Stamps, Rocks & Paper Collection! Single Owner Estate Collection! All Bids Start at $10.00!
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Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
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Bidding Starts: Sunday Mar 28, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Wednesday Apr 21, 5:00 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Bodnar's Auction Sales

Contact: Joseph Bodnar
Phone: 866-349-7378
Website: ID#: 8940
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1) PAYMENT: Payment must be made in full by the Liveauctioneers payment system, bank wire transfer, PayPal, money order, or approved check. Payment can also be made by cash at time of pick-up or by credit/debit card at time of pick up. We do not take any credit cards over the phone. All international transactions over $2000.00 we ask for a wire bank transfer for. Transactions over $10,000.00 may also require a bank transfer. This payment must be made with-in 24 hours of the auction. Within 1 – 2 hours after the auction, we will contact you as the high bidder with payment directions. We may process your credit card on file with Liveauctioneers if payment arrangements are not made with-in 72 hours. If payment is not received with-in 72 hours you will be reported as a non-paying bidder. After 72 hours the contract between the buyer & seller would be voided and resold at the next available sale. A 13% Buyer's Premium is added to the final bid price of all items in house. A 5% online fee will also be charged. A 6.625% NJ Sales tax will also be charged to NJ residents. Liveauctioneers collects and remits all New Jersey sales tax and you must file the proper resale forms with your account. If you are paying in person and picking up your items, New Jersey Sales tax will be collected and remitted by Bodnar’s Auction, you will need to fill out the appropriate resale ST-3 or ST#-NR forms and you must present a Certificate of Authority to be considered as tax exempt and be an appropriate re-sell type of business. Liveauctioneers collects and remits sales tax for most US States. Please review Liveauctioneers state tax policy and if you are from a state that they collect from, you must file the appropriate information with Liveauctioneers. We have no control of out of state sales tax policies. The auction House has the right to hold merchandise until funds clear! 2) Non-Paying Bidders: After 72 hours the contract between the buyer & seller would be voided and resold at the next available sale. The Buyer will have a dispute opened against them with Liveauctioneers. Disputes never go away on your account even if you complete the transaction after the fact for all auction houses to see. Buyer will be blocked to bid at Bodnar’s auction for any further sales. The buyer will be held responsible for any loss due to the item being resold for in a future auction including all fees involved with relisting the item. The buyer in a breach of contract will also be liable for any attorney and court fees involved to recoup any losses. 3) CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: Bodnar's Auction has endeavored to accurately describe all items being sold, with descriptions and photographs. We stand behind our descriptions. If there is no mention to condition it may be assumed it is in good condition with no breaks or repairs to the human eye. Any item in a box lot may have some damage and may not be listed in the description. Purchasers should take advantage of inspection opportunities and email to satisfy any questions they might have as to the condition, etc. of any item being offered. Photos listed with each item have been reviewed for accuracy, but are not guaranteed to be correct, the description will hold to being accurate. We describe all items day of auction with a live feed that is recorded and will supersede any description in the catalog. We highly recommend you watch the sale live for any updates to an item or for any defects we call during the sale. All sales are final. Measurements are all estimated and may not be exact. We sell antiques, items that have been loved and used, we try to accurately describe any defects, however normal wear is to be expected and not described in the description. Bodnar's Auctions is not responsible for missing pieces of toys and games not obvious without directions or knowledge of the toy or game. It must be understood that we cannot be responsible for minor age defects or hidden conditions. They will be sold in an "as is" condition. Original boxes were used to protect the items inside, so they are usually worn. The original box is not included in the grading of the toys. It should be assumed that none of the toys or trains are in working condition unless noted mint in working order in the description. All gram weights and measurements should be used as a guide and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. All furniture is in used condition and may have minor defects not disclosed in the description. However, any major flaw in a piece of furniture will be addressed in the description. Due to the sensitive nature of clocks and watches they are all to be assumed not to be in working order unless noted in the description otherwise. Artwork; Name of Artist Indicates that the work, in our best judgment, is by the named artist, attributed to in our best judgement, the work may be by the artist but is not guaranteed. All Art measurements include the frame unless otherwise noted as image only. 4) CLAIMS and RETURNS: No Claims will be allowed 48 hours after receipt of item. No claims or returns will be allowed once you sign and pick up your items from the auction house so please review your items at time of pick up before you drive away. In the event of a refund for any reason, we will refund the purchase price only, shipping costs and buyer's Premium excluded. Discrepancies of description shall be decided by mutually agreed upon experts in the field. The authentication must be in writing and is at the expense of the purchaser. An USPAP Certified Appraisal would be acceptable. 5) RETURNED CHECKS: If your check is returned for NSF you will be notified immediately. A $100.00 fee will be issued and we will re-deposit your check. If it is returned a second time it will be handed over to the proper authorities. 6) BIDDING: We are accepting bids with Liveauctioneers as a convenience to our customers, but we will not be held responsible for errors or failures to execute bids. In the event of a tie bid between an online bidder and a bidder at the auction house, the auctioneer will make the determination of the winner, it is not determined upon who bid first. Due to the bidding rotation at a live auction, you may want to bid one bid higher than your high bid to ensure you would get the item in the event of a tie. We will not be held responsible for computer malfunctions or user malfunctions during the sale. If you are the high bidder at the fall of the hammer you will be held responsible for that purchase. You will be in a binding contract and expected to pay for that purchase. If you do not intend to pay for the item you are bidding on please do not bid! Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. You are responsible for your own computer and access to biding on the platform of Liveauctioneers. If your cat bid or you accidently bid, it is your fault not the auctioneers. You must complete the transaction. If you do not want the piece you can re-consign it to the next appropriate auction for a fee of 30%. This is a live broadcast auction. All description comments given live at the auction will supersede any written description. The terms of the sale will be announced at the beginning of the sale at 11:00am. Any announcements will be given at this time, please plan on attending at 11:00am for any changes. 7) We try to answer all questions with-in 48-hours prior to the sale. All items are packed away until auction week so if you ask a question the week before the sale you may not get an answer until 2 days prior to the auction. You may call 732-951-2100 to get answers to any questions to any lots in the sale. 8) Shipping: We offer in-house shipping via USPS, or local contact-less pick-up. Purchased items will be shipped on a first paid, first shipped basis and may take up to ten (10) business days for said shipment to leave Bodnar’s Auction. If you pay your invoice after the 72 hour deadline, your item may not ship for twenty (20) business days with-in our next auction cycle. Once the item is paid, we will pack it and send you a second invoice for shipping. Shipping will include the actual cost, plus insurance and a $10 handling fee per item. This is not negotiable. All items will be shipped within 10 days of payment. If you are picking up, all items must be picked up from our South Brunswick location no later than Tuesday 4/27/2021. Any items left after Tuesday will be subject to a $10 per day storage fee. Once your appointment has been made, you cannot change the day or time as we fully book up very quickly. You must contact us within 24 hours of the sale to arrange an appointment to pick up. If you are in NJ we will contact you automatically to set up an appointment. If you are not in NJ, you must contact us no later than 24 hours after the sale or your items will be automatically packed to be shipped and you will be charged a handling fee even if you decide to pick up. The pick-up dates will be Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday following the sale and are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you cannot pick-up on those dates, your items will be shipped to you. If you bid on over-sized items or a large quantity of items, your items will be taken and shipped via UPS Store Kendall Park, NJ – 732-422-7242. You agree to pay the shipper the cost of packing and mailing your items to you. If you refuse to pay the shipper, your items will be considered abandoned. Any items left in our possession after 30 days are considered abandoned, and we will not issue a refund.
Listing Information

April 21, 2021

Stamps, Rock, Paper & More!

Single Owner Collection!

Sale Begins at 11:00am

Preview by Appointment Only April 20, 2021 11:00am-4:00pm

Please email us to reserve your spot!

This sale will feature a single owner lifetime collection of Stamps, Paper, and Rocks! As always there are no reserves and all Lots start at $10.00. This is a Local Pick-Up Only sale and Shipping by the Local UPS Store in Kendall Park, NJ. This is a live Broadcast Auction with Joe Bodnar auctioneering and a caller describing all lots on a webcast live during the sale! Sale starts at 11:00am! Hope to see you on Sale Day!

1000’s of United States Stamps, Foreign Stamps, early 19th stamps and stamp marks, early letters, paper items, postcards, first day covers, banks notes, stocks, deeds, canceled and mint stamps, plate blocks, loose and stamp albums, collection of wheat pennies, collection of photographs, Lifetime collection of minerals & geodes, Fossilized coral, selenite specimens, Smoky quartz, Fossilized bone, Carnelian, quartz with multi-pockets and yellow agate, scapolite, quartz, obsidian, petrified wood, black andradite garnet calcite crystals, garnet, pyrope garnet in gneiss, plus much more!

Questions Call 866-349-7378 
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