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Listing ID#: 409170

Sale Location

North Aurora, IL 60542
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Thursday Jun 3, 12:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Jun 13, 5:00 PM
Sale Type
 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
Company Information
Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery

Contact: Matt Bullock
Phone: 815-220-5005
Website: ID#: 7782
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Listing Terms and Conditions
THIS AUCTION IS A COMPLETE ONLINE ESTATE AUCTION LOCATED IN NORTH AURORA IL. ITEMS WILL BE PICKED UP FROM THE ESTATE LOCATION. Live Bidding Starts Sunday June 13th at 9:00am, All lots will be sold in lot order until the last lot is sold Pre-bidding is now open for all who wish to do so Preview Days – Wednesday June 10th from 12:00pm-6:00pm by Appointment Only, to set up an appointment please call 815-220-5005 Pickup Days by Appointment Only Tuesday June 15th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm Tuesday June 16th from 10:00am to 6:00pm Friday June 18th from 10:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday June 19th from 10:00am to 4:00pm Located in North Aurora IL.
Listing Information

421 E Stevenson Rd Ottawa IL



ONLINE ONLY – Estate Collector Auction

Sunday, June 13th 9:00 am


Auction Highlights include Bear mounts, Deer mounts, Fish mounts, Elk mount, Wolverine mount, Raccoon mount, Turkey Mount, and Many other mounts and taxidermy, Wildlife figures and statues, Native American Items, Jewelry, Artwork, Couches, Love Seat, Showcases, Large Cabinets, Religious items, Duck Statues, Horse Statues, Books, Kitchen Items, Copperware, Glassware, Baseball items, Clothing, Garage full of tools, sockets, hammers, wrenches, log splitter, lawn mower, filing cabinets, car supplies, and much much more.

Terms: Cash, Check, & Credit Cards
Online Bidding Available
Visit our website at for more information, catalog, and bidding link
Always taking quality consignments for our upcoming auctions.
Contact us at or 815-220-5005 and let us market your collection to the world
We are a large collection specialist.


Lot Number Lot Title
1 Caribou shoulder mount
2 Pheasant mount
3 black bear mount with antler base
4 Blue Gill mount on wood
5 Small Mouth Bass Double fish mount on wood display
6 Rock Bass Fish mount on drift wood display
7 Coyote fur rug
8 Double fish mount display with driftwood
9 Large Mouth Bass Fish mount display on driftwood
10 Walleye Fish mount on Driftwood base
11 Large Mouth Bass Fish mount with driftwood base
12 Large Mouth Bass Fish mount with driftwood base
13 Bass Fish mount on driftwood base
14 Large Mouth Bass Fish mount with driftwood base
15 Black Crappie Fish mount with driftwood base
16 Northern pike fish mount with driftwood base
17 Black Crappie Fish mount with driftwood base
18 Deer and bobcat mount
19 Large elk shoulder mount
20 Wolverine mount on stag base
21 Wood carved wildlife statue
22 Group of two wood duck statues
23 Group of fish decor
24 Brass Fireplace tools with stand
25 Brass Duckhead fireplace tools with stand
26 Group of fireplace items and more
27 Group of miscellaneous items
28 Electrified lamp with cranberry glass shade
29 Group of two modern ornate telephones
30 Group of two modern ornate telephones
31 Group of 7 German style steins
32 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
33 Metal wine serving cart
34 Shelf lots of miscellaneous items
35 Ornate plant stand
36 Group of cast-iron items
37 Group of 4 contemporary duck decoys
38 Metal and bamboo storage cabinet
39 Creel fly fishing Decor
40 Group of three decorative clocks
41 Metal lion table lamp
42 Group of three decorative items
43 Group of model cars and shelving unit
44 Wood, glass, and metal table
45 Decorative gourd display with basket
46 Glass, plaster, and metal coffee table
47 Black and gold side table with floral and butterfly design
48 Shelf lot of miscellaneous decor
49 Shelf lot of miscellaneous mugs and antler mug stand
50 Group of copper and copper plated items
51 Cabinet lot of miscellaneous books
52 Largemouth bass plastic statue
53 Pine cabinet
54 Shelf lot of miscellaneous decor
55 Oak buffet with ornate back
56 Tall walnut plant stand
57 Column style plant stand
58 Group of brass tea pots and Asian items
59 Wood inlay cabinet
60 Scotty the Scottish dog doll
61 2 pairs of stone horse bookends
62 Vintage tin and cast iron lion carriage toy
63 Group of decanters and pitchers
64 Oil on canvas painting of a Grizzly Bear by J. Johnan
65 Asian themed wind up jewelry music box
66 Oversized US coin table medals
67 Little girl standing on chair bronze statue
68 Group of religious rosaries and clam jewelry boxes
69 14 KP Dazzler Gold cross ring
70 Group of cuff links and silver necklace
71 Wood carved eagle with antler base
72 Cowboy riding bucking bronco statue
73 Group of miscellaneous decor
74 Group of 4 giraffe figurines
75 Group of miscellaneous decor
76 Group of lighters
77 Pair of Galleon ship bookends
78 Pair of good dog bad dog bookends
79 Asian boy with toy ship metal lamp
80 Group of Asian items
81 Group of religious decor
82 Group of 7 flasks
83 Cast iron Elf and mushroom door stop
84 Royal Doulton Taking Things Easy porcelain figurine
85 United electric carriage clock
86 Italian made brass matchstick holder
87 Snail table lamp
88 Candlestick rotary telephone
89 Retro style light green metro phone
90 Disney Goofy telephone
91 Brass stag desk letter holder
92 Horn carved statue with bird design
93 Murano art glass duck figurine
94 Asian reverse painted glass vase
95 Group of 2 small alligator head mounts
96 Reproduction cast iron motorcycle and side car toy
97 Group of bottle openers
98 Mother coffin tag and brass door push
99 Greek themed plaster column
100 Asian themed partition
100B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
100C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
101 Lane Walnut wall table
102 Couch with throw pillows
103 Love seat with throw pillows
104 Belleek 3 leaf clover vase
105 Lenox bear porcelain figurine
106 Bing and Grondahl porcelain polar bear figurine
107 Brass school bell
108 Metal bell decanter
109 Group of 4 ink wells
110 Pair of ibex/gazelle brass bookends
111 Pair of brass boot bookends
112 3 pair of duck bookends
113 Pair of marble/stone bookends
114 Pair of frog king bookends
115 Pair of Grizzly bear and cub bookends
116 12 GA shotgun shell thermos
117 Wood and metal horse statue
118 Stag handled desk tool set
119 Wood carved bear display
120 Cast iron horse statue
121 Bear and Bull metal statues with marble bases
122 Group of 3 brass sail boat statues
123 Group of 7 elephant figurines
124 Group of miscellaneous items
125 Group of 3 reproduction faberge style eggs
126 Group of 2 contemporary bird decoys
127 Group of Egyptian decor items
128 The Hampton horse riding hat
129 Group of miscellaneous decor
130 Wood and glass showcase with mirrored back
131 Pirmasens Germany Doctors Stein
132 Bald Eagle decorative Stein
133 Group of 9 steins
134 Group of 5 moose glass mugs and ice bucket
135 Walnut secretary with glass doors
136 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines
137 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines
138 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines
139 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines
140 White mirrored back showcase cabinet
141 Shelf lot of miscellaneous Asian figurines
142 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines
143 Shelf lot of Japanese figurines
144 Shelf lot of Asian themed items
145 Decorative Metal and glass shelving unit
146 Group of 3 Asian artwork items
147 Asian saki decanter
148 Large Great Wall of China snuff bottle
149 Group of 2 jade figurines
150 Group of 4 model ships
151 Shelf lot of ships and more
152 Shelf lot of Asian items
153 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
154 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
155 Ornate Asian themed beveled glass showcase
156 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
157 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
158 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
159 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
160 Shelf lot of tea pots
161 Shelf lot of miscellaneous figurines and more
162 Pine showcase with glass doors
163 Group of collector plates
163B Decorative knife in sheath
163C Knife with antler handle and sheath
163D Military bayonet
163E German fixed blade knife with sheath
163F Case pocket knife with sheath
163G Multi tool pocket knife
163H Group of 3 knives
163I Group of 3 knives
163J Group of 3 fixed blade knives
163K Group of pocket knives, sheaths and more
163L Group of knives, hatchet, and more
163M Group of 3 knives and sheaths
163N Group of stones, canteen
163O Group of binoculars and goggles
163P Austin House Hi-lo electric travel converter
163Q Group of assorted fishing items
163R Side table lamp
163S Lane side table with drawer
163T Hand crafted wood side table
164 Large turkey mount on wood base
165 Raccoon mount on wood base
166 Large Brown bear mount with faux rock base
167 Mountain lion head mount on wood base
168 Porcupine mount with wood base
169 6 point deer mount with wood base
170 Opossum mount
171 Group of 2 deer antlers
172 Reindeer mount
173 Badger pelt
174 Pheasant mount with bark base
175 Boar shoulder mount
176 Antelope shoulder mount
177 White mountain goat shoulder mount
178 Deer mount
179 Black bear head mount
180 Appeasing the water people by Chuck Dehaan signed print
181 Native American Indian Collector plates with plate rack
182 Print on canvas of white owl
183 Oil painting on canvas of cabin scene by Cook
184 Bombay pine side table
185 Pine plant stand
186 Oak buffet
187 Group of 2 Davy Crockett raccoon hats and a tail
188 Moose in the forest metal coat/hat rack
189 Group of camping coffee pots
190 Small vintage enamelware cooking pot with lid
191 Vintage Delta powerlite lantern
192 Coleman model 200A 65 lantern
193 Adams and westlake N.Y.C.L railroad lantern
194 Antique Koehler Permissible Miners Flame Safety Lamp Lantern
195 Fish swimming statue with driftwood base
196 Group of camping cooking supplies
197 Group of 2 half gallon stoneware jugs
198 Decorative Metal, wood, and glass shelving unit
199 Group of 2 antique sad irons
200 Small trunk full of shot glasses
200B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
200C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
201 Group of 2 sombreros
202 Shelf lot of fish figurines and more
203 Shelf lot of fish figurines and more
204 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
205 Metal and glass showcase
206 Mahogany book shelf rack wall table
207 Group of decor items
208 Swan coffee table with glass top
209 Knotty pine rustic wardrobe
210 Group of cowboy hats with hat rack
211 Large wood carved deer with real antlers
212 Coyote pelt
213 Group of 2 fox pelts
214 Group of 5 mink pelts
215 Skunk pet and skunk hat
216 Group of 5 animal pelts
217 Bass Fish mount with driftwood base
218 Walleye fish statue by Gene Malin Jr 1989
219 Pair of brass fox head bookends
220 Group of 2 ceramic painted bird figurines
221 Farber bros amber decanter and glasses set
222 Group of 3 Native American Indian items
223 The Bradford Exchange Great Plains Master Buffalo statue
224 Signed Cow skull with hand painted Native American scene
225 Last days success antler carved statue
226 Group of 2 Native American Indian wolf themed dream catchers
227 Large De Capolo Collection bald eagle resin statue
228 Walnut veneer table with drawers
229 Side table showcase
230 Wood serving cart
231 Hand crafted pine bird feeder house
232 Native American Indian cowhide drum with stick
233 Signed Native American Indian leather artwork
234 Tooled leather artwork of bear at the river
235 Native American Indian turtle shell medicine pouch
236 Native American Indian wall basket with pheasant feathers
237 Fish mount display with creel and net
238 Group of 4 wall hanging racks
239 Group of miscellaneous items
240 Hand crafted pine trunk
241 Hand crafted pine shelf
242 Group of serving dishes and plates
243 Myrtle wood slab clock with deer scene
244 Group of 3 showcases
245 Group of 7 brass deer and moose
246 Beaver plaster bank
247 Group of bird figurines
248 Group of 2 leather horse statues
249 Leather moose statue
250 Walnut buffet with marble top
251 Ceramic glazed turtle statue
252 Group of 2 Metal sea turtles
253 Group of turtle figurines
254 Large frog bowl and frog figurines
255 Group of bear statues and figurines
256 Group of 3 oars with wildlife and Indian designs
257 Group of miscellaneous decor
258 Group of turtle figurines
259 Hurricane lamp with floral design
260 Group of 3 conch shells
261 Large group of shells
262 Group of shells and stones with bowl
263 Rustic wood and metal trunk
264 Group of horns and faux scrimshaw
265 Native American Indian style tomahawk pipe
266 Group of western and Native American decor
267 Pair of moose bookends
268 Group of fishing supplies and more
269 Group of boat decor
270 Shelf lot of miscellaneous decor
271 Basket with fruit decor
272 Leather cowboy hat
273 Group of deer antlers and display
274 Group of 3 small chests/trunks
275 Group of 4 wall hanging coat racks
276 Antique 6 gallon stoneware crock
277 Wood and leaded glass cabinet
278 Shelf lot of miscellaneous bear figurines
279 Pine bird house
280 Vintage battery operated dice monkey
281 Animatronic dance Caddyshack gofer
282 African tribal statue
283 Faux bear claws with showcase
284 Pine chest with floral design lid
285 Walnut coffee table with wrought iron accents
286 Wood plant stand with marble top and heart shape design
287 Pedestal globe
288 Group of wall decor
289 Group of 4 framed oil paintings
290 Group of 2 framed wild life prints
291 Levi Strauss and co. Advertising mirror
292 Group of 2 vintage long spring game traps
300 2 cast iron miniature stoves
300B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
300C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
301 Brass serving spoons and marble container
302 2 stoneware crocks with kitchen accessories
303 Nostalgia counter top popcorn maker
304 Counter lot in kitchen
305 Group of terracotta painted dishes
306 Group of 4 hand painted southwest/Mexican style items
307 Group of 4 items, paper towel holder, lighthouse lamps
308 Group of antler-like handle flatware
309 Coffee grinder
310 Kitchen dish holder with hand painted bowls
311 Mug holder with cazadores mugs
312 4 knives with antler handles
313 13 piece carved handle flatware
314 Old Sleepy Eye pottery pitcher
315 Items on top of fridge
316 Contents of kitchen cabinet
317 Cabinet contents
318 Contents of kitchen cabinet
319 Contents of kitchen cabinet
320 Contents of cabinet
321 Contents of cabinet
322 Contents of cabinet
323 Contents of cabinet
324 Contents of cabinet
325 Pressed glass punch bowl set
326 Group of animal decor
327 Group of Van Bergh hammered silver plate items
328 Contents of lazy susan cabinet
329 Contents of drawer
330 Contents of drawer
331 Contents of drawer
332 Contents of cabinets under sink
333 Group of 4 kitchen items
334 Bombay company tea holder
335 Bar set
336 Royal Worcestershire gold lustre dishes
337 Fire King milk glass bowls and mugs
338 Wall clock with pendulum
339 Serving tray with mugs, teapot
340 Hobnail milk glass lamp
341 Contents of oven drawer
342 Contents of drawer and cupboard
343 Copper and brass pans and more
344 Serving tray with brass duck handles
345 Group of pewter and copper mugs
346 Shelf lot of decor items
347 Decorative metal canister set
348 Copper and brass canisters
349 Group of glassware, pewter and more
350 Group of copper salt and pepper shakers, mugs
351 Group of copper items
352 Group of copper items
353 Group of copper, brass and more
354 Group of 4 copper items
355 Bakers rack shelving
356 Brass spittoon
357 Small counter top cabinet with glasses
358 Group of office/desk items
359 Shelf lot of kitchen items
360 Shelf lot of kitchen items
361 Shelf lot of kitchen items
362 Oversized decor fruit
363 Group of 6 glass bottles
364 United clock company ship clock
365 Large group of salt and pepper shakers
366 Display case and contents
367 Group of ceramic/pottery items
368 Cuisinart toaster oven
369 Group of 4 bottles
370 Leather covered decanter
371 Hand painted terracotta Mexican bowls
372 Group of knives and other kitchen items
373 Flatware knives with celluloid handles
374 Bin of flatware
375 Group of office/desk organization items
376 Contents of cupboard
377 Parrot 16 hole harmonica
378 Contents of cupboard
379 Contents of drawer
380 Contents of drawer
381 Contents of drawer
382 Contents of bottom cupboards
383 Wall decor in kitchen
384 Glass insulated brass pitcher
385 Kwik drip coffee maker, insulated pitcher
386 Contents of top shelves of cupboards
387 Contents of bottom of cupboards
388 2 serving trays
389 Group of 4 pottery pots and more
390 49 regent street London clock
391 Group of 30+ pieces assorted decor and more
392 Changing table/cabinet
393 Contents of cabinet
394 Medicine cabinet contents and more
395 Mirrored glass beveled glass wall clock
396 Large artificial floral arrangement
397 Decorative ceramic lidded stein
398 5 piece group Lion Head Pitcher and cups
399 4 piece group of assorted Steins, cup
400 Group of 4 assorted lidded steins
400B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
400C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
401 Metal decorative shelf unit
402 14 piece group assorted wall decor
403 Decorative cabinet
404 Contents of cabinet
405 Group of assorted decorative items
406 Lighted curio cabinet clock
407 Shelf lot-assorted decorative items
408 Shelf lot-assorted decorative items, Fox pelt
409 Shelf lot-assorted decorative items
410 Shelf lot-group of 4 animal statuettes
411 Group of 2 decorative ceramic steins
412 Muskrat pelt
413 Badger and antler mount
414 Closet lot
415 1998 Andrea by Sadek Tinchi Parrot Lamp
416 A. Seguso Murano signed art glass seagull
417 Ceramic horse sculpture
418 Running horses sculpture
419 Dreamcatcher
420 Tapestry
421 Pheasant mount
422 4 piece group assorted wall decor
423 Group of 5 assorted animal figures
424 Group of 3 Bear figurines
425 5 piece group of assorted decorative items
426 Group of 3 pairs assorted bookends
427 Group of 3 pairs of Elephant bookends
428 Group of 2 pairs of bookends
429 2 piece group Metal sailing ship decor
430 Signed Michael Garman sculpture
431 Oriental carved running horse sculpture
432 Group of assorted decorative items
433 Group of 3 assorted decorative items
434 Group of 3 decorative ceramic chickens
435 4 piece group of assorted home decor items
436 Signed Austin Prod. Inc. decoy-style Duck sculpture
437 Signed sleeping goose decoy
438 10 piece group of assorted musical instrument decor items
439 Italian made decorative copper plate and cup
440 African Ashanti Bronze Funerary Kuduo Jar
441 Encompass Limited Edition Rick Cain Fox figurine
442 Group of assorted decorative items
443 7 piece group brass bells and decor
444 6 piece group of assorted commemorative decor
445 12 piece group of assorted Native American inspired decor and more
446 Ducks Unlimited hinged lid box
447 Group of assorted candles
448 3 piece group including brass fireplace fender
449 Unsigned artist plush
450 Fighting rams sculpture
451 Bear taxidermy
452 Resin Bear sculpture
453 Resin Black Panther sculpture
454 Pheasant taxidermy
455 Wood carving-Hunter and dog
456 Shelf lot-3 shelves of books
457 Shelf lot-2 shelves of books
458 Group of 2 bird statues
459 Shelf lot-3 shelves of assorted decorative items
460 Shelf lot-2 shelves of assorted decorative items
461 Turkey taxidermy
462 Shelf lot-2 shelves of assorted decorative items
463 Shelf lot-3 shelves of assorted decorative items
464 Group of 3 female figurines
465 Girl with book bust
466 Carved wood Bear
467 5 piece group of assorted patriotic decor
468 8 piece group of assorted patriotic decorative items
469 Bill of Rights sculpture
470 Folded US flag
471 Group of assorted foreign currency
472 Pair of brass Abraham Lincoln bookends
473 14 piece group of patriotic ceramic figurines
474 5 piece group of assorted Cannon figurines
475 Group of 2 Franklin Mint patriotic paperweights
476 Bronze Flute and Drums sculpture
477 Pair of ceramic Abraham Lincoln bookends
478 Group of 11 Dept. of the Treasury collectible medallions
479 4 piece group of assorted decorative items
480 Lower cabinet contents
481 Complete full bed
482 Group of 20 assorted plush bears
483 Group of 20 assorted plush animals
484 Group of assorted plush puppets
485 Group of 4 plush sheep
486 Plush Christmas Snowman couple
487 Babyliss Pro plush Teddy Bear Rug
488 Leather stuffed dog
489 Annalee Sleeping Bag Squirrels
490 Knickerbocker Toy Company plush Mouse Couple
491 Lobster wall art
492 Zenith 6-D-526 Tube Radio
493 Oil on canvas-Ducks in flight
494 New England Clock Company Regulator Wall Clock
495 North American River Otter Mount
496 Pedestal/accent table
497 Brass Eagle decor piece
498 Turtle accent lamp
499 Beaver Mount
500 Oil on canvas-grazing deer
500B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
500C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
501 8-drawer armoire
502 Shelf lot
503 Shelf lot-3 piece assorted decor
504 Rock Island Line Brass Engine and Caboose decor
505 Floral arrangement
506 5 shelf bookcase
507 Contents of Bookshelf
508 Group of 2 decorative cases-empty
509 Group of 6 assorted decorative boxes
510 Decorative chest and contents
511 Canada Goose figural wood box
512 Zenith Model 8-S-463 Console Tube Radio
513 2 piece group Native American inspired wall art
514 Corner shelf
515 Contents of Corner Shelf
516 7 piece group-pedestal, pipe stand and more
517 4 piece group Silvertone crank phonograph and records
518 Drexel Floral painted chest of drawers
519 Crosley Model CR-67 Turntable/Radio/Cassette Player
520 Statton Old Towne Tea Table
521 Side table drawer
522 Limited Edition Giuseppe Armani Tropical Splendour sculpture
523 Comanche Pottery pedestal
524 Southwest woven wool wall hanging
525 Decorative Rock Island Line mirror
526 Group of 9 assorted bookends
527 50+ piece group Local 150 Operating Engineers pinbacks
528 Group of 2 decorative plates
529 20 piece group assorted figurines in display
530 19 piece group assorted figurines in display case
531 10 piece group of assorted pewter figurines in display
532 11 piece group of assorted necklaces and keychains
533 Buffalo Nickel Belt Buckle
534 Seashell trinket box and contents
535 Group of 3 pocket watches
536 20+ piece group assorted religious items/decor
537 Group of 2 pieces wall art
538 Badger Pelt
539 Shelf lot-assorted clocks, trinket boxes, and more
540 Group of 2 Powder Horns
541 Group of 3 partial coin jars
542 Armoire
543 Curved Bookshelf
544 Shelf lot-religious figurines
545 Shelf lot-religious figurines/decor
546 Shelf lot-assorted decor, books
547 Shelf lot-assorted decor
548 Shelf lot-Angel figurines
549 Ornate framed beveled hanging mirror
550 Ball and claw accent chair
551 Group of 8 pieces animal themed wall art
552 Group of 6 pieces assorted wall art
553 6 piece group religious art
554 4 piece group Asian art/decor
555 Ornate framed Autumnal print
556 Group of 2 decorative mirrors
557 Group of 6 pieces of assorted art and more
558 Ornate framed oil on canvas-girl in meadow
559 Ornate framed oil on canvas-lake/mountain scene
560 Framed needle felt scene-Sheep on a winter night
561 Ornate framed oil on canvas-Parisienne Street Scene
562 Ornate framed oil on canvas-Winter mountain farm
563 Religious print-Psalms 4:8
564 3-D wall art-Trio of running horses
565 Half moon Tambour accent table
566 Bent wood arm chair with rattan seat
567 Side table
568 Glass topped faux marble coffee table
569 Accent table with storage
570 Large ornate wall mirror
571 Self standing/dresser mirror with storage
572 Shelf lot-top shelf of closet
573 Green slag glass lampshade
574 Group of 2 pieces art glass fruit
575 Pinocchio in bird cage decor
576 7 piece group Canon FX 35mm camera with assorted lenses and more
577 12 piece group assorted holiday decor
578 Sears Whisper-Matic III Slide Projector and slides
579 4 piece group of assorted decorative boxes
580 6 piece group of assorted decor
581 8 piece group of assorted home decor
582 Brass coffee table base
583 Glass topped accent table/plant stand
584 Brass and milk glass table lamp
585 Sculptural Cherub accent lamp with cork shade
586 Sculptural Bear with Fish accent lamp
587 2 piece group skull and antler mount
588 Coyote pelt
589 Kangaroo pelt
590 Group of 3 assorted pelts
591 Ornate headboard and footboard
592 Sofa
593 Group of 14 assorted stuffed plush
594 Closet lot-entire contents of closet
595 Group of 7 pieces assorted hanging art-religious and more
596 20 piece group of assorted home decor items
597 Cabinet lot-contents of hall cabinet
598 Marble topped Arts and Crafts wash stand
599 Storage cube shelf unit and contents
600 US Army Air force leather vest
600B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
600C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
601 Top shelf of closet contents
602 Trunk and contents
603 Hand crafted crucifix
604 Group of 4 framed artwork
605 Framed Monet print, mirror
606 2 asian inspired vases
607 Group of decor items
608 Group of 4 glass decor items
609 Sandecor art plate
610 Framed oil on canvas French street scene
611 Framed Tea Time on Newberry Street art
612 Group of 5 brass decor items
613 World Classic globe with bear and bull base
614 Group of globes
615 Byers Choice Spirit of Christmas Future
616 Underwood standard typewriter no. 5
617 Group of 3 small lamps
618 Group of 5 battery operated clocks
619 Group of porcelain/china pieces
620 2 small pottery Ciboure pieces
621 Group of Alaskan souvenirs, fishing decor
622 Group of random decor items
623 Basket weave trunk
624 Group of decor items
625 Group of decor items
626 Deer decor, Incolay valet tray
627 RC Gorman coasters
628 Baldwin Brass Tray
629 Gifford Wood company ice tongs
630 Group of 4 decor items
631 Group of 3 silver plate items
632 2 Bizzirri serving platters
633 Marble top buffet side table
634 Table top lamp
635 Column/plant stand
636 2 fish decor
637 Pheasant mount
638 Pheasant mount
639 Large round mirror
640 Decorative plates and stands
641 3 brass ducks
642 Cabbage covered dishes, salt and pepper
643 Contents of buffet cupboard
644 Group of silver plate items
645 Group of silver plate, brass, pewter items
646 Group of 3 silver tone/silver plate items
647 Large curio cabinet
648 Top shelf of curio cabinet items
649 Group of 12 amber glasses with silver tone bases
650 Group of 21 green stem margarita glasses
651 Group of glassware
652 Group of Belleek and Belleek style items
653 Group of hand painted Nippon china pieces
654 Contents of curio cupboard
655 Contents of center cupboard of curio
656 Contents of curio cabinet cupboard
657 2 Lladro collectors society cups
658 Group of salt and pepper shakers, cruets and more
659 Group of Godinger silver plate and cobalt glass items
660 Group of kitchen/decor items
661 Group of decor, seashells, and more
662 Artwork, fake fruits, trays, baskets
663 Group of animal figures
664 Leather and fabric pillow back sofa
665 Group of throw pillows
666 Stool with wood seat
667 Marble onyx chess set
668 Chess pieces and board
669 Group of ducks and geese
670 2 decorative model sailboats
671 Group of 4 brass items
672 Glass top coffee table with driftwood base
673 Gold crown gasoline gas pump reproduction
674 Group of 6 turtle/tortoise figures
675 Turtle shells
676 Group of 3 framed artwork
677 Side table with drawer
678 Small painted wall cabinet with contents
679 Group of decor items
680 Austin Productions totem pole art
681 Tarantula encased in plastic
682 Alligator head
683 Group of brass animal decor
684 Group of decor items
685 Group of bird decor items
686 Group of bird decor and more
687 Gumball machine
688 Group of belts, buckles, sunglasses
689 Group of watches and parts
690 Vintage-look touch tone phone
691 Pheasant mount
692 Deer head mount
693 Ornate Brass plant stand
694 Stands, plate/candle holder
695 Electric fireplace
696 Powr Kraft storage with contents
697 3 tier shelving
698 3 bird decor
699 Shelf contents in entertainment cabinet
700 Contents of drawers in entertainment cabinet
700B Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
700C Terms and Condition for Bidding... Please Read... Important Information About Bidding, Pick Up
701 Entertainment cabinet with doors and storage
702 2 small furniture items
703 Group of giraffe decor
704 Group of animal decor
705 Columns with marble look top
706 Pedestal column plant stand
707 Zebra trunk
708 Contents of zebra trunk
709 Trunk looking storage cabinet
710 2 small side table lamps
711 Brass floor lamp
712 Group of decor items
713 Antlers and deer wall art
714 Shelf with deer art
715 Candelabra wall decor
716 Group of horse figurines, art, and more
717 Convex frame with wedding photo
718 2 framed paintings on canvas
719 Group of 5 elephant decor
720 Group of 8 elephants figurines
721 2 brass elephants
722 Plastic storage containers of shoes
723 Oreck XL silver vacuum and parts
724 Cleaning supplies in back closet
725 Items in closet
726 US flag chair in carrying bag
727 Group of animal decor/figurines
728 Signed wood goose carving
729 North Riverside FD helmet
730 Group of 15 ball/trucker caps
731 Group of 6 ball caps
732 American flag on pole
733 Group of 5 decor items
734 Mantel clock
735 Group of 3 animal decor items
736 Sports items and decor
737 Group of baseballs and more
738 Play Ball table lamp
739 Copper work boot/umbrella stand
740 Storage container with various household items
741 Thread a Matic in original box
742 Storage box of hats, gloves
743 Group of 17 mesh back caps
744 Pair of leather ice skates
745 Decor on walls of mud room
746 Pheasant mount
747 Ski and trek poles
748 Caps racks
749 Small side table
750 Antique Singer sewing machine
751 Wood garbage can holder
752 Metal bakers rack
753 Wood shelf
754 3 table lamps
755 Copper boiler
756 Side table
757 Fencing/sword pieces
758 3 horn decor items
759 Walking stick with duck head handle
760 Cane with brass duck head handle
761 3 wood canes
762 3 hand carved canes
763 Bogen 3218 monopod
764 Turquoise necklace with cross
765 Sterling silver turquoise cuff bracelet
766 Turquoise and silver ring
767 Sterling silver turquoise ring
768 Sterling silver ring
769 Gold Native American chief head pin
770 Framed artwork canvas print
771 Framed oil painting ducks and woodland
772 Framed oil painting on cavnas
773 Framed oil painting on canvas
774 Oil painting on canvas C Fisher
775 Stained glass floral art
776 Framed wall mirror
777 Guitar
778 Polish wood carving
779 Squat glass vase
780 Group of mens hats
781 Oreck dual power vacuum
782 Group of souvenir/collector plates
783 Group of patriotic decor and more
784 Indian carved wood carving set
785 Blenko handmade glass top hat
786 Framed Limited edition eagle tiles/plates
787 Large cabinet
788 Wood Bookcase
789 Pedestal plant stand
790 3 drawer dresser
791 Side table
792 Corner shelving unit
793 Shelves on wall
794 Art and decor on hallway wall
795 Contents of hallway closet
800 Group of sturtevani Richmont torque wrenches
801 Group of screwdrivers, bits, and more
802 Group of hammers and Mallets
803 Group of hammers
804 Group of craftsman screwdrivers
805 Group of screwdrivers
806 Group of 3 yardworks axes
807 Group of five hatchets
808 Group of five hatchets
809 Group of splitting wedges
810 US Army style entrenchment shovel
811 Group of hedge clippers and shears
812 Group of miscellaneous tools
813 Group of open ended and combination wrenches
814 Group of wrenches
815 Group of sockets and socket sets
816 Group of large sockets
817 Group of two socket sets
818 Group of ratchets and breaker bars
819 Group of crescent wrenches and others
820 Stanley adjustable ratchet
821 Table mounted vice
822 Electric impact driver
823 Group of miscellaneous tools
824 Group of tape measures
825 Group of measuring sticks
826 Sheet metal cabinet with plastic drawers
827 Solar booster pack
828 Group of two sets of jumper cables
829 Group of Oilers and funnels
830 Random orbital waxer and polisher
831 Group of drillbits
832 Bicycle hoist
833 Coleman powermate 200 Watt power converter
834 Group of three levels
835 Group of screwdrivers
836 Ryobi cordless drill and circular saw
837 Ridgid cordless drill with bag
838 Black & Decker electric planer with case
839 Black diamond pneumatic Brad nailer/stapler
840 Group of three bow saws
841 Stanley blower fan
842 Group of four toolboxes and organizers
843 Vintage metal coal bucket
844 Porter cable random orbital sander
845 Group of electric handtools
846 Group of two electric drills
847 Group of three electric sanders
848 Craftsman worm drive circular saw
849 Skilsaw 5 1/2 inch circular saw
850 Group of three gas cans
851 Group of three pump sprayers
852 Group of three camping chairs and stools
853 Homelite mighty lite leaf blower
854 Group of two hedge trimmers
855 McMulloch 14 inch chainsaw
856 Homelite Super ez automatic chainsaw
857 Remington versa saw electric chainsaw
858 Remington limb and trim 8 inch chainsaw
859 Group of Oregon chainsaw blades
860 Group of three axes
861 Group of sledgehammers and pick ax
862 Drawer lot of miscellaneous items
863 Group of two small animal carriers
864 Drawer lot of leaf blower parts
865 Draw lot of miscellaneous yard items
866 Large filing cabinet
867 Drawer lot of miscellaneous items
868 Drawer lot of miscellaneous yard tools
869 Large filing cabinet
870 Large group of floral decor
871 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
872 Drawer lot of bags
873 Drawer lot of garden hose and sprinklers
874 Large filing cabinet
875 Folding boat cushioned seat
876 Plaster lamp with carriage house design
877 Group of two lighting kits in original boxes
878 Cabinet lot of miscellaneous automotive supplies
879 Suncast cabinet
880 Enchanted Garden pot and brick fountain
881 Air conditioning unit
882 Drawer lot of miscellaneous lighting supplies
883 Drawer lot of miscellaneous electrical supplies
884 Steel master green filing cabinet
885 Drawer lot of drop lights
886 Drawer lot of painting supplies
887 Hon tan filing cabinet
888 Group of three extension cords with reels
889 Drawer lot of rope and more
890 Drawer lot of gardening tools
891 Tan filing cabinet
892 Hon tan filing cabinet
893 Shelf lot of jackstands
894 Craftsman tool chest
895 Chicago Cubs plastic locker
896 City gas fantasy gas pump cabinet
897 Drawer lot of extension cords and power strips
898 Vintage black metal cabinet
899 Earthquake 5 ton electric log splitter
900 Filing cabinet full of work gloves
901 Metal table with red drawer and wood top
902 Group of two small metal filing cabinets
903 Three totes of Christmas decor
904 Two Rubbermaid totes of Christmas decor
905 Craftsman workbench with contents
906 Tool cart with drawer
907 Pair of plastic sawhorses
908 Hardware organizer with hardware
909 Contents of cabinet
910 Large Black hardware organizer
911 Group of handsaws
912 Work bench
913 Oil pan with spout
914 Group of three gas cans
915 Group of three coolers
916 Blue 6000 pound floor jack
917 Orange 2 1/4 ton floor jack
918 1000 pound furniture dolly
919 Red two wheel dolly
920 Group of bungee cords
921 Contents of cabinet
922 Performax 16 inch variable speed scroll saw
923 Shop vac Hangup dry wet vacuum
924 Steel master filing cabinet
925 Professional series collezioni chest freezer
926 Group of yard tools
927 Large Rubbermaid tote full of bags
928 Ez smart gutter cleaner with telescoping pole
929 Black & Decker Weedwhacker/edger
930 Toro electric leaf blower
931 Black & Decker electric leaf blower
932 Tow smart trailer light kit
933 Havahart live animal trap
934 Group of ratchets and breaker bars
935 Group of sockets and socket extenders
936 Group of hooks and hanging tool organizers
937 Craftsman gold lawnmower
938 Sears craftsman 22 inch snowblower
939 Toro Power curve 1800 snowthrower
940 Toro S-200 Snow thrower
941 Next all terrain pro bicycle
942 Group of two sleds
943 Small Snyder one handle dolly
944 Group of tomato cages
945 5 foot stepstool
946 70 inch step ladder
947 Wild boar mount
948 Two drawer lot of miscellaneous decor
949 Tan filing cabinet
950 Four drawer lot of miscellaneous decor
951 Group of two metal filing cabinets
952 Lot of brooms and more
953 Plastic storage cabinet
954 Group of decorative metal shelving
955 4 plastic totes full of Christmas decor
956 Two drawers of miscellaneous Christmas decor
957 Tan filing cabinet
958 Two drawers of miscellaneous Christmas decor
959 Brown filing cabinet
960 Group of three mirrors
961 Tote of miscellaneous Decor
962 Tote lot of miscellaneous Decor
963 Tote lot of miscellaneous bags
964 Tote lot of miscellaneous Decor
965 Black plastic shelving unit
966 Metal and black slate wine server
967 Wall table with ornate design
968 Group of four porcelain dolls
969 Suncast plastic deck box
970 Plastic deck box with firewood
971 Plastic storage shed
972 Group of 3 yard statues
973 Large group of firewood
974 Large group of firewood
975 Large group of firewood
976 Large group of firewood with shelving unit
977 Suncast plastic deck box
978 Suncast plastic deck box with firewood
979 Suncast plastic deck box
980 Concrete frog yard statue


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