Model Train Auction
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Chambersburg, PA 17202
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Saturday Jan 22, 2022 Completed
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   Live with Online Auction (shipping available)
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Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

Contact: Heather Kohler
Phone: 717-263-6512
Website: ID#: 7802
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Listing Information

Public Auction Live In-house & Live Online Stream

Model Trains & Accessories

Will sell at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION - 643 Kriner Rd, Chambersburg, PA on:

Saturday, January 22 at 10:00 AM

Bid Online thru our website (13% BP)

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MODEL TRAINS: (405) Cataloged lots. Featured lots include HO Rolling Stock: Reading Coal Train: Reading GP-35 #3623, Reading Dummy GP40 #3671, (7) Reading Hoppers, Reading Caboose #92917, 1 Box; Brass Engines: Mopac 2-8-0 Painted, Lightly Weathered and Lettered as Great Northern #277; HO Circus Items: (6) Flatcars Lettered for Surber Bros Circus with Circus Wagon Loads, NO COUPLERS and No Boxes; American Flyer S Gauge: 477 Silver Flash Alco PA and 478 PB Diesels (Part of Decals Missing and Silver Worn on A Unit, Horn Broken) Repro Boxes; 742 Handcar w/Reverse and Drawbar, (3) Mine Cars from Miners Work Train No Box; 272 Glendale News Station No Box; 21139 Union Pacific Northern Loco with An A C Gilbert Box; 1927 Hamiltonian Train Set: 4678 NYC-Type 0-4-0 Electric (Re-wheeled), 4340 Combo, 4341 Pullman (Roof Has Mottled Paint), 4342 Observation No Boxes; Modern Lionel: 8003 Berkshire Chessie Steam Special w/Whistle/SOS/Smoke/Magnetraction OB; 6464-500 1971 Version Orange/Black Lettering OB;

Post-War Lionel: 3366 Operating Circus Car/Corral/6 Horses Repro Box for Car Only; (3) Gray/Black Letter Passenger Cars: 2421 Maplewood, 2422 Chatham, 2423 Hillside, 3 Box Remnants; 2191W Santa Fe Freight Set OB and set box: 2343 Santa Fe ABA with Master Carton/OB’s/Wrapping Paper for AA, 6656 LV Hopper, 6462 NYC Gondola/6 Barrels, UCS Track Set (Boxes have some flaps torn and missing, Dummy A 1 Ladder Broken, B Unit; 671/671W PRR Turbine, (2) 6440 Green/Yellow Pullmans, No Boxes; 2331 Virginian FM Diesel, (2) Screw hole Cracks, Number and Decal Missing on 1 End, And Decal Partially Missing, and Some Discolored Plastic on Other End), Roof Has Some Scratches, No Box; 275-Watt ZW Transformer OB and Inserts, Instructions, and much more!

UNCATALOGED: Large selection of Lionel switches, track, buildings, parts, catalogs, accessories, Plasticville, empty Lionel boxes, HO trains, rolling stock, road race track and accessories, HO buildings, large assortment of parts, HO kits and parts bins, American Flyer switches, track, transformers, large assortment of AF parts, toys, vehicles, underground items, and more!

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Sale includes large variety of trains including some weathered HO rolling stock and Brass engines, HO Kits, and Ho Circus Items. There is a large selection of American Flyer S Gauge, and  Modern and Postwar Lionel.

Cataloged items begin promptly at 10 AM. Uncataloged traylots sold after catalog items - no online bidding for uncataloged traylots. Complete catalog online - Printed catalog upon request. Stream Live online bidding through our website OR Invaluable/AuctionZip and Hibid.

Preview Friday, Jan. 21 from 3 – 5 PM and sale day from 8 AM

TERMS: Cash, check, Visa, MC, Discover accepted. 13 % Buyer’s premium applied to Live in-house & Live stream bidding on 18% buyer’s premium applied to Live stream bidding on Invaluable, AuctionZip, & Hibid platforms. 3% discount for cash or good check. Buyers responsible for all shipping costs. Statements made day of sale take precedence. 

Catalog -

1        Misc. HO: Varney "Casey Jones Type" Ten-Wheeler PRR #12 No Box, Tyco Cities Service Tanker, GN Skid Flat/Pipe OB’s, Roundhouse SF Gon OB, Burlington Caboose, Southern Flat/Culverts, NH Caboose, No Boxes

2        Misc. HO: AHM MC, PRR and L&N Boxcars OB, Rutland Reefer, BAR, and NYC Boxcars, No Boxes, Athearn MP Stock Car, N&W Caboose, Penn Line Wilson and Mantua Dairymen’s Reefer’s No Boxes

3        Misc. HO: Bachmann Rdg Boxcar, Tyco BN Boxcar, Roundhouse Sabine River Boxcar, Bev-Bel GM&O Boxcar, Front Range TAG Boxcar, Model Power Monon Gon, Bev-Bel Clinchfield, SP&S, CGW Boxcars, OB: PRR 3 Bay Hopper, Clinchfield Hopper, Cotton Belt Covered Hopper, D&H Boxcar

4        Misc. HO: (7) Gons:3 EJ&E, BN, Monon, BM, T&P, Burlington, RF&P, TPW Boxcars, B&M Operating Hopper, No Boxes

5        Misc. HO: Athearn Conrail GP40-2 #3279, (5) Lehigh Valley 4 Bay Hoppers, Roundhouse PRR 3 Bay Hopper and Conrail Covered Hopper, Stewart Hobbies Conrail Hopper, OB

6        Misc. HO: Athearn CSX GP40-2 #6388, D&TS Boxcar, Roundhouse LEF&C Boxcar and CSX Gon OB: NS Hopper and C&EI Covered Gon, B&O Caboose No Boxes

7        Misc. HO: Reading Coal Train: Reading GP-35 #3623, Reading Dummy GP40 #3671, (7) Reading Hoppers, Reading Caboose #92917, 1 Box

8        Misc. HO: Roundhouse (4) Southern Hoppers, (2) NS Hoppers, OB: (3) N&W Hoppers, (2) NS Hoppers: No Boxes

9        Misc. HO: WM/ Chessie Coal Train: Mehano WM SD-40 #7549, Athearn Chessie SD40-2 #7614, OB: (2) WM Hoppers, (3) B&O Hoppers, (3) Chessie/C&O Hoppers, Lifelike WM Caboose #1865, 3 Boxes

10      Misc. HO: Athearn Northern Pacific F7 AA Diesels (1 Horn, 3 Couplers, 1 Ladder Missing); (4) Gilbert North Coast Limited Passenger Cars: Combo 540, Pullman 541, Vista dome 542, Observation 543, No Boxes

11      Misc. HO Slot Car Road Racing: Atlas Corvette and Jaguar, Lionel Yellow Corvette and Mercedes was (No Top), Japan Die-Cast Roadster, Grandstand, Press Scaffold, (2) Touch-A-Magic Speed Controllers, (2) Terminal Tracks, Racemaster Powerpack #5302, (2) Aurora Railroad Crossings OB, Paper

12      Misc. HO Buildings: Model Power Church #482 (Sealed), Bachmann Cathedral #45192 (Sealed), Atlas Fire House #608 (Sealed), (40) O Gauge Plasticville Animals OB, (9) Lionel Cattle No Box

13      Misc. HO: (13) Tank Cars: Conoco, Mobil, Mobilgas (Paint Chips), Becca, CGW, Dow, Cities Service, Hudson Bay, (2) Texaco, Shamrock, Union Carbide, Jefferson Lake, Penn Salt, Hooker

14      Misc. HO: (2) Different Roundhouse 50th Anniv Boxcars, MRR Mag Boxcar, Athearn Millville NJ Holly Boxcar #261, OB; Iron City Beer, VA Old Dominion, Stone Mountain Confederate, RR Museum of Pa Boxcars, No Boxes

15      Misc. HO: (2) Klondike, Libby’s, Purina, Yellow Undec, BAR Reefers; Milw Gon; Vgn and MKT Boxcars; SF Flat, Penn Salt and Hudson’s Bay Tankers; UP Hopper, (2) Flats W/Rockets

16      Tichy Train Group HO: (4) USRA Single Sheath Boxcars, Wood Ore Car, USRA Twin Hopper, (2) Tankers, (2) PFE Wood Reefers, OB

17      Misc. HO Kits: Red Ball Michigan Central and Southern Pacific Boxcars, Binkley Shippers Tanker and Overland Despatch Boxcar, La Belle D&T Boxcar, Red Ball Boxcar and Monsanto Tanker, Robin’s Rails Model Craftsman Boxcar, La Belle Racine Wagon and Carriage Boxcar, Western Maryland Car

18      Funaro and Camerlengo HO Kits: 10 Kits: Naval Powder Factory Boxcar, (5) Different Borden Milk Cars, (3) 3-Pack Virginian Battleship Gondolas, OB

19      Quality Craft Models HO Kits: ATSF, MKT, PRR Auto Boxcars, N&W and PRR Hoppers, UP Bulkhead Flat, Corn Syrup Tanker, Weyerhaeuser All Door Boxcar, Hello Dolly Transport Leasing Boxcar, OB

20      Mantua Kits: Atlantic 4-4-2 Loco and Tender, 2-6-6-2T Logger, OB

21      Misc. HO Kits: (6) Ambroid: ACF Center Flow Hopper, Double Pulpwood Flat, (2) B&M Snowplow, Cushion Coil CR, NYC Container Car, Scotia Scale Models Log Car and Gondola, OB

22      Misc. HO Kits: Silver Streak Walthers 50th Anniv Boxcar, La Belle WCA&C Flats, Roundhouse Unpowered Galloping Goose, Quality Craft WM Hopper and NYC Well-Hole Flat, Northeastern Tanker, Newton Depressed Center flat, Red Ball Reefer, Depressed Center Flat, 75 Ton Flat, H

23      HO Locomotives: Mantua Diecast 0-4-0 (Some Oxidation on Side, No Couplers)), Life-Like 0-4-0? 0-4-0 (1 Coupler Missing), All Lettered For B&E, No Boxes

24      Misc. HO Kits: Main Line Models MKT Auto Box, ACL Boxcar, Swift Cattle Car; CCS (2) Depressed Center Flats, B&O Wagontop Boxcar; Wabash Valley (3) Truss Rod Boxcars; Red Ball Bud Reefer and GM&O Boxcar, OB

25      Red Ball HO Kits: (3) Coal Tenders, P&LE 100 Ton Flat, MW Kitchen Car, 2 Car Friendship Train, Guzlet Beer Reefer, Flat W/Reels, Gon W/Containers, Semi-Well Flat, OB

26      Gore & Daphetid HO: Bulline Stock Car (No Box), 2 Accurail Boxcars, Bachmann Bobber Caboose, Roundhouse Drover’s Caboose, OB

27      Misc. HO Passenger Kits: Eastern Car Works P-70 Bus/Obs Care, Athearn Undec Baggage/Mail, Roundhouse CN Express Reefer, Walthers Unpowered DC Metro Car, OB; Lionel "Pearl Harbor" Car Converted to Aquarium Coach NO Box

28      Misc. HO Kits: Mantua Penn Drake and Republic Tankers, Varney Texaco Tanker, Globe Hercules Powder Tanker, Ambroid Auto Boxcar and Full-Door Boxcar, Accurail Vesuvius Crucible Boxcar, Japan Brass Sinclair Tanker, Hometown. KCP &G Oyster Car, Cliff Line Transformer Car

29      Hobbyline Plastic HO Kits: Berkshire Locomotive, (2) Union, Monsanto, Undec Tankers, OB

30      Misc. HO Kits: (7) Mantua: Republic, Sinclair, Shell, Texaco Tankers, Land O Lakes Reefer, 8 Wheel and PRR Cabooses: Labelle Lindsay Bros, T&W, and CM&SP Boxcars, OB

31      Misc. HO Kits: 2 Diff Catoctin Central Boxcars, Con-Cor 15th Anniv Boxcar, Pro-Custom Bullet Proof Packing Boxcar, Rebel Yell Sour Mash Boxcar, E&B Valley Undec Boxcar, Anchor Tanker, Newbraugh Strasburg RR Boxcar, In Athearn Boxes and 1 Front Range Box

32      Misc. HO Kits: (6) Tichy/Gould Line: (3) PFE Reefers, Industrial Brownhoist Crane, (2) Tankers, Roundhouse Golden Spike Boxcar, Main Line Decker Reefer, Northeastern Vinegar Tanker, Quality Craft PRR Bulkhead Flat, OB

33      Walthers HO Circus Wagons: 10 Wagons: Trunk, Light Plant, Canvas, Ticket, Chair, Plank, Wardrobe, Hippo, Stake and Chain, and Pole Wagons, OB

34      Walthers HO Circus Accessories: Sound Truck, Circus Run Kit, Storage Van, Human Cannonball Truck, Commissary, Office Wagon, and Circus "Cat" OB

35      Walthers HO Vintage Vehicles: 6 Wagons: (4) Tableau, (2) Calliope, OB

36      Walthers HO Circus Wagons: Wardrobe, Hippo, Stake and Chain, Pole, Trunk, Canvas, and Chair Wagons, OB

37      Walthers HO Circus Accessories: Human Cannonball Truck, Hippo Wagon, Circus "Cat", Storage Van, Super Elephant Set, Charging Tiger Tableau, and Una-Fon Cole Brothers, Model Hobbies Milk Cans OB

38      Walthers HO Circus Accessories: Plank Wagon, Chair Wagon, Light Plant Wagon, Baggage Wagon, Horse drawn Popcorn Wagon, Mack Circus Truck, OB

39      Walthers HO Circus Accessories: Super Elephant Set, Charging Tiger Tableau, Gen/Baggage Wagon, Rocket Car, Lions Bride Wagon, Stake Driver, Mother Goose Tableau, and Una-Fon Cole Brothers, OB

40      Misc. HO Circus: Wardie-Jay Giraffe Wagon, (3) 70’ Flat Cars; Circus Crafts Goliath Wagon, Giraffe Parade Wagon, (6) 72’ Mt Vernon Flatcars, OB

41      Misc. HO Circus: Preiser 22105,6,7,8 Jaeger Circus Wagons; 22100,01,02,03 Barnes, Gollmar, (2) Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Wagons, OB

42      Sunset Models HO Brass: Walthers 932-5629 Pacific Locomotive #5629 Lettered for Schlitz, OB

43      Walthers HO Circus Train Cars: #44 Strates Elephant Car, #47 Delavan Pullman, #49 Sells Stock Car, #46 Baraboo Observation, #48 Janesville Diner, OB

44      Walthers HO Circus Flats: (15) Circus Flat Cars LESS COUPLERS No Boxes

45      HO Circus Rolling Stock: (7) Flatcars Lettered for Surber Brothers: #20 Stock Car, #103 W/3 Wagons, #113 W/3 Wagons, #107 W/2 Wagons, #124 W/4 Wagons, #101 W/2 Wagons, #140 W/3 Wagons (5 Couplers Missing); (5) Separate Wagons, No Boxes

46      HO Circus Rolling Stock: (6) Flatcars Lettered for Surber Bros Circus with Circus Wagon Loads, NO COUPLERS and No Boxes

47      Ho Circus Accessories: (12) Circus Wagons, Preiser 20388 Monkeys, 57 Animals, (67) Extra Wheels, Sea Lions Sign, (2) Weinermobile Whistles, No Boxes

48      Misc. HO Locos: San Juan Southern 2-8-0 Loco #29 (Needs New Drawbar Between Loco and Tender), Undecorated 2-8-0 #30, Jouef N Scale 0-4-0 Loco and 2 Open Air Passenger Coaches, (3) Small N Scale Flat Wagons, No Boxes

49      Misc. HO Rolling Stock: Mantua, Strasburg, Boston Tea Party, Train Museum, Peoples Drug Boxcars No Boxes; Roundhouse Railroad Model Craftsman and MR WC Boxcars, Bright’s Reefer, Texaco Tanker, Athearn Covered Hopper, OB

50      Mantua HO: 4-6-2 Chessie System/C&O Locomotive No Box

51      Misc. HO Rolling Stock: (3) Roundhouse M/W Fire Fighting Trains OB, Athearn Soo Gon, Virginia Gentleman, PRR/REA, (2) Undec Boxcars, Undec Stock Car, Silver Streak Local Hobby Shop Boxcar, All Have Boxes (Some Incorrect)

52      Spectrum HO: L&N/Family Lines System GE 70 Tonner #99, OB

53      Misc. HO Rolling Stock: (5) Mantua Tankers: (3) Dupont, Texaco, Undec, Canadian Pacific Reefer, (2) Con-Cor SF Produce Boxcars, TM Connecticut Boxcar, Walthers Union 76 Tanker, OB

54      Mantua HO: Reading 0-4-0 Camelback Die-Cast Switcher/Tender #1141, OB

55      Misc. HO Rolling Stock: Roundhouse Vanderbilt Tender Kit and L&N Boxcar, Brass 2 Dome Tanker, Mainline Southern Boxcar Kit, HD Wood Car Kit, CCS Boxcar Kit, Phillips 66 Tanker, NWP Boxcar, Caboose Kit, Hobbytown Plastic Berkshire Kit, Athearn Union 76 Tanker, Quality Craft PRR H

56      Misc. HO Locomotives: Rivarossi 0-8-0 Heavy Switcher #102, Mantua PRR Switcher #99, Interurban Trolley #7023, Die-Cast Shorty Tender, Rivarossi Pere Marquette 12 Whl Tender, No Boxes, Peco Narrow Gauge JAMES Loco Body Kit, OB

57      N Scale: Atlas Union Pacific C-Liner Powered and Dummy, E&H, LV, Atlas, and Virginia Boxcars, Penn Salt Tanker, MR Boxcar, ATSF Caboose 3 Boxes, 8 Sections Bachmann Track, Bag of N Scale Track, Bachmann Blister Pack of People

58      HO Figures: 23 Plastic Boxes of Figures for Layout by Preiser, Merten

59      HO Roco Model Miniatures: (4) US M3 Standard Half-Track, (2) 8 Ton Half Track Cannon, (2) M16 Anti-Aircraft Gun, All in Blister Packs (1 Torn)

60      HO Building Kits: (2) Atlas Warren Truss Bridges, Faller B-213 Greenhouses, Preiser 650 Roundabout, Vollmer 5611 Chemical Plant, Fairmont Hill MQ800 Marquette Mansion, OB

61      HO Building Kits: ME 75-521 Double Track Girder Bridge, Korber 102 Ellipsoidal Tank, Beehive Cake Ovens, Vollmer 5610 Factory, IHC 5015 Signal Bridge, California Model Co 66 Electric Power Sub-Station, Scale Structures Oil Loading Facility, Central Valley Pratt Truss Bridge

62      HO Building Kits: Con-Cor 1714 Moxham Soap Works (Sealed), Mouse Models Iron Fence (1 Sealed), IHC Homes of Yesterday/Today, Con-Cor Two Brothers Restaurant, (2) Heljan Fire Stations, OB

63      HO Building Kits: Plasticville 2921 Independence Hall, Pola 822 Luxury Villa, Cornerstone 933-3049 Icehouse and Platform (Sealed), OB

64      HO Building Kits: Pola 747 Warehouse, (2) IHC Homes of Yesterday/Today (1 Sealed), Heljan 910 Coal Yard, Faller B-940 Gas Works, Heljan 1000 Synagogue, OB

65      HO Figures: (12) Mini Metal Figures and (15) Campbell Scale Model Figures

66      G Scale: LGB Budweiser Beer Reefer, Bachmann B&O Flatcar/Tanker Load and Santa Fe Bobber Caboose No Boxes

67      G Scale: LGB Shell Tanker, REA Caboose OB, Rio Grande Gondola #1638

68      Railroadiana: (30) Track Date Nails 1943-1955, 15"" X 12"" Framed CRI&P RR Scale Sign, Short Handled Spike Maul

69      Railroadiana: Electrified Adlake Switchstand Lamp W/2 Red and 1 Blue Plastic Lens (1 BLUE LENS IS MISSING), Racor Yellow/Green Switchstand Reflector Cover

70      Mantua HO: Santa Fe "Vista Canyon" Pullman, Santa Fe Baggage Car (1 Coupler Missing), OB

71      Hobbytown HO: Santa Fe RSD-4 Alco Diesel #2107, Undecorated Alco RS-3 Diesel, No Boxes

72      Misc. HO Rolling Stock: Athearn RTR D&H Mill Gon/Coil Load, Roundhouse WP Wood Sheathed Boxcar, Model Power Metal Armour Reefer, Proto 2000 Sinclair Tanker, Branchline Gerber Reefer, OB

73      Plasticville HO: (12) HO Kits: 2407 Post Office, 2900 Union Station, 2904 Bank, 2602 Barn, 2902 2 Story House, 2613 TV Station, 2901 Split Level House, 76 Hardware/Pharmacy, 2300 Cape Cod House, 2803 House Under Construction, 2403 Signal Bridge, 2610 Station, OB

74      Design Preservation Models HO: 354 Fedups Freight Co, 204 Walker Bldg, 108 Goodfellows Hall, 113 Carol’s Corner Cafe, Factory Sealed

75      Modern American Flyer: 48316 Bangor and Aroostook Reefer, 48609 D&H Covered Hopper, 9706 NYC Boxcar, 9106 NYC Tanker, 9209 NYC Hopper, S Helper 00129 Rebuilt PMcK&Y Boxcar, OB

76      American Flyer: (2) 625 Black Shell Tankers (1 Needs Coupler Installed {Included}), 625 Silver Shell Tanker, 625G Gulf Tanker, 928 C&NW Flat/Logs, 642 AF Boxcar (Small Chip in Catwalk), No Boxes

77      American Flyer: 982 BAR Boxcar, 911 C&O Gon/Pipes, 24309 Gulf Tanker (Piece Broken Out Of 1 Step), (2) 916 D&H Gons, No Boxes

78      American Flyer: 971 Moe and Joe SP Lumber Unloading Flatcar, 922 GAEX Boxcar OB (Paint Worn on DF Decals), 920 Southern Gondola OB

79      American Flyer: 983 Mopac Boxcar (Small Smudge on End of Roof), 956 Monon Flat/Flyer Piggyback Vans, 630 Lighted Reading Caboose (1 Knuckle Coupler), 925 Gulf Tanker, No Boxes

80      American Flyer: 994 Union Pacific Yellow Stock Car/Silver Roof, No Box

81      American Flyer: 24059 Boston and Maine Boxcar/Pikemaster Trucks, No Box

82      American Flyer: 988 ART Reefer, No Box

83      American Flyer: 24065 NYC Boxcar (Knuckle Couplers), No Box

84      American Flyer: 24033 Mopac Boxcar No Box, 24403 Illinois Central Reefer W/Tattered Box

85      American Flyer: 910 Gilbert Chemicals Tanker, No Box (E in Chemicals Worn on 1 Side)

86      American Flyer: 477 Silver Flash Alco PA and 478 PB Diesels (Part of Decals Missing and Silver Worn on A Unit, Horn Broken) Repro Boxes

87      American Flyer: 481 Silver Flash Alco PA (Needs "Silver" Decal), No Box

88      American Flyer: (2) 652 Pullman Cars, (Lettering Worn on Side Of 1 Car), No Boxes

89      American Flyer: 653 Combination/Pullman Car, No Box

90      American Flyer: 953 Red "Niagara Falls" Combination/Pullman (Couple Small Scratches on Roof), No Box

91      American Flyer: 953 Green "Niagara Falls" Combination/Pullman (Couple Small Scratches on Roof), No Box

92      American Flyer: 732 Green Operating Baggage Car (Link Couplers), Repro Box

93      American Flyer: 732 Green Operating Baggage Car, Repro White Box

94      American Flyer: 718 Green Operating Mail Pick-up Car, Tattered OB (Scrape on 1 Side of Car)

95      American Flyer: Green New Haven Passenger Car Set: 651 REA Baggage, (2) 650 Coaches, No Boxes

96      American Flyer: 583 Magnetic Crane with Control Button and Magnet, No Box

97      American Flyer: 270 News and Frank Stand, No Box

98      American Flyer: Mini-Craft Mini-News Company Station, No Box

99      American Flyer: 275 Eureka Diner, No Box

100    American Flyer: 160 "Valley View" Station Platform W/Red Roof, No Box

101    American Flyer: 274 "Harbor Junction" Freight Station, No Box

102    American Flyer: 163 "Flyerville" Station, No Box

103    Postwar Lionel: 6560-25 Work Crane OB, 3469X Automatic Dump Car OB (Tape), 3461 Operating Log Car, Box Remnant

104    Postwar Lionel: 6810-50 Flat/Yellow Boat, 6424-50 Flat/Automobiles, Box Remnants

105    Postwar Lionel: 3469X Automatic Dump Car OB Flaps Missing, 7417-25 L/L Caboose (2 Steps Broken) OB, 2555 Sunoco Tanker (1 Decal Flaked, No Box), X2454 Baby Ruth Boxcar, No Box

106    Postwar Lionel: 3562-1 Black Operating Barrel Car/5 Barrels (White Splotches on Car), No Box

107    Postwar Lionel: 1654/1654T Loco and Tender, OB’s (Have Been Repaired and Taped)

108    Postwar Lionel: 6657 Rio Grande Caboose No Box, 6130 ATSF Work Caboose OB

109    Postwar Lionel: 3419 Operating Helicopter Car Repro Box, 3362 Operating Log Dump Car/3 Logs, 2855 Sunoco Tank Car (Refinished)

110    Postwar Lionel: 2026/6466WX Loco and Tender (Some Paint Chips on Loco) No Box

111    Postwar Lionel: 3461 Automatic Lumber Car/5 Logs/Tray/Tattered Box, 3444 Animated Gondola Cop Is Missing) Box Remnant, 6417 PRR Caboose No Box

112    Postwar Lionel: 352 Ice Depot Set With 6352-1 PFE Operating Ice Car/7 Cubes (Lettering Worn on Car) OB/Insert

113    Postwar Lionel: 3366 Operating Circus Car/Corral/6 Horses Repro Box for Car Only

114    Postwar Lionel: 151 Operating Semaphore, 154 Crossing Flasher/Lockon with Box Remnants, 314 Girder Bridge OB, 26 Bumper OB (Flap Missing), 260 Bumper (Tuck Flap Missing)

115    Postwar Lionel: 152 Crossing Gate No Box, (2) 022C Switch Controllers, Connectors, Wires, OB, 156 Station Platform with Extra Fence Section, No Box, 214 Girder Bridge OB, 314 Die-Cast Girder Bridge OB, MPC 2214 Girder Bridge, No Box

116    Postwar Lionel: 452 Gantry Signal (Extender Missing and No Cellophane on Box Front), 260 Bumper OB, Marx Wabash Trestle Bridge Tattered Box, Marx 458 Automatic Crossing Gate/1605 Controller, Rail Contacts OB

117    American Flyer: 18B 190-Watt Transformer No Box, (2) 702 Curve Track OB (Some Tears), (2) 752 90 Degree Crossover OB

118    Modern Lionel            : 9300 WM and 17127 D&H Hoppers/Coal Loads, (2) 9131 DRGW Gons, 9144 DRGW Gon, 9023 MKT and 9020 UP Flats, Postwar Lionel 6560 Red Cab Crane, No Boxes

119    Modern Lionel            : 9125 N&W 2 Tier Auto Rack, 9361 CNW B/W Caboose, 9355 D&H B/W Caboose, 16308 BN Flat/Trailer, 16922 C&O Flat/Trailer, 19411 NKP Flat/Sears Trailer, No Boxes

120    Modern Lionel            : 19278 6464-325 B&O Sentinel Boxcar, 52172 1999 TCA L&N Boxcar, 9373 Getty Tanker, 16335 NYC Flat/Trailer, 16525 D&H B/W Caboose, 16685 Erie Searchlight Car, OB (Searchlight Incorrect Box)

121    Modern Lionel            : 19741 #6417 PRR N5C Caboose, 6123 PRR Covered Hopper, 6307 PRR Tanker, 16251 Columbus and Greenville Boxcar, 16355 Burlington Gon/2 Canisters OB

122    Modern Lionel            : 35200 Lighted Strasburg Railroad Observation Car "Paradise" OB

123    Modern Lionel            : 16525 D&H B/W Caboose, 6124 D&H Covered Hopper, 9226 D&H Flat/Vans, 12759 Floodlight Tower, OB

124    Modern Lionel            : PRR Freight: 8625 Loco/Choo Choo Tender, 9142 Republic Gon, 9136 Republic Gon, 7925 EL Boxcar, 6177 Rdg Hopper, 6585 PRR Flat, 6921 PRR Caboose (Tender Step Broken but Included) No Boxes

125    KMT O Gauge: (2) Railway Express Reefers OB, ACY Boxcar/Lionel Trucks OB, UP Boxcar No Box, 1994 Crown Model Products Penn Dutch Meats Reefer OB

126    Misc. O Gauge: Weaver 2 RAIL WM Boxcar OB, 4666096 B&O Sentinel Boxcar, 6135 D&H Hopper, PRR Flat/2 Edsels, 999970 SF Caboose, 35804 D&H Caboose (Stack Broken), 544 and 843 Jersey Central Covered Hoppers, No Boxes

127    K-Line: K6138 SF Lighted Caboose, K7008 Railbox Operating Boxcar OB, 6344 Erie Tanker, 6280 DRGW Hopper, 6277 Erie Hopper, 648001 Erie Boxcar, 7511 SLSF Boxcar, No Boxes

128    K-Line: K-4102 Convenience Store, K-4105-05 Grapes of Wrath Cafe, K4204 Animals, K-4132 Barn/Chicken Coop, K-4041 Police station, K-4011 Factory, OB

129    K-Line: K-4061 School and Playground, K4072 Service Station, K-4091 Firehouse, (4) Add-A-Floors: K-4221A Newspaper, K-4222A Bank, K-4223A Pharmacy, K-4224A Restaurant OB

130    LGB G Gauge            : 4028 Hamburger Hafen Brinkmann Reefer, REA 42105 REA Caboose W/Smoke, OB

131    K-Line: K-62464 12 Days of Xmas 4 Pac: Boxcar, Tanker, Gondola, In Set Box; TYCO HO 7434 Super Turbo Train in Set Box

132    Postwar Lionel: 3464 SF, 3464 NYC, 3474 WP (Some Rust on Door Guides) Operating Boxcars, 6472 Refrigerator Car, OB (Some Flaps Missing)

133    Postwar Lionel: 2456 LV Hopper, 2452 PRR Gon OB: 2458 PRR Auto Boxcar, 2454 PRR Baby Ruth Boxcar, No Boxes: 3469 Auto Dumping Ore Car/Tray/207 Bag Coal OB (End Flap Missing)

134    Postwar Lionel: 1656/6403B Switcher with Bell Ringing Tender, No Boxes

135    Postwar Lionel: 3360 Operating Burro Crane/2 Track Trips/Instr No Box; 50 Gang Car/Centered Horn/Instr/OB (1 Gandy Dancer Needs Re-Attached)

136    Postwar Lionel: 3456 N&W Operating Hopper, 6456 LV Hopper Tattered Boxes; 3464 NYC Operating Boxcar (Faded Lettering, OB Tape), 6465 Sunoco Tanker OB

137    Postwar Lionel: 1688 Prewar Loco/1689W Tender W/Knuckle Couplers (Faded Lettering), 6452 PRR Gon, 2456 LV Hopper, 2457 PRR Caboose (No Window Inserts), No Boxes

138    Postwar Lionel: 6462-125 NYC Red Gon, 6357 SP Caboose, OB; 6454 NYC Boxcar OB (Flaps Missing); 3456 N&W Operating Hopper, 6462 NYC Gon/6 Barrels, No Boxes

139    Postwar Lionel: 6414 Auto Loader Car/4 Autos, 6650 Flat/Rocket Launcher/White Rocket, 3419 Helicopter Launching Car/Large Spool/COPTER MISSING, 6826 Flat/Logs Instead of Xmas Trees/Stakes Included, 6037 L/L Caboose, No Boxes

140    Postwar Lionel: 6462-25 NYC Green Gon, 6520 Searchlight Car, 6357 Caboose, 6465 Sunoco Tanker, OB (Some Flaps Missing)

141    Postwar Lionel: 3520 Operating Searchlight Car, 6465 Sunoco Tanker, 6357 SP Caboose, OB (Some Flaps Missing), 6456 LV Hopper, Box Remnant

142    Postwar Lionel: 2411 "Big Inch" Flat/Pipe, 2420 DL&W Dark Gray Work Caboose, No Boxes; 2460 Operating 12 WHL Crane OB

143    Postwar Lionel: 2035/6466WX Loco/Tender (Loco Has Slight Bend in Cab Roof, No Box), Tender Has OB, 6462 NYC Gon/6 Barrels, 2555 Sunoco Tank (Rust on Tank), 6472 Refrigerator Car (Residue on Car), 6417 PRR N5C Caboose

144    Postwar Lionel: (3) Gray/Black Letter Passenger Cars: 2421 Maplewood, 2422 Chatham, 2423 Hillside, 3 Box Remnants

145    Postwar Lionel: 2056 Loco/2046W Tender (Loco Has Small Chip Off Cab Roof, OB) 3472 Operating Milk Car/3 Cans/Platform, 6462 NYC Red Gon/5 Barrels, 3461 Operating Log Car/4 Logs, No Boxes

146    Postwar Lionel: 3656 Operating Cattle Car W/Corral/Cattle in OB/Box Insert/OB For Car/Inspection Slip

147    Postwar Lionel: 3356 Operating Horse Car W/Corral/Horses in OB/CTC/364C/Instr/Insert, Box Has Some Flaps Torn/Missing

148    Postwar Lionel: 6220 Santa Fe Switcher (1 Stanchion Broken), 50 Gang Car/Instr, OB

149    Postwar Lionel: Set Of (4) Streamlined Passenger Cars Hex Head with OB (Some Flaps Missing) and Wrapping Paper: 2531 Silver Dawn Observation, 2532 Silver Range Astra Dome, 2533 Silver Cloud Pullman, 2534 Silver Bluff Pullman

150    Postwar Lionel: 2530 Small Door Baggage Car OB and Liner (Small Scratch on Side of Roof)

151    Postwar Lionel: 2026/6466WX Loco/Render No Box, 6454 Erie Boxcar in PRR Box, 6465 Sunoco Tanker, 6456 LV Hopper, OB (1 Flap Missing)

152    Postwar Lionel: 2025/2466WX Loco/Tender (Loco Has Replaced Boiler Front, 1 # Faded) Repro Box for Tender, 3361 Operating Lumber Car/8 Logs/OB/Tray, UCS Track Set OB

153    Postwar Lionel: 3472 Operating Milk Car/6 Cans in OB/Platform (Some Rust)/Insert/OB

154    Postwar Lionel: 602 Seaboard Diesel Switcher (Screw hole Crack and Scratch on Roof) Worn OB, 6465 Sunoco Tank in 6465-60 Box, 3484 PRR Operating Boxcar/Milkman Inside OB, (2) 6032 Lionel Gondola OB (2 Tuck Flaps Missing), 6462 NYC Gon, No Box

155    Postwar Lionel: 2046W Tender (1 Step Broken) Tattered Box, 6466T Tender, Box (Flaps Missing), 2466WX Tender OB (No Insert)

156    Postwar Lionel: 681/2671W PRR Turbine and 12 WHL Tender, Tender Has OB/Insert

157    Weaver 3 Rail            #86 Timken Roller Freight Boxcar OB

158    Postwar Lionel: 145 Automatic Gateman, 145-52 Packet OB, 256 Freight Station (7 Broken Pickets, No Signs on Bldg), 110 Trestle Set, 316 Trestle Bridge, OB

159    Postwar Lionel: 362 Barrel Loader/362-78 Barrels/364C/Lockon/Instr/OB; 3562-50 Operating Barrel Car/Extension/2 OTC/2 90/Tray/6 Barrels/OB

160    Postwar Lionel: (2) 450 Signal Bridges/Contactors/Instr/OB/Inserts

161    Postwar Lionel: 395 Green Floodlight Tower/Tattered Box; 494 Red Rotating Beacon/OB

162    Postwar Lionel: 58 Maroon Lamp Post (Chip on Shade) OB, Ivory Lamp Post/Repro Box, 71 Lamp Post, (3) 76 Boulevard Lamp Posts, (2) Thomas Lamp Posts, No Boxes; 1950 and 1954 Uncut Billboard Sets, (9) Billboards, 749 Set Of 3 American Flyer Boulevard Lamps, OB and Display Box

163    Postwar Lionel: 252 Crossing Gate/Contact/OB/Insert/Instr, 252 Crossing Gate/Contact/OB (1 Flap Loose), 309 Yard Set/OB, 156 Platform (5 Pickets and 1 Contact Missing, Scratches on Roof, 153 Block Signal, No Boxes

164    Postwar Lionel: 346 Lionel Manual Operating Culvert Loader/6 Culverts/Instr/OB

165    Postwar Lionel: 128 Animated Newsstand/364C/FIRE HYDRANT MISSING/OB, 30 Water Tank, No Box

166    Postwar Lionel: 397 Operating Coal Loader/206 Bag Coal/ 364C/Instr, OB/Insert

167    Postwar Lionel: 2191W Santa Fe Freight Set OB’ and Set Box: 2343 Santa Fe ABA with Master Carton/OB’s/Wrapping Paper For AA, 6656 Stock Car, 6456 LV Hopper, 6462 NYC Gondola/6 Barrels, UCS Track Set (Boxes Have Some Flaps Torn and Missing, Dummy A 1 Ladder Broken, B Unit

168    Marx: Joy Line Wind Up Passenger Set: Loco and Tender, (2) 357 Coaches, 458 Observation, (5) Sections Track, No Boxes

169    Plasticville: (15) Vehicles: (8) Red, (2) Green, (3) Yellow, Light Green Autos, Ladder Truck; Charmore Plastic Trolley Car/OB and Instructions

170    Plasticville: 1804 Greenhouse, LM-3 Freight Station, FB-1 Yellow Frosty Bar, FH-4 Firehouse, CC-8 church, GO-2 Gas Station, Bl-2 Bridge/Pond, OB

171    Marx: Tin Tunnel, Erie Girder Bridge, 404-A Block Signal, 418 Ringing Bell Crossing signal, OB, Lionel 2214 Girder Bridge, No Box

172    Misc. O Gauge: Junior Bridge 401 Signal Bridge/Contacts, Colber108 Water Tower, Marx Water Tower, Marx Tin Tunnel, No Boxes

173    Postwar Lionel: 1955 Lionel Switcher Set 1527: 1615/1615T Loco and Tender W/Instructions, 6462 NYC Gondola/6 Barrels, 6560 Gray Cab Crane, 6419 Wreck Car Substituted For 6119 Work Caboose, All OB’s With Some Flaps Missing, Set Box with Flaps Torn, 1014 Transformer, No Box

174    Postwar Lionel: 97 Operating Coal Elevator/207 Bag Coal/New MPC Control Button/Instructions/No Box

175    Postwar Lionel: 364 Lumber Loader/5 Logs/364C/Instr/OB; 3461 Automatic Lumber Car/5 Logs/OB (Flaps Torn); UCS Track Set, OB

176    Postwar Lionel: 760 Tubular Track Outfit OB, (2) 167 Whistle Controllers OB, (6) 260 Illuminated Bumpers OB, 022 and 088 Controller OB, 79-23, 27-6, (2) 408-45 Lamps OB, MPC 2290 Bumper OB, (3) 310 Billboards/Frames No Boxes

177    Postwar Lionel: Pair O22 Switches, O22 RH Switch, OB, (5) O22 Switch Controllers, OB

178    Postwar Lionel: 456 Operating Coal Ramp/206 Bag Coal/456C/Mounting Posts, Tray/Instructions/OB; 3456 Operating Hopper/OB

179    Postwar Lionel: 250-Watt Z Transformer OB; (16) Sections O72 Curve Track

180    Postwar Lionel: RW Transformer/OB W/Insert, 1033 Transformer OB, (2) UCS Track Sets, RCS Track Set OB, UCS Controller No Box

181    Postwar Lionel: (2) Pair O22 Switches OB (Tattered)

182    Postwar Lionel: 1948 and 1966 Catalogs in Envelopes; 1947, 1949, 1951, 1952 Catalogs

183    Prewar American Flyer: 3011 Black Electric, 4 Wheel Red Baggage, Coach, Observation, #10 Windup Loco/Tender, Baggage Car, No Boxes

184    Postwar Lionel: 2020 PRR Turbine With 6466W Tender, 2442 Red/Gray Pullman (Roof is Dirty)

185    Postwar Lionel: (2) 6440 Greencastle/Cream Pullman, 6441 Observation, (Roofs Have Some Scratches and are Dirty! Has Some Faded Lettering) No Boxes

186    Postwar Lionel: 2026/2466WX Loco and Tender (Tender Lettering Is Faded on 1 Side), 2452 PRR Gon, 6417 PRR Caboose with Replacement End Rails, No Boxes

187    Postwar Lionel: 671/671W PRR Turbine, (2) 6440 Green/Yellow Pullmans, No Boxes

188    Postwar Lionel: 2037/6026W Loco and Tender (Lettering Faded on 1 Side of Tender), 6472 Refrigerator Car, 2462 PRR Gon, No Boxes

189    Postwar Lionel: 2025/6466W Loco and Tender, 6437 PRR Caboose, SP Smoke Pellets, No Boxes

190    Postwar Lionel: 2037/2046W Loco and Tender (1 Pilot Step and 2 Tender Steps Broken, 1060/1050T Loco and Tender, No Boxes

191    Postwar Lionel: 2020/2046W-50 PRR Turbine/PRR Tender (Repro Shell), 6826 Flat/Spike and Train Load, No Boxes

192    Postwar Lionel: 2046W-50 PRR Tender, 2046W Tender with PRR Repro Shell, No Boxes

193    Postwar Lionel: 2020/2671W PRR Turbine/PRR 12 Whl Tender (Lettering Faded On 1 Side of Tender), 2452 PRR Gon, 6457 Caboose, No Boxes

194    Postwar Lionel: 2020/6466W PRR Turbine and Tender, Rail-King 30-7730 PRR Caboose #477879, No Boxes

195    Postwar Lionel: 2671WX PRR Tender, (6) 2452 PRR Gons, 6452 PRR Gon, No Boxes

196    Modern Lionel            : 11711 Santa Fe ABA Diesel Set with Magnetraction, Diesel Rail sounds, OB Appears Never Run

197    Modern Lionel            : 19110 6 Car Santa Fe Aluminum Passenger Car Set; Appears Never Run: 19109 Baggage, 110 Combo, 111 Diner, 112 Squaw Valley Pullman, 113 Vista Valley Vista Observation, 138 Roomette Indian Lake, OB and Mailing Carton

198    Modern Lionel            : 18115 F3 Dummy B Unit, Never Run, New in Box with Mailing Carton

199    Weaver 3 Rail            (3) Santa Fe Railway Express Boxcar with Different #’s New in Box

200    Rail-King: 30-2210-0 PRR #1000 Aerotrain Diesel W/Loco-Sound, #301 and #302 Coaches, #310 Tail Car, Set Box

201    Marx: 421 Crossing Flasher OB, (2) Black/Chrome Floodlights, Bell Warning Sign, Interlocking Tower (Some Paint Missing on Base), (2) Girard Whistling Stations, No Boxes

202    Rail-King: (16) Sections of Curved Ritetrax, Wire Connector and Lockon No Boxes, K-Line K-0261 90 Degree Crossing In BP

203    Rail-King: (24) Sections of Straight Ritetrax, No Box, (3) 40-1003 Lock-Ons in BP’s?

204    Winross: (6) Semi Trucks: PRR 1990 Clear Sided Box Truck/Green PRR Diesel, PRR 011081, (2) Reading 123087, (2) Lehigh Valley T-140, OB

205    Misc. O Gauge: Lionel Red 394 Beacon (Some Paint Chips), Marx Beacon, (4) 025 Lionel Die-Cast Bumpers, 1025 Lionel Die-Cast Bumper, No Boxes

206    American Flyer: Mystic Station W/Needle/Record Included w/Box Remnant, Plasticville: HP-8 House, BN-1 Barn, CC-8G Church, BL-2 Bridge and Pond, OB

207    Postwar Lionel: (3) 1033 Transformers, No Box

208    Postwar Lionel: 190-Watt KW Transformer (Medallion Scratched), 125-Watt LW Transformer, No Boxes

209    Postwar Lionel: 190-Watt KW Transformer, OB/Instructions (Cord Should Be Replaced) 125-Watt LW Transformer/Instructions, No Box

210    Modern Lionel            : G Gauge Battery Powered Freight Set with Whistle and Bell: Loco, Tender, Gondola/Crates, Caboose, Track, Remote Control and Batteries Included In Set Box

211    Postwar Lionel: Silver Red Letter Passenger Cars: 2432 Clifton Vista Dome, 2434 Newark Pullman, 2436 Mooseheart Observation, No Boxes

212    Postwar Lionel: 2065/2046 Loco and Tender (Few Small Paint Chip on Loco), No Boxes

213    Postwar Lionel: 6414 Autoloader W/Yellow, Red, (2) White Cars (1 With 1 Headlight Broken, 1 Has Small Chip Off-road Bumper), 6464-275 State of Maine Boxcar W/Painted White Door, No Boxes

214    Postwar Lionel: 6464-175 Silver Rock Island Boxcar (Black Marks on Roof), 6464-150 Missouri Pacific Boxcar, No Boxes

215    Postwar Lionel: 6464-275 State of Maine Boxcar (AAR Trucks, 1 Smudge on Side and Scratch on Number), 6434 Illuminated Poultry Car, No Boxes

216    Postwar Lionel: 2460 12 Whl Crane (Some Lettering Faded), 6420 DL&W Searchlight Wrecker Car (1 Toolbox Chip), 6456-25 Gray/Maroon Lettering LV Hopper, No Boxes

217    Postwar Lionel: 3562-50 Yellow Operating Barrel Car/6 Barrels/Workman, 3461-25 Green Operating Log Dump Car/5 Logs, No Boxes

218    Postwar Lionel: 3419 Helicopter Launching Car (Repro Copter), 6630 Missile Launching Flatcar/Missile, 6823 Flatcar/2 IRBM Missiles, No Boxes

219    Postwar Lionel: 2412 Santa Fe Blue Stripe Vista Dome Passenger Car, OB (No Punchout)

220    Postwar Lionel: 2331 Virginian FM Diesel, (2) Screw hole Cracks, Number and Decal Missing on 1 End, And Decal Partially Missing, and Some Discolored Plastic on Other End), Roof Has Some Scratches, No Box

221    Postwar Lionel: 3665 Minuteman Missile Launching Car/Instructions, OB

222    Postwar Lionel: 6736 Mackinac Mack Hopper Car, OB (Punchout Included), 6464-275 State of Maine Boxcar (AAR Trucks), With Incorrect 6464-525 OB

223    Postwar Lionel: 6466WX Tender, No Box, 6425 Gulf 3 Dome Tanker OB, 6456 Caboose OB

224    Modern Lionel            : 8603 Chesapeake and Ohio Loco/Tender with Smoke and SOS (1 Pilot Step Bent), No Box, 9447 Pullman Standard Boxcar, 9408 Circus Stock Car, 9302 L&N Searchlight Car, 6910 NYC E/V Caboose, OB

225    Modern Lionel: 52419 LOTS 2006 Lighted Touring Layout Car OB

226    Modern Lionel            : 18222 D&RGW SD-50 Diesel with Dual Motors, Horn, LionTech, "Unrun", OB

227    Modern Lionel            : 18313 PRR GG-1 Electric #4907 Brunswick Green, Dual Motors, Trainmaster Command Equipped, Magnetraction, "Unrun", OB

228    Modern Lionel            : 18326 Tuscan Congressional GG-1 Electric #2340, Magnetraction, Command Equipped, "Unrun" OB

229    Modern Lionel            : 38312 Santa Fe #2343 F-3 AA Diesels with Magnetraction, Horn, Bell, Dual Motors, "Unrun", OB’s, Master Carton, Mailing Carton

230    Modern Lionel            : 38312 Santa Fe Factory Replacement Shells, New in OB and Set Box

231    Modern Lionel            : 38386 Wabash #2367 F-3 AB Diesels with OB’s "Unrun", No Instructions, Master Carton, Shipping Carton

232    Misc. Lionel: Postwar Empty Boxes: 6805, 6417, 6119-100 (No Insert, Loose Flaps), 6446-60, (2) 6464-475, 6464-900, (Some Boxes Have Tape), Repro 31776 #2219W Set Box with Certificate of Authenticity, (4) Repro Passenger Boxes

233    Railroadiana: 30 3/4" X 24" Framed John Winfield Print "3 Hours to Amarillo" #462 Of 750

234    American Flyer: Green 718 Operating Mail Car/Control Button, Contactor, Partial Mailbag Mast, Instructions (Some Rust on Pickup), (3) Green New Haven Passenger Cars (Lettering Faded and Missing on Some Cars) No Boxes

235    American Flyer: 322AC NYC Hudson Locomotive (Paint Wear on Tender), Control Button, Instructions, No Box

236    American Flyer: 578 Station Figure Set (Missing 1 Milk Car and Barrel), No Box

237    American Flyer: 272 Glendale Station and Newsstand, (1 Sign Missing, Silver Barrels Included) OB

238    American Flyer: 799 Talking Station, Control button, Instructions, AF Banner (No Mast), Needle, Record, OB W/Insert

239    American Flyer: 300AC Reading Loco (Tender Has Chips), 644 Crane, 734 A/F Operating Boxcar, 629 Mopac Stock Car, 633 B&O Boxcar, 625 Shell Tanker, No Boxes

240    American Flyer: 714 Log Dump Car/3 Logs, 915 AFL Flatcar/Manoil Car (Chip on Trunk), Plastic Renwal Gas Truck, No Boxes

241    American Flyer: 719 Coal Dump Car/Control Button/Box Life-Like Coal/23 Coal Bag/Dumping Tray, 909 Flat/Girder, No Boxes

242    American Flyer: K325 NYC Hudson (Tender Has Broken Step)/Instructions, 24106 PRR Gondola, 24309 Gulf Tanker, 24127 Monon Gon, 24219 Western Maryland Hopper, No Boxes

243    American Flyer: 926 Gulf Tanker, 922 GAEX Boxcar (Some Decal Chipping),941 Frisco Gon OB, 648 Service Car, 921 CB&Q Hopper, No Boxes

244    American Flyer: 290 AF Pacific (Paint Chips), 940 Wabash Hopper in 640 Box, 921 CB&Q Hopper, 911 C&O Gon/Pipe, 924 Jersey Central Covered Hopper, No Boxes

245    American Flyer: Western Maryland Freight: 4-6-2 Loco Decorated as WM #209, WM Painted Boxcar # 21485, WM Painted Hopper #16322, WM Painted Caboose #1820, No Boxes

246    American Flyer: 969 Rocket Launcher/ Rocket, 25046 Rocket Launcher /2 Rockets (1 Has Broken Fin), Control button, No Boxes

247    American Flyer: 372 Union Pacific GP-7, (3) REFINISHED 24320 Deep Rock Tankers, No Boxes

248    American Flyer: 971 Moe and Joe SP Lumber Unloading Car, No Box, 970 Walking Brakeman Boxcar OB, 945 Boom and Work Car, OB

249    American Flyer: Hudson Decorated As #208 Western Maryland (Trailing Truck Needs Attached), 929 Mopac Stock Car, 941 Frisco Gon (Paint Chips), 945 Boom and Work Car (Catwalk Broken) OB, 938 Caboose Tattered OB

250    American Flyer: 973 Gilbert’s Operating Milk Car/Platform/Control Button/Pickup Section/5 Milk Cans (Repro?)/Instructions/OB

251    American Flyer: 21808 C&NW Baldwin Switcher No Box

252    American Flyer: 24323 Baker’s Chocolate Tank Car with Gray Ends No Box

253    American Flyer: 24036 New Haven Boxcar OB, 24403 IC Reefer Repro Box, 24058 Post Cereal Boxcar, 24634 AFL B/W Caboose, No Box

254    American Flyer: 343 Nickel Plate 0-8-0 Switcher

255    American Flyer: 371 American Flyer GM GP-7 (Paint Wear on Edges of Shell) No Box, 803 ATSF Chief Boxcar Repro Box, 958 Mobilgas Tanker, Tattered OB

256    American Flyer: 655 Red AFL Passenger Car, Red 735 New Haven Animated Station Coach (Paint Wear on Roof and 1 Door, 2 Different Couplers), Red Home-Made New Haven Dining Car #835 (Poor Paint Job), No Boxes

257    American Flyer: 356 Silver Bullet Loco, (3) 655 Passenger Cars, Un-Numbered Passenger Car, 655 Passenger Car Shell No Boxes

258    American Flyer: 371 American Flyer GM GP-7 Diesel, Cab Window Crack, Some Rust on Frame, Slight Decal Chipping and Paint Wear), No Box, 912 Koppers Tank Car Die-Cast Frame, Box Remnant

259    American Flyer: 742 Handcar W/Reverse and Drawbar, (3) Mine Cars from Miners Work Train, No Box

260    American Flyer: 718 Red Mail Pickup Car, Pickup Arm, Control Button, 4 Mail Sacks with Incorrect Box

261    American Flyer: 953 Niagara Falls Combo Car With 963 Box, 962 Hamilton Vista Dome with Paint Issues on Roof

262    American Flyer: K335 Union Pacific Northern 4-8-4 W/12 Whl Tender, No Box

263    American Flyer: Alco 466 Comet PA Diesel/Instruction Sheet, No Box

264    American Flyer: 283 C&NW Loco, 24557 US Navy Flat/1 Jeep (Car Has Melt Mark and Hole), No Boxes

265    American Flyer: 314AW PRR Loco/Instr/Whistle Control Box No Box, 638 Caboose (2 Different Couplers) Heavy Tape OB

266    American Flyer: 336 Union Pacific Northern (Drawbar Needs Re-Attached, Paint Wear on White Stripe), No Box

267    American Flyer: 325AC NYC Hudson, Steam Whistle Control, No Box, 625 Shell Tank Car OB

268    American Flyer: 336 Union Pacific Northern PARTS Lot: Shell with Valve Gear, Pilot and Truck, Trailing Truck, Power Chassis, Cylinders, Drive Rods, E Unit and Smoke Chamber, Tender Shell, Being Sold as Parts Only No Guarantee That All Parts to Assemble Are Included

269    American Flyer: 1954 Set: K5364W Silver Rocket Passenger Train: Green Stripe 474 and 475 PA Diesels (3) 962 Hamilton Vista Domes, 963 Washington Observation With 4 OB (Some Flaps Missing) Set Box, Some Paper Work and Flaps to Re-Attach

270    Modern American Flyer: 48118 Missouri Pacific PB-1 Non-Powered Diesel W/Rail sounds, 48938 Missouri Pacific Dining Car Eagle Mountain (Shell Needs Reattached to Chassis) OB

271    Modern American Flyer: 48514 #1046 Gilbert Intermodal TTUX Set, 49608 Domino Sugar Covered Hopper, OB; Great Northern B/W Caboose #73, No Box

272    American Models S Scale: A.C. Hi-Rail #4913 PRR Tuscan 5 Stripe GG-1 W/Air compressor Sound Unit OB, Centerline Products S Gauge Hi-Rail Model #1 Rail Cleaner, OB

273    Modern American Flyer: Silver Streak Alco PA and (2) PB Diesels, B Units Non-Powered and 1 Stripe Missing From 1 of the B Units

274    Modern American Flyer: (6) Reproduction Circus Wagons and (2) Semi Tractors, No Boxes

275    American Flyer: 766 Guilford Animated Station Platform/735 Operating Car/3 Passengers/Control Button/OB/Instructions

276    American Flyer: 759 Bell Danger Signal (Paint Missing on Base), Contacts, OB; Sam the Semaphore Man/Control Button, No Box, 586F Station Platform, No Box, 577 Whistle Billboard (Repaint), Control Button, Instr, and Contact, OB

277    American Flyer: 772 Bubbling Water Tower/Control Button, No Box, 774 Floodlight Tower OB, 596 Water Tank/Control Button OB

278    American Flyer: 770 Loading Platform/Contact/Control Button/7 Metal Boxes, No Box; 734 Operating Boxcar with Incorrect Box

279    American Flyer: 767 Branford Diner with Extra Antenna Pieces, Gilbert News Company Stand (Attendant Missing), 215 Lighted Pre-War Water Tower, No Boxes; (2) Colber Boulevard Lamps OB (1 Is Tattered)

280    American Flyer: 752A Seaboard Coaler/Control Button/Dumping Tray, No Box

281    American Flyer: 772 Automatic Water Tower OB, 773 Automatic Oil Derrick/ (2) Getty Signs Included, OB (Flaps Missing)

282    American Flyer: 23791 Cow on Track/Control Button/Contact/No Box, 761 Semaphore, No Box; 23759 Bell Danger Signal/2 Contacts/OB (Flap Torn), 561 Diesel Horn/Control Button/OB

283    American Flyer: 772 Bubbling Water Tower/Box Remnant, 769 Rotating Beacon (No Top), 774 Floodlight Tower, No Boxes

284    American Flyer: 750 Restored Trestle Bridge, No Box, 592A Crossing gate/Contact/OB, 568 Restored Whistling Billboard/Control Button/0B, 586F Wayside Station OB

285    American Flyer: 583 Electromagnetic Crane/Control Button/Dump Taylor/Instr/OB

286    American Flyer: 779 Oil Drum Loader/Control Button/6 Oil Drums/Man/Loader/OB W/Insert

287    American Flyer: XA-11666-B Steam Whistle OB, Steam Whistle/OB, 566 Whistle/Control Button In 762 Box, 755 Talking station/Control Button/Extra Roof (No signs)/2 Records/Needle/Bag of Accessories Baggage Wagon, Wheelbarrow, Cart, Etc./OB

288    American Flyer: 771 Operating Stockyard/No Box: Corral/7 Cattle/Control Button/736 Missouri Pacific Operating Cattle Car/Repro Box

289    American Flyer: 787 Operating Log Loader/4 Logs; 23796 Operating Sawmill/Control Button, No Boxes

290    American Flyer: 751 Log Loader/Control Button/3 Logs/No Box

291    American Flyer: 272 Glendale News Station No Box

292    American Flyer: 274 Harbor Junction Freight Station (Xmas Bulb Hook Substitution), No Box

293    American Flyer: 275 Eureka Diner No Box

294    American Flyer: 23601 Crossing Gate No Box, (4) 760 Highway Flasher/1 Button (1 Box), (5) 730 Bumpers (1 Box)

295    Modern American Flyer: 49601 Missouri Pacific PA-1 Passenger Set: PA Dual Motors Powered and Non-Powered Diesel with Horn, Eagle Hill Combo, Eagle Lake and Eagle Creek Pullmans, Eagle Valley Observation, OB’s and Set Box

296    Gilbert HO: 31019 B&O 0-6-0 Switcher OB, Mantua PRR Gondola, U S Navy Flat/Barrels, B&O M/W Camp Car, No Boxes

297    Rail-King: 80

298    Z-Stuff for Trains S OR O Gauge: DZ-1011 (7) Block Signals (2 In BP), DZ-1008A (5) Relay Modules, DZ 1070 Trackside Sensor, No Boxes

299    American Flyer: (5) Pairs 720A Switches, No Boxes

300    Postwar Lionel: 275-Watt ZW Transformer (Has New Cord), No Box

301    Hobby Horse Products: HH-1000 Press and Tooling, 2 Quartering Tools for American Flyer Wheels, Tool Catalog, (2) Toy Train Repair Manuals, Wheel Puller

302    Gargraves Track: (54) Sections S Scale Track 37" Sections, No Box

303    American Flyer: 300 Rdg Lines Loco/Tender (1 Pilot step Broken), 625 Black Shell Tanker, 627 Flat/Girder (Paint Chips), 639 AFL Yellow Boxcar, 633 B&O Boxcar (Roof Warp, Paint Faded), LNE Hopper (White Residue), 630 Reading Caboose, No Boxes

304    American Flyer: 282 CNW Loco/Tender (Melt Mark on Top of Tender, Needs Coupler), 637 Katy Boxcar (No Latches), 633 Brown B&O Boxcar, 625 Shell Tanker, 638 AFL Caboose, 1 Tattered Box

305    American Flyer: 310 PRR Loco/Tender (White Mark on Corner of Tender, 629 Mopac Stock Car (Slight Roof Warp) Tattered OB, 647 Northern Pacific Reefer (1 Decal Chipped), No Boxes

306    American Flyer: 290 AF Loco/Tender

307    American Flyer: 350 Royal Blue Loco/Tender

308    American Flyer: 353 American Flyer Circus Loco (Lettering and Paint Wear) TENDER HAS ROYAL BLUE RED PAINTED CHASSIS

309    American Flyer: 632 Virginian Hopper (White Spot on Side) OB, 648 Maintenance Car Tattered Box, 1 Brake Wheel Missing

310    American Flyer: 718 REA Mail Car, Mail Staff, and Control Button and Instructions, 740 Handcar (1 Handle Missing) No Boxes

311    American Flyer: 405 Silver Streak Alco PA Diesel (Couple Scratches on Roof) No Box

312    American Flyer: 4 Car Set Extruded Aluminum Passenger Cars: 660 Combo, 661 Pullman, 662 Vista Dome, 663 Observation No Boxes

313    American Flyer: K 325 NYC Hudson Loco/Tender (Few Paint Chips on Loco)

314    American Flyer: Work Train: 342AC NKP Switcher (Paint Chips), 634 Searchlight, 314 Work Crane, 945 Crane Tender, 1 Tattered OB

315    American Flyer: 377 T&P GP-7 (Some Paint Wear and 1 decal Chipped) No Box

316    American Flyer: 942 Seaboard Boxcar (Catwalk Chipped), 980 B&O Boxcar OB, 923 IC Reefer, 922 GAEX Boxcar (DF Decal Chips), 925 Gulf Tanker (Scratch on Top), No Boxes

317    American Flyer: 24328 Shell Tanker, 24549 Erie Searchlight, 24125 Bethlehem Steel and 24110 PRR Gondolas, 24636 AFL Caboose, All with Pikemasters and No Boxes

318    American Flyer: 355 C&NW Baldwin Diesel (#’s Worn and Screw hole Crack) No Box

319    American Flyer: 979 AFL B/W Action Caboose No Box (Some Edge Paint Rubs) No Box

320    American Flyer: 474/475 Rocket PA Alco Powered and Dummy Diesels (Horns Missing and Broken) No Boxes

321    American Flyer: 466 Comet Alco Diesel, 906 Crane, 24309 Gulf Tanker (2 Broken Steps), 930 Caboose, No Boxes

322    American Flyer: 326 NYC Hudson Loco/Tender (1 Tender Step Broken) With Partial Wrapper

323    American Flyer: 312 PRR Pacific Loco/Tender, No Box

324    American Flyer: (21916) 490/492 Northern Pacific Alco AA Powered and Dummy Diesels, (Dummy Has Loose Truck Frame, 1 Horn Broken on Powered Unit) No Boxes

325    American Flyer: (4856) 484/485/486 Santa Fe Alco Diesels in Freight Scheme 1 Powered A, Dummy A and B Units, No Boxes

326    American Flyer: 372 Union Pacific GP-7 Diesel (Paint Rubs on Edges and Chips on Railing) No Box

327    American Flyer: 21130 NYC Hudson (2 Tender Steps Broken) Partial Wrapper

328    American Flyer: 336 Union Pacific Northern (Slight Bend in Tender Step, 1 Marker Missing on Loco) No Box

329    American Flyer: (4713) 470/471/473 Santa Fe PA/PB/PA Diesels (2 Ladders on B Unit and 2 Ladders on Dummy A Unit Broken) Incorrect Santa Fe Stickers on AA Units, 1 Worn Decal on Dummy A Unit and Top Of Cab May Have Repaint) No Boxes

330    American Flyer: 21922/21922-1 Missouri Pacific Alco PA’s (2 Steps Broken and Horn Needs Reattached on Dummy), No Boxes

331    American Flyer: 21139 Union Pacific Northern Loco with An A C Gilbert Box

332    Modern American Flyer: 48325 1996 Holiday Boxcar, 48303 Chessie Boxcar, 9400 Chessie B/W Caboose, OB

333    American Flyer: 596 Water Tower, 758A Sam the Semaphore Man/Button, 589 Station (Peeling Paint and Rust), No Boxes, 586F Wayside Station OB

334    American Flyer: 771 Stockyard/4 Cattle/Control Button/736 Operating Cattle Car, No Box: 751 Log Loader/Control Button (Shack Needs Attached, Roof Cracked, And Green Paint Peeling), 717 Log Dump Car/3 Logs, No Boxes

335    American Flyer: 764 Express Office (All Windows There) OB, 577 Billboard (Paint Chip), Control Button; Prewar 107 Terminal Station (Roof scratched) No Boxes

336    American Flyer: 720A Pair R/C Switches OB, Diesel Horn Generator, No Box; (2) 702 Curve Track OB, (2) 700 Straight Track OB, Micronta 8-Range Multitester 2000 Ohms/Volt OB

337    Marx: 390 Metal Tunnel with Farm Scene, 413A Switchman’s Tower, (2) 416A Floodlight Towers, (2) 429 Twin Light Street Lights, Lionel (7) Curve, (6) Straight Sections 027 Track, No Boxes

338    American Flyer O Gauge: (3) Red Passenger Cars: 494 Baggage, (2) 495 Coaches (Some with Paint Loss and Some Rust), No Boxes

339    American Flyer O Gauge: 401 Loco/Tender, 3006 Flat/Lumber, 3013 Gondola, 3012 Boxcar, 3014 Caboose, 1104 Baggage, Missing Paint and No boxes

340    American Flyer Wide Gauge: 4018 Boxcar No Box

341    American Flyer Wide Gauge: 4010 Tank Car (Paint is Mottled on Top of Tank) No Box

342    American Flyer Wide Gauge: 1927 Hamiltonian Train Set: 4678 NYC-Type 0-4-0 Electric (Re-wheeled), 4340 Combo, 4341 Pullman (Roof Has Mottled Paint), 4342 Observation No Boxes

343    Modern Lionel            : Chessie Steam Special Passenger Cars: 9581 Baggage, 82 Combo, 83 Passenger, 84 Passenger, 85 Observation with Shopworn OB’s

344    Modern Lionel: 8003 Berkshire Chessie Steam Special with/Whistle/SOS/Smoke/Magnetraction OB

345    Modern Lionel            : (5) Chicago & Alton Passenger Cars: 9554 Armstrong Baggage, 55 St Louis Combo, 56 Wilson Passenger Car, 57 Webster Groves Passenger Car, 58 Chicago Observation, OB (Some Shopworn)

346    Modern Lionel            : (5) Southern Passenger Cars: 9530 Harris Baggage, 31 Pickens Combo, 32 Beauregard Passenger, 33 Jackson Passenger, 34 Lee Observation OB

347    Modern Lionel: 8702 Southern Crescent 4-6-4 Loco/Tender with SOS and Smoke OB (Styrofoam Torn on End)

348    Modern Lionel            : Cowen (6) Boxcar Limited Edition Series: 9429 Early Years, 30 Standard Gauge, 31 Pre-War, 32 Postwar, 33 Golden Years, 34 The Man OB

349    Modern Lionel            : 9434 Cowen "The Man" Boxcar, 6421 Cowen B/W Caboose, 19528 Cowen Reefer OB

350    Modern Lionel: 8210 Joshua Lionel Cowen Hudson w/Whistle/Smoke/SOS/Magnetraction (Paint Missing on Side of Tender) OB

351    Modern Lionel: 3100 FARR #3 Great Northern 4-8-4 Loco/Smoke Deflectors with Smoke/SOS/Whistle/Magnetraction OB

352    Modern Lionel            : 29200 LRRC 1997 6464 Boxcar (Mailing Carton), 16868 (6461) Flatcar/Helicopter, 29607 Las Vegas Mint Car, 29626 "Case Closed" Mint Car OB

353    Modern Lionel            : 16235 REA Reefer, 29671 Smoke Pellet Transport, 16953 NYC Flat Flat/Red Wing Trailer, 26347 Lionel Flat/Jeff Gordon Trailer OB

354    Modern Lionel            : 16154 AEC Reactor Tanker, 16153 AEC Reactor Tanker, 16155 AEC Reactor Tanker, 16160 AEC Reactor Tanker OB

355    Modern Lionel: 8555/8557 Milwaukee Road F-3 Diesels

356    Modern Lionel: 6464-500 1971 Version Orange/Black Lettering OB

357    Modern Lionel: 6446-25 Blue Norfolk and Western Hopper OB

358    Modern Lionel            : 19704 WM E/V Caboose/Smoke, 17406 PRR Gon/Coil Covers, 17129 WM 3 Bay Hopper/Load OB

359    Modern Lionel            : 18501 Western Maryland NW-2 Switcher W/Magnetraction and Ringing Bell Sound, 19704 WM E/V Caboose/Smoke OB

360    Modern Lionel: 84140 Western Maryland Caboose #1882 With Light and Detailed Interior OB

361    Modern Lionel            : (6) Chessie Steam Special Passenger Cars: 9581 Baggage, 82 Combo, 83 Passenger, 84 Passenger, 85 Observation, 9586 Diner OB In Mailing Carton

362    Modern Lionel: 8003 Berkshire Chessie Steam Special with Whistle/SOS/Smoke/Magnetraction (Placard is Broken Off Front of Loco but Is Included) OB

363    Modern Lionel            : 38626 Green Holiday Mikado Jr w/Rail sounds, Crewtalk, Towercom, Smoke OB

364    Modern Lionel            : (5) Southern Passenger Cars: 9530 Harris Baggage, 31 Pickens Combo, 32 Beauregard Passenger, 33 Jackson Passenger, 34 Lee Observation OB In Mailing Carton

365    Modern Lionel: 8702 Southern Crescent 4-6-4 Loco/Tender with SOS and Smoke OB

366    K-Line: K632-7427 Maryland State Quarter Series Tanker Bank, K632-7429 New Hampshire State Quarter Series Tanker Bank, 21354 Fresh Never Frozen Fish Transport OB

367    K-Line: K3270-5335 NYC Hudson Semi-Scale Loco/Tender w/Smoke/Illuminated Firebox/Digital Sound OB

368    Misc. O Gauge: Williams Western Maryland N5c Caboose #1867 Factory Sealed, Weaver Myersdale Area Historical Society WWI Doughboy Boxcar, Rail-King 30-76667 Western Maryland Flat Marked "Frostburg"/53 Ford P/U’s, Atlas TWO RAIL Western Maryland Reefer #7 OB

369    MTH: 20-2224-1 CSX SD-70 MAC Diesel "Spirit of Cumberland" #700 With Dual Motors/Protosound with Squeaking Brakes/Freight Yard Sounds OB

370    MTH: Premier Series Missouri Pacific E-6 Set 7002 and 7003; Both Units Powered with Incorrect Box

371    Marx: #45866 Santa Fe Diesel Train Set:1095 A Powered, 1095 A Dummy, B Unit Dummy, 4571 Searchlight (1 Brake wheel Missing, 51100 Auto Loader/4 Vehicles, 249319 Marlins Oper Boxcar/Ramp, NYC Crane Car, 4427 SF Caboose, Pr Switches, Transformer, NO TRACK all in S

372    Modern Lionel            : 30178 Santa Fe Train Set "The Chief" Includes 38231 FT Diesel with Rail sounds, 35245 Coach, 35244 Coach, 35246 Observation, CW-80 Transformer, Paperwork, NO TRACK OB’s and Set Box

373    Modern Lionel: 14157 #397 Operating Coal Loader OB 206 Bag of Coal

374    Williams: CS102W Baltimore and Ohio Die-Cast Hudson w/Whistle #5316 OB

375    Williams: Set #2507 B&O 5 Madison Car Set in OB’s and Mailing Carton: Baggage, Combine, (2) Pullman, Observation

376    MTH: 20-2170-1 B&O ABA E8 Diesels 1440, 1441, 2414 With Proto-Smoke and Proto-Sound OB

377    Postwar Lionel: 275-Watt ZW Transformer OB and Inserts, Instructions, Wire (Cord in Brittle)

378    Postwar Lionel: 275-Watt ZW Transformer OB and Inserts

379    Postwar Lionel: 275-Watt ZW Transformer OB and Inserts, Instructions

380    Misc. HO: Athearn F45 Diesel Lettered For 2 Rivers Log & Ore, Roundhouse Milw Rd Boxcar and Boraxo Hopper, Train Miniature Western Maryland Wood Chip Hopper, OB, 2 Rivers Caboose/Markers, No Box All Items Weathered

381    TM HO: (4) Weathered Reefers in OB; Brookside Milk, PFE, Berkshire Ham, URT; Weathered Wells Fargo Woodside Boxcar OB

382    Misc. HO: (2) New Great Northern Stock Cars Diff #’s, (3) Weathered Athearn Great Northern Stock Cars, OB (1 Incorrect)

383    Roundhouse HO: (3) Weathered Kit-Bashed Flat Cars: Water and Fuel Car, Hi-Side Gon W/Barrels/Loco Wheels, Flat with Crane; (3) Weathered M/W Boxcars: Stores Van, (2) Work Train Assigned Boxcars, Ore Jenny for Ballast Service, 1 OB

384    Atlas/Kato HO: Lightly Weathered Great Northern Alco RS-3 #230 With Nice Detailing OB

385    Misc. HO: Roundhouse Weathered and Kitbashed Halliburton Hopper (No Couplers), (2) Athearn Weathered 2 Bay Coal Hoppers/Loads, OB (1 Incorrect); Roundhouse Weathered CNW Stock Car, GN Covered Hopper, No Boxes

386    Misc. HO: Weathered Athearn SP Flatcar/Bekins Semi Load w/Chains, GN Flatcar w/Chain Down Rail Load, GN 40’ Boxcar, OB; Roundhouse GN Weathered Outside Braced Boxcar in Kar-Line Box, Athearn GN Covered Hopper, No Box

387    Roundhouse HO: (4) Weathered Green Northern Ore Jennies/Loads OB; (2) Weathered Gould Co Wooden GN Ore Jennies OB

388    Spectrum: 81407 Great Northern EMC Gas Doodle Bug #2320 "Never Run" OB

389    Misc. HO: Kitbashed Docksider 2 Rivers Tank Train: Docksider w/SP Cab Forward Cab Affixed (Needs Wired); (3) Roco Two Rivers Chemical Tankers, 1 OB

390    Misc. HO: (2) Roundhouse and (2) TM Weathered 2 Rivers Logging and Ore Jennies/Loads, OB; (2) Roundhouse Weathered Caern Mines Ore Jennies/Loads 1 OB

391    Misc. HO: (2) Weathered Roundhouse Great Northern Gondolas/Scrap Loads; Ulrich Rio Grande and Great Northern Die-Cast Gondolas w/Pipe Loads, OB

392    Overland Models Brass: Painted Great Northern X-181 Caboose

393    Atlas HO: GP-40 Diesel Painted and Lettered As 2 Rivers Log & Ore #953, Roundhouse Weathered 2 Rivers Outside Braced Caboose, OB

394    Atlas HO: GP-40 Diesel Painted and Lettered as 2 Rivers Log & Ore #907, Roundhouse Weathered and Kit Bashed 2 Rivers Caboose/Markers, OB

395    Oriental Limited Brass: B&O I-12 Bay Window Caboose Painted, Weathered and Lettered as 2 Rivers #11

396    Roundhouse HO: (2) Weathered GN Ore Jennies/Loads, TM Weathered GN Ore Jenny/Load, Roundhouse Weathered Sun Oil Old Time Tanker, Roundhouse Weathered Rio Grande and Clinchfield Stock Cars OB

397    Misc. HO: 2 Rivers Weathered Work Train Rolling Stock: Roundhouse Tool Car #8, Hi-Side Gon W/Coal and Fuel Oil, Kit Bashed Gon Lettered "Fire Truck" W/Coal and Barrel Load, Athearn Kitbashed Flatcar/Rail Load

398    Alco Models Brass: Alco C-630 Hi-Hood Diesel Painted, Lettered and Weathered For 2 Rivers Log and Ore Co OB

399    Roundhouse HO: Kitbashed Box Cab Diesel Made into 0-4-4-0 2 Rivers Wood Burning Steam Lokie #13, Painted and Weathered 2 Rivers Old Time Combo Car and Coach OB

400    Hallmark Models Brass: Mopac 2-8-0 Painted, Lightly Weathered and Lettered as Great Northern #277

401    Misc. HO: (5) Car Weathered and Painted Great Northern Cascade Division Work Train: Engineering Car #2347, Kitchen Car #77043, Dormitory Car #2553, Detailed Work Caboose #250, UP Flat with Boom Crane (1 Step Missing) 4 OB

402    Westside Model Co Brass: Baltimore and Ohio U-1 0-10-0 Painted, Lettered and Weathered as 2 Rivers Log and Ore #12 OB

403    Misc. HO: (4) Rolling Stock Items Painted, Lettered, and Weathered For 2 Rivers Logging and Ore: Kitbashed Caboose, (2) Pulp Tankers, Water and Foam Tender, Unlettered Blacksmith Car OB

404    Samhongsa Brass: Brunswick Shops Painted Great Northern Caboose #X 244 OB


405    Misc. HO: Kitbashed B&O "Point of Rocks" Railroad Station, Brass Painted Black Great Northern Coaling Tower, No Boxes



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