Chanhassen Downsizing - Panerai Watch, Golf Clubs, Hamm's, Sports Memorabilia, Ammo
Listing ID#: 391353

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Chanhassen, MN 55317
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Wednesday Mar 31, 7:15 PM
Bidding Ends: Thursday Apr 8, 7:15 PM
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K-BID Online Auctions

Contact: Ray Caruso
Phone: 763-479-3000
Website: ID#: 6702
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Listing Information
You MUST take all items in a lot that you win, not just the items you want, unless the lot description states otherwise. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS THE BIDDER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING YOUR OWN HELP, TOOLS, DOLLIES & LADDERS TO REMOVE, DISASSEMBLE IF NECESSARY, AND LOAD ANY ITEM YOU WIN. Cash (preferred), Debit, or Credit Cards Only Please. Credit Cards are accepted up to $5,000 per card. Any lot that sells for OVER $5000 that is paid by credit card is subject to an additional 5% fee. A Bank Certified Cashier’s Check can be used ONLY for amounts over $1,000, and ONLY if we can verify with the bank that funds were drawn. It's best to let your banker know we will be calling them, as big banks usually will not speak to a 3rd party like us. NO Checks of any kind business or personal, sorry Pick up day only for the dates given Please review all terms. Please bring your own help to move items as well as packing material, or pallets if needed.

Seller in Chanhassen is clearing his personal items from his warehouse to make more space. Many pieces of sports memorabilia, largely from charity events. A great collection of Hamm's items. Some very high end golf clubs. Also a beautiful Panerai wrist watch that would typically sell for over $5000 used on eBay.

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