Elegant and Exciting Edina Auction
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Edina, MN 55435
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Friday Dec 18, 7:35 PM
Bidding Ends: Tuesday Jan 19, 7:35 PM
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K-BID Online Auctions

Contact: Ray Caruso
Phone: 763-479-3000
Email: ray.caruso@k-bidmail.com
Website: www.k-bid.com

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Listing Information
Please note; this sale is held in a secured condo building and the items are on the 12th floor. Pick up will be very controlled and needs to be very organized. Customers will be escorted to and from the unit for pick up. All furniture must be removed through the freight elevator. No moving of furniture out the front doors is allowed. The condo is down the hallway from the freight elevator. A note about inspection: It is ONE Person per time slot due to the building restrictions. If you arrive with two people for your slot and that time slot is full, only ONE will be able to come up to the unit. Winning bidders must schedule an appointment. Due to the restrictions of the building, pick up is only allowed on weekdays and ONLY on the days listed. Scheduling an appointment is very important for this sale as we need have as much prepared as we can and when customers schedule an appointment, it helps us know what items they are picking up at what time. Please remember to bring help to move furniture as employees are not able to assist with this as we will be busy escorting customers to and from the unit. Masks and social distancing are required. The building also requires masks are worn in the building.

This sale is very exciting! It's an exciting sale filled with elegant and amazing household items! Sale to include but not limited to: Amazing Furniture! Home decor including artwork Waterford Gorgeous china dishes Lamps/Lighting and more!

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