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We are conducting an Antiques & Collectible Book Auction on Monday February 1, 2020 at 6pm.

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Here is the catalog list:

1 1979 Lewis Carroll's Bedside Book by Edgar Cuthwellis w/ Dust Jacket ILLUSTRATED
2 1957 Clarence Goes to Town by Patricia Lauber w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
3 1939 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: Poor Richard's Almanac & Other Papers
4 1926 A Friend of Caesar: A Tale of Tthe Fall of The Roman Republic 50-47 B.C. by William Stearns Davis ILLUSTRATED
5 1914 The Boy Scouts Under Fire in Mexico by Lieut. Howard Payson Illustrated FIRST EDITION
6 1900 History of Our Country Part 4 ILLUSTRATED
7 1935 North To The Orient by Anne Morrow Lindbergh w/ Maps by Charles Lindbergh FIRST EDITION
8 1955 Third Armored Division (Spearhead) Fort Knox Kentucky Yearbook PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
9 1939 Past Finding Out by Dan E.L. Patch (Chief Of Police) w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
10 1917 Lucky the Young Soldier by Elmer Sherwood Illustrated FIRST EDITION
11 1920 The Story of a Monkey on a Stick by Laura Lee Hope Illustrated FIRST EDITION
12 1950 The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum Adapted by Allen Chaffee ILLUSTRATED
13 1971 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss ILLUSTRATED
14 1917 Italy At War and The Allies in The West by E. Alexander Powell Illustrated FIRST EDITION
15 1917 Long Live the King by Mary Roberts Rinehart Illustrated FIRST EDITION
16 1915 A Rogue by Compulsion: An Affair of the Secret Service by Compulsion by Victor Bridges FIRST EDITION
17 1945 Shinto: The Unconquered Enemy Japan's Doctorine of Racial Superiority and World Conquest by Robert O. Ballou FIRST EDITION
18 1918 The Waterboys and Their Cousins by Charles D. Lewis Illustrated FIRST EDITION
19 1885 Rudder Grange By Frank R. Stockton Illustrated by A.B. Frost
20 1928 My Book House “Through Fairy Halls” Vol. Three by Olive Beaupre Mille ILLUSTRATED
21 Chips From Great Authors by Alice Crowther Mini Book c. 1890
22 1932 Riders of the Valley Range by Lawrence A. Keating w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
23 1963 The Real Mother Goose Illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright
24 1903 Young America's Annual Illustrated FIRST EDITION
25 1939 Rudolph The Red - Nosed Reindeer by Robert L. May Illustrated FIRST EDITION
26 1917 The Note - Book of An Attache: Seven Months in the War Zone by Eric Fisher Wood Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
27 1915 The Inside of The Cup by Winston Churchill ILLUSTRATED
28 1898 When Knighthood Was in Flower by Edwin Caskoden (Charles Major) Julia Marlowe Edition Photoplay Scene Illustrated
29 1902 Cardigan: A Novel by Robert W. Chambers ILLUSTRATED
30 1910 The Pony Rider boys in the Alkali or Finding a Key to the Desert Maze by Frank Gee Patchin Illustrated FIRST EDITION
31 1917 The Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves & Edward Lyell Fox
32 1908 The Red City: A Historical Novel of The Second Administration of President Washington by S. Weir Mitchell Illustrated FIRST EDITION
33 An Address Delivered Before the Alumni of Harvard College, July 16, 1863 by James Walker, D.D.
34 1947 Yank: The GI Story of The War by The Staff of Yank, The Army Weekly w/ Dut Jacket Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
35 1905 He & Hecuba: A Novel by Baroness Von Hutten FIRST EDITION
36 1856 The Angel Visitor or The Voices of The Heart by Frances E. Percival FIRST EDITION
37 Notes of a Week's Holiday by William Makepeace Thackeray c. 1900 ILLUSTRATED Red Suede Cover
38 1914 Rambles Around Old Boston by Edwin M. Bacon Illustrated FIRST EDITION
39 1858 The Adventures Of Roderick Random by T. Smollett, M.D.
40 1887 A Short History of Philadelphia by Susan Coolidge FIRST EDITION
41 1946 Mistress Masham's Repose by T. H. White w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
42 1939 The War Gases: Chemistry & Analysis by Dr. Mario Sartori Illustrated
43 1949 The Love Letters of Mark Twain Edited by Dixon Wecter FIRST EDITION
44 1900 Uncle Terry: A Story of The Maine Coast by Charles Clark Munn Illustrated FIRST EDITION
45 1934 Julia Newberry's Sketch Book or The Life of Two Future Old Maids by Tracy D. Mygatt w/ Sketches FIRST EDITION
46 1921 A Flower of Monterey by Katherine B. Hamill Illustrated FIRST EDITION
47 1968 You Cant Win, Charlie Brown Peanuts Book by Charles M. Schulz ILLUSTRATED
48 1882 The Pictorial History of The Bible: From the Creation of the World by William Smith w/ Maps Included ILLUSTRATED
49 1853 The Amaranth or Token of Remembrance; A Christian and New Year's Gift for 1853 Illustrated FIRST EDITION
50 1899 Old Virginia & Her Neighbours 2 Volume Set by John Fiske
51 1924 The Slave Ship by Mary Johnston FIRST EDITION
52 1877 The Poetical Works of James R. Lowell 2 Volume Set COMPLETE
53 1917 Mr. Rabbit's Wedding Hollow Tree Stories by Albert Bigelow Paine ILLUSTRATED
54 1970 The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower: The War Years 5 Volume Set by Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. FIRST EDITION
55 1941 Blood, Sweat & Tears by Winston S. Churchill FIRST EDITION
56 1918 The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey FIRST EDITION
57 1802 The Coquette or The History of Eliza Wharton A Novel Founded on Fact by a Lady of Massachusetts (Hannah Webster Foster)
58 1946 The Pony Express of Blazing The Westward Way by William Lightfoot Visscher w/ Dust Jacket ILLUSTRATED
59 1873 The Mystery of Metropolisville by Edward Eggleston Illustrated FIRST EDITION
60 1893 Helen by Maria Edgeworth Two Volume Set
61 1863 The Second Little Pet Book with The Tale of Puss and John by Aunt Fanny Illustrated FIRST EDITION
62 The Real Book for Children by Two of Them Edited by E. Goss ILLUSTRATED c. 1880
63 1959 Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss ILLUSTRATED
64 1918 Individual Instruction in Rifle Practice BY U.S. Army Colonel A.J. Macnab, Jr. WWI
65 1849 History of Spanish Literature by George Ticknor Vol. I & II FIRST EDITION
66 1884 Dearly Bought: A Novel by Clara Louise Burnham Illustrated FIRST EDITION
67 1848 Hale's History of The United States, From Their First Settlement as Colonies, to The Close of Mr. Tyler's Administration in 1845
68 1928 Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Milo Winter
69 1863 Tactics or Cupid In Shoulder Straps A West Point Love Story By Hearton Drille, U.S.A. (Civil War)
70 1883 History of the Conquest of Mexico 2 Volume Set by William H. Prescott
71 1961 The Complete Humorous Sketches & Tales of Mark Twain by Charles Neider w/ Dust Jacket
72 1895 The Three Musketeers by William Robson Vol. II ILLUSTRATED
73 1916 King Arthur and His Knights by Maude Radford Warren ILLUSTRATED
74 1929 "Manna-Hatin": The Story of New York Illustrated FIRST EDITION
75 Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll c. 1920
76 1820 Elements of Greek Grammar Taken Chiefly from the Grammar of Caspar Frederick Hachenberg FULL LEATHER
77 1921 The Peace Negotiations: A Personal Narrative by Robert Lansing w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
78 1925 Edith's Burglar by Frances H. Burnett w/ Dust Jacket Motion Picture Photo Illustrated BABY PEGGY EDITION
79 1902 A Man's Woman by Frank Norris
80 1864 The New Testament by His Majesty's Special Command Full Leather Cover
81 1927 Literary Treasure of 1927 LIMITED EDITION No. 41 / 5000
82 1880 The Life & Letter of Frances Baroness Bunsen by Augustus J. C. Hare Illustrated FIRST EDITION
83 Aesop's Fables Illustrated by Ernest Griset and Harrison Weir c. 1900
84 1964 The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary by The Cat Himself and P.D. Eastman FIRST EDITION
85 1946 Hiroshima by John Hersey FIRST EDITION
86 1926 Ruskin's Views of Social Justice Edited and Introduction by James Fuchs FIRST EDITION
87 1913 The Open Road: A Book For Wayfarers by E. V. Lucas ILLUSTRATED by Claude Shepperson
88 1902 The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses by Theodore Roosevelt
89 1903 An Apache Princess: A Tale of The Indian Frontier by Gen. Charles King Illustrated by Frederic Remington FIRST EDITION
90 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac and Other Papers by Benjamin Franklin c. 1900
91 1965 John F. kennedy: Man of the Sea by Tazewell Shepard, Jr. w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
92 1876 Original Plays by W. S. Gilbert FIRST EDITION
93 1892 City Festivals by Will Carleton Illustrated FIRST EDITION
94 1917 Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detective and Other Stories by Mark Twain ILLUSTRATED
95 1853 The Floral Offering: The Language & Poetry of Flowers by Henrietta Dumont ILLUSTRATED
96 1867 History of The Great Civil War in United States from 1861 - 1865 German Edition Illustrated FIRST EDITION
97 1939 The Family Reunion A Play by T.S. Eliot w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
98 1797 Historical Account of The Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels and Discoveries, From The Time of Columbus to The Preesent Period Volume XVII ILLUSTRATED
99 1929 Bambi by Felix Salten Illustrated FIRST EDITION
100 1872 A Child's History of the United States 3 Volume Set by John Gilmary Shea Illustrated FIRST EDITION
101 1892 Speeches of Benjamin Harrison, Twenty-Third President Of The United States by Charles Hedges FIRST EDITION
102 1850 Third Annual Report of The Regents of The University on The Condition of The State Cabinet of Natural History NATIVE AMERICAN
103 1925 Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb ILLUSTRATED
104 1849 Poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes FIRST EDITION
105 1925 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking - Glass by Lewis Carroll ILLUSTRATED
106 1904 Theodore Roosevelt the Citizen by Jacob A. Riis Illustrated FIRST EDITION
107 1914 Princess Mary's Gift Book Illustrated FIRST EDITION (Arthur Rackham, Claude Shepperson, J.M. Barrie, Etc..)
108 1860 The Life of Andrew Jackson 3 Volume Set by James Parton FIRST EDITION
109 1855 Wolfert's Roost And Other Papers, Now First Collected By Washington Irving FIRST EDITION
110 SIGNED 1889 An Essay on The Autographic Collections of The Signers of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution by Lyman C. Draper FIRST EDITION
111 1887 Remarks by Bill Nye by Edgar W. Nye Illustrated FIRST EDITION
112 1887 Nature's Hallelujah by Irene E. Jerome Illustrated FIRST EDITION
113 1888 Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin's by Frances Hodgson Burnett Illustrated FIRST EDITION
114 1926 Nigger Heaven by Carl Van Vechten FIRST EDITION
115 1929 The White House Gang by Earle Looker (Theodore Roosevelt) Illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg FIRST EDITION
116 1880 The Memorial History of Boston Including Suffolk County, Massachusetts 1630 - 1880 Vol. I & II by Justin Winsor ILLUSTRATED
117 1924 The Alps, The Danube & The Near East by Frank G. Carpenter Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
118 1841 Familiar Lectures on Botany Practical, Elementary and Physiological with an Appendix by Almira H. Lincoln ILLUSTRATED
119 1851 The History of The United States of America 3 Volume Set by Richard Hildreth FIRST EDITION
120 1898 Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen Vol. I & II
121 1898 The Beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard by Anna A. Gordon Illustrated MEMORIAL FIRST EDITION
122 1943 A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis by Professor Sigmund Freud, MD. De Luxe Edition
123 1891 Balaam and His Master by Joel Chandler Harris FIRST EDITION Black Americana
124 1913 Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne with Illustrated by Milo Winter
125 1864 Rollo's Tour in Europe: Rollo in Paris by Jacob Abbott Illustrated FIRST EDITION
126 1888 Principles of Political Economy by John Stuart Mill 2 Volume Set COMPLETE
127 1910 Report of the Legislative Committee from the State of New York to the Alaska - Yukon - Pacific Exposition Illustrated FIRST EDITION
128 1820 The Lives of Eminent and Remarkable Characters Born or Long Resident in The Counties of Essex, Suffolk, & Norfolk FIRST EDITION
129 1935 Man Of Aran by Pat Mullen w/ 16 Film Scenes FIRST EDITION
130 1910 Indian Wars of New England by Herbert Milton Sylvester Vol. I FIRST EDITION
131 1927 The Cabin in The Clearing by James A. Braden FIRST EDITION
132 1923 A Man From Maine by Edward W. Bok Illustrated FIRST EDITION
133 1873 Farm Ballads by WIll Carleton Illustrated FIRST EDITION
134 1856 Recollections of a Lifetime or Men and Things I Have Seen 2 Volume Set by S. G. Goodrich Illustrated FIRST EDITION
135 1927 Mother West Wind's Neighbors by Thornton W. Burgess ILLUSTRATED
136 1940 Happiness in Marriage by Margaret Sanger
137 1895 The Last Leaf Poem by Oliver Wendell Homes ILLUSTRATED
138 1911 Recollections of The Private Life of Napoleon 2 Volume Set by Constant ILLUSTRATED
139 Lucy's Troubles and Other Stories by Laurie Loring c.1870 ILLUSTRATED
140 1896 Dotty Dimple Out West by Sophie May ILUSTRATED
141 1935 The New America, The New World by H.G. Wells FIRST EDITION
142 1833 The Greek Reader by Frederic Jacobs FULL LEATHER
143 1850 Latter-Day Pamphlets No. III Downing Street Edited by Thomas Carlyle
144 1855 The Works of Washington Irving Vol. I
145 1915 Our Young Aeroplanes Scouts in Germany by Horace Porter FIRST EDITION
146 1913 The Court of Christina of Sweden and The Later Adventures of The Queen in Exile by Francis Gribble Illustrated FIRST EDITION
147 1965 Brian Wildsmith's Mother Goose: A Collection of Nursery Rhymes w/ Dust Jacket ILLUSTRATED
148 1986 'You're Only Old Once!'' Written and Illustrated by Dr. Seuss w/ Dust Jacket
149 1853 Poems By Felicia Hemans, With An Essay On Her Genius by H. T. Tuckerman
150 1881 The Political Works of Sir Walter Scott ILLUSTRATED
151 1925 Gymnastic Nomenclature of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America ILLUSTRATED
152 Inaugural Souvenir 1901 William McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt Illustrated FIRST EDITION
153 1930 From Boston to Boston: A Story of Hannah and Richard Garrett in Old England and New England in 1630 by Annie Russell Marble Illustrated FIRST EDITION
154 1888 Gems from Tennyson Illustrated by Hammatt Billings FIRST EDITION
155 1890 A Lost Jewel by Harriet Prescott Spofford Illustrated FIRST EDITION
156 1927 Tami: The Story of a Chipmunk by Bertha Chapman Cady Illustrated FIRST EDITION
157 1901 The Making of a Marchioness by Francis Hodgson Burnett Illustrated FIRST EDITION
158 1901 The Court & Reign of Francis the First: King of France 3 Volume Set by Julia Pardoe
159 1838 Evelina or The History Of A Young Lady's Entrance Into The World By Miss Burney
160 1911 Illustrations On the Beatitudes by Sadie Eastwood Illustrated FIRST EDITION
161 1926 America's Most Historic Highway by Joseph Jackson ILLLUSTRATED
162 1858 Address Prepared For The Forty-Fifth Anniversary of The Defence of Ft. Stephenson by Hon. Elisha Whittlesey
163 1853 Lalla Rookh: by Thomas Moore
164 1942 Headhunting in the Solomon Islands by Caroline Mytinger w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
165 1955 The Pony Express by Lee Jensen Illustrated FIRST EDITION
166 1923 The Kitchen Porch by George Philip Krapp Illustrated FIRST EDITION
167 1895 A Madonna of The Alps by Nathan Haskell Dole FIRST EDITION
168 1899 A Paladin of Philanthropy by Austin Dobson SIGNED FIRST EDITION
169 1883 The Tiger Hunter or A Hero In Spite Of Himself by Capt. Mayne Reid
170 1958 Paint The Wind by Alberta Hannum w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
171 1912 The Flight of the Princess & Other Pieces by Robert Louis Stevenson
172 1953 Scrambled Eggs Super! by Dr. Seuss ILLUSTRATED
173 1918 On Two Frontiers by George T. Buffum Illustrated FIRST EDITION
174 1849 The Spelling - Book: Consisting of Words in Columns & Senetences for Oral & Written Exercises From the Greek & Latin Languages by William D. Swan
175 1923 Ride Him, Cowboy by Kenneth Perkins FIRST EDITION
176 1947 Rip Van Winkle's Dream by Jeannette Michael Haien FIRST EDITION
177 1868 The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of The Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of The Church
178 1958 Yertle The Turtle and Other Stories by Dr Seuss Illustrated FIRST EDITION
179 1859 The Mysteries Of Udolpho by Mrs. Ann Radcliffe Complete In One Volume
180 1897 Old Ebenezer by Opie Read ILLUSTRATED
181 1945 Types & Market Classes of Livestock by Henry W. Vaughan PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
182 1952 The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward Illustrated FIRST EDITION
183 1946 Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett w/ Dust Jacket Photo Illustrated FIRST AMERICAN EDITION
184 1940 Gentlewomen Aim to Please by Jerrard Tickell w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
185 1908 The Little Brown Jug at Kildare by Meredith Nicholson Illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg FIRST EDITION
186 1971 Sex American Style by Frank Robinson & Nat Lehrman (Playboy Press Book) ILLUSTRATED
187 1836 Alonzo and Melissa, or The Unfeeling Father. A tale, Founded on Fact
188 1914 A Wanderer's Trail by A. L. Ridger by A. Loton Ridger Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
189 1918 Waterloo New York High School Commencement Memory Book (Photos, Etc..)
190 1892 The Slate Picker by Harry Prentice Illustrated FIRST EDITION
191 1912 Over the Pass by Frederick Palmer FIRST EDITION
192 1934 Girl Scout Handbook by Girl Scouts Incorporated Illustrated Second Impression
193 1903 Nature & The Camera by A.R. Dugmore PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
194 1856 Pictures From Many Lands ILLUSTRATED
195 1934 The Movie Scout of The Thrill Hunters by Norton Hughes Jonathan (Eagle Scout) FIRST EDITION
196 Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway c. 1900 ILLUSTRATED
197 1932 Sherman: Fighting Prophet (Civil War) by Lloyd Lewis Illustrated FIRST EDITION
198 1888 Proceedings of the Senate & Assembly of The State of New York on The Death of Civil War General John A. Logan
199 1873 An Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography Being a Catalogue of Books Relating to American Indians FIRST EDITION
200 1952 The Royal Gardeners: King George VI & His Queen by W. E. Shewell - Cooper w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
201 1942 How to Get Along in The Army by Old Sarge FIRST EDITION
202 1924 Lottery by W.E. Woodward FIRST EDITION
203 1912 Reminiscences of a Prioneer by Colonel William Thompson Illustrated FIRST EDITION
204 1936 The Log of a Limejuicer: The Experiences Under Sail of James P. Barker Master Mariner by Roland Barker ILLUSTRATED
205 1901 In The Palace of The King: A Love Story of Old Madrid by F. Marion Crawford ILLUSTRATED
206 1905 The Hand-Book of Standard or American Phonography by Andrew Graham
207 1916 South American Neighbors by Homer C. Stuntz Photo Illustrated w/ Foldout Map FIRST EDITION
208 1928 The European Scrap Book Illustrated FRIST EDITION
209 1921 King Cole by John Masefield Illustrated FIRST EDITION
210 1914 Penrod by Booth Tarkington ILLUSTRATED
211 1910 Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond Illustrated FIRST EDITION
212 1913 Above The Clouds and Old New York: Woolworth Building by H. Addington Bruce Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
213 1926 The First Christmas Tree: A Story of The Forest by Henry Van Dyke w/ Dust Jacket
214 1913 The Call of The Cumberlands by Charles Neville Buck Photoplay Illustrated FIRST EDITION
215 1898 Bob: Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant Illustrated FIRST EDITION
216 1899 Prue & I by George William Curtis
217 1958 Pony For Three by C. W. Anderson w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
218 1891 Memorial Addresses on the Life & Character of Edward J. Gay FIRST EDITION
219 1937 And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street by Dr Seuss ILLUSTRATED
220 1910 A Guide to Great Cities for Young Travelers & Others: Northwestern Europe by Esther Singleton Illustrated FIRST EDITION
221 1965 The American Heritage History of The Great West PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
222 1932 With Sven Hedin Through Asia's Desert (Mit Sven Hedin Durch Asiens Wustern) by Dr. Arthur Berger ILLUSTRATED
223 The Review of Reviews and International Magazine Volume XII July - December 1895 ILLUSTRATED
224 1880 Sketches of The Physical Geography & Geology of Nebraska by Samuel Aughey FIRST EDITION
225 1939 Historic Silver of the Colonies & It's Makers by Francis Hill Bigelow w/ Dust Jacket Included PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
226 1934 First Over Everest!: The Houston-Mount Everest Expedition, 1933 by USAF Pilots Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
227 1909 An American Transportation System: A Criticism of the Past & the Present & APlan For The Future by George A. Rankin FIRST EDITION
228 1929 On the Bottom by Commander Edward Ellsberg Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
229 1935 Pathway Of Empire by Edward Hungerford Illustrated FIRST EDITION
230 1937 The Phantom Whale by Warren F. Robinson FIRST EDITION
231 1981 Lewis Carroll: An Annotated International Bibliography by Edward Guiliano w/ Dust Jacket
232 A Book of Golden Deeds by Charlotte M. Yonge c. 1900
233 1951 Communism, Democracy, & Catholic Power by Paul Blanshard w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
234 1940 Sonny The Elephant by Madge A. Bingham ILLUSTRATED
235 1939 What The Dark Room Revealed by David O'Hara Illustrated FIRST EDITION
236 1835 The Easy Reader or Introduction to The National Precptor: Consisting of Familiar and Progressive Lessons by J. Olney ILLUSTRATED
237 1963 Gilbert by Eric Gurney w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
238 Dolls & Puppets by Max Von Boehn c. 1930 ILLUSTRATED
239 1911 The Art of the Vienna Galleries by David C. Preyer Illustrated FIRST EDITION
240 1940 The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde Illustrated FIRST EDITION
241 1926 James W. Wadsworth, Jr: A Biographical Sketch by Henry F. Holthusen FIRST EDITION
242 The Cruise of The Cachalot by Frank T. Bullen c. 1890 ILLUSTRATED
243 1905 The Boss of Little Arcady by Harry Leon Wilson Illustrated FIRST EDITION
244 1945 Rochester: The Water-Power City 1812 - 1854 by Blake McKelvey SIGNED Illustrated FIRST EDITION
245 1929 All The Brave Rifles by Clarke Venable FIRST EDITION
246 1952 Brown Men & Red Sand: Journeyings in Wild Australia by Charles P. Mountford w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
247 1905 Fanny Crosby's Life-Story by Herself ILLUSTRATED
248 1965 The Gateway to Storyland Edited by Watty Piper ILLUSTRATED
249 1991 Six by Seuss (How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Lorax, Horton Hatches The Egg, Etc..) FIRST EDITION
250 1906 Camps & Firesides of The Revolution by Albert Bushnell Hart ILLUSTRATED
251 1930 Knowing, Collecting and Restoring Early American Furniture by Henry Hammond Taylor Illustrated FIRST EDITION
252 1954 Between the Elephant's Eyes! by Colonel Robert L. Scott, Jr. w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
253 Horae Subsecivae: Rab and His Friends and Other Papers by John Brown
254 1941 All Gaul is Divided: Letters From Occupied France w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
255 1950 This is Russia: Uncensored by Edmund Stevens w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
256 1894 Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
257 Mississippi - 1720: Some Considerations on The Consequences of The French Settling Colonies on The Mississippi
258 1941 Automotive Essentials by Ray F. Kuns ILLUSTRATED
259 1905 Proceedings of The Senate & Assembly of The State of New York on the Life, Character & Public Services of Timothy Edward Ellsworth
260 1920 Rhymes of a Rolling Stone by Robert W. Service FULL LEATHER
261 1965 No Room for Bears by Frank Dufresne w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
262 1926 Science Readers Book III: The Baby Animal Zoo by William and Stella Nida Illustrated FIRST EDITION
263 1900 A Master of Craft by W.W. Jacobs Illustrated FIRST EDITION
264 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Edward FitzGerald c. 1940
265 1927 What Bird is That? A Pocket Museum of The Land of Birds of The Eastern United States by Frank M. Chapman ILLUSTRATED
266 1941 The Wounded Don't Cry by Quentin Reynolds FIRST EDITION
267 1924 Low Bridge and Punk Pungs by Sam Hellman w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
268 1877 Monroe's Chart Primer of First Steps in Reading by Lewis B. Monroe Illustrated FIRST EDITION
269 1901 Light Freights by W.W. Jacobs ILLUSTRATED
270 1972 The Ant and The Elephant by Bill Peet ILLUSTRATED
271 1947 Kaleidoscopic Quebec by Amy Oakley w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
272 1869 Cast Up By The Sea by Sir Samuel W. Baker, M.A. ILLUSTRATED
273 1945 The Rivers of America: The Shenandoah by Julia Davis w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
274 1955 Hans Christian Andersen: A Great Life in Brief by Rumer Godden FIRST EDITION
275 1966 The American Indian by Oliver La Farge PHOTO ILLUSTRATED
276 1899 Assimilative Memory or How to Attend and Never Forget by Professor A. Loisette
277 1946 All The Bet in Cuba by Sydney Clark Photo Illustrated FIRST EDITION
278 1896 The "Sunlight" Almanac for 1896 FIRST EDITION
279 1904 Homer Martin: A Reminiscence October 28, 1836 - February 12, 1897 FIRST EDITION
280 1953 Kangaroo by Henry G. Lamond w/ Dust Jacket FIRST EDITION
281 1953 Snowflake by Paul Gallico FIRST EDITION
282 1921 The Castaways of Banda Sea by Warren H. Miller FIRST EDITION
283 1900 Myths & Fables of To - Day by Samuel Adams Drake Illustrated FIRST EDITION
284 1964 A Baby Sister For Frances by Russell Hoban Illustrated FIRST EDITION
285 The Dairyman's Daughter by Rev. Legh Richmond, M.A. c. 1880 ILLUSTRATED
286 1962 Flagon The Dragon by Garry and Vesta Smith Illustrated FIRST EDITION
287 1946 Hunting and Fishing In Texas by Hart Stilwell w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
288 1926 Auction Bridge Complete By Milton C. Work FIRST EDITION
289 1970 A Book of Fairy Tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Mother Goose, Etc..) ILLUSTRATED
290 1909 The Silver Horde by Rex Beach w/ Dust Jacket Illustrated FIRST EDITION
291 1985 Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Other World Famous Fairy Tales w/ Dust Jacket ILLUSTRATED
292 1917 Rand-McNally Indexed Pocket Map and Shippers' Guide of Pennsylvania
293 1963 The Little Red Caboose by Marian Potter ILLUSTRATED Big Golden Book
294 1930 Wide-Awake Tale About Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat
295 1988 Narcotics Anonymous (5th Edition) w/ Dust Jacket
296 1966 Old Black Witch by Wende and Harry Devlin ILLUSTRATED
297 1967 Frederick by Leo Lionni ILLUSTRATED
298 1965 Dr. Frick and His Fractions by Henry W. Ford Illustrated FIRST EDITION
299 1943 Films Without Makeup By Ronald McIntyre FIRST EDITION
300 How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss c. 1960 ILLUSTRATED


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