlines and chips. 17 3/4 in tall

DSP Phillip 66 shield sign
Has a few small dime size and BB size hits on either side also has a few touch ups overall nice clean sign!! Marked SPS 1960. 47 x 47

Powell 3-chime brass steam whistle
Approximately 11 in Long

Small primitive painted bread peel
Has incredible green paint!! Overall length is 29 1/4 paddle width is 8 in wide and approximately 12in long

Cast iron Victorian urn
Two-piece construction. 20 1/2 in tall

SST Drink Coca Cola sign
Cookie cutter style sign which is embossed. Has some scrapes and scratches overall good condition. 36in X 36 in

Three primitive cheese boards
Sizes vary some, pretty similar in size. 1 measures 11 1/2 x 16, another 13 1/2 x 18, and 13 1/2 x 16

Carousel Chiclet dispenser
With glass dome. Approximately 14 in tall

Northwestern five cent candy dispenser
With glass dome. 7 1/2 in wide 9 in deep 15 1/2 inches tall

2 gallon decorated crock
Has some discoloration. No chips or cracks!! 9 1/2 in tall and 9 inch diameter

3 piece primitive lot
Includes a wood staved handled bucket approximately 11 in in diameter with remnants of blue paint on bands also includes small firkin bucket 6 1/4 in tall 6 1/2 inch diameter and a small paint bucket 7 1/2 in tall.

1920s Pelton & Crane metal medical cabinet
Early metal hospital sterilizing cabinet and its original state. Great chippy paint. Enamel top. Beveled Edge glass panel in door. Has one glass shelf on inside. 14 1/2 in wide 12 1/2 inch deep 36 in tall.

2 gallon ovoid stoneware jug
Has a few small chips on base and on side of jug also has some discoloration but overall great-looking piece. Approximately 14 1/2 inches tall

6 gallon bee sting stoneware churn
Has a few chips on top rim no visible cracks. Lid is not original to piece. 17 in tall

Nice industrial shop cart
Top has been replaced with oak boards. Is very nice and clean!! Would make a great coffee table! Top is 24in X 48 in and is 17 in tall

Incredible red painted double candle drawer dry sink
Amazing red paint!! One of the nicer ones you will find! 47 1/2 in wide 19 1/2 inch deep 30 to 1/2 in tall

Hamilton and Jones 2-gallon decorated stoneware jug
Greensboro, PA. Has a small chip on handle and a few flakes on secondary rim on spout, great decorations, great looking piece!! Approximately 14 1/2 inches tall

Two advertising thermometers
Includes a Super Sohio antifreeze thermometer that is 9 in in diameter and has a cracked globe. Also a Stadri advertising J. Greenbaum tanning company. 9 inch diameter dial has soiling marks on it.

Small Primitive red painted table
Top is 22 x 24 and 26 1/2 in tall

Small Quarter Sawn Oak Cabinet
3 glass shelves 
15" w x 4 1/2" d x 23 1/2" h 

T.O. Goodwin 3 gallon ovoid stoneware jug
Hartford, Connecticut 
graphics are faded
3" hairline from base up, otherwise good condition 
approx. 15 1/2" h


Lg. SS Alum Pioneer Partner chainsaw sign
Great aluminum sign with awesome Graphics of chainsaw. Has some scrapes and scratches throughout but overall great colors!! With wood-framed backer. 58 in x 46 in

Havoline Motor Oil display rack w/ cans
Small tabletop display with newer topper signs butted back to back. Comes with 12 opened 1-qt. cans. All bottoms have gouches or have been removed. All tops are untouched. Stands approximately 30 in tall.

Print Setters cabinet
Great looking desk with all original hardware on doors and drawers. A few drawers have slotted inserts. Top has been replaced. 50 1/2 in Wide 17 1/2 in deep 44 1/2 in tall at back

Primitive 1 over 3 chimney cupboard
One door over three drawer cabinet. Top molding has been replaced. 20 to 3/4 in wide 13 3/4 inch deep 77 1/4 in tall

Vintage Patchwork Quilt
Is signed R S H 1902. Has several areas of wear that batting is visible also has an area of fraying edges. Has a few minor soiling and discoloration spots but overall decent condition. 74" x 90"

Vintage Basket Quilt
Has a few minor soiling spots. Overall good condition!! 64" x 72"

SST 1930's Everybody likes Popsicles sign
Tin tacker sign from the 1930s with awesome colors!! Has a few minor areas of corrosion on paint and a few minor flaking spots and shows some wear around edges also some soiling but overall good condition, hard to find sign!! Marked P 9- Litho in U.S.A. W.F.R. 9 3/4 in x 27 3/4 in

1 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Has a few very minor imperfections overall good piece!! 10 1/2 inches tall.

Lg. Butcher block
This one is larger than what you normally see and sets on casters. Does not have a lot of wear on top, is pretty straight. Does have some separation at joints throughout block. Measures 41 in x 30 1/2 in 37 3/4 in tall.

Industrial library cart on casters
All metal frame with 12 wood two sided carrying units that slide out. Card is 22 in x 30 in 64 1/2 in tall

Griswold number 12 cast iron skillet
With heat ring.

Cast iron lamb cake mold

Griswold # 8 cast iron Skillet with lid
Lid is Marked on underside.

White's Utica 3 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Utica, New York. Has a hairline crack and a few chips. Has some paint remnants and splatters throughout crock. 11 inch diameter 10 1/4 in tall

Primitive painted firkin bucket
9 inch diameter 10 in tall

Primitive blue painted corner cabinet
Has single door. With square nail construction. Great looking cabinet!!! 35 in wide 19" deep 67" tall.

Incredible Stephen B. Nagy Funeral Home thermometer
Outstanding early reverse painted on glass funeral home thermometer with early four digit phone number. Has a heavy metal frame with a wood backer. Very rare and unusual piece!! 12 in x 26 in

The F.E. Myers & Bros. Co. Hay trolley
Has been restored and is in excellent condition.

Primitive painted 5- drawer countertop cabinet
Has four drawers that are heavily Comparted with numbered slots. Has open bottom with spines running through and one narrow drawer at very bottom with brass pulls. Possibly a watch Parts cabinet. Has a great look!! 26 1/2 in wide 12 1/4 in deep 13 3/4 in tall.

Cast iron lamb cake mold
This is an unmarked piece. Approximately 15 in Long and 9 in tall.

Victorian balancing scale
Base and top are of ornate cast-iron, balancing beams and platforms are of brass with one platform being porcelain and also center spindle is porcelain. 33 in tall and approximately 27 in wide at platforms.

Lipton's coffee box
Great graphics on all four sides!!! Also has a hinged lid that is not original to box. 23 1/4 inch wide 13 in deep 13 1/2 in tall

2 Primitive comparted caddy's
These are two excellent carriers with compartments. 1 is 9 in x 16 in other is 11 in x 16 1/4 in

Pratt's poultry regulator feed bucket
Where the original labels. 11 1/2 inch diameter 9 1/2 inch tall

12 drawer Crowley's Needles cabinet
Has decent graphics on drawers, all drawers have porcelain pulls. Has a small chip on top left crown. 18 3/4 inch wide 9 3/4 in deep 9 1/2 inches tall.

5 gallon Amber glass jug
20 1/2 in tall

Iroquois Beverage light up clock
Lights up and runs. Made by the Ohio advertising display company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Great graphics of an Indian chief in an Arrowhead. Acrylic dial has a few scuffs and scratches. 13 1/2 x 13 1/2

Primitive painted dry sink
Two drawers over two doors. 43 1/2 in wide 21 in deep 33 in tall

2 flax Combs with covers
15 in and 21 1/2 in Long

SST Granger Rough Cut tobacco sign
Has a few minor scratches and scuffs but overall very nice sign. Is marked litho in USA on one corner and Liggett & Myers tobacco company on other corner. 11 7/8 X 23 5/8

Lakeside Biscuit tin & 5cent Shaves wood finial
Tin has a glass front panel and wood finial is mounted on a wood base. Tin is 10 1/2 in wide 10 1/2 inch deep 6 in tall. Finial is approximately 10 in tall and 5 in in diameter

SST Willard Batteries embossed sign. NOS
Incredible New Old stock sign with original shipping box. Signed A-M sign company 9 - 59. Pristine condition!! 11 1/2 in x 39 1/2 in.

Large KITCHEN light up sign
This is a metal sign with a ton of bulbs. 24 in tall 5 in deep 9 ft long. Does not have a cord.

Large ornate cast-iron urn
Great looking ornate urn with flared top. Sets on a 7 in riser base. 32 in overall height and approximately 21in diameter at top.

Great primitive painted screen door
Fancy detailing around edges and corners with great green paint!! Is missing screen top and bottom. 32"x 81"

Primitive Wood Mobiloil barrel
50 gallon drum. 34 in tall when standing on end.

Stroh's beer light-up sign
Union Made sign with metal face. Bottom of sign is marked property of the Stroh Brewery company Detroit Michigan. Does not light up. 13 1/4 in x 18 in

Primitive three tiered bucket/crock shelf
Has newer paint. 47 1/4 inch wide 13 1/4 in feet 38 in tall

Antique Firestone outboard boat motor
3.6 hp. Still retains original paint and graphics. Does have areas of paint loss and some corrosion.

1920s 30s Allan Herschell carousel horse
Circa 1928-29. Has a few cracks in pain but overall displays well, is jeweled on one side but is missing a few. Approximately 50 in Long and 65 in tall to top of pipe

2 cast iron horse head horse ties
Both similar in size 9 and 10 in tall.

2 piece primitive lot
Includes green painted stool that has some brownish reddish showing through and is 11 1/2 inches tall. Also includes a green painted wall box that is 11 1/4 in Long 4 in deep 5 1/4 in tall in back

Structo tractor trailer
A few spots of paint loss but overall excellent condition. 17 1/2 in Long

Antique dovetailed tool chest with drawer
Great dovetailed box with brass reinforced etchings on corners. Drawer is comparted. Also has a storage in lid. Lid is only fastened with one hinge, screws on two hinges are stripped. 37 1/4 in wide 19 1/2 inch deep 20 in tall

SST The Thoro System "Keep Cellars Dry" embossed sign
Nice embossed, self framed sign with wood backer. Has some edgware and a few minor scuffs and scrapes overall nice clean sign. 46 in x 46 in

7 various wallpaper stamps
Early wood stamps with various patterns and sizes.

5 early wood wallpaper stamps
Various patterns and sizes.

6 Early wood wallpaper stamps
Various patterns and sizes.

4 gallon stoneware jug
Has a few chips on spout otherwise excellent condition!! Approximately 16 1/2 in tall

Marietta 2 gallon cast iron oval bean pot
Marietta, PA Comes with a metal lid. Inside bottom is heavily pitted.

Country Store 5 tier bakers rack
60 in wide 20 inches deep at base 59 in tall

Adlake 4 way RR switch light
With glass lenses. 12 1/2 inches tall

Adlake 4 way RR switch light
With glass lenses. 12 1/2 inches tall

A.P. Donaghho stoneware canning jar
Parkersburg, West Virginia. Has chips along Bo's rims at top and approximately a two inch hairline from top down. Approximately 1/2 gallon. 10 in tall.

Valvoline motor oil display with 12 cans
Cans include 7 Valvoline transmission fluid unopened cans, one Racing unopened, and 4- Super HPO that are empty. Shelf is 18 in wide 26 in tall. Great little countertop display!!

SSP Exide Batteries Authorized Dealer sign "Reproduction"
15 x 23

SST Barber shop easel back sign
Great early metal countertop sign with metal easel. Shows wear but overall decent condition. 16 3/4 in x 18 1/2 inches

2 glass hand-blown Country Store jugs
Approximately 1 and 3 gallon jugs. 1 is approximately 12 in tall other is approximately 17 in tall.

4 Gallon Decorated Stoneware jar
has areas of discoloration otherwise good condition 
14" h 

Large trencher bowl
44 in Long

Lot of 9 brass stencil plates
Various sizes and subject matter.

1930s 40s Roadmaster bicycle
Appears to have original leather seat although leather is cracking and has an area of missing leather. Has head badge and brakes on the front. Handlebar grips are Marked Super Jet. Show signs of wear and has areas of corrosion but overall pretty solid bike!!

1950's JC Higgins bicycle
Has leather seat that is stamped Troxel. Still retains head badge and original paint throughout. Show signs of wear and has some corrosion throughout bicycle, is missing one handlebar grip and headlight, otherwise pretty solid bicycle.

Primitive painted sled
Hand-painted decorations on top of a bird perched on a branch and some other floral designs. Approximately 36 in Long

Queen Anne 2- drawer farm hutch table
Top is 60 to 3/4 x 30 1/2 x 29 in tall.

Primitive painted Glassdoor jelly cabinet
Has great blue crackle paint on front and one side and has a light brown color on other side. 1 glass panel is cracked. Also has and added top at some point. 50 in wide 14 3/4 in deep 49 1/2" tall

Two sided Burma Shave wood sign
11 5/8 x 40 1/4

Early primitive mortised bench
Bench has nice green paint and has square nail construction. 55 in Long

Industrial Crouse-Hinds nautical searchlight
Nice industrial steampunk nautical searchlight. Sets on nice ornate cast base with stem and collar being handmade. Does not have original cord, has been rewired and works. Light is 19 in in diameter and stands 6 ft tall.

Pepsi-Cola metal thermometer
8 x 27

Nice red painted bucket bench
40 in wide 15 in feet 33 1/2 inches tall

American turned leg sofa table w/drawer
Has a small chip on one leg. 41 1/4 in wide 17 1/2 inches deep 28 in tall

Small primitive table
Approximately 32 in wide 13 in deep 25 in tall

Hand-painted Seamans/ Captain's chest
Box has a hinged lid depicting the ship HMS Wanderer framed in a rope twist. Front and back has graphics for King and Country Captain Thos. McBain. Great looking box with graphics on all sides!! 18 1/2 inch wide 14 in deep 10 in tall.

Early Gas-powered model airplane
Great looking piece!! Some parts are wood, almost all of it is covered in some type of canvas. Has a five foot wingspan and is approximately 4 ft long. Motor and propeller are all intact. Not sure if it runs.

3- drawer oak quarter-sawn card file cabinet
Has dovetail corners. 13 1/4 inch wide 12in deep 13 1/4 in tall

DSP The Approved Wayside Stations sign
Only a few hits along Edge and minor edgware, none in field. Clean clean!! 28 in x 22 in

6 Piece Oil Can lot
Alemite Lubricant 5 lb can, Gulfspray insect spray can, Mobil Jet Oil 1 qt can, Quaker Maid grease can, small Ohio Oiler, small Dr. Hess glass ointment jar. 
Several unopened/ full and others are partial

2- eagle snowbirds and brass eagle emblem
Snowbirds are painted red. Brass eagle wingspan is 19 3/4 in.

Cast-iron footed pot
Unusual tapered shoulder with 2-inch stem at top. Opening at top is 6 3/4 in diameter and belly diameter is approximately 12 in. Stands 12 in tall. Guessing probably 3 or 4 gallon pot. Inside bottom is pitted.

Norton and Fenton 1-gal. stoneware jug
Has several sm. chips on base and dime-sized chip on side also has a slight x-shaped spidering hairline approximately 2 in both ways. 9 1/2 in tall

Primitive green painted bucket shelf/ bench
28 1/2 in wide 13 in deep 35 1/2 in tall

Early Wood Ice Cream Parlor Sign
17" x 24 3/4" 

Carn-Tap Bread framed metal menu board
25 3/4 x 30

Incredible primitive painted Depot cabinet
Incredible painted cabinet with a comparted interior. Front of cabinet has light green paint and sides are really dark green, almost black, all around incredible crackle paint. This cabinet was owned and used by W & LE railroad and later by NKP. The cabin was used in the former freight House in Oroville, Ohio. It once held railroad line profiles. 36in wide 24 1/2 in deep 80 1/2 in tall

2 top hats
One believed to be beaver and is marked Paris the other is marked HXC and is a wool hat size medium.

Baltimore 2 gallon Floral decorated stoneware jar
One side is discolored. Has a small chip on base and a slight hairline on rim approximately 1 inch from Top. 13 1/4 in tall

Metal Native American weathervane/ metal art
Mounted on a newer wooden base. 29 in tall.

Multi-colored farmhouse table
Top is 26 1/2 in x 79 1/2" long 29 in tall

SSP Lg. Atlantic White Flash Sign w/ hanging bracket
has several hints of porcelain loss, frame has an area of weld at top center w/ one hanger being bent 
sign is 72" x 42" 
frame is 73" x 53" 

Porcelain Mail Pouch tobacco thermometer
Has porcelain loss at top and a hole at the bottom. 8 x 39

Primitive blue painted hooded dry sink
Has modern paint but has a great look!! 54 1/2 in wide 21 in deep 54 in tall

Olsen and Johnson Masonite movie poster
Appears to be painted with fading on the White and some peeling areas. Also is slightly warped. Is not perfectly straight. Also has advertising on the other side but is faded. Displays well!! 42x 60

Incredible green painted 2-door cabinet
Has excellent green paint!! Is of square nail construction. 48 in wide 12 1/2 inches deep 64 in tall

Small stoneware canning jar
Has cobalt blue R. T. Marked on side. Has a few small chips on rim and some hazing in Finnish overall good-looking crock. Approximately 8 1/2 inches tall

Elk shoulder-mount
Appears to be in good condition.

7 piece yellow Ware bowl set
Ranging from 11 3/4 inch in diameter to 5 in. All appear to be in good condition.

Small primitive trencher bowl
18 one fourth overall length 10 in wide

Early primitive corn husking bench
Has a slot in center of bench where you would put your cob to husk. Has pegged legs. Bench is 4 feet long and 6 1/2 in wide 19 in tall

Crusade for Zero Defects "Caliber" trade sign
Large caliber trade sign. With Graphics crusade for zero defects. Unusual piece!! 45 in tall

Primitive painted firkin bucket
Has fancy floral decorations on sides of bucket and on lid. 9 1/2 inch diameter 9 3/4 in tall. Great looking firkin!!

Incredible Mid-century teak 4-panel folding screen
Absolutely stunning detail!! Panels are 20in X 73 in tall. 80 in wide.

SST Carling's Brewery " Nine Pints of the Law" Sign
minor scrapes and scuffs overall good condition w/ cardboard backer 
American Art Works 
11 3/4" x 21 1/2" 

Nice primitive Blue and Gray painted meal bin
Great crackle paint!! 42 in wide 20 1/2 inch deep 27 in tall

Primitive painted firkin bucket (no lid)
9 inch diameter 11 1/2 in tall

1950s Hires Root Beer cooler
Has graphics on two sides. Has a few dents in lead over all nice and clean!! 21 1/2 in wide 12 1/2 inch deep 13 in tall

Three primitive cheese boards
Nice round graduated set. Approximately 12 in, 14 1/2, and 16 in diameters.

Primitive painted hanging bolt cubby
40 in wide 9 in deep 24 1/2 in tall

Primitive ox yoke
Has remnants of early red paint. Has metal reinforcement. Does have a few cracks. Have an impressive look!! Approximately 53 in Long

Large oval cast iron bean pot with lid
This is proximately a 4 or 5 gallon pot with a cast iron lid and a handle. Is nice and clean.

American 2-drawer turned leg drop leaf table
Has a few chips on legs. Top is 41 inches x 26 1/2 inches 29 1/4 in tall. Wings are lighter in color then center top.

Tin Nehi Beverage Menu board
showing wear/ wrinkles 
19 1/2" x 27 1/2" 

Great primitive cheese board
Great large size cheese board, hard to find size!! 23 in diameter.

Unusual primitive dovetailed ice cream maker
10 in wide 18in deep 12 1/2 in tall.

DSP "New" Western Union Telegraph flange sign
11 x 17

Vintage wood barber pole
This is a newer Pole with metal hanging brackets. 36 in Long

WWII US Army record player
Was used by US Army special services division. Appears to be in decent condition. Comes with two horns. 19 in x 18 1/2 inches 11 in tall

Three primitive baskets
Includes a nice round Wood basket with wire handle that is 14 in in diameter, kidney basket approximately 12 in in diameter and another oval basket 15 in x13 in

Lg. 12 ft. General Store 2pc. cabinet
A large two piece quarter-sawn oak cabinet with raised panel sides on one end. Is missing doors on bottom. Is an as found condition has not been cleaned. Bottom is 26 in deep the top is 14 in deep 90 in tall and 12 ft long

Incredible Brass Thoroughbred Figurine
base is 15" l x approx 11" h at head 

2- Metal Horse & Rider Figurines
Larger figurine is missing sword , 11" x 14" h 
smaller 9" x 9"

3-Early Metal Horse figurines
2-small crack in bases
very ornate looking
all are simialar in size 
8" l x 9" h 

Vintage Quilt
Has some minor discoloration and a few spots but overall in very good condition no fraying. 86" x 86"

Three primitive baskets
Includes one large gathering basket 17 in wide 25 in Long. A smaller kidney basket 8 in in diameter and another rectangle basket 11 in x 16 in.

Remmey 1 gallon decorated stoneware jar
Has what appears to be a crack on inside from Top down approximately 2 in., but is not visible from outside. Also has a few other minor imperfections, small chip on rim but overall great looking crock!! Approximately 9 1/2 in tall

Decorative cast-iron Cannon
Barrel is 10 in Long overall length is approximately 16 1/2 in.

Unusual size medical cabinet
Has sliding glass panel doors in hood, Marble top. Has seven drawers over 2 glass panel doors. Drawers are of metal with wood fronts. 1 drawer is missing glass knob. 28 1/4 in wide 18in deep 35 in tall at top of hood.

Great primitive square nailed bucket bench
Has great green crackled and alligator skin paint!! 41 in wide 18 1/2 in deep 32 in tall

Large early brass / bronze flared Bell
Does have a crack approximately 7 in Long down the side. Heavy heavy heavy!! 16 inch diameter at bottom. Approximately 13 in tall. Has remnants of old paint.

10 gallon B-sting decorated stoneware jar
No chips or cracks. 17 in tall

John Chatillon & Sons platform scales
300 pound capacity scale that is accurate. Dial of scale is 11 1/2 inch in diameter and stand 66 1/2 in tall.

National Cabinet paper file cabinet
Nice solid oak cabinet with graphics on top front of cabinet has grade Edge trim to it. 15 1/4 in wide 12 1/4 in deep 12 1/2 in tall

American Ace game board
24 in x 50 in

SST Amalie Motor Oil Sign
Shows heavy wear around edges, still displays very well 
11 3/4" x 35 1/2" 

Folk art ferris wheel
Very neat early folk art ferris wheel Train motor powered. Works!! Ferris wheel is approximately 27 in in diameter is mounted on a wood board that measures 15 1/4 inches x 20 in

Wyandot Expressway tractor trailer
Shows wear, has some scratches and scrapes and paint Loss. 24 in Long

Art Deco Korting Dynamic Stereo
Good condition/ works
25" w x 10 1/2" d x 16" h 

Brass bucket and 2- kidney baskets
Brass bucket is approximately 17 in in diameter. Large kidney basket is approximately 15 in in diameter small is approximately 8 in diameter.

General Store National cash register
This is a metal cash register sitting on a wood base. Does have remnants of early paint, shows great patina. 9 1/4 in wide 15 in deep 17 in tall

Country Store hanging scale
The pan is porcelain with draining holes. And is 15 in in diameter, scale is a Landers, Frary and Clark with soiling to dial.

Decorative Telechron Street clock
This is a painted cast aluminum body has areas of corrosion and paint loss. Dial is metal, Marked Warren telechron company Ashland Massachusetts. Clock has no backer and does not run. Overall diameter is 17 1/4 in and is 20 1/2 in tall.

Primitive firkin bucket
9 3/4 in tall 9 1/2 inch diameter

I.N. Heller & Co. 5 gallon stoneware advertiser jug
91 broad Street Elizabeth, New Jersey. Has a few chips on base and some other minor imperfections also has a cracked handle. Approximately 19 in tall

Primitive single door cabinet
Great paint 
36" w x 13 1/2" d x 37" h 

5 piece primitive lot
Includes a bentwood pantry box with no lid that is 10 in in diameter. Also includes 2 wooden stamps/mold, small stoneware Motto jug 4 1/2 in tall and Small wood bucket 4 1/2 inch diameter 3 3/4 in tall

Primitive wood Dasher churn
Is missing Dasher and lid. 17 1/2 inches tall approximately 9 in in diameter

Brass military field binoculars and Brass kaleidoscope
Early military brass Verdi Paris Field binoculars and kaleidoscope. Binoculars are in decent condition with areas of discoloration and Kaleidoscope is in great condition. Kaleidoscope is 8 1/2 inch long and binoculars are 6 3/4 in Long

2- Early primitive painted chairs

2 stoneware jugs
The earlier of the two is approximately 1/2 to 1 gallon, has a few chips on side and some discoloration overall decent condition and is 11 in tall. Other is 2-toned approximately 1 gallon jug with unusual handle with just a few minor nicks on spout and does have a hairline. 10 1/2 in tall at handle tallest point.

Gustav Stickley oak rocking chair
With leather seat and beveled square upholstery tacks. Leather is cracking. Original paper label on underside of seat is there but unreadable. 17 in wide 30 1/2 in tall

Gustav Stickley oak rocking chair
With leather seat and beveled square upholstery tacks. Leather is in rough condition is soiled and has a major tear.Stickley impressed stamp to lower right corner of back rocker and original paper label on underside of seat. 17 in wide 31 1/2 in tall

2- SST newer signs
1 is in rough condition and appears to be cut and has paint remnants and wrinkles, that measures 17 1/2 x 23 3/4 other is 6 1/4 x 14. Both by Novelty advertising company Coshocton

Early painted child's cart
Has great paint!! Also comes with two early photos of children playing with cart. Wheelbase is 9 in Wide cart is 10 in Long overall length with handle is approximately 30 in.

Great hand crank fire alarm
Bell is approximately 12 in in diameter mounted on a metal base and is approximately 23 in tall. Has a great sound!!

3 Piece Advertising Lot
Includes Salem Ciggarette Thermometer w/ some wear and card board backer 9 1/4" x 8 3/4" 
Early oval Celluloid Pepsi Cola sign showing some wear 8" x 12" 
Cardboard 7-UP Thanksgiving ad in display 6 1/2" x 10" 

Great early primitive painted swinging saloon gate
Two sided gate with beadboard, and incredible paint!! 36 in x 36 1/2 in

Early coach charcoal warmer
8 in wide 7 1/4 in deep 6 in tall

Primitive painted mortised bench
76 3/4 in Long mortised bench with great dry gray paint!!

DST Pennzoil "Sound your Z" Sign
has corrosion through out sign and slightly faded 
22" x 31" 
A-M 764

Primitive child's rope bed
Has great red paint!! It's missing the two side rails but hard to find piece!! It is 51 in Long 45 1/2 in wide

Early Primitive square nailed 1-drawer tavern table
Has several cracks on top but great early table. 41 in wide 27 in deep 26 1/2 in tall

Primitive trencher bowl
16 in wide 40 in Long

Primitive trencher bowl
16 in wide 40 in Long

Five drawer silverware cabinet
Five drawers wrapped in a nice painted cabinet. Drawers have felt bottoms and our Marked for silverware. Possibly a wagon silverware cabinet?? Has great paint!! 14 in wide 11 1/2 inch deep 11 3/4 in tall

Large clown poster
Poster is mounted on quarter inch plywood. Poster has a few crease marks and one small tear, is laminated and has awesome colors!! Poster measures 35 1/2 in x 51 1/2 in

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus employee overalls
Very cool Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey circus employee overalls with script on back being embroidered. They are size 42, made by workwear corporation. There is an old note attached saying they need cuffs on legs and a small patch on the knee does have a pea sized hole in one leg appear to be in decent condition. Also comes with a pair of clown shoes.

Primitive walnut painted knife caddy
14 in x 9 in approximately 7 1/2 inch tall at handle.

SST Pepsi embossed sign
Sign is embossed and self framed does have some fading and shows wear. Has some paint remnants on edge. 34 1/2 in x 47 in

Sipe Mfg. Co. Hog oiler
Kansas City, Mo. Has an earlier repaint and has areas of paint loss.

Victorian brass balancing scales with candle holder
Base looks like marble but is wood. 23 1/2 inches tall

2- cast-iron footed pots
Includes a Hunter Sifter manufacturing company cast iron pot with two handles that is approximately 9 in in diameter and 8 in tall and the other part is approximately 11 1/2 inch in diameter and 10 in tall.

Fancy Hohner accordion with mother of pearl inlay
Appears to be in good condition. Plays great!! With fancy floral inlay. Case is in poor condition. Is peeling in several locations and has a hole on lid.

Recording King accordion
Appears to be in good condition. Plays great!! Case is also in decent condition.

Selmer Signet clarinet in case
Appears to be complete also comes with cleaning brush and sheet music holder that would attach to clarinet. Comes in a nice leather Paris Evette by Buffet case.

Primitive wood barrel
With metal bands. 29 1/2 inches tall approximately 20 in diameter

The world's finest Douglas compass saws Seth Thomas clock
Seth Thomas clock advertising the world's finest Douglas compass saws Charlotte, North Carolina. Good condition! Works as it should. 15 inch diameter.

Grain Drill Seeding Box
Manufactured by American Seeding Co. Springfield, Ohio
great paint and graphics
62" l

W.B. McLean slant front showcase
Has sliding glass doors in the front that has chipping along the top. Also has several glass shelves. Is missing both side glass insert panels. 72 in Long 25 in deep at base 42 in tall

6 gallon bee sting stoneware jar
Has a few chips on base and handles are a little rough also has a small hairline approximately 1 inch from base. 16 in tall

Primitive Lot
Includes a fireplace Earth N Ware Trivet, Candle mold, and 4 early cookie cutters

Country Store 2 tier Oak showcase
Bottom rear entry doors are missing and top rear entry doors have been replaced not quite matching to cabinet. 48 in Long 26 in deep 43 in tall

S. Delp's & Sons Country Store Oak showcase
Has sliding glass rear entry doors. Very nice condition!! 48 in Long 24 in deep 42 in tall

Contemporary Benco Coca-Cola Clock
Good working condition, lights up as well 
12" w at top 33" h 

SST C.H. Pendleton Optician sign
Rockland, Maine. Embossed inside mounted on a primitive wood board. Sign measures 5 5/8 in x 20 inches overall with board is 24 1/2 in x 8. Marked Desperate sign company Wadsworth Ohio

Primitive decorator barrel
23 1/2 inches tall 6 in diameter at top

2 piece primitive lot
Includes a nice blue painted carrier with hinged lids on each side also both sides are comparted. 15 in wide 9/2 in deep approximately 7 in tall at handle. Includes another painted carrier 11 in wide 13 1/2 inch deep 11 in tall at handle.

American 1- drawer washstand
22 1/2 in wide 18in deep 35 in tall

Primitive Grain painted chest
31 in wide 15 1/2 inch deep 18 in tall. Has new leather carring handles.

2- decorated stoneware pitchers
Both have embossed decorations. The one is marked Flemish Jugs made for Kenny and Levan Cleveland. Has a few minor chips around top rim and is 8 3/4 in tall and other is in great condition and 9 in tall.

The Christ Diehl Brewing Co. metal shipping box
Defiance, Ohio Great early all metal Brewery shipping container with hinged lid and comparted interior. Embossed script on two sides. Great unusual box!! 18 1/2 in x 18 1/2 in 10 1/2 inches tall.

Five gallon glazed stoneware jug
Has one small chip on base. No cracks. Approximately 19 in tall

Primitive barrel dispenser
17 1/2 in tall with lid approximately 10 in diameter

2- Great wire handled buttermilk crocks
No visible chips or cracks!! Both have lids that are in Nice condition no chips and overall great set of stoneware!! Both are similar in size 9 in tall and approximately 9 1/2 inch in diameter. Probably 1 gallon pcs.

Nice Comparted blue painted carrier
13 3/4 inch wide 19 in Long 10 inches tall at tallest.

Early Black Powder lot
Includes 3- brass/ copper powder flasks w/ one marked U.S.
2- small round brass horns, including various powder items 

Aluminum 7- Up Cooler
18" w x 17" h 
has few dents in lid 

Lg. Wooden porthole mold
Believed to be from New York City. Front diameter is 26 1/2 in back diameter is 35 in. Has a great look!!

Granite top 1 - drawer table
Great green paint
top 25" x 40" x 29 1/2" h 

Four-piece primitive lot
Includes a painted pantry box that is 9 3/4 inch in diameter, also a small decorated pantry box six 3/4 in diameter. Also includes a mortised milking stool with green and red paint 9 1/4 in tall. And an unusual cutting board that is 12 in x 16 in

Structo tractor trailer log hauler
21 in Long

Two handled cast iron pots
Larger one is approximately 3 or 4 gallons with a metal lid, smaller is Marked Marietta one and a half pint pot.

Wooden sterilizing cabinet
Has 2-glass shelves. 12 1/2 in wide 7 1/2 inch deep 12 1/2 in tall

Royal typewriter
Great graphics on all sides!! Winding ribbons are cut. Missing stabilizer on one corner.

Large primitive trencher bowl
Approximately 56 in Long

SST Flagler Filling Station Tire Service arrow sign
Show some edgware also has minor areas of paint loss but overall decent. 4 3/4 in x 19 1/2 in

Dovetailed Frigid Embalming fluid box
Chicago Illinois. Comes with a lid. 18 1/4 inch wide 12 in deep 9 1/2 inches tall.

Hammered copper container
16 in in diameter and 16 in tall. Possibly 10 gallon container??

Sm. Texaco jars w/ carrier
Probably half pint jars. Age is questionable??

Primitive blue painted coffee box
Has a few areas where salmon or red is showing through paint. 22in wide 20in deep 32 in tall

2 decorated stoneware tankards
The taller pitcher has a pewter lid that is attached to back of handle and is approximately 12 1/2 in tall the other is missing lid but has attachment that is fastened to handle. And is 10 in tall. Both are in great condition!!

Two-door hanging showcase cabinet
Has 2 swing out glass panel doors. 30 1/2 in wide 7 1/4 in deep 24 3/4 in tall.

Flying Arrow roller bearing wagon
Great graphics on both sides!! Boxes 16 in wide 36 in Long 15 in tall

5 Pce. Primitive Lot
Includes 2 decorated small bellows w/ brass tips leather one has some slight issues, 3 baskets of various sizes 

Early American Hardware Supply Bin
graphics on all 4 sides 
17" x 27" x 11" h 

DST Laukhuf Hybrids sign w/bracket
NOS. Has rice paper marks. Payne, Ohio. Sign measures 8 3/4 in x 20 in

Primitive painted 3 tier Country Store display shelf
Shelves are graduated. 38 in wide 24 in deep at bottom 52" tall

Industrial Wooden pulley
24" D

Primitive sifter and cast lamb mold
Lamb mold is made of cast aluminum and the two sections are glued together. Sifter is 17 in in diameter

Porto-Clinic/Glare Driver simulating testing unit
Manufactured by Intext / Driver Testing Equipment Division Scranton, PA. Model # 924OPC. In a dovetail wood box with leather carrying handle. Also comes with foot pedal and peripheral vision guide. Appears to be in good condition. Cabinet is 18 in wide 11 in deep 18 in tall.

Windsor captain's chair
Appears to be good and sturdy. No visible cracks or breaks. Does have areas of finish rubbed off.

Cast iron trivet and horse shoe lathe
The horseshoe length is approximately 6 1/2 in tall at tallest and the trivet is 12 1/2 in wide 9 1/2 inches deep. Both are in good condition!!

Three small shop bench vises
Includes a Simplex, Littco and a newer Columbian. All three are similar in size ranging from 10 to 12 in Long.

Wilton benchtop bullet vise #4
Face has some repairs. Overall length is approximately 15 in

2- Wilton shop bench vises
Approximately 8 and 10 in

Wilton swivel base bench anvil vise
Approximately 12 inch overall length

Heavy Copper pouring bucket
9" d x 12 1/2" h 

3 pce. Stoneware lot
pitcher and mug w/ a pig planter 
pig has chip on snout
mug has small chip on base 

Fiorita Nuts Display
w/ hinged lid and glass front panel 
back panel is missing 
19 1/2" w x 7" d x 13" h
Made by R. F. Matteson Co. 

Happy home steam washer
Metal washer with cast iron reinforcements on each end. Original graphics on front and on lid. 21 in wide 13 1/2 inches deep 14 in tall

3 piece primitive lot
Includes a Swift and company Portland, Maine grain painted bucket 10 inch diameter 7 1/2 inches tall. Small firkin bucket with pineapple on lid 6 1/2 inch diameter 6 1/4 in tall and a small wood scoop, approximately 9 1/2 inch long.

SSP Notice in case of fire sign
Has heavy wear along edges field is pretty clean. Has a hole on left Edge. 12in X 18in

Five piece copper lot
Includes a heavy copper fuel tank that is 9 1/2 inch wide three 1/2 inch deep and 16 in tall. And a triangle shaped carrier that is 14 in Long 5 in tall. Also includes two small copper buckets one has a hand Forged handle and is 8 1/2 inch in diameter 6 1/2 inches tall smaller bucket is 6 in in diameter 5 in tall. And and Ellisco pouring oil pitcher 7 1/2 in tall.

Small blue painted firkin bucket
5 in tall for 3/4 inch diameter. You'll need this one for a stack topper.

8 gallon bee sting stoneware storage jar
With turkey droppings. No visible chips or cracks, top of rim and 1-handle maybe slightly rough. 16 in tall

3 metal thermometers
Includes a Raybestos Brake and Safety Center, Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola cigar thermometer both have been in a fire and have no color and are missing the Mercury strip. Pepsi-Cola and Raybestos are 8 x 27 and Coca-Cola is 8 x 30

Small Oak drop-front Counter top cabinet
26 1/2" w x 9 1/2' d x 12 1/2" h 

T. McGovern stoneware bottle and brown crock jug
Bottle is approximately 11 in tall and jug is approximately 10 in tall

Hand blown Country Store glass jug
Approximately a 4 gallon jug. 20 in tall and approximately 14 in in diameter.

Antique brass Victorian oil lamp
Tank is approximately 9 in in diameter and 22 in tall with globe.

The Leonard Silk Co. cabinet
2 mirrored doors over single drawer with graphics. Has carved graphics on each side panel, detailed carving along top border. Unusual size silk cabinet. 1 door has been repaired. Otherwise good condition. 19 1/2 in wide 15 1/2 inches deep 21 in tall

Unusual Mechanical folk art truck
Highly unusual and very cool mechanical push toy. Functional men swinging axes, a horse rider, seesaw, and several other moving pieces. Approximately 23 in Long 8 in tall 21 1/2 in at handle. Has minor damage and areas where need minor repairs but great piece. Two wheels have been replaced

Primitive long handled bread peel
Overall length is 81 in. Paddle is 13 1/2 in Wide

Cast eagle lamp
35 in tall 9 1/2 in wide from wing to wing.

Primitive lot
Includes a Kirkman's Borax soap box with great graphics on all sides!! 13 3/4 x 19 3/4. Also a small dovetailed Yeast Foam box with nice graphics, 6in X 12 in. Another small box with graphics for 3/4 in x 11 1/4 in. Also includes A Primitive painted footrest and 4-wooden Shoe lathe pieces, various sizes.

Strand of brass sleigh bells
Has 6 brass graduated bells on leather belt. Approximately 34 in Long

St. Bernard Door Stop
Brass/ Bronze??
12" l x 8 1/2" h 

2 Sided Masonite Icy Cold Slush Sign
Great sharp color, has areas of wear
heavy metal frame 
32" x 52" 

Child Step Back Cupboard & Tea Box tin lined
Tea Box is great early brass etchings/ w/ inlay at keyhole and tin lined 7 3/4" w x 4 1/2" d x 5" h 
Step Back 12 1/2" w x 5" d x 13" h 

Large brass kettle/bucket on spider
Bucket has some corrosion along top Edge, measures approximately 19 in in diameter.

Unmarked hay trolley
Has been repainted. One of the track wheels has a break.

Boomer hay trolley

Wilton swivel base bench anvil vise
Approximately 12 in Long

Wilton Tool Co. swivel base bench vise
13 in overall length

Simplex swivel base bench vise
17 inch overall length

York bench top bullet vise
13 in overall length

Primitive ladder
71 1/2 in Long and 20 in wide

Wagner Skillet and griddle
Skillet is a number 10 and is 11 3/4", Griddle is 11 in.

3 cast iron skillets
Includes a Griswold small block number 9 skillet, a national number 8 skillet and an 8-inch cracker barrel skillet.

Griswold cornbread pan and Erie muffin pan
Cornbread pan is number 954 and Erie muffin pan is the number 8.

3 piece stoneware lot
Includes two stoneware jugs one is marked WH Jones & company and has a few minor chips on spout otherwise both are good. And also a small stoneware jar with a few chips on spout and is cracked at base. All are similar in size approximately half gallon.

Early ornate curved music bench
Approximately 42 in Long

Small primitive chest
Has a great look!! With a hinged lift Top lid. 14 1/2 in wide 9 in deep 8 1/2 in tall

4 gallon Red wing stoneware jug
Has a few minor imperfections but no chips or cracks. Approximately 16 in tall

Fancy 2- sided hand carved Jersey room divider
Great detailed scene of Jersey cattle grazing in pasture on one side and barnyard scene on the other. Approximately 56 in wide 64 1/2 in tall

Fancy 2- sided hand carved Jersey room divider
Great detailed scene of Jersey cattle grazing in pasture on one side and barnyard scene on the other. Approximately 56 in wide 64 1/2 in tall

Detailed hand carved Jersey bench
45 in Long

Hand carved Jersey chest
Depicting Jersey cattle grazing in pasture. Has a cedar bottom. Blacksmith forged hardware. 31 1/2 in wide 16 in deep 16 1/2 inches tall

Primitive painted Table top desk
25 1/2 in wide 18 1/2 inch deep 14 in tall

Rare Super Par-O-Vis motor oil 1 quart can
Rare pre Pennzoil can in excellent condition!! Has no top.

DST Pennzoil oval sign. NOS
New Old stock Pennzoil sign Marked AM 8 - 77. Excellent condition!! 9 3/4 x 16 3/4

Traveling cast aluminum dental chair
Unusual early folding dental chair with headrest.

Primitive one drawer table
Top is 22in X 17 1/2 in and is 28 in tall

Early American Walnut dovetailed lap desk
Great early pc. with flip top lid and dovetailed construction. Has a break on back one corner of dovetail. 29 in wide 18 1/4 in deep 7 1/2 in tall.

Primitive barrel
29 in tall 18 in in diameter

Painted Deacon's bench
34 1/2 in wide

2- Stone Ware jugs
1- Marked Akron, Ohio
2- Unmarked 
both are approx. 1 Gal. 

Lumanog acoustic guitar with case
Guitar is in very nice condition and has a good sound. Case has a few stitches peeling but interior is clean.

3 over 1 drawer child's chest
Three drawers over one drawer child's cabinet appears to be very early all drawers have brass pulls. Cabinet is 14 in wide 5 in deep 17 1/2 in tall

Great early folk art boat
Approximately 31 in Long 7 in wide and approximately 9in at tallest point.

Model Locomotive

Early Atwater Kent radio
Metal cabinet measures 17 in wide 10 in deep 7 in tall

Cast iron waffle iron
This is an unmarked piece with the exception of a patent date of 1869. Waffle iron is 7 in in diameter

SST Cetacolor "Not a soap" sign
Believed to be a reproduction, not 100% sure. Has great colors and graphics!! 23 1/2 in x 36 in

4 piece primitive lot
Includes a gray painted matchbox holder that measures 8 1/2 in wide and is 11 3/4 in tall. Hanging salt box 5 in wide for 1/2 inch deep 9 in tall has graphics on the front and a flip lid. Also includes a folk art chicken approximately 12 in tall and a small hanging match striking box that is 3 5/8 inch X 5 3/4 in.

Vintage Quilt
Has several small holes and areas and spots of discoloration. 79" x 74"

Great Ornate French Provincial Clock
missing works
13" h x 15" w 

2 Sided Metal American Regular Price Curb Sign
Numbers are hand painted, in a heavy metal frame 
has areas of corrosion
28 1/2" w x 45" 

Five drawer apothecary cabinet
9 in wide 7 1/4 in deep 17 1/4 in tall. Drawers have brass pulls.

3 gallon stoneware jar
Has a chip above inscription and a few small chips on base and a few other minor imperfections oh, but no visible cracks. 11 inch diameter 10 in tall

2 Miner's safety lamps
1- has brass makers tag on top and other is marked Permissible safety lamp. 9 1/2 and 11 in tall

2 Miner's safety lamps
1- has brass makers tag on top and other is marked Permissible safety lamp. 9 1/2 and 11 in tall

2 Miner's safety lamps
1 brass and copper by Hockley Lamp & Limelight company. Other is Marked National Carbide Lantern Lincoln building New York New York.

2 Miner's safety lamps
1 brass and copper by Hockley Lamp & Limelight company. Other is Marked National Carbide Lantern Lincoln building New York New York.

Quick Quaker Oats framed cardboard litho
Has half inch puncture and a few nail holes in center and some peeling in the blue and white at bottom, has some discoloration around edges but overall Nice condition and sharp colors!! 30 1/2 X 32 1/2

Quick Quaker Oats framed cardboard litho
Has half inch puncture and a few nail holes in center and some peeling in the blue and white at bottom, has some discoloration around edges but overall Nice condition and sharp colors!! 30 1/2 X 32 1/2

Primitive woven basket and mirror
Great early hand-woven basket with wooden handles, 15 in in diameter. Mirror is 11 1/2 x 13 1/2

3- pc. advertising metal cow Figurals
Includes a metal St. Charles evaporated cream cow with clock in side that is approximately 14 in Long and 9 in tall. Also another small St. Charles cow figurine and a Meadow Gold cow figurine Bank, missing bottom insert on bank.

4- Metal cow figurines
Two are on wooden bases.

Five various bronze and metal cow sculptures
3 are on marble bases. 6, 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 inch long. Two smaller ones are like 3 in Long.

Warp's Window Materials display shelf
Topper sign is two sided Masonite and also the inserts on shelf are also Masonite. 41 in wide 59 in tall

Primitive wood box and R.H. Macy & Co. Stoneware jug
Box is 23 in Long 8 in wide 7 in tall and crock is 9 in tall. Boxes of early dovetail construction.

Early Man of the mountain child's rocking chair

3 piece green glazed redware
Includes and ovoid water jug with pouring spout that is 16 1/2 inches tall. Has chips on spout and chipping on handle also is cracked.Also a pair of small two-handled pieces. One is 9 in tall other is 6 in tall. 9 inch piece has minor chipping on inside rim otherwise looks good, and the small pc. has significant chips and a crack.

4 Pce. Pewter Lot
includes 3 pewter pcs. w/ one porcelain w/ pewter top being 11" h with other all being approx. 8" in height

4 piece primitive lot
Includes an early woven picking basket approximately bushel size. 19 1/2 inch in diameter. Also a small four drawer hanging cabinet 5 in wide 4 in deep 12 1/2 in tall. Also includes two early carved wood picture frames. One is a 10 x 14 other is 9 X 10 1/4.

Military helmet with liner
. With liner and headband.

Military helmet with liner
. With liner and headband.

Mortised cobbler's bench
37 1/2 in Long 18 in tall

Mortised cobbler's bench
37 1/2 in Long 18 in tall

Tobacco smoke pipe lot
Lot includes 20 + pipes of wood, and cob. One is a carved figural pipe. Also includes three 6 pipe displays and 1- 2 pipe and several boxes.

Aluminum U.S.F & G. Framed Insurance Sign
13 " x 25" 

4 gallon bee sting stoneware jar
Small hairline crack no chips. Has some spots of discoloration. 12 inches tall 11 inch diameter

3- small brass Skaters lanterns
One is marked Jewel. All are similar in size approximately 7 in tall.

5 Pce. Advertising Lot
including , Musser Leghorns topper sign , Life Assurance sign, 2-small Canfield Motor oil cans w/ no tops, Cold Test antifreeze can w/ no top. 

Saw Buck Table
top 23" x 32" x 24" h

SSP reproduction Perfect Butter sign
Believed to be in India sign. 8 X 12

IRC Volume Control kit
Metal cabinet is in very nice condition day 1 gloss with minor scratches. Also comes with several New Old stock Parts in original boxes. box measures 14 1/2 in Long 4 in deep 7 1/2 in tall.

Ertl International Sears tractor trailer
Shows some wear, has areas of paint loss but still decent. Approximately 21 in Long

4 Gallon Stone Ware Churn
has several chip and hairlines has red ware lid not original to pce. 
17 1/2" h 

4-Artillery Heads

1939 California &1940 New York World's Fair license plates
Both are embossed metal. Both similar in size 6 in x 14 in

3-gal. Brown cream crock with lid
Lid has a few small nicks otherwise in good condition. Croc is 10 1/2 inches tall 10 in in diameter.

Diamond Matches box on casters
Has great graphics on each end with dovetail construction and hinged lid. 24 in wide 16 in deep 14 in tall

Large plastic Bushnell trade binoculars
23 1/4 inch wide 20 in tall

Miscellaneous primitive lot
Includes two decorated tins 1 measures 9 1/4 inch wide 6 1/2 in deep 6 1/2 inches tall other is 8 1/4 in wide 514 g in deep 5 1/2 in tall. Also includes two brass ladle and strainer approximately 20 in long and a few other small utensils. Also a cast iron blacksmith forged utensil hanger 14 in Long.

Primitive painted 10 slot cubby cabinet
16 in wide 8 1/2 inch deep 36 in tall

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