Online Silent Box Lot Auction
Listing ID#: 374105

Sale Location

York, PA 17403
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Saturday Jan 23, Keystone Auctions LL
Bidding Ends: Wednesday Feb 3, Keystone Auctions LL
Sale Type
 Online Auction (local pick-up only)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
Company Information
Keystone Auctions LLC

Contact: Garret Klinger
Phone: 717-755-8954
Website: ID#: 5500
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Listing Terms and Conditions
Review the instructions in the auction link.
Listing Information

First half of the list includes smalls, glassware, dolls, vintage stuffed animals, artwork, books, lamps, ephemera and more in a discovery ONLINE ONLY box lot.  The second half of the list includes approx 150 bags of uncatalogued jewelry and watches, some needing repair but otherwise interesting. Big bird cages at the end. All sold as is.

This is the online way we offer “box lots” which are separate from our catalog of items. Approx 300 lots are in this auction covering art, tools, smalls, collectibles, and other miscellaneous treasures. There are NO RESERVES. They are sold AS IS and many discoveries await you. 


BASIC PROCEDURE: INSTEAD of an online auction with live bidding, we will accept "silent" bids/via email from now until the Wednesday, February 3rd at 12:30PM DEADLINE. On Thursday we will aggregate (clerk) all bids by lot and the highest bid will be the winning bid. In the event of a tie, the earliest received bid will win.  MINIMUM bid per lot $2 for all items with no reserves. 


The items are in the PHOTO GALLERY and they are in lot number order. The lead photo has the LOT NUMBER label (or the picture will have a lot # as title). If there is no number, note they are in order per the list. There is no detailed description, just a general description. No preview.


EMAIL: The email to KEYSTONEAUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM with your bids will also be your registration for the auction. Include:

          (1) your name, 

          (2) address, 

          (3) phone number, 

          (4) driver's license number, and 

          (5) Sales Tax Exemption/license if applicable, AND

          (6) list of lot numbers and max bid amount $  (for your convenience, an Excel Bid Template is attached with all lots and descriptions. If you can download and fill it in with your bids, this might be the easiest method to placing your bids. Save it on your computer, then submit to us via email. or you can just list the lots in an email with bids) 


WINNER:  We will email invoices after identifying and clerking the winning bids (we expect to email invoices on Friday, Feb 5) Payment may be cash, check or credit card.

* Cash or check is a 16% buyer's premium.

* Credit Card is 19%. 

Payment at pick up is allowed if scheduled the week of February 8th 2021. Pick up must be by pre-scheduled appointment.



The goal is a quick sale and quick removal of sold items. 

Appointments for pick ups will be scheduled during the week of February 8th only. Call upon receipt of invoice to discuss payment and schedule your pick up appointment.


We will move your items to a pick up counter and then you load your car.




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