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643 Kriner Road
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Saturday Sep 25, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
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Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

Contact: Heather Kohler
Phone: 717-263-6512
Website: ID#: 7802
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Sports Cards & Memorabilia

Will sell at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION located at 643 Kriner Rd., Chambersburg, PA on:

Saturday – Sept. 25 at 10 AM

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SPORTS CARDS/MEMORABILIA: Dozens of vintage Mickey Mantle cards, bats, gloves, pennants and autographed items will be among the 326 lots. Rookie cards include Frank Robinson, Rose, Ryan, Schmidt, Rivera, Jeter, Jurgensen, Simpson and many more. Also includes baseball, football, basketball and hockey star cards, Yankees bobbleheads, two Mantle store model uniforms, sets and collectibles signed by dozens of Hall of Famers.

UNCATALOGED ITEMS: Uncataloged cards and memorabilia to be sold after cataloged lots. Available to in-house bidders only.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Sale includes an incredible NY Yankees collection, with items signed by DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra and Jeter, as well as rare items like a 1928 Babe Ruth candy company card, a Mantle Day pennant, T205s, a 1968 Yankees-signed baseball and a Negro Leagues pennant like one in the Smithsonian Collection. There’s also a 1964 Topps color Beatles set. Online bidding available. Complete listing available online or by phoning (717) 263-6512 and requesting catalog.

Preview Friday, Sept. 24 from 3 – 5 PM  and sale day from 8 AM

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. 13% buyer’s premium discounted 3% for cash or approved check. Online bidder’s buyer’s premium (20%). Statements made day of sale take precedence.


Our Service is the Difference

Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, Fax (717) 263-0188, AH002001

Auctioneer Heather Kohler AU005651
Auctioneer John F. Kohler, Jr. AU000507L


1              Baseball Set: 1964 Topps Giant set, 60 cards inc. Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Koufax, Clemente

2              16 baseball cards:  7 mostly high-number 1971 Topps, all off center (abbreviated as OC in catalog in future references) except for Jim Palmer, with corner/edge wear: F. Robinson No. 640; Palmer No. 570; Bunning No. 574; Hisle No. 616; Fingers No. 384; Cepeda No. 605; Perez No. 580; 8 1964 Topps, OC with corner wear: F. Robinson No. 26; Dick Allen rookie No. 243; Lolich rookie No. 128; Tony Conigliaro rookie No. 287 (very OC); Staub No. 109; Jim Wynn No. 38; Jesus Alou rookie No. 47; MCovey/Wagner No. 41; Mike Trout 2019 Iconic Card reprint of 2012 Topps rookie

3              5 baseball cards: Babe Ruth 1961 Topps No. 401 (60th HR), OC, corner wear; Gehrig streak 1961 Topps No. 405, OC, corner wear; Gehrig 1961 Fleer No. 31, minor corner wear; Gehrig 1976 Topps All-Time Greats No. 341; NY Yanks team 1965 Topps No. 513, OC, corner/edge wear

4              8 baseball cards: 2 1961 Golden Press cards: Mathewson No. 24, small crease, and Dizzy Dean No. 8, staining/back, light staining/lower left front; St. Louis Cards team 1965 Topps No. 57, OC, corner wear; 4 non-vintage Mantle: 2007 Topps error card (wrong back Renteria stats); Mantle/Williams 1994 Ted Williams Card Co. No. 5C4; Mantle 1953 Bowman color reprint; Mantle 1987 Leaf Candy City Team; Aaron 1987 Leaf Candy City Team

5              Nearly 60 baseball cards/autographs/records: 55 different 1964 Topps commons, most with corner/edge wear; Carl Furillo and Roy White autographed 1988 first day cover;  Babe Ruth silk 1983 first day cover with Chris Chambliss autograph, Ruth stamp; Tommy John autographed 8x10 photo; Mariano Rivera 2019 Iconic Card reprint of 1992 Bowman rookie; Ruth Scholastic mini book; 5 1962 Sports Champions 33 1/3 RPM records: Colavito, Gentile, Allison, Ward, Ken Boyer; 2004 NY Daily News Sheet of Yankees cards inc. Jeter, Rivera

6              Unopened baseball cards/baseball sets/baseball: 7 unopened 1989 Upper Deck baseball packs (Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson rookies possible); 4 baseball sets: 1991 Stadium Club set in album and 1991 Stadium Club Dome set; 1991 Fleer Ultra Update set (Bagwell, Mussina, I-Rod rookies); 1994 Triple Play set; 1994 World Series baseball (No series played that year)

7              Baseball/football memorabilia:  6 Topps baseball sets: 1988 (Glavine rookie), 1989 (Smoltz, Biggio, R. Johnson rookies), 1989 sealed Major League Debut, 1989 Donruss sealed Baseball’s Best, 1988 Traded, 1993 Toys R Us factory set of 100 rookies; 3 1968 Topps football mini-posters: Sayers, Tarkenton, Olsen (staining); 5 1980 marketcom mini posters: A. Manning, Reggie White, C. Foreman; O.J. Simpson on cover 1990 Sports Illustrated magazine; vintage Dolphins mini helmet; 1998 Marino Starting Lineup, sealed; 2 Marino 1996 inserts; 3 2001 Play Station 2 game discs (NBA, NFL, NHL)

8              180 Baseball Cards:  All Ken Griffey Jr. except for 19 Ken Griffey Sr. cards. Griffey Jr. cards inc. 1988 San Bernadino Spirit minor league card No. 34; 9 rookies inc. 1989 Topps Rookies No. 11, 1989 Donruss No. 192, 1989 Topps Traded Tiffany No. 41, 1989 Score Traded No. 100, 2 1989 Bowman No. 220, 2 1989 Fleer No. 33, 1989 Classic No. 131; many 1990 and 1991 inc. 35 1990 Upper Deck No. 156 (second-year card); Cooperstown Card 1-9; Griffey Sr. cards inc. 1974 Topps rookie No. 598, OC

9              43 football cards: All 1948 Bowman commons except for No. 91 Jim White rookie – 34 are creased, some heavily, with usual aging stains. 9 cards in better shape (corner wear/staining): Nos. 2, 5, 25, 67, 70, 70, 79, 79, 92

10           5 football cards: Jim Brown 1962 Topps No. 28, OC, corner wear; Lou Groza 1956 Topps No. 9, corner/edge wear; Bobby Mitchell rookie 1959 Topps No. 140, very OC, corner/edge wear; 2 Ozzie Newsome rookies 1979 Topps No. 308, both corner wear, printer’s mark on one

11           7 football cards: 6 are Johnny Unitas Topps cards: 1960 No. 1, OC, corner wear; 1969 No. 25, corner wear, minor printer’s marks; 1970 No. 180, OC, corner wear; 1971 Topps Game No. 37; 1973 No. 455; 1974 No. 150, very OC; Bubba Smith rookie 1970 Topps No. 114, corner wear

12           8 football cards: All Topps cards: 3 Namath: 1969 No. 100, corner wear, a few small dings near team name; Namath 1973 No. 400, OC, minor corner wear; Namath 1996 40th anniversary of 1965 rookie reprint; Unitas 1969 No. 25, OC vertically, corner wear; Unitas 1970 No. 180 very OC; Unitas 1973 No. 455, OC; Theismann rookie, 1975 No. 416, very OC; Jurgensen 1962 No. 115, corner/edge wear

13           10 football cards:  8 Topps: Bradshaw 1972 No. 150, OC, printer’s mark at top; Bradshaw 1974 No. 470, corner/edge wear; Bradshaw 1976 No. 75, very OC, corner/edge wear; Bradshaw 1982 No. 204, OC, corner wear; Franco Harris 1973 rookie No. 89, OC, corner/edge wear; Mel Blount rookie 1975 No. 12, corner wear; Jack Lambert rookie 1976 No. 220, corner/edge wear; Jack Ham rookie 1973 No. 115, corner wear; LC Greenwood rookie 1972 No. 101; Jerome Bettis rookie 1993 Upper Deck No. RE7

14           13 football cards:  All Topps: Franco Harris 1973 rookie No. 89, corner wear; 2 LC Greenwood rookies 1972 No. 101, one with corner wear, one slightly OC; Ernie Stautner 1956 Topps No. 87, light staining/back, corner/edge wear, printer’s mark; Greenwood 1973 No. 165; 2 Unitas 1973 No. 455, both OC; Mike Wagner rookie 1973 No. 246, corner wear; 4 Bubba Smith rookies, 1970 No. 114, 2 are OC; Lenny Moore 1959 No. 100, creases, rough corners, stains

15           10 football cards: Gale Sayers 1970 Topps No. 170, corner wear; 2 Sayers 1971 Topps No. 150, both OC, corner wear; Sayers 1972 Topps No. 110; Sayers 1970 Kellogg’s No. 51, cracked, OC; Payton 1978 Topps All-Pro No. 200; Payton 1979 Topps No. 480, minor corner wear; Payton 1979 Topps Record Breaker No. 335, very OC; Jim McMahon rookie 1983 Topps No. 33; William Perry rookie 1986 Topps No. 20

16           17 football cards: Tarkenton 1963 Topps No. 98, OC, corner/edge wear; 2 Tarkenton 1964 Philadelphia No. 109, and 2 Tarkenton 1967 Philadelphia No. 106, all OC, all corner/edge wear; Tarkenton 1972 Topps No. 225; 3 Alan Page rookies 1970 Topps No. 59, 1 minor corner wear, 2 slightly OC, corner wear; Page 1971 and 1973 Topps, both very OC, corner wear; Page 1974 Topps, OC; 5 Ahmad Rashad rookies 1974 Topps No. 105, all minor corner wear, 4 OC

17           8 football cards:  All Topps: Ken Stabler rookie 1973 No. 487, very OC, small corner creases; Stabler 1976 No. 415, very OC; George Blanda 1956 No. 11, corner/edge wear; Blanda 1958 No. 129, OC, corner wear; Blanda 1964 No. 68, rough corners; Earl Campbell rookie 1979 No. 390, corner wear; Charlie Joyner rookie 1972 No. 244, very OC; Warren Moon rookie 1985 No. 251

18           7 football cards: All Topps: Joe Schmidt rookie 1956 No. 44, very OC, corner wear; Elroy Hirsch 1956 No. 78, OC, corner wear; Charley Conerly 1956 No. 77, very OC, minor corner wear;  Y.A. Tittle 1958 No. 86, corner wear; 2 Forest Gregg rookies 1960 No. 56, 1 has small corner crease, the other, corner/edge wear; Jim Taylor 1963 No. 87, minor corner/edge wear

19           8 football cards:  Joe Schmidt rookie 1956 Topps No. 44, very OC, corner wear, creases; Hugh McElhenny 1956 Topps No. 50, very OC, corner wear; Lou Creekmur 1957 Topps No. 20, crease/indentation, corner wear; Fuzzy Thurston rookie 1962 Topps No. 69, corner wear; Charlie Johnson rookie 1963 Topps No. 146, corner wear; Tommy Nobis rookie 1967 Philadelphia No. 7, OC, minor corner wear; 1961 Topps checklist No. 67 unmarked, very OC, corner wear; SF team No. 26, corner/edge wear, aging stains

20           7 football cards: Pete Pihos 1950 Bowman No. 134, corner/edge wear, light staining; Steve Van Buren 1951 Bowman No. 10, small crease, ink mark, OC, corner wear; Doak Walker 1951 Bowman No. 25, printer’s mark, light creases; Charley Trippi 1951 Bowman No. 137, OC, corner wear; 2 commons 1950 Nos. 59 and 80, both corner/edge  wear; Arnold Galiffa 1951 Berk Ross No. 4-14, rough corners, light crease

21           7 football cards/3 small sets:  O.J. Simpson rookie 1970 Topps No. 90, OC, edge wear; Largent rookie 1977 Topps No. 177, corner wear; Fouts rookie 1975 Topps No. 367, very OC, corner/edge wear; Earl Campbell rookie 1979 Topps No. 390, corner wear; Elway rookie 1984 Topps No. 63, very OC, corner/edge wear; Marino rookie 1984 Topps Instant Replay No. 124, minor corner wear; Favre rookie 1991 Upper Deck No. 13; 2 sealed O.J. Simpson sets and 1 opened related to trial

22           10 football cards: Largent rookie 1977 Topps No. 177, very OC, corner wear; Fouts rookie 1975 Topps No. 367, rough corners, edge wear; 2 Earl Campbell rookies 1979 Topps No. 390, both OC, both corner wear; Too Tall Jones and Randy White rookies, both 1976 Topps, both OC; Griese 1969 Topps No. 161, OC, corner/edge wear; Archie Manning rookie 1972 Topps No. 55, OC, corner wear; Tommy Nobis rookie 1967 Philadelphia No. 7, very OC, corner/edge wear; Largent 1978 Topps No. 443, corner/edge wear

23           10 football cards:  2 Largent rookies 1977 Topps No. 177, both corner/edge wear; Fouts rookie 1975 Topps No. 367, OC, creases, corner wear; 2 Earl Campbell rookies 1979 Topps No. 390, both corner wear, one very OC; 4 Favre rookies: 2 1991 Ultra No. 283, 2 1991 Classic No. 30; Largent 1978 Topps No. 443, minor corner/edge wear

24           Football plaque/75 cards: All Troy Aikman inc. 1989 rookie Topps Traded No. 70T; 1996 Score No. 1, 3,777/5000; inserts. Plaque holds card

25           Nearly 60 football cards/3 small sets/partial small set: 50-plus Montana cards inc. 2 1982 Topps No. 488, 1983 Topps Nos. 169 and 4, inserts; 4 Elway inc. inserts, Donruss Press Proof; 1975 Wonder Bread 24-card set inc. Franco Harris, Ham, Greenwood; 2 1976 Wonder Bread 24-card sets inc. Harris, Youngblood, Upshaw; 20 1982 Kellogg’s (non-set) inc. Griese, Stallworth, 2 Harris

26           180 football cards:  Mostly 1970s stars inc. 1982 Topps Harris, 1979 Greene, 1977 Swann (writing/back), Ham, Blount; 1973 Greenwood; Andy Russell 1968 Topps rookie, rough corners; 5 Bettis inc. 1993 Classic Draft No. D58 (only 20,000 printed), 2 1993 Stadium Club No. 506; 1970s stars Biletnikoff, Too Tall Jones, Houston, Largent, Nobis, Youngblood, Blanda, Riggins, Eller, Griese, A. Manning, Fouts, Lofton, Dierdorf, Simms, Upshaw, OJ, Payton, Brodie, Favre, Thiesmann

27           27 football cards:  All Topps rookies, most with corner wear: 2 Ken Anderson 1973 No. 34, Dickerson 1984 No. 280, Hannah 1974 No. 383, 2 Lofton 1979 No. 310, 2 Lott 1982 No. 486, 2 Newsome 1979 No. 308, Lott In Action 1982 No. 487, 2 Moon 1985 No. 251, 2 Dierdorf 1973 No. 322 (one also with edge wear; 2 Munoz 1982 No. 51, 2 Simms 1980 No. 225, also Dent, Fryer; Favre Pro Set Platinum 1991 No. 290; Faulk 1994 Upper Deck No. 7

28           135 football cards:  Stars from 1970s-1990s, most with corner wear, inc. rookies of Lofton, Newsome, Moon, Simms, Munoz, B. Sanders, Riggins, Sean Taylor (6 of them); 1973 Dawson, Griese, Plunkett, Brodie, Houston, Stenerud, 2 A. Manning  (one creased), Alzado, Eller, Page, Joiner; other non-rookies inc. Tarkenton, Payton, Youngblood, Largent, Bledsoe, Stabler, Csonka, Dorsett, Aikman, Favre, Montana

29           54 football cards: 9 Art Monk rookies 1981 Topps No. 194; 2 1982 Monk, also Monk from 1983-85; 9 O.J. Simpson inc. 1971 Topps No. 260, very OC, corner wear; Emmitt Smith rookie 1990 Topps Traded No. 27T; 4 Favre rookies inc. 1991 Classic Draft Picks No. 30, 1991 Score No. 611, and 2 1991 Pro Set No. 4; 3 Kaepernick rookies; also 1971 Butkus (crease), Stenerud, Brodie, Olsen, Nobis; Bledsoe Classic rookies

30           118 football cards: 12 Tom Brady inc. 2005 and 2006 Topps Heritage, 2007 Score, 2008 Bowman, Icons, Threads, 2002 Score No. 137 PSA Grade 6 (Ex-Mt), 2002 Upper Deck XL checklist No. 500, PSA Grade 5 (Ex); 2 Belichick 1991 Pro Set No. 126; Dryer rookie 1970 Topps; Thorpe 2006 Topps Chrome HOF63; Munoz rookie 1982 sticker No. 160; Bruce Smith rookie 1986 Topps No. 389 PSA Grade 6 (Ex-Mt); Favre 1996 Donruss Hit List 9,901/10,000; 2 Marino, 1985 Topps and 5 Marino, 1986 Topps; also P. Manning, Aikman, Rice, Montana, Elway

31           About 75 football cards/4 small sets:  16 commons from 1965 Topps inc. 8 SPs; Namath 1996 Topps refractor No. 96; 4 Upper Deck Heroes sets: 2 1991 Montana, 1991 Namath, 1992 Montana; 9 heavily creased 1951 Topps Magic inc. Capt. Loehlein No. 73; 40 Steelers from 1970s plus card signed by Bubby Bruster; 9 Topps Super 1970 inc. Eller, Jurgenson, 2 Nance

32           125 mostly basketball cards/2 key chains:  All Michael Jordan from early to mid-1990s inc. inserts 1993 Upper Deck All NBA team, 1992-93 Ultra All NBA First Team, 1993 Upper Deck Breakaway Threats, 1993 Upper Deck 3-point king; 4 postcard size 1994 Upper Deck Heroes; 2 keychains; a few Jordan baseball cards

33           245 basketball cards/plaque: All Shaq O/Neal inc. rookies, inserts, small plaque

34           Basketball cards/small set: Patrick Ewing 1986-87 Fleer Premier, No. 32, small corner crease; 1981 East partial set, 101 of 110 cards, missing Bird, Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar; Julius Erving 1973-74 Topps All-Star No. 240, corner/edge wear; Abdul-Jabbar 1974-75 No. 1; Kobe Bryant 1996 All Sport Plus checklist No. 150

35           Small sports card sets:  8 Star brand sets inc. Carew, 4 Boggs (different years), 2 Yaz, Brett, Garvey, McGwire, Jackson, Clemens; 19 Upper Deck Heroes sets inc. Aaron, Jackson, Ryan, T. Williams; Montana, Bird, Chamberlain, Brett Hull

36           280 baseball cards/memorabilia: All Ken Griffey Jr. inc. rookie cards 1989 Bowman, Donruss, Fleer, Topps, Score Traded; baseball with stats through 1989; 2 large keychains with 1991 Donruss card

37           About 150 cards: All Ken Griffey Jr., mostly early career cards, inc. rookie cards 1989 Bowman, Donruss, Fleer, Topps, Topps Traded, Donruss the Rookies, Score; 10-card 1991 Playball set; small 1992 Baseball Best set; 7-card 1992 Upper Deck Bloodline set

38           135 baseball cards: All Cal Ripken Jr. cards except for Billy Ripken obscenity blacked out card from 1989 Fleer; Ripken Jr. cards inc. 1982 Donruss rookie, crease, and cards from early career (1984-87)

39           About 260 cards/plaque:  All Nolan Ryan, many from early to mid-1980s inc. 1984 Donruss; 10.5-by-13-inch plaque

40           Nearly 200 baseball cards: All Barry Bonds inc. 5 rookies from 1987 Donruss (No. 361), 19 rookies from 1987 Topps (No. 320), many other early career cards, inserts

41           Baseball cards/small sets: Mike Schmidt 1983 Star set; Steve Carlton 1984 Star set; 77 Schmidt cards inc. many from early to mid-1980s inc. 1987 blank front error card; 27 Pete Rose cards from 1980s

42           Small baseball sets/cards: 1987 Donruss sealed Opening Day set; 1981 and 1982 Kellogg’s sets with stars of the day inc. Ryan, Rose, Yaz; 1996 Leaf Preferred, 66 steel cards with protective coating inc. Bonds; 65 1996 Leaf Preferred inc. Bonds, Ripken

43           10 baseball sets/near sets: 1983 Donruss except missing Gwynn rookie. Inc. nice Boggs rookie; 2 1986 Donruss (one in album); 1986 Fleer; 2 1987 Topps; 1985 Topps inc. Clemens and Puckett rookies but missing McGwire rookie; 1987 Fleer except missing No. 368; 1990 Leaf; 1989 Bowman

44           13 baseball cards: Shohei Ohtani  rookie refractor 2018 Topps Chrome No. 83T-6; Mookie Betts 2005 Panini Prizm No. 122; Juan Soto 2019 Topps No. 213; Mike Trout 2015 Topps Nos. 300 and 510; 8 Bryce Harper, 2015-19 Topps

45           99 baseball cards: All rookies from 1980s-90s inc. Ryne Sandberg 1983 Topps, corner wear; Jim Thome 1991 Upper Deck; Chipper Jones 1991 Upper Deck; 3 Bonds 1987 Topps; also Bagwell (inc. minor league), Randy Johnson, A-Rod, Jeter 1993 Upper Deck, Canseco, Andruw Jones, Pedro Martinez (inc. minor league), Manny Ramirez, Bo Jackson, Piazza, Damon, Smoltz, Mussina, Frank Thomas

46           About 150 baseball cards: About 60 non-vintage Mickey Mantle inc. 1952 Topps rookie reprint, 1961 Topps reprint, promo cards; nearly 40 Babe Ruth non-vintage; non-vintage cards of Aaron, Clemente, Mays Topps reprints; 4 1994 Jeter Topps cards

47           Nearly 120 sports cards:                21 1969 Topps Deckle Edge inc. Carew, Tiant, Santo; 2 Topps transfers inc. Mazeroski; Slim Jim football cards from 1970s inc. Dierdorf, Biletnikoff; 9 team logo cards from 1950s inc. O’s, Milwaukee Braves, Cincinnati Redlegs, Senators, Phila. A’s; stars from 1980s inc. Murray, Rose, Palmer, O. Smith, Clemens, Edgar Martinez rookies, 15 Mattingly/Winfield 1985 Donruss

48           8 hockey cards: 6 Wayne Gretzky inc. 1980 Topps No. 87, corner wear; 1986-87 Topps No. 3; 1988-89 No. 120; 1981 Topps scoring leaders No. 52; 19994 Donruss Leaf Limited No. 11 of 28; 1994 Donruss West Conference Centers No. 5; Eric Lindros rookie, 1990 Score No. 440; Mario Lemieux/LaFontaine 1993 Gold Leaf All-Star

49           About 200 hockey cards: 135 Wayne Gretzky, different brands and duplicates, mostly early to mid-1990s, inc. 1995 Fleer insert; 23 Mario Lemieux early 1990s; 35 Eric Lindros inc. 1990 Score rookies; 3 Mark Messier; 10 Brett Hull

50           Baseball card: Pete Rose rookie, 1963 Topps No. 537, BVG grade authentic/altered, slightly OC vertically

51           2 baseball cards: Mike Schmidt/Ron Cey rookie, 1973 Topps No. 615, Beckett Raw Card Review 6.0; 1968 Topps No. 1, batting leaders inc. Clemente, PSA grade 8, NM-M

52           Baseball card: Mickey Mantle 1952 Bowman No. 101, PSA grade VG 3, light tape stain/back

53           Baseball card: Mantle 1953 Bowman color No. 59, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.0

54           Baseball card: Mantle 1956 Topps No. 135, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.0

55           Baseball card: Mantle 1958 Topps No. 150, PSA grade EX 5

56           Baseball card: Mantle 1959 Topps No. 10, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 4.5

57           Baseball card: Mantle 1958 Topps All Star No. 487, Sports Collectors Digest grade 7 NM

58           Baseball card: Mantle/Yogi Berra 1957 Topps No. 407, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.0

59           2 baseball cards: Mantle HR 1959 Topps Baseball Thrills No. 461, SGC grade 55 VG-EX+; Mantle 1963 Topps 173 (with Tresh, Richardson), Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0

60           Baseball card: Mantle 1959 Topps All Star No. 564, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0

61           Baseball card: Mantle 1960 Topps No. 350, SGC grade 50 VG/EX 4

62           Baseball card: Mantle 1961 Topps No. 300, Beckett Raw Card Review 5.5, OC

63           2 baseball cards: Mantle (with Willie Mays), 1962 Topps No. 18, PSA Grade 6 EX-MT; Mantle 1962 All Star Topps Authentic Game-Used Bat Card, grade 6 EX-MT

64           2 baseball cards: Mantle (with Willie Mays), 1962 Topps No. 18 and 1961 Topps HR Leaders (Mantle/Maris, others), both Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0

65           Baseball card:  Mantle 1964 Topps No. 50, Sports Collectors Digest Grade 7

66           Baseball card: Mantle 1965 Topps No. 350, very OC, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.0

67           Baseball card: Mantle 1966 Topps No. 50, Sports Collectors Digest grade 7

68           Baseball card: Mantle 1967 Topps No. 150, OC, Sports Collectors Digest grade 6.5

69           Baseball card: Mantle 1968 Topps No. 280, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0

70           Baseball card: Mantle 1969 Topps No. 500, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.5

71           3 baseball cards: Mantle 1964 Topps Giant No. 25, PSA grade 8 NM-MT; Mantle (with Boyer) 1960 Topps No. 160, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.5; Mantle 1964 Topps No. 331, (with Maris, Kaline, Cash), Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.5

72           5 baseball cards: Mantle/Berra 1965 Topps Push-Pull, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.5; Mantle 1966 Topps Rub-Off,  Beckett Raw Card Review 8.0; Mantle HR 1961 Topps No. 406, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0; Mantle 1963 Topps Batting Leaders (with others), Global Authentication grade 7.5 N MT; Mantle 1969 Topps checklist No. 412 Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0

73           Baseball card: Derek Jeter rookie, 1993 SP No. 279, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.5

74           Autographed baseball card: Jeter, 1994 Signature Rookies No. 35, No. 882/8,650

75           4 baseball cards: Thurman Munson rookie 1970 Topps No. 189, minor corner wear; Don Mattingly 1984 Donruss rookie No. 248, PSA grade 9 MT; Mattingly autographed 1993 Leaf Elite Dominator, 236/5,000; Jeter 1993 Topps rookie No. 98, slight corner wear

76           6 baseball cards: Derek Jeter 1993 Topps Gold rookie No. 98, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 9.0; Jeter 1993 Bowman rookie No. 511, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 8.5; Jeter 1993 Pinnacle rookie No. 457, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 8.5; 2 Jeter 1992 Upper Deck Minor League Draft Picks No. 5, both Beckett Raw Card Review grade 9; Jeter 1993 Topps No. 98, ungraded

77           5 baseball cards: Mariano Rivera rookie 1992 Bowman No. 302, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 8.5; 2 Derek Jeter rookies 1993 Topps No. 98, both ungraded; Ron Guidry rookie 1976 Topps No. 599, corner wear; Yogi Berra 1960 Topps No. 480, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0

78           3 baseball cards: Roger Maris 1960 All-Star No. 565, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.5; Maris 1965 Topps No. 155, OC, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0; Carl Yastrzemski 1968 Topps All-Star No. 369, PSA grade 7 NM

79           5 baseball cards: All Yankees team cards: 1960 Topps team checklist No. 332, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0; 1962 Topps team No. 251, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 6.0; 1963 Topps team No. 247, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0; 2 1965 team No. 513, both Beckett Raw Card Review grade 7.0

80           Baseball card: Rare Babe Ruth 1928 George Ruth Candy Co. card 2, sepia toned, heavily stained, corner wear; 2 small ink dots/back

81           Baseball card: Mickey Mantle/Hank Aaron 1958 Topps No. 418, slightly OC, slight corner wear

82           Baseball card: Mantle 1962 Topps No. 200, corner/edge wear

83           2 baseball cards: Mantle 1962 Topps All-Star No. 47, slight corner wear; Mantle 1962 Topps Switch Hitter Connects No. 318, corner/edge wear

84           2 baseball cards:  Mantle 1959 Baseball Thrills No. 461, minor corner/edge wear; Mantle 1961 Topps World Series No. 307, staining/tape marks?

85           2 baseball cards:  Mantle 1965 Topps HR No. 134, OC, minor corner wear; Mantle 1968 Topps (with Mays/Killebrew) No. 490, slightly OC

86           Autographed baseball bat: Signed by Willie Mays, Adirondack model in holder, with certificate of authenticity, graded mint by Certified Authentication Service

87           Hall of Fame commemorative bat: honors 1955 induction of Joe DiMaggio, Gabby Hartnett, Frank Baker, 2 others; in holder No. 332/500, mint

88           Hall of Fame commemorative bat: honors 1974 induction of Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Cool Papa Bell, others; in holder No. 327/500, mint

89           Autographed baseball bat: Signed by Yogi Berra on Berra model Louisville Slugger, with COA from JSA and in holder, some wear but names clear

90           Autographed baseball bat:  Signed by Sandy Koufax, Cooperstown Bat Co. commemorative with Koufax image and stats, in holder and with COA; 792/1.000, mint

91           Hall of Fame commemorative bat: honors 2005 induction of Wade Boggs, Ryne Sandberg, in original box, 411/1,000, mint

92           Hall of Fame commemorative bat: honors 2000 induction of Carlton Fisk, Tony Perez, Sparky Anderson, in original box, 411/1000, mint

93           2 baseball bats: Babe Ruth model bat, U.S. Leader, Hillerich and Bradsby Co. 9, in holder, some wear/dings; NY Yankees Louisville Slugger Hillerich and Bradsby P72 model in holder, near mint, minor wear

94           2 baseball bats: Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger Little League model in holder, Mantle photo on bat, some wear but mostly visible, Hillerich and Bradsby 125K; Tony Kubek autographed bat in holder, authenticated by JSA; personalized “1957 Rookie of the Year AL,” Louisville Slugger 125

95           4 baseball bats:                 All Mickey Mantle Little League models: Wilson brand A9790,  Mantle-Style model with 0 on knob, mint; Mantle/NY Yankees Hillerich and Bradsby, minor wear; Mantle Batting Champion bat, Little League Louisville Slugger 496, minor wear, really faded writing on knob; Little League Spalding model 1331, manufactured between 1953-60

96           3 baseball bats:  Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 1255 model, Hillerich and Bradsby, manufactured between 1964-72, MM S3 on knob, some wear/staining but name clear; Roger Maris Louisville Slugger model  125, No. 4 on knob, some wear; Maris Style Hanna Batrite NOWTA model, No. 5 on knob, manufactured between 1957-1962, near mint

97           Baseball bat: Rare Hanna Batrite 36-inch Cupped Bat in holder, OK’d by University of Texas Coach Uncle “Billy” Disch (his facsimile autograph is mostly faded) manufactured between 1937-42 (series was never produced and this is 1 of 3 known to exist, according to paperwork with bat), EX with few marks

98           4 baseball bats: Lou Boudreau, Hillerich and Bradsby No. 110, minor wear; Al Schoendienst Hutchinson Bros 260 model, some wear; Hank Greenberg MacGregor Goldsmith 440 model manufactured between 1945-52; some wear, with a few dings on name but very legible; Jimmie Foxx Spec. Semi-Pro Marathon 4359 model, remnants of tape on bat, some wear

99           Baseball set: 1968 Topps, EX condition overall; with Bench and Ryan rookies, Nos. 247 and 177

100         Baseball card: Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman rookie 1968 Topps No. 177, Beckett Raw Card Review grade 5.5 (OC)

101         Autographed team ball: 1955 Cleveland Indians, authenticated by JSA. Includes Hall of Famers Bob Lemon, Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Al Lopez, Ralph Kiner, Early Wynn. Also includes Herb Score, Gene Woodling, Vic Wertz, Mike Garcia, others

102         Autographed baseball: Signed by Willie Mays, in holder and JSA authenticated, light staining

103         Autographed baseball: Signed by Hank Aaron, in holder and JSA authenticated

104         Autographed baseball: Signed by Willie Mays, in holder and JSA authenticated

105         Autographed baseball: Signed by Hank Aaron, in holder and JSA authenticated, light staining

106         2 autographed baseballs: Signed by Jim Rice, in holder and PSA authenticated, with autograph graded a 8 and the baseball a 9; signed by Fred Lynn, in holder, with ticket stub and COA by Hidden Treasures Co.

107         Autographed team ball:                1996 World Series ball in holder, signed by NY Yankees Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Joe Torre, David Cone, David Wells, Jimmy Key, Charlie Hayes. Ball has Steiner sticker but no COA letter

108         Autographed team ball:                1998 AL Champions ball in holder, signed by NY Yankees Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, Paul O’Neill, Andy Pettitte, Tino Martinez, Mike Stanton, David Wells, Joe Girardi, Ramiro Mendoza, others. Ball has Steiner sticker but no COA letter, light staining

109         Autographed team ball: 1999 World Series ball in holder, signed by NY Yankees Derek Jeter, Joe Torre, Paul O’Neill, Andy Pettitte, Tino Martinez, Willie Randolph, David Wells, Mike Stanton. Ball has Steiner sticker but no COA letter, light staining

110         Autographed baseball/card: Both Whitey Ford and both authenticated by JSA. Ball in holder has light staining; Baseball Immortals card

111         2 autographed baseballs:  Signed by Johnny Bench; other ball signed by Pete Rose. Both JSA authenticated and in holders

112         Autographed baseball: Signed by Yogi Berra and Don Larsen and with date 10/8/1956, the date of the only perfect game in World Series history. In holder and JSA authenticated

113         Autographed baseball/card: Both Stan Musial. Baseball in holder and signature authenticated by PSA, grade 9 MT; HOF Perez-Steele postcard signed by Musial, 8,642/10,000 and authenticated by JSA

114         2 autographed baseballs/2 autographed cards: Baseballs signed by Stan Musial and Bob Gibson, both in holders, authenticated by JSA and both with light staining; Musial and Gibson individually signed Baseball Immortals cards, both authenticated by JSA

115         2 autographed baseballs:  Signed by Al Kaline and Mickey Lolich, both in holders and authenticated by JSA; Kaline ball lightly stained; Lolich ball has numerous awards and stats written on it.

116         Baseball memorabilia: Mickey Mantle 1956-57 Mac Boy decal sticker, creases, light staining; Mantle and Maris 1961 Topps stamps

117         8 baseball cards: Duke Snider/Walt Alston 1958 Topps No. 314, OC, corner wear; Tony Kubek 1958 Topps No. 393, corner/edge wear, OC vertically; Curt Flood rookie 1958 Topps No. 464, OC, corner wear; Enos Slaughter 1958 Topps No. 142, OC, corner wear; Milwaukee Braves team 1958 Topps No. 377; Roberto Clemente 1968 Topps All-Star No. 374, PSA grade 7 NM; Willie McCovey 1968 Topps No. 290, PSA grade 8; Don Sutton 1968 Topps No. 103

118         2 basketball cards: Chris Webber autographed 1993 No. 1 overall draft pick, with COA, only 3,000 of them released; Michael Jordan 1991-92 NBA Hoops, corner wear

119         2 autographed baseballs/small set: Pete Rose signed ball and Bob Feller autographed ball, both JSA authentication; Rose 120-card set

120         Baseball memorabilia:Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris 1961 red child’s cap, in case. Patch on cap has Mantle and Maris photos, 3.5-by-2.25 inches, some staining; 1-inch vintage Mantle red pin on cap

121         Yankees memorabilia: 2 1960s NY Yankees straw hats with felt bands and small plastic baseball figures, with felt band on one hat damaged/torn; 1960s Yankees megaphone made from Kone brand popcorn holder sold at Yankee Stadium

122         Babe Ruth statue: Unique (and heavy) chalkware statue about 19 inches tall, 6-inches wide and 6-inches deep. Some small chipping on nose, hair, chin and above right ear

123         Nolan Ryan memorabilia: Nolan Ryan autographed baseball, JSA authentication, some staining; Ryan small and heavy statue-like art piece, about 11 by 5.5 inches, in case cracked at top; Ryan photo ball; Ryan Sports Impressions commemorative card; Ryan paperback, Texas Rangers HOF Legend

124         Autographed baseball: Ball signed by Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Bob Feller, in holder, COA by Certified Authentication Service

125         2 autographed baseballs/HOF postcard:                Ball signed by Jim “Catfish” Hunter, second ball signed by “Goose” Gossage; HOF Perez-Steele  postcard signed by James Augustus Hunter, all with JSA COA

126         2 autographed baseballs: Reggie Jackson signed ball, Upper Deck authenticated, minor staining; George Steinbrenner signed ball, JSA COA, both in holders

127         Autographed baseball cap/card:  Both signed by Yogi Berra: NY Yankees cap, in case, and Baseball Immortals card, both with JSA COA

128         Autographed baseball cap/ball: Both signed by Phil Rizzuto, both PSA authenticated, cap in case and ball in holder. Ball has minor staining.

129         Autographed baseball memorabilia: Autographed Mickey Mantle 1956 Sports Illustrated “Slugger” cover, in 12-by-15-inch frame, Upper Deck authenticated, in original box, with COA

130         Autographed baseball memorabilia: Autographed Mickey Mantle 7-by-10-inch photo of Mantle’s 1952 Topps rookie card, JSA authenticated, photo in larger frame that includes No. 7 pinstripe patch and 2 NY symbols.

131         Orioles memorabilia:  Cal Ripken Jr. autographed baseball, personalized 2,632 consecutive games, #459 of 2,632, ball postmarked 9/20/98, authenticated by JSA; 12 Orioles 5-by-7-inch photos in original envelope, inc. B. Robinson, Gus Triandos, Hoyt Wilhelm; 12 Orioles 4.5-by-7-inch photos inc. B. Robinson and F. Robinson; Brooks Robinson 5-card 1993 Front Row set, with card 1 signed by Brooks, with COA, 4,499/5,000; Jim Palmer 5-card 1993 Front Row set, with card 1 signed by Palmer, with COA, 642/2,000; autographed B. Robinson Baseball Immortals card, JSA COA;  postcard-size photos autographed by Eddie Murray, Elrod Hendricks

132         Autographed baseball memorabilia: All signed by Harmon Killebrew and JSA authenticated: Baseball, 8x10 color photo, HOF Perez-Steele postcard, 1,508/10,000; Baseball Immortals card

133         2 autographed baseball items: Duke Snider signed ball and Snider signed color 8x10, both JSA authenticated

134         Autographed baseball:  Nolan Ryan signed ball, in holder, JSA authenticated

135         3 autographed baseball items:  All JSA authenticated: Eddie Mathews signed baseball, minor staining; Mathews and Warren Spahn signed Baseball Immortals cards

136         2 autographed baseball items: Both JSA authenticated: Whitey Ford signed baseball, minor staining, and framed signed Ford HOF postcard (artist is Perez)

137         2 autographed baseball items: Both JSA authenticated: Duke Snider signed baseball, minor staining, and signed Snider (Perez-Steele) HOF postcard, 9,601/10,000

138         Autographed baseball: Nolan Ryan signed ball, minor staining, JSA authenticated

139         Baseball memorabilia:  Pete Rose autographed baseball, PSA authenticated, minor staining; Bob Feller signed baseball, PSA authenticated, minor staining; Feller and Lou Boudreau signed Baseball Immortals cards, both JSA authenticated; Feller unsigned glove model 1679, brand name unclear, some wear

140         Vintage baseball uniform: Displayed on life-size mannequin: Mickey Mantle store model home pinstripes jersey with No. 7 on back, Empire Sporting Goods size 2X large; white T-shirt with navy blue trim; Empire Sporting Goods pants size 35 large, dirt stain on right knee, other minor staining; black belt, black cleats, white socks, navy blue stirrups; Mantle model glove, Rawlings MM9 Triple Crown winner model, shows wear; Yankees cap

141         Vintage baseball uniform: Displayed on life-size mannequin: Mickey Mantle store model road gray New York jersey with No. 7 on back, Empire Sporting Goods size large; blue T-shirt; pants size 32, minor staining; black belt, black cleats, white socks, navy blue stirrups; Mantle model glove, Rawlings DF 1, Yankees cap

142         Framed autographed jersey: NY Yankees pinstriped jersey signed by Phil Rizzuto, with Steiner Sports Memorabilia COA; frame is about 31.5 by 25.5 inches

143         Framed autographed jersey: NY Yankees pinstriped jersey signed by Yogi Berra, with Steiner Sports Memorabilia COA; frame is about 31.5 by 25.5 inches

144         Framed autographed jersey: NY Yankees pinstriped jersey signed by Reggie Jackson, with Steiner Sports Memorabilia COA; frame is about 31.5 by 25.5 inches

145         Autographed photo: Framed black-and-white photo of Yankee Stadium, showing famous façade, photo taken from behind home plate, signed by 1961 Yankees Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Bobby Richardson, Clete Boyer, Moose Skowron, with COA from Steiner Sports Memorabilia; frame is 26.5-by-22.5 inches

146         Autographed baseball poster:  Signed by Ted Williams; poster promoted 1996 Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Fla.; with 2011 HOF ticket stub and Ted Williams hologram. In 19.75-by-25.75-inch frame

147         Autographed baseball poster: Signed by Joe DiMaggio and Enos Slaughter, JSA authenticated; Black and white poster promotes 1987 20th Delaware Valley Sports Collectors Show, creases on left side; frame is 21-by-27 inches

148         Autographed baseball poster:  Signed by Ted Williams and Mark Gubicza, JSA authenticated; Black and white poster promotes 1984 15th Delaware Valley Sports Collectors Show; frame is 21-by-27 inches

149         Autographed baseball poster:  Signed by Sandy Koufax, 225/1,000; JSA authenticated; artist is George Desko; frame is 25-by-19 inches

150         Autographed poster: Orioles 16x20-inch poster in holder, signed by Brooks and Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray; also pictured but not signed by Ripken and Palmer, JSA authenticated

151         Autographed baseball poster:  Autographed by Cal Ripken Jr., 2001 All-Star MVP, 34/100, with Iron Clad authentic hologram; frame is 25-by-31-inches

152         Autographed baseball memorabilia:  Sports Illustrated 2014 magazine with label, signed by Derek Jeter, with Steiner Sports Memorabilia COA, Jeter is in color, rest of image is in black and white, small crease; navy blue frame is 14.25-by-12.25 inches

153         4 items baseball memorabilia: Rare red Mickey Mantle Day/NY Yankees pennant, in holder, June 8, 1969, very minor staining; 45 rpm-size record sleeve, A Day to Remember, autographed by Mantle, with record inside, PSA certified, Mickey Mantle Day June 8, 1969; Mantle Day Program, June 8, 1969; Mantle Day Program, Sept. 18, 1965, commemorating Mantle’s 2,000th game

154         Autographed team photo: 2005 NY Yankees team photo signed by all 16 pictured, inc. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Joe Torre, Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, all Hall of Famers, and Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Hideki Matsui, Bernie Williams, Gary Sheffield, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi, Robinson Cano, Chien-Ming Wang, Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon, with MLB hologram/COA

155         2 autographed items:  Yogi Berra signed 6-by-9 inch vintage cardboard image of him catching, and Berra signed HOF postcard, in 11.5-by-9.5-inch frame, both JSA authenticated

156         Autographed Yankees memorabilia:  Casey Stengel HOF postcard (Perez is artist), in 9.5-by-11.5-inch frame, with cut Stengel autograph, JSA authenticated; 1958 Yankees team black-and-white photo, signed by Stengel, personalized “to Carl, future success”; Joe McCarthy HOF postcard (Perez is artist), in 9.5-by-11.5-inch frame, with cut McCarthy autograph; 1945 letter from Lee MacPhail, Yankees president, telling job applicant there are no vacancies, with 3 hole punches and natural aging/fading, JSA authenticated

157         Baseball memorabilia:  Roger Maris 1958-62 Hartland statue, no box; 1961 Maris/Mantle Magazine (61 HR), price on inside front page in pencil, good-ex condition otherwise with small crease, corner edge wear; Dallas Morning News cartoon of Mantle’s death

158         Historic magazine: First issue of Sports Illustrated, Vol. 1, No. 1, Aug. 16, 1954, in original mailing envelope and with mailing label, light creases and some staining but in good condition, with 1954 Topps paper cards still attached, inc. Mathews, Mays, Kluszewski, Ashburn, Jackie Robinson, Snider, Ted Williams, Hodges, Doby

159         2 historic magazines: First issue of Sports Illustrated, Vol. 1, No. 1, Aug. 16, 1954, light wear, EX condition with 1954 Topps paper cards still attached (see listing in Lot 158); second issue of Sports Illustrated with mailing label and NY Yankees paper cards still attached, inc. Mantle, Ford, Berra, Slaughter,  Rizzuto (Mantle was not in actual 1954 Topps set), minor staining

160         Baseball memorabilia: Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Award vintage plaque, “in honor of Babe Ruth, whose contributions to American youth will live forever,” some wear, 10-by-14 inches; framed movie ad, “The Babe Ruth Story,” starring William Bendix, 1948, 14.5-by-17.5 inches; vintage Ruth cardboard stand-up, advertising smoking pipe, 4.25-by-10.5 inches, aging stains; Sporting News framed April 20, 1974, Ruth/Aaron cover, 12-by-15-inch frame with wear

161         Autographed baseball memorabilia:  Framed autographed Yogi Berra print/poster, 16.5-by-20.5 inches, also signed by artist Gerry Dvorak, 129/250, JSA authenticated

162         Autographed baseball memorabilia: Whitey Ford signed 8x10-inch color photo, in 9.5-by-11.5-inch frame, JSA authenticated; Allie Reynolds signed baseball, JSA authenticated

163         Baseball memorabilia: 1954 Ballentine Ale and Beer advertising plaque with1953 team photo celebrating five consecutive world  championships by NY Yankees, 1949-53, stand-up distributed to bars for countertop display or hanging by chain (both still attached), laminated on masonite, 15-by-17.25 inches, some staining

164         Baseball memorabilia: Large 27.75-by-25-inch frame featuring 15 HOF postcards (artist is Perez) inc. Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio, Stengel, Dickey, Gehrig, Berra, Ford

165         4 baseball pennants: All in holders: 1962 and 1963 NY Yankees World Champions pennants with team photos (1962 pic is creased and both pennants have pinholes), IDs on back (stained); 1965 Yankees pennant celebrating AL Championship of 1964, player names inc. Mantle, Ford, manager Keane, with pinholes; vintage 1960s Yankees pennant with pinholes

166         11 pennants in holders: 5 vintage pennants from 1960s: black NY Yankees pennant with slugger image, with pinholes; red and blue Yankees pennant with hole punch, minor staining; third Yankees pennant with logo has pinholes; white Yankees pennant with vintage font, staining; red 1967 Cardinals pennant with names of players inc. Maris, manager Schoendienst; 6 non-vintage Yankees pennants inc. 1996 World Series with names; 1998 AL Champions and World Series with names; 1999 World Series with names; 2000 AL Champions and 2000 Subway World Series

167         Vintage gloves: 3 Mickey Mantle model gloves: Rawlings Triple Crown MM9, some wear; Cambridge model MM5 with wear; Rawlings MM personal model, with brand name faded

168         Autographed baseball memorabilia: All JSA authenticated: Ron Santo signed baseball, minor staining; Ernie Banks signed HOF postcard (Perez), 9,610/10,000; Banks signed Baseball Immortals card; Luis Aparicio signed Baseball Immortals card; 5 card Banks 1993 Front Row set, with Card 1 autographed, with COA

169         Red Sox autographed memorabilia: Carl Yastrzemski signed baseball, minor staining, JSA authenticated; Diamond Club Spectrum Yastrzemski set, with one card autographed, 305/1,000; autographed Yastrzemski 8x10 color photo, SGC authenticated;  5-card set autographed by Luis Tiant, Carl Yastrzemski, Dwight Evans, Fred Lynn, Bobby Doerr, with COA

170         Baseball memorabilia: 2 Baseball Immortals cards, signed by Willie Mays, with second card signed by Hank Aaron, both with JSA authentication; 5-card 1993 Front Row set with Aaron signing Card 1, with COA; Mays 1967 Topps Pin-up 5x7 No. 12, with aging stains; Aaron 5x7 black-and-white Jay Publishing vintage photo, with staining; 4 1968 Topps posters, 9.75-by-18-plus inches, with aging stains: Aaron No. 14, torn; also Peters No. 13, McCarver No. 19 and Alvis No. 2; April 1958 Basebal Digest  with Mays and Snider on cover, aging stains, spine wear

171         Tigers baseball memorabilia: Al Kaline autographed baseball, minor staining, JSA authenticated; 21 autographed 1960s Tigers photos, 7.75-by-10 inches, many personalized to Don or Donald, inc. Lolich, Cash, McLain, Pena, Northrup, Stanley, Sherry, Aguirre, Gates Brown, McAuliffe, Freehan, Horton (difficult to read with grass background where signature is); 1966 Yanks/Tigers unscored scorebook, creases/staining and 4 tickets

172         Baseball set: 1975 Topps inc. rookies of Brett, Yount and Gary Carter, all OC; and Jim Rice, printer’s mark

173         Baseball set: 1976 Topps inc. Eckersley rookie

174         2 baseball sets: 1980 Topps with Henderson rookie; 1993 Topps set with Jeter rookie

175         Baseball set: 1989 Upper Deck set with Griffey Jr. rookie graded a Gem Mint 10 by FGA Grading Inc.

176         3 baseball sets:  1993 Topps Gold in album, with Jeter rookie graded a 8.5 by Beckett Raw Card review and 36 Topps Black Gold cards; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie; 1995 Upper Deck

177         Autographed football/partial set: Dan Marino #13 signed football with Authentic Sports COA; 1984 Topps partial football set, inc. Marino and Elway rookies, both OC, 2 Marino Topps Instant Replay rookies and duplicates of other stars

178         Album of baseball cards: Includes 33 commons from 1958 Topps inc. 4 between Nos. 1-110 and 29 between Nos. 111-495; 3 1961 Topps commons; 1 1964 Topps; dozens of 1968 Topps inc. Torre, Pinson; reprint of MacGwire 1985 Topps rookie; autographed SP Signature Edition cards of Bruce Chen, Bobby Abreu

179         2 Ted Williams autographed items: 8-by-10 black-and-white photo signed by Williams, with Authentic Autographs Unlimited COA; Williams signed Baseball Immortals card, JSA authenticated

180         Joe DiMaggio memorabilia: DiMaggio signed Perez HOF postcard and DiMaggio signed index card, both JSA authenticated; unsigned DiMaggio HOF plaque card; 2 hardback books: 1989 DiMaggio Albums featuring newspaper articles covering his career

181         2 autographed baseball items: Joe DiMaggio autograph on 3.5-by-5.5-inch color photo of he and Mickey Mantle, with caps over their hearts, JSA authenticated; Mantle signed Baseball Immortals card, with JSA authentication

182         3 baseball items: Mickey Mantle autographed Perez-Steele HOF postcard, 6x8, authenticated by JSA; Mantle signed HOF postcard (Perez), JSA authenticated; unsigned Mantle HOF plaque postcard

183         Baseball memorabilia: Phil Rizzuto autographed Pinstriper Magazine, JSA authenticated; Rizzuto’s hints on playing shortstop with tag and hole punch, 7x7 inches (similar to a vintage Dixie lid); Tony Kubek autographed NY Yankees 1991 yearbook, JSA authenticated; 2 signed Bobby Richardson 8x10 photos, JSA authenticated; Johnny Mize autographed black-and-white 10x8 photo of him being interviewed, JSA authenticated

184         Baseball memorabilia: Stan Musial autographed 8.5-by-10 inch color photo, SGC authenticated; 5-card 1993 Front Row Premium set, with Lou Brock autograph on Card 1 with COA, 310/2,000; Mickey Mantle’s Baseball Magazine, Aug. 1962, with Musial on cover, back cover page torn, torn corner on front/edge wear

185         NY Yankees photos:  1947 Yankees Photo Pack in original envelope from Yankees (torn, stained), with 25 black-and-white photos (6.75-by-9.25 inches with light aging stains) of DiMaggio, Rizzuto, Larry Berra, Reynolds, Henrich, Crosetti, Keller, Houk (very young!), Harris, Chandler, Dressen, Bevins, Page, Brown; 12 NY Yankees Picture Pack photos of 1966 Yankees inc. Mantle, Keane, Maris, Ford, Howard; 14 8x10 color photos of 1960s Yankees inc. Mantle, Ford, Stottlemyer, Howard, Houck, Maris, 2 Tresh

186         Yankees memorabilia:  Don Mattingly autographed 2005 Upper Deck Signature Portrait, 8x10; Mattingly autographed 8x10 color minor league photo, JSA authenticated; Ron Guidry and Reggie Jackson 8x10 photos, both JSA authenticated; 1923-08 Yankee Stadium pendant; 2 1990s Mattingly Topps coins

187         Joe DiMaggio memorabilia: 1940s miniature DiMaggio bat, Louisville Slugger 40, 16.5 inches; DiMaggio glove, Steerhide Peerless Brand PP36, some wear/staining; vintage DiMaggio cardboard color stand-up (missing the stand-up piece in back), 6.5-by-10.5 inches, creases; 1964 DiMaggio and Ted Williams magazine; color news photo of Joe D, with tape marks

188         NY Yankees bobblehead: Green base, boy with swirled black hair, very nice one from 1963-65, with 1 tiny chip on rear left sock, tiny crack/wear on rear of neck; with case

189         NY Yankees bobblehead: Gold  base, boy with swirled red hair in excellent condition from 1966-71, 1 small chip on bat knob, 2 small cracks on neck, minor wear back of neck

190         Yankees memorabilia: Derek Jeter Land O’ Lakes Yankee Stadium bobblehead giveaway in original box, with 2001 ticket; 1998 Jeter figure (not a bobblehead) without box; Bernie Williams bobblehead Land O’Lakes Yankee Stadium giveaway in original box, with 2002 ticket; 2 Mickey Mantle Magnum Comics No. 1, Dec 1991 and 2 Mantle Magnum Comics Nov 1992

191         2 vintage Yankees pennants: Both mini, dark blue and framed: Yankee Stadium 12-by-5 inches; Yankee Stadium logo, 12-by-4.75 inches

192         2 vintage Negro Leagues pennants/small set: Both pennants framed. NY Cuban Stars pennant, black in color, 26-by-8 inches. Online research reveals Smithsonian has one of these pennants in its collection. White letters stained; red Newark Eagles pennant, 26-by-8.5 inches, staining, small torn area lower left, edge wear at bottom; Buck Leonard 1992 Front Row set of 5 cards, with Leonard autograph on card 1.

193         4 Mickey Mantle collectibles: 9.75-inch plate/dish, 1969 Mickey Mantle Country Cookin’ H-27 on bottom, 3 small chips/back; 1969 Mickey Mantle Country Cookin’ coffee mug, minor edge wear on bottom edge; 4.75-inch 1969 Mickey Mantle Country Cookin’ veggie dish, H-27 on bottom, minor wear, edge/bottom; Pilsner beer glass Mickey Mantle’s New York, 8.5 inches; one plate holder

194         Vintage plates/glass: 4 New York Yankees logo plates made by Syracuse China Co., 93-A USA on bottom; blue trim, thin gold ring on border of plates;  Cooperstown HOF glass, 6 inches tall

195         2 collectible baseballs: Mickey Mantle 1962 Rawlings Campbell Soup ball, with original wrapping and box, 2 redemption coupons, staining, writing in pencil on inside flap of box; NY Yankees ball in vintage Mantle Campbell Soup box

196         NY Yankees collectibles:  Whitey Ford and Don Larsen autographed 8-by-10 color photos, minor staining at top of Ford photo, both JSA authenticated; Ford 1992 Front Row 5-card set with Ford autograph on card 1, with COA; Mickey Mantle/Casey Stengel 1958 news photo from World Telegram & Sun, creases, staining; Mantle 1967 Topps Pin-Ups No. 6, aging stains; Mantle on cover of July 1956 Baseball Digest; 1951 (aging stains, small corner crease) and 1956 (small torn area) Yankees team photos, both black and white; April 20, 1953, Quick Magazine with Mantle on cover; 3 Mantle pamphlets: 1956 How I Hit; 1962 Batting Tips; 1998 His Final Inning; Roger Maris black and white 8-by-10 photo

197         Mickey Mantle collectibles: Framed letter on NY Yankees letterhead to fans who sent get-well wishes, with facsimile signature, staining; “I Love Mickey,” sheet music with Mantle and Teresa Brewer on cover; framed Mantle black and white photo, 11.25-by-17.25 inches; framed Mantle vintage Wiz poster in 18.25-by-24-inch frame

198         Ted Williams collectibles:  Framed Williams black and white photo, 11.5 x 17.5 inches; Williams baseball glove, Wilson A2171, some wear

199         3 vintage baseball gloves:  All with some wear: Yogi Berra catcher’s mitt, Spalding 42-6715; Bill Dickey Professional Model 262; Gil Hodges Hutch 100

200         4 vintage baseball gloves:  Frank Frisch Spalding 128 model, some wear; Vern Stephens Tru Sport G16 model, little wear; unknown brand 205, heavy wear; Reach brand glove, very worn

201         Vintage bat, 2 baseball gloves:  Mel Ott store model bat, Special Louisville Slugger, Hillerich & Bradsby, some wear, 34 on knob, N on Melvin is mostly illegible, some legibility gone on bat label; Ott gloves, MacGregor model G18 and Goldsmith model, both with wear

202         4 postcard size cards/photo:  Hank Greenberg autographed HOF plaque card and red tinted autographed Greenberg Exhibit card, both JSA authenticated; Greenberg black and white photo, 6.5-by-9 inches, aging stains; Carl Hubbell autographed red tinted Exhibit card and Hubbell autographed HOF (Perez) card, both JSA authenticated

203         3 baseball collectibles: Framed autographed Ralph Kiner HOF postcard (Perez) and Kiner autographed Baseball Immortals card, both JSA authenticated; Kiner vintage glove, OK Mfg

204         4 baseball collectibles: Bill Dickey autographed framed Perez HOF postcard, Dickey autographed HOF postcard, both JSA authenticated; Frank Crosetti autographed baseball, personalized “8 World Championships,” JSA authenticated; Lefty Gomez autographed framed Perez HOF postcard, JSA authenticated

205         3 baseball collectibles: All JSA authenticated: Juan Marichal autographed baseball, staining; Marichal autographed Baseball Immortals card; Monte Irvin autographed Baseball Immortals card

206         Autographed small baseball sets: Carl Yastrzemski 5-card Front Row premium set, with Yaz signature on card 1, with COA, 731/2,000; 5-card 1993 Spectrum Diamond Club set, with cards autographed by Yastrzemski, Luis Tiant, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans and Bobby Doerr, with COA, 403/1,000; 5-card 1993 Bobby Doerr Front Row Premium set, 769/2,000, with card 1 signed by Doerr, with COA; 1993 Front Row Premium Rick Ferrell set with card 1 signed by Farrell, with COA, 38/2,000; Baseball Immortals card signed by Doerr, with COA

207         Baseball collectibles: Hoyt Wilhelm autographed 8-by-10 photo, JSA authenticated; Carl Yastrzemski 5-card 1993 Front Row Premium with Yaz signature on card 1, with COA, 677/2,000; Rollie Fingers 5-card Front Row Premium set, with COA, and Fingers signature on card 1, 1,786/2,000; 1966 letter signed by Horace Stoneham, president of SF Giants

208         Baseball collectibles: Bobby Shantz autographed 1952 MVP photo, JSA authenticated; Minnie Minoso autographed photo, personalized to Leon, “give it all you got,” Certified Authentication Service COA; Minoso and Al Lopez, black and white photo with creases; Minoso’s membership card to Association of Professional Ball Players of America, 1954-55, staining, with COA from charity; Carl Yastrzemski 1993 Front Row Premium 5-card set, with Yaz signature on card 1, 1,109/2,000, with COA; unsigned Pee Wee Reese photo; Pete Gray autographed 10-by-8 photo, PSA and Gallery of History COA; Bob Prince signature on 1966 letter, PSA authenticated; other vintage photos

209         4 baseball magazines/photos:  Baseball Album Photo and Autographs, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, stars on covers inc. Mantle, Koufax, Aaron, Mays, Musial; photo of 4 NY Mets, inc. Nolan Ryan, with Don Caldwell signature; other vintage photos

210         Vintage baseballs: 12 Reach brand American League baseballs in box, 1960-69, Joseph Cronin, AL president, each ball in boxes with No 0 on them, one box opened with top torn, other 11 are unopened

211         Vintage Baseballs: 12 baseballs, various brands, in 9 vintage opened boxes: team stamped facsimile signatures of Orioles team inc. Brooks Robinson, Jim Gentile on baseball, in Grove-Sechrist No. 67 box; Harmon Killebrew stamped facsimile signature on Wilson baseball; black Rawlings baseball; Reach 1960-69 official AL baseball with president Joseph Cronin on ball, in Reach No. 0 box; NL 150 ball in unopened box; Rawlings RO baseball in unopened Rawlings box; Spalding Babe Ruth League ball in unopened Spalding box; Lee McPhail AL ball in unopened Rawlings box RO-A; McPhail AL ball in opened box, staining on ball, RO-A; Wilson A1010 ball, Haiti 86; Reach Joe Cronin AL ball, 1960-69 in opened Reach box; MacGregor Goldsmith ball 97; NL Spalding ball with NL president Warren Giles, 1969 or prior, damaged box

212         12 baseballs: All Rawlings: 3 American League with Gene Budig as president; 3 National League with Leonard Coleman as president; 6 National League with Bill White as president, RO-N, look unused but staining on baseballs

213         12 baseballs:  All Rawlings baseballs, 6 of them unopened: all American League RO-A, Bobby Brown president (1985-94); one is a Comiskey Park ball

214         Nearly 2 dozen baseballs: 12 are opened Rawlings National League, Bill White president, RO-N;  6 Rawlings balls, Gene Budig and Bill White as president, a few are sealed; 3 Bud Selig as MLB commissioner baseballs, one in holder; Leonard Coleman, NL president, unopened

215         Sports collecting supplies: 17 baseball holders, some opened; 4 new mini football helmet display cases; 2 card displays

216         Vintage jersey: Size 38 NY Yankees jersey (no pinstripes), No. 12 on back, some staining, fraying at neck inc. label, Coane Athletic Knit and Clothing, Phila.

217         KC Royals uniform:  Rawlings size 52 jersey worn by Ed Hearn in 1987, No. 7 on back, small thread pulls on jersey, light staining; pants worn by Greg Luzinski in 1995, both have MLB laundry IDs. Size 42 Russell Athletic pants lightly stained; KC Royals blue belt, blue socks, stirrups

218         Vintage scrapbooks:  2 small scrapbooks of newspaper clippings/drawings of early players inc. Ruth, Speaker, Cobb, Johnson, Alexander, Foxx, Waner, Traynor, Hornsby trade, Mack, Evers, Greenberg, Sisler etc. Clippings glued in firmly

219         4 baseball sets: 1981 Fleer, 1982 Donruss with Ripken rookie very OC; 1982 Fleer and 1982 Topps, both with Ripken rookies

220         4 baseball sets:  1982 Donruss with Ripken rookie miscut; 1983 Fleer and 1983 Topps, both with Gwynn, Boggs and Sandberg rookies; 1984 Topps with Mattingly rookie

221         4 baseball sets: 1983 Topps with Gwynn rookie and OC rookies of Boggs and Sandberg; 1984 Fleer and 1984 Topps with Mattingly rookies; 1985 Topps set with McGwire, Clemens and Puckett rookies

222         5 baseball sets: 1985 Topps set with Clemens rookie slightly OC, MacGwire and Puckett rookies OC; 1986 Donruss and 1986 Fleer with Canseco rookies; 1986 Topps; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie

223         6 baseball sets:  1986 Leaf, 1986 Donruss, 1987 Donruss sealed with Bonds and Maddux rookies; 1987 Fleer with Bonds rookie; 1987 Topps sealed with Bonds rookie; 1987 Sportsflics; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie

224         5 baseball sets:                 1986 Donruss with Canseco rookie; 1987 Donruss with Bonds/Maddux rookies; 1987 Fleer with Bonds rookie; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie; 1993 Topps with Jeter rookie

225         4 baseball sets: 1985 Topps set plus traded, with McGwire, Clemens and Puckett rookies; 1987 Donruss with Bonds, Maddux rookies; 1987 Topps with Bonds rookie; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie

226         4 baseball sets:  1981 Donruss, Fleer and Topps; 1983 Topps with Boggs, Gwynn, Sandberg rookies

227         4 baseball sets: 1981 Topps, 1983 Donruss sealed with Boggs, Gwynn, Sandberg rookies; 1984 Topps with Mattingly rookie; 1987 Donruss with Bonds, Maddux rookies

228         4 baseball sets:  1985 Topps (McGwire, Clemens and Puckett rookies) with some staining/water damage?, (McGwire, Clemens and Puckett rookies look OK); 1987 Donruss  and 1987 Fleer with Bonds rookies; 1989 Upper Deck with Griffey Jr. rookie

229         4 sealed Topps baseball sets: 1991 Topps 40th Anniversary, 1995, 1996, 1998

230         6 baseball sets: 2 1986 Topps; 2 1987 Donruss with Bonds, Maddux rookies; 1990 Leaf with Frank Thomas rookie; 1995 Topps

231         2 rak-pak boxes:  Unopened 1986 Topps baseball (24 packs in each box)

232         3 rak-pak boxes:  Unopened 1986 Topps baseball (24 packs); 2 boxes of 1987 Topps baseball (24 packs per box)

233         Unopened baseball cards: Partial box of 15 packs of 1986 Topps rak-packs; 2 1994 Topps wax boxes, Series I and II; unopened pack of 100 3x5 toploaders

234         3 baseball cards: Willie Mays/Duke Snider 1958 Topps No. 436, very OC, corner wear; Mays/Musial 1963 Topps No. 138, minor corner wear; Mays 1973 Topps No. 305

235         9 baseball cards:  All Nolan Ryan Topps: 1973 No. 220, OC, corner/edge wear; 1974 No. 20, OC, corner wear; 1975 No. 500, very OC, corner/edge wear; 1975 No. 5; 1975 (with Carlton) No. 312, edge/corner wear; 1976 No. 330, OC, corner/edge wear; 1977 No. 650, rough corners, edge wear; 1978 No. 400, OC, corner wear; 1978 No. 6; 1979 No. 115

236         7 basketball cards: All Kobe Bryant: 1997-98 Topps (second year) No. 171; 1997 Upper Deck Crunch Time, 2003-04 Upper Deck No. 116; 2003 NBA Hoops No. 32; 2003-04 Flair No. 4; 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection; 2000 Topps Tipoff No. 141

237         7 baseball cards: Brett rookie, 1975 Topps No. 228, OC, corner wear; Molitor/Trammell rookie, 1978 Topps No. 707, OC, corner/edge wear; McGwire 1985 Topps rookie, No. 401, OC; Clemens rookie, 1985 Leaf No. 99; Aaron 1973 Topps No. 1 (with Ruth/Mays), very OC, corner/edge wear; Aaron 1973 Topps No. 100, very OC, corner wear; Koufax/Drysdale/Podres 1963 Topps No. 412, very OC, corner wear

238         Partial baseball set: Nearly complete 1975 Topps, 624 of 660 cards, missing Brett and Yount rookies but includes rookies of Rice, Gary Carter; other star cards inc. Aaron, Aaron highlights, Schmidt, Winfield, Ryan highlights, Fisk, B. Robinson

239         Football wax box:   Unopened 1987 Topps football, possible rookies inc. Flutie, Cummingham, J. Kelly; 2 2020 sealed Topps on Demand boxes (one box has dented corner)

240         Partial football set/small set:  1978 Topps football, missing 6 cards; Cards include Dorsett rookie No. 315 and Stallworth rookie No. 320, OC, corner wear; 1992 Classic 4-Sport Draft Pick set, inc. Shaq No. 1 and Jeter No. 231; 1992 Classic 4-Sport Draft Pick partial set, missing a few cards. Among the missing are the Shaq and Jeter; unopened pack 1994 Classic Draft Picks

241         4 partial baseball sets/2 small sets: Partial sets all include duplicate cards. 1973 Topps, 600-plus cards, many have considerable corner wear, some have creases; HOF’ers inc. Sutton, Simmons, Torre, plus checklists; 1974 Topps 600-plus cards with corner wear inc. Stargell, Jenkins, Torre, Sutton, Gossage, league leaders, checklists; 1975 Topps, 600-plus cards with corner wear inc. Kaline, Fingers, Santo, league leaders, checklists; 1976 Topps, 1,000-plus cards in good condition, inc. Billy Williams, Blylevin, checklists, league leaders; 1953 Topps Archives, not in order, may not be complete set but inc. Mantle, Aaron, Mays, T. Williams; 1986 Donruss rookies and 1989 Fleer Update sets

242         Non-vintage Mantle: 180 non-vintage Mickey Mantle cards in album, inc. reprints of 1951 Bowman and 1952 Topps rookies; also reprints of 1952 Bowman, 1953 Topps, 1955 Bowman, Topps reprints 1956-59, 1961-62, 1967, 1969, 1969 Topps Finest with protective coating, refractors, Topps Chrome, Topps HR cards

243         180 baseball cards:  All Derek Jeter inc. early career cards, inserts

244         180 baseball cards:  All Derek Jeter inc. early career cards, inserts; Starquest color variations (silver, green, blue)

245         27 baseball cards:  All Pete Rose inc. 2 1971 Topps No. 100, both OC, corner/edge wear, letter written on back of one; 1974 Topps No. 300, writing on back with marker, very OC; 1976 Topps No. 240, OC, corner wear; 1977 Topps No. 450; also 1978-79; 1981, 1983-87

246         99 baseball cards:  All NY Yankees inc. 41 non-vintage Babe Ruth cards inc. 1973 Topps No. 474, 2 reprints from 1916 Sporting News; 5 DiMaggio non-vintage; 17 Gehrig non-vintage inc. 2 1973 Topps No. 472; 30 Mariano Rivera; 3 Maris reprints, Ford reprint

247         About 225 baseball cards:  All Nolan Ryan inc. 2 1974 Topps, both very OC, rough corners; 1975 Topps No. 5; 1977 Topps (with Seaver) No. 6; 2 1973 Topps (with Carlton) No. 67; many other Topps cards from late 1970s-mid 1980s

248         193 baseball cards: Mostly Hall of Famers from 1970s Topps, a few from 1980s: 1972 Mays In Action (very OC), Yaz, Yaz in Action; 1973 Jackson, Robinsons, Palmer, Seaver, Carlton, Gibson, Morgan, Bench, Gehrig, Cobb; 1974 Jackson, Stargell, Aparicio; 1975 Palmer, Winfield, Seaver, Jackson, Bench, Yaz, Carlton; 1975 K. Hernandez and Lynn rookies; stars from late 1970s, 5 Ozzie Smith 1980 Topps; 1984 Donruss; actors Robert Stack, Rod Cameron, J. Carroll Naish on 1950s cards; non-vintage baseball reprints of Mays, Clemente

249         99 baseball cards: Almost all rookies: 1971 Topps Concepcion, Blylevin, Simmons; 3 Leaf 1985 Puckett, 2 Bonds 1987 Fleer, 19 Mussina 1992 Draft Pick; rookies of Randy Johnson, Bernie Williams, Larken, P. Martinez, M. Ramirez, Raines, Eckersley, Guidry, Bagwell, Bo Jackson, Guerrero, Strawberry, F. Thomas, Pettitte, Sosa, C. Jones, Rizzo, Smoltz, Thome, Canseco, autographed Steve Finley Score and Donruss rookies

250         Basketball/football/non-sports cards: 14 Michael Jordan, inc. 2 promo cards, 1990 Hoops, 1991 baseball; Kobe Bryant Hot Prospects 2007-08 No. 1; 4 Gretzky cards inc. 1992-93 Fleer; 4 Favre 1991 Draft Pick rookies; 14 Tom Brady cards inc. 2005-06; 8 Peyton Manning inc. 2002 Score, 2005 Playoff Contenders, 2005 Topps Finest; Sayers 1971 Topps Game; 28 Sgt. Preston cards from 1950 (24 of dogs); football stars from 1970s inc. Bradshaw, Dorsett, Payton, Greene, Theismann; Brees, Rodgers, Luck

251         77 basketball cards: All Shaq O’Neal inc. 1993 4-Sport Classic No. 28, 1992-93 Upper Deck, 1992 4-Sport Classic No. 1; 1992-93 Ultra

252         79 baseball cards: All Ken Griffey Jr., inc. 1990 Donruss, Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck; 1992 Diamond Kings; Pinnacle Field of Vision

253         Baseball set/stars from 1970s-80s:  1984 Topps set inc. Mattingly rookie; Pete Rose 1971 Topps No. 100, corner/edge wear; 2 Blylevin 1971 Topps rookies No. 26, both corner/edge wear; 16 early career Ripken cards inc. 3 1983 Donruss, 1984 Donruss, Fleer and Topps; Winfield 1975 Topps No. 61; Aikman football rookie, 1989 Topps Traded No. 70T

254         Partial baseball set: 1971 Topps, about 1,600 cards. Missing about 120 cards from set but includes about 1,000 duplicate 1971 Topps. Many cards have considerable corner/edge wear; stars include Munson No. 5, Garvey, Blylevin and Foster rookies, Rose, Bunning. Missing many key stars inc. Aaron, Mays, Clemente, high numbers

255         Unopened Case Wax Box: 1991 Topps 40th anniversary wax box case, 20 boxes/36 count

256         Unopened Case Wax Box: 1992 Topps wax box case, 20 boxes/36 count

257         Unopened Case Wax Box: 1994 Topps wax box case, Series I, 20 boxes/36 count

258         Unopened Case Wax Box: 1989 Rak-Pak case, 3 boxes/24 count

259         4 baseball cards/4 other items:  Exhibit cards of Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Elston Howard and Nellie Fox; 2 booklets from 1976: “Great Hitters I’ve Known,” by Mantle and “Great Pitchers I’ve Known,” by Ford; also autographed Dell Alston postcard

260         4 baseball cards: Exhibit cards of Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial

261         8 baseball cards: Exhibit cards of Warren Spahn, Richie Ashburn, Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Don Newcombe, Johnny Sain, Bucky Walters, Phil Covarretta, staining on last 3

262         12 baseball cards:  Exhibit cards, all with aging stains, of Walter Johnson, George L. Kelly, Milton Stock, Walter Mails, Ross Young; also Exhibits of Dick Kerr, George Burns, last name of Gerber, Jack Quinn, Chico Carrasquel (writing/back), Chick Hafey (name written on back); 1938 4-1 with Paul Waner, Gus Suhr, Cy Blanton, Floyd Vaughn (writing/back)

263         Vintage photos:  Photo ID’d as Babe Ruth, believed to be from the late teens or 1920s, about 5.25-by-3-inches;  Jack Dempsey postcard, Famous Boxing Series, corner wear, staining, ink mark, corner creases; Jack Dempsey postcard, corner creases, edge wear

264         Box of vintage photos: Photos include sports pictures and family photos of Nelson M. Way, also known as “Pi,” a pitcher for Yale from 1910-15 and also a football player there. He played two years for the NY Giants; not all photos are dated but some are from late teens and 1920s; also inc. copyright registration for an Indoor Football Game (1923)

265         Baseball card: Mickey Mantle/Yogi Berra 1957 Topps No. 407, OC, light staining, very light creases, corner wear

266         Baseball card: Frank Robinson rookie, 1957 Topps No. 35, OC, corner wear, creases

267         2 baseball cards: Hank Aaron 1959 Topps No. 380, corner wear, off center; Aaron 1961 Topps No. 484, creases, corner/edge wear

268         2 baseball cards: Hank Aaron 1959 Topps No. 380, corner wear, off center; Aaron 1962 Topps No. 320, OC, corner wear, corner crease

269         5 baseball cards:  Hank Aaron 1959 Topps No. 380, corner wear, staining, ink mark; Warren Spahn 1960 Topps No. 445, corner/edge wear; Lou Burdette 1959 Topps No. 440; Braves team 1957 Topps No. 114, staining (tape mark?), corner crease; Braves 1959 Topps No. 419, OC vertically, corner wear

270         8 baseball cards: Ed Mathews 1957 Topps No. 250, corner wear, slightly OC; Mathews 1961 Topps No. 120, OC, corner wear; Warren Spahn 1960 Topps No. 445, corner/edge wear; Braves 1959 Topps No. 419, rough corners; Lou Burdette 1959-62 Topps, corner wear

271         5 baseball cards:  Roberto Clemente 1959 Topps No. 478, OC, corner wear; Bill Mazeroski 1959 Topps No. 415, corner wear; Pirates team/checklist 1960 Topps No. 484, corner wear; Mazeroski 1958 Topps No. 238, gum stain, corner/edge wear; Mazeroski 1963 Post No. 138

272         5 baseball cards:  Willie Mays 1961 Topps All-Star No. 579, minor corner/edge wear; Mays/Ashburn 1959 Topps No. 317, corner/edge wear; Willie McCovey 1961 Topps No. 517, rough corners, edge wear; 1962 Topps HR Leaders No. 54 (Mays, F. Robinson), very OC; Orlando Cepeda 1959 Topps No. 390, corner creases, staining

273         4 baseball cards:  Roberto Clemente 1959 Topps No. 478, very OC, corner wear; Clemente 1961 Topps No. 388, very OC, rough corners, edge wear; Chuck Tanner 1957 Topps No. 392, rough corners, edge wear; Bill Mazeroski 1959 Topps No. 415, OC, corner wear

274         4 baseball cards:  Roberto Clemente 1959 Topps No. 478, very OC, corner/edge wear, gum stain? ; Bill Mazeroski 1959 Topps No. 415, very OC, corner wear; 1959 Topps No. 17 (Kluszewski/Murtaugh/Thomas; Larry Doby 1959 Topps No. 455, OC, corner wear, small crease

275         3 baseball cards:  Roger Maris 1961 Topps All-Star No. 576, corner wear; Maris 1962 Post No. 6, staining, corner/edge wear; 1962 Topps HR Leaders No. 53 (Maris/Mantle/Killebrew), OC, corner wear, light edge wear

276         8 baseball cards:  5 1959 Topps cards, all with corner wear: Whitey Ford No. 430, very OC; Billy Martin No. 295, very OC; Elston Howard No. 395, creases, rough corners; Stengel/Larsen No. 383;  Tony Kubek No. 505, OC, edge wear; 2 1960 Topps with corner wear: Yanks team No. 332, edge wear; Stengel No. 227; Larsen 1958 Topps No. 175, crease, small indentations, staining/back

277         8 baseball cards:  All 1962 Topps: Stan Musial No. 50, slightly OC but nice card; Tom Tresh rookie No. 31, corner wear; rest have corner/edge wear: Joe Torre rookie No. 218; Kubek No. 430; Martin No. 208, very OC; McCarver rookie No. 167; Brooks and Frank Robinson, Nos. 45 and 350

278         5 baseball cards: Brooks Robinson 1959 Topps No. 439, corner wear; Al Kaline 1959 Topps No. 360, corner wear, slight edge wear; Frank Robinson 1959 Topps No. 435, OC, corner wear; B. Robinson 1961 Topps All-Star No. 572, corner/edge wear; B. Robinson 1960 Topps No. 28, OC, corner wear

279         5 baseball cards:  Ernie Banks 1959 Topps No. 350, very OC, corner/edge wear; Billy Williams rookie 1961 Topps No. 141, very OC, slight corner wear; Cubs team 1959 Topps No. 304, very OC vertically, corner/edge wear; White Sox team 1959 Topps No. 329, OC vertically, corner wear; Giles/Harridge No. 100, OC, printer’s mark, corner wear

280         6 baseball cards:  Sandy Koufax 1960 Topps No. 343, corner/edge wear; Don Drysdale 1960 Topps No. 475, very OC, corner wear; Drysdale 1959 Topps 387, corner wear; Duke Snider 1960 Topps No. 493, OC, corner/edge wear, staining; 1961 Topps Strikeout Leaders No. 49 (Koufax, Drysdale), very OC, light corner/edge wear; Dodgers team 1961 Topps No. 86, OC, corner wear

281         5 baseball cards: Dodgers stars 1957 Topps No. 400 (Furillo/Hodges/Campanella/Snider, corner/edge wear; Dodgers team 1958 Topps No. 71, corner/edge wear; Jim Gilliam 1957 Topps No. 115, very OC, staining; Gilliam 1959 Topps No. 306, OC, corner/edge wear; Johnny Podres 1959 Topps No. 495, very OC, corner wear

282         11 baseball cards:  Ernie Banks 1959 Topps No. 350, very OC, corner wear; Nellie Fox 1961 Topps No. 30, very OC, corner wear; Fox/Aparicio 1959 Topps No. 408, corner wear, OC vertically; Aparicio 1959 Topps No. 310, rough corners, creases; Aparicio 1960 Leaf No. 1, staining, corner wear; Fox 1962 Topps No. 73, OC, corner wear; Fox 1961 Topps MVP No. 477, OC, corner wear; Fox 1963 Post No. 36; Fox/Kuenn 1960 Topps No. 429, corner/edge wear; Aparicio 1960 Topps No. 240, corner wear; Fox 1958 Topps All-Star No. 479, rough corners, staining, edge wear

283         10 baseball cards: All Topps: Don Drysdale 1959 No. 387, corner/edge wear, staining; Drysdale 1960 No. 475, minor corner wear; Frank Robinson 1959 No. 435, rough corners; 1959 Dodgers team No. 457, corner/edge wear; Ralph Branca, 1952 No. 274, heavily creased, poor condition; Jim Gilliam 1959, 1960 and 1963, all OC, corner wear; Johnny Podres 1959 (No. 495, rough corners) and 1960

284         10 baseball cards:  All Topps with corner wear: Sparky Anderson rookie, 1959 No. 338, OC; F. Robinson 1959 No. 435, very OC, rough corners, corner crease; Vada Pinson rookie 1958 No. 420, rough corners, crease, small torn area; Pinson 1959 No. 448; Pinson/O’Toole 1960 No. 30; Pinson 1961 No. 110, very OC, minor corner wear; Stengel/Larsen 1959 No. 383, OC vertically; Billy Martin 1959 No. 295, very OC, rough corners; Reds team 1963 Team; Curt Flood 1959 No. 353, rough corners

285         11 baseball cards:  Sparky Anderson rookie, 1959 Topps No. 338, OC; Rocky Colavito 1959 Topps No. 420, rough corners; Billy Martin 1959 Topps No. 295, corner/edge wear; Martin 1961 Topps No. 89, OC; Bob Lemon 1957 Topps No. 120, OC, corner/edge wear; Lemon 1955 Bowman No. 191, poor condition, creases; Colavito 1960 Topps No. 400, corner/edge wear; Indians 1960 Topps No. 467; Lajoie 1960 Fleer No. 1, very OC; Pinson and Doby, 1959 Topps, both rough corners (Doby corner torn)

286         9 baseball cards:  Ernie Banks 1959 Topps No. 350, very OC, corner wear, staining; Cubs 1959 team No. 304, OC, corner wear; Early Wynn 1958 Topps No. 100, corner/edge wear; Wynn 1961 Topps No. 455, corner/edge wear; White Sox team 1960 No. 208; Red Schoendienst 1960 Topps No. 335, staining, rough corners; Pinson and Cepeda, both 1959 Topps, Nos. 448 and 290, both corner wear; Robin Roberts 1960 Topps No. 264, corner wear

287         10 baseball cards: Willie Mays/Richie Ashburn 1959 Topps No. 317, OC vertically, corner wear; 1962 Topps HR leaders (Mays/F. Robinson) No. 54, corner wear; Willie McCovey 1961 Topps No. 517, corner crease, rough corners; Orlando Cepeda 1959 Topps No. 390, OC, corner wear; Ashburn 1961 Post No. 192, very OC, corner wear; NY Giants team 1957 Topps No. 317, light creases, corner/edge wear; Giants team 1961 team No. 167; Phillies 1957 Topps No. 214, corner wear; Wash. Senators 1959 Toppd No. 397, corner/edge wear; Carl Hubbell 1960 Fleer

288         9 baseball cards:  Willie Mays/Richie Ashburn 1959 Topps No. 317, OC, corner wear, small crease; Frank Robinson 1960 Topps No. 490, OC, light corner wear; Willie McCovey 1961 Topps No. 517, OC, rough corners; Orlando Cepeda 1959 Topps No. 390, very OC, rough corners; 1961 Topps checklist No. 98, very OC, corner/edge wear; 1965 Topps checklist No. 189, OC, corner wear; Hoyt Wilhelm 1957 Topps No. 203, corner wear; Wilhelm 1959 (staining) and 1960 Topps (OC, small crease), both corner wear

289         10 baseball cards:  Bob Gibson 1960 Topps No. 73, OC, corner/edge wear; Al Kaline 1959 Topps No. 360, corner wear; Ty Cobb 1960 Fleer No. 42, very OC, corner wear; Jim Bunning 1960 Topps No. 502, corner/edge wear; Tigers (OC, edge wear) and Senators teams 1959 Topps Nos. 329 and 397, both corner wear; Orioles 1960 Topps team/checklist No. 494, corner/edge wear; Orioles 1961 Topps No. 159, very OC, corner/edge wear; Schoendienst 1960 Topps No. 335 and Kuenn 1961 Topps No. 500 both rough corners, edge wear

290         8 baseball cards:  2 Al Kaline 1959 Topps No. 360, corner wear, one with gum stain; Hoyt Wilhelm 1960 Leaf No. 69; Robin Roberts 1959 Topps No. 352, corner/edge wear; Roberts Topps cards 1960 No. 264, 1961 No. 20, both corner/edge wear; Early Wynn 1960 Topps No. 1, OC, corner wear, corner crease; Cardinals 1960 team/checklist No. 242, corner wear

291         68 baseball cards:  All 1957 commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates, a few minor stars inc. Triandos, Power, Virdon, McDougald; 5 cards are between Nos. 265 and 352

292         47 baseball cards:  All 1958 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates; 15 are between Nos. 1 and 110 and 30 are between Nos. 111-495

293         145 baseball cards: All but one are 1959 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates. Minor stars inc. Burdette, Flood, Pinson; one Ted Williams Fleer card, No. 48, crease

294         150 baseball cards: All 1959 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates. Minor stars inc. Triandos, Ken Boyer, Maglie, Herzog, Groat, Pierce

295         154 baseball cards: All but two are 1960 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates. Minor stars inc. Ken Boyer, Herb Score, Jim Perry and Ron Fairly rookies, Jim Gentile, 2 Fleer Baseball Greats

296         151 baseball cards: All 1961 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates. Minor stars inc. Ted Kluszewski, Bobby Shantz, Curt Flood, Jackie Jensen

297         92 baseball cards:  All 1962 Topps commons, most with corner wear, some duplicates

298         88 baseball cards: 44 1960 Leaf commons with a few minor stars inc. Bob Friend, Clete Boyer, Don Newcombe; 9 1963 and 4 1965 Topps commons; 26 1961 Post inc. Billy Pierce, Johnny Blanchard; 5 1963 Post inc. Bobby Richardson

299         Orioles album of cards:  Nearly all, about 260 cards, are Cal Ripken Jr. inc. early career cards; Ripken sealed Iron Man baseball commemorative; 1995 Sports Illustrated with Ripken on cover (Sportsman of Year); Ripken newspaper articles; 1991 O’s program; a few other Orioles, football commons

300         Football card/photo/patch:  Sonny Jurgensen rookie 1958 Topps No. 90, OC, slight edge wear;  Charley Taylor autographed 8x10 color photo with MSD Enterprises COA; Ladainlan Tomlinson 2002 Upper Deck NFL Player Patch

301         Vintage baseball cards/photos: Autographed Tom Glavine 8x10 color photo; autographed Rollie Fingers 8x10 color photo with COA from Treat; 1966 NY Yankees picture pack of 11 players (missing the Maris) inc. Mantle, Ford, Howard and manager Keane (light staining on photos, envelope in poor condition); Mantle 1996 refractor of 1954 Bowman reprint card; Hank Bauer and Gil McDougald Exhibit cards, aging stains; 3 Nellie Fox cards, all with corner wear: 1962 Topps No.73, OC, edge wear; 1960 Topps with Kuenn No. 429; Baseball Scoops No. 472, edge wear, rough corners; Lou Brock postcard-size photo

302         Basketball star cards/autographed sports photos: 9 basketball cards inc. LeBron James 2004-05 Upper Deck No. 15; 4 Shaq O’Neal cards inc. 1993 Upper Deck No. P43; 4 Michael Jordan 1991 cards (Fleer creased); 8 autographed 1997 Leaf oversized cards: Greg Hill, Ike Hill, Irving Fryar, Yatil Green, Byron Hanspard, Rodney Hampton, Tony Martin, Garrison Hearst; 25 autographed basketball cards from card companies inc. Mychel Thompson, Steve Alford, Erick Barkley, Howard Eisley, Kedrick Brown, Chris Herren; Dave Bing autographed 8x10 photo; Ed O’Bannon autographed 8x10 photo (with Scoreboard COA)

303         NASCAR cards/autographed photos:  Photos autographed by Tom Peck, Kenny Wallace, Michael Waltrip, Rusty Wallace and animal expert Jack Hanna; 8 small albums of racing cards, with each album having about 35 cards: Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, 2 Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Bobby LaBonte, Ryan Newman, Kevin Harvick

304         Baseball tobacco card: John McGraw, 1911 T205 Gold Border, Piedmont brand, corner/edge wear

305         8 baseball tobacco cards: All Piedmont brand: 6 1911 T205 Gold Border, all with corner/edge wear but above average condition: Howard Camnitz, Thomas Downey, Arnold Hauser (slight paper loss/back), John Miller, Edward Reulbach (small chipping, paper loss on front), Frank Schulte; 2 1909-11 T206, both Piedmonts with corner/edge wear: Charlie Rhodes; Jimmy Slagle, light staining

306         1910 tobacco cards/modern sports: 19 Fish Series cards with corner/edge wear, all Piedmont, about half with creases; Walter Payton 1981 Topps No. 400, corner wear; about a dozen 1981 football commons plus 1984 Topps baseball commons; 8 Brooks Robinson 1993 Country Time Lemonade cards

307         Beatles set/other Beatles cards: 1964 Topps Beatles color set, cards 1-64, with corner wear, first and last cards (1 and 64) have creases; 9 1964 Topps black-and-white Beatles cards, with creases on Nos. 68, 124, 138

308         Autographed baseball: NY Yankees 1968 team-signed, with signatures of Mickey Mantle, Lindy McDaniel, Horace Clarke, Fred Talbot, Steve Hamilton, Joe Pepitone, Steve Barber, Bill Robinson, John Cumberland, Jake Gibbs, Andy Kosco, Frank Fernandez, Ruben Amaro, two other names on Joe Cronin ball not clear/legible. Minor staining on ball, but names are clear.

309         Baseball card: Mickey Mantle 1963 Topps No. 200, corner/edge wear

310         Baseball card: Willie Mays 1962 Topps No. 300, corner/edge wear with small indentations

311         3 baseball cards: All Hank Aaron with corner/edge wear: 1962 Topps No. 320, light stains/back; 1963 Topps (with Ernie Banks) No. 242; 1961 Topps MVP No. 484, creases, OC vertically, small paper loss/back

312         2 baseball cards: Both Sandy Koufax, Topps with corner/edge wear: 1963 Topps No. 210, very light crease; 1964 Topps No. 200, small ink mark/front, light creases

313         Baseball card: Roberto Clemente 1956 Topps No. 33, creases, rough corners, paper loss/back

314         7 baseball cards: All 1963: Don Drysdale 1963 Fleer No. 41, corner/edge wear; rest are Topps cards: Tony Oliva rookie No. 228, corner wear, OC; Al Kaline 1962 Topps All-Star No. 470, corner/edge wear; Ron Santo 1963 No. 252, corner wear, OC; 2 Gil Hodges No. 245, both OC, corner wear; Casey Stengel No. 233, corner/edge wear

315         8 baseball cards: All 1964 Topps stars with corner wear: Roger Maris No. 225, very OC; Ernie Banks No. 55, very OC; Ed Mathews No. 35, OC; Warren Spahn No. 400, very OC; Juan Marichal No. 280, very OC, edge wear; Pitching Leaders No. 4 inc. Whitey Ford; Vada Pinson No. 80, OC; McCovey/Wagner No. 41

316         4 baseball cards: 3 Cal Ripken Jr. 1982 rookies: Topps No. 21, minor corner/edge wear; Fleer No. 176, OC, corner/edge wear; Donruss No. 405, OC, corner wear; Brooks Robinson 1963 Fleer No. 4, creases, small paper loss, corner/edge wear

317         Vintage baseball cards/photos: 12 1962 Exhibit cards with stats on back in black ink, all with corner wear and normal aging stains, some with edge wear: Includes Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Warren Spahn, Ernie Banks, Jim Gentile, Sandy Koufax, Ed Mathews, Norm Cash, Tito Francona, Milt Pappas, Hoak and Mahaffey; 16 black-and-white photos from 1960s, with staining: 10 Yankees inc. Mantle, Maris (torn corner), Berra, Ford, and 6 Dodgers inc. Koufax, Podres, Alston (creasees), Gilliam

318         34 vintage baseball cards: All Exhibit with blank backs, aging stains, with writing identifying player’s team and position on back as indicated: Includes Willie Mays (writing), Hank Aaron (staining on front, writing/back), Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente (writing), Stan Musial (writing), Whitey Ford (writing), Nellie Fox (writing), Robin Roberts, Ted Kluszewski and Orlando Cepeda, both with staining/front; Bill Mazeroski (writing), Gil Hodges, staining, crease; Don Drysdale, creases, staining, writing; Duke Snider; Gil McDougald, Dick Groat; Pierce, Bailey, 2 Logan, 2 Bruton, Brewer, K. Boyer, Woodling, Bauer, Score, Landis, Sawatski, Goodman, Cummingham, Cerv, Donovan, Crandall

319         About 150 baseball cards:  All Topps commons/minor stars unless indicated: 4 1960 with paper loss on back of all (Elston Howard heavily creased); 3 1961, all with creases and No. 469 also torn); 7 1962, 14 1963 inc. Red Sox team, Gentile; 1 1963 Fleer and 1 1963 Post); 3 1966; 97 from 1964 inc. Staub, Flood, B. Powell; 3 team; 2 checklists (Nos. 362 and 438). 24 of the 1964 Topps are between Nos. 379-445

320         Vintage hockey/basketball cards:  All Topps with corner wear: Guy Lafleur 1972-73 No. 79, Lafleur 1974-75 No. 232; Lafleur 1975-76 No. 126; Bryan Trottier 1976-77 No. 115; Ray Bourque 1980 No. 140; 1976 Topps Glossy inc. Bobby Orr, Brian Trottier, Jean Ratelle, Phil Esposito, Guy LaPointe, Denis Potvin, 13 others; Ken Dryden 1975-76 No. 35 and 1976 Topps Glossy No. 5; Parkhurst reprints; John Davidson rookie, 1974-75 No. 11; basketball inc. Nate Archibald rookie, 1971-72 Topps, Rough Corners OC; league leaders early 1970s inc. Alcindor, Havlicek, Cowans, West, Abdul-Jabbar; Connie Hawkins 1970-71 No. 130; 2 Shaq rookies; Kobe Bryant 1996-97 Collectors Choice No. 361; Latrell Sprewell NBA Hoops rookie; other 1980s football/basketball

321         Small box sports cards:  Mostly hockey inc. rookies of Brendan Shanahan, 1988-89 Topps No. 122; Felix Potvin 1991 Upper Deck No. 458; Teemu Selanne 1992 Upper Deck No. 21; Eric Lindros rookie 1990 Score; Gordie Howe 1993 Upper Deck set and vintage Parkhurst reprint; 2 1991 Classic Hockey Draft Picks sets; other rookies, inserts, stars; 1991 Classic baseball cards

322         2 baseball cards: Both Topps with corner wear: Phil Rizzuto 1956 No. 113, edge wear, OC; Duke Snider 1960 No. 493, very OC, light creases

323         37 baseball cards: 18 star cards, 19 vintage commons: Derek Jeter rookie, 1993 Upper Deck No. 449; Jeter 1992 Upper Deck Minor League Draft Picks No. 5; Ken Griffey Jr. rookies: 1989 Fleer No. 548, OC, and 1989 Score No. 100T; other rookies inc. Bonds 1987 Donruss and Topps; Alex Rodriquez 1994 Upper Deck No. 24; Bill Mazeroski 1959 Topps No. 415, corner wear, light corner crease; stars with corner wear inc. 1967, 1968 Gaylord Perry (creases, OC), Orlando Cepeda 1965 and 1966, both OC, both edge wear; 3 other early 1990s Griffey Jr.; commons are from 1961-68.

324         2 basketball cards: Both Kobe Bryant: 1997-98 Topps No. 171; 2003-04 Upper Deck No. 116

325         42 basketball cards:  All Michael Jordan, mostly from early 1990s

326         16 football cards/3 baseball:  4 1991 Brett Favre rookies: Upper Deck No. 13, Ultra No. 282, Stadium Club No. 94, Action Packed No. 21; 3 Troy Aikman rookies: 1989 Pro Set No. 490; 4 Emmitt Smith rookies: 3 1990 Pro Set No. 22 and Action Packed; 4 Bo Jackson rookies: Football 1990 Score No. 697 and baseball 1987 Donruss, Fleer and Topps; 4 1994 Topps Finest stars

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