Collectible WW 2 and 1800's & 1900's Ephemera and Books
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Over 200 lots of Newspapers, Comics, Military News, Numerous Books, Children's Books, Numerous 45's children's records, Vintage Collectible Framed items, 1944 Sad Sack Comics Biography, Vintage Playboy Laserdisc, Framed Nose Art Print, and much more,

Selling from one lifetime collection

Bidding active now and closing on 

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 beginning @ 6:30 p.m.

113 Ranck Church Rd., New Holland, Pa. 17557

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Vintage Historical Ephemera, 1940's, World War 2 Era Stars and Stripes Newspapers covering W. W. 2, mid 1940's, over 30 papers.&nbsp;<br /> 
Historical Ephemera, The Stars and Stripes, 1945 Four WW 2 era Stars and Stripes newspapers, London Edition.<br /> 
Historical Ephemera, Armored Forces News, 1942 Five Newspapers featuring news of the nation's Armored Force across Army forts in the USA. WW 2 era.&nbsp;<br /> 
Historical Ephemera, YANK Magazines, Mid 1940's Seventeen, Mid century, 1940's, vintage magazines, YANK, The Army Weekly, British Edition.<br /> 
Historical Ephemera, YANK Magazines, Mid 1940's Over Thirty magazines, Mid century, 1940's, vintage magazines, YANK, The Army Weekly, Continental and British Editions.<br /> 
Historical W.W. 2 Sunday Newspapers, mid 1940's Twelve assorted Newspapers featuring variety of stories about combat and W. W. 2 events<br /> 
Historical 1800's and Mid 1900's Newspapers Early, antique, Lancaster County Pa and other newspapers featuring articles on The New Gettysburg Monuments circa 1899, Civil War Battle updates circa 1888, W. W. 2 news, and more.&nbsp;<br /> 
Historical Newspapers, John F kennedy Assassination Approximately 16 + newspapers mostly about JFK and also Woodrow Wilson and more.<br /> 
The Stars and Stripes 1940's Weekly Comics Five FULL COLOR, Continental Edition comic strips papers.<br /> 
Historical Ephemera, 1960's and 1970's Newspapers Nine assorted newspapers featuring news about US Lunar Landing, 1970's Flood, 1962 printed commemorative 1862 edition of presidential race, and more.<br /> 
Historical 1970's Newspapers, Presidents Nixon and Ford Several papers including Washington Post, Washington Star News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, featuring articles on Pres.Nixon resignation, and Pres. Ford.<br /> 
Historical Newspapers, 1928, 1942, 1944. Several assorted papers including 1944 Current Aviation, 1942 The Sunday Star, Baltimore The Sunday Sun from 1928, 1928 Washington Herald March of Events, and 1944 PM Daily. Featuring articles on WW 2, and German Army.<br /> 
Historical Map of Europe, copyright 1920 Showing countries as established ny the Peace Conference at Paris.<br /> 
Historical Newspapers, 1930's and 1940's Several Newspapers from The Daily Mail and Baltimore American.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Russians in Space<br> The Real Book about Airplanes, Arch Whitehouse<br> All About Satellites and Space Ships<br> High Speed Flight<br> We Came in Peace<br /> 
Antique, Historically Collectible Shakespeare Books Hard Bound, Three Books/ Volumes sell as set, dated 1884.<br> The Works of William Shakespeare.<br /> 
Vintage, Classic Hard Bound Robin Hood Books Two books: Robin Hood, Sterling, and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.<br /> 
Vintage Sherlock Holmes Books Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories, and The Complete Sherlock Holmes<br /> 
Antique, Vintage, Historical Government Books, PA Legislative. Smull's Legislative Hand Book of the State of Pennsylvania 1905, American Government 1942, Constitution of the Grand Lodge, Smull's&nbsp;Legislative Handbook Pennsylvania Legislative Directory 1877.<br /> 
Antique, Vintage Books, Poetry and Story Eight assorted books including Haney's Art of Memory, Ruthless Rhymes, Charles Kingsley Favorite Poems, and more.<br /> 
Vintage Yearbooks Harvard Albums 1943 and 1949, University of PA. 1925,&nbsp;<br> 1836 Central High School of Philadelphia.<br /> 
Hard Bound Classic Books Frances Kanes&nbsp;Fortune,<br> William Faulkner Essays Speeches and Public Letters,<br> Goin on Fourteen,<br> The First Lady Chatterley by D. H. Lawrence<br /> 
Hard Bound Classic Books Will Rogers by O'Brien,<br> From Boy to Senator by Alger Jr,<br> Quincy Adams Sawyer by C. F. Pigdin,<br> Pixy's Holiday Journey by Ireland,<br> Barty Crusoe and His Man Saturday by Frances Hodgson Burnett,<br> and more.<br /> 
Hard Bound Classic Books, Grace Harlowe by Flower Early 1900's Grace Harlowe&nbsp;books by Jessie Graham Flower, A. M.<br> High School Girls Series: Plebe, Junior, and Senior;<br> College Girls Series: Return To Overton Campus, Third and Fourth&nbsp; Year at Overton College<br /> 
Gun Enthusiast Books European &amp; American Arms, circa. 1100-1850;&nbsp;<br> Gun Digest Book of Gun Accessories &amp; Services;<br> The Modern Rifle by Jim Carmichel.<br /> 
Vintage Books, assorted subjects Including Paper back "Our Houses";<br> "The French Quarter" by Herbert Asbury;<br> "Fancy This" by Jack Frost;<br> and more.<br /> 
Vintage JAMES BOND 007, Role Playing Game Book Victory Games World of JAMES BOND 007 Role Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1983.<br /> 
Vintage Children's and Classic Books Including: Rand McNally Book-Elf Junior The Bear's Picnic;<br> A Child's Treasury of Fairy Tales and Legends;<br> and more.<br /> 
The Rolling Stone, Illustrated History of Rock and Roll Edited by Jim Miller<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Classic Books The Wandering Jew by Eugene Sue, 4 books<br /> 
Antique Leather Hard Bound Book, 1922 The National Geographic National Geographic Magazine, Jan, - June, 1922, Volume XLI.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Including: "The X Bar X Boys on Big Bison Trail" by James Cody Ferris; "Mission: Impossible, The Money Explosion";&nbsp;<br> "Tom Sawyer of the Mets";<br> and "Flight from Natchez"<br /> 
Classic and Vintage Hard Bound Books Seven assorted titles and topics.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Four assorted titles and topics.<br /> 
Classic and Vintage Books Assorted titles and topics.<br /> 
Vintage Movie and Story Books Including: "Herbie Rides Again";<br> "The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman";<br> "The Partridge Family #2, The Haunted Hall";<br> "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom";<br> "Star Wars, The Paradise Snare";<br> and more.<br /> 
Classic and Vintage Hard Bound Books Including: "The Devil in Robes";<br> "King Arthur and his Knights";<br> "Charles Dickens, A Biography&nbsp;from New Sources";<br> "Walden, by Henry David Thoreau";<br> "Morals and Dogma, Ancient &amp; Accepted Rite"<br /> 
Classic and Vintage Hard Bound Books Including: "The Making of the President, 1960"; "Mexican Gold Trail"; and others<br /> 
Early and Newer U. S. Presidents Books Hardbound books on William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, also paperbacks on Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnsosn<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Complete Book of Sewing; Bloomsbury; The Gang; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Books about The Kennedys John F Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books "Guadalcanal Diary"; "The Army of the Potomac"; "Over The Seas For Uncle Sam"; "MacArthur".<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books "Two years Before The Mast"; "S. S. San Pedro"; "Still Time To Die"; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books "Oklahoma Run"; "Tangled Trails"; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books "Revolt in the Desert" by Lawrence; "Hunger Fighters"; "Handy Andy"; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted Titles and Subjects<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books "China Under the Empress"; "Making A New China"; and more.<br /> 
Antique and Vintage German Language Books German book on Berlin Porcelain,"10,000 Years, Creation and Research" 1910; Antique religious books in German print dating 1905 and believed to be late 1800's, including early book referencing Dr. Martin Luther.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books about Adolf Hitler and Third Reich Four historical books: "Inside the Third Reich" Memoirs by Albert Speer:&nbsp; "The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler" by Payne;&nbsp; "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, A History of Nazi Germany" by William L. Shirer; and "I Was Hitler's Doctor" by Dr. Kurt Krueger.<br /> 
Antique Leather Bound Books Three early books circa. 1830's and 1850's including:<br> "The Mariner's Chronicles" a book of disasters at sea and naval engagements, dated 1835 by publisher George W. Groton;&nbsp;<br> "Improved Order of Red Men, Record of the Great Sun Council-Fire, Great Council of Maryland";<br> and "Monument of The Memory of Henry Clay" by A. H. Carrier, 1858.<br /> 
Antique, Vintage Native American Hard Bound Books Including "Sitting Bull and The Indian Wars" by W. Fletcher Johnson, copyright 1891; Series of "The Winning of the West" by Theodore Roosevelt, published 1905; and "Anecdotes of the American Indians" published by C. M. Wells, 1850.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Six books of assorted topics including&nbsp;" Blind Ambition"; "River to the West"; "Biography of John Wanamaker";and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Seven assorted story books.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted books on health and American History.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted Story and other books.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Eight assorted story and other books including Leather Bound 1914 book "National Foreign Trade Convention".<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted story and reference books.<br /> 
Antique, Vintage Hard Bound Books Including "Works of Horace" 1846; "Lady Baltimore" by Owen Wister, 1906; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Four books of Marriage and Sexual Behavior.<br /> 
Antique, Vintage Hard Bound Books, Agriculture and Gardening Including "Department of Agriculture, Report 1868"; and more.<br /> 
Antique, Vintage Hard Bound Books Including two "Life of George Washington" volumes 1 and 2, copyright 1855; and others.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted story books.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books, Religious Including "Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren"; and others.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Children's Books Space and Electronics teaching books.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books, Livestock and Farming Including "Veterinary Guide for Farmers"; "Types and Market Classes of Livestock"; and others.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted Children's and Story Books.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Children's Books Including "The Hardy Boys"; "The House at Pooh Corner"; Red Randall at Pearl Harbor"; "Ghost train"; "The G Man's Son"; and more.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Novels and Classics including "Don Quixote" and others.<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted Novels<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books Assorted Novels<br /> 
Vintage Hard Bound Books