Online Auction Newark Ohio August 6th
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Newark, OH 43055
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Wednesday Jul 13, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Saturday Aug 6, 4:00 PM
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Wyeth Auctions

Contact: Wyeth Auctions
Phone: 7404036661
Website: ID#: 14184
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Listing Information

Online Auction Newark Ohio

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Ends: Saturday Aug 6th 4pm
Pickup: Sunday, Aug 7th 12pm-5pm
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David Wyeth, Licensed Auctioneer 


1 Tins lot Hungry jack, Ritz crackers, Delightful cookies, Washburn Crosby Co., Quaker Oats, etc.

2 Trays Metal trays, Coke, Currier & Ives four seasons tin tray, Avon tin Sweet recipe dish tray, American Homestead Summer Currier and Ives, etc.

3 Tins lot Hershey's Chocolate, Baking Powder, Fresh Fruit, M&M's, Rose Garden tea, Sir Thomas Lipton, Coffemate, etc.

4 End tables 2 end tables

5 Coffee table Coffee table

6 Blue Couch Glick's Country House Collection Blue Couch with 2 decorative pillows in excellent condition approx. 6' 

7 Blue Table lamp Blue table lamp with lamp shade approx. 26.25" H

8 Table lamp Table lamp with poinsettia approx. 21.5" H

9 Contents only Contents only, vases, candy dishes, décor, etc.- Cabinet shelving unit not included

10 Dishes Fine Porcelain China, Made in Japan, 4 chipped pieces

11 Cutlery Regent Cutlery, Regent Swords Lighting Edge Stainless, The greatest name in Cutlery

12 Casserole dish Glass bake milk glass casserole dish warming stand and double warming stand casserole

13 Shelf clean out Clean out of the shelf, canisters, straws, lids, baking powder, etc.


15 Contents only Contents only, platter, pitchers, teapot, sugar dish, creamer, vases, cookie jar, etc.- Hutch not included

16 Hutch only Hutch only- Contents not included

17 Recliner Sofa Express, Burgundy recliner with feet

18 Chair Orange fabric recliner chair

19 Vintage canning jars Vintage blue and clear canning jars and serving tray

20 Vintage Hamilton Milkshake mixer Vintage Hamilton beach drink master Jadeite green porcelain Milkshake mixer model NO.30

21 Contents only Contents only, coffee cups, salt, and pepper, drinking glasses, vase, bowls, shot glasses, etc. -Hutch not included

22 Linens only Linens and soft goods only

23 Coffee table  Coffee table with tray that comes in and out, there's a crack in the middle

24 Kitchen tools Silverware, Chicago Cutlery and knifes, kitchen tools, tray, apple cutter, etc.

25 Robinson Ramsbottom, Spongeware design Pie plates, Roseville, Corning Ware, creamer, sugar, Cookies wood cookie holder, Robinson Ramsbottom, Roseville, Ohio, USA 1 Qt. Spongeware design, Sheffield Strawberries 'n Cream enamelware saucepan with spout

26 Baking dishes Baking dishes Anchor Hocking Fire King, Corning Ware French white casseroles set, egg dish, picture, etc.

27 Contents only Cabinet clean out- strainers, Black and decker slim grip electric knife, pots, and pans, potatoes baker, Presto Hot Topper automatic electric Melter/dispenser, French bread bakeries.

28 Small appliances and cookie sheets Oster Deluxe bread & Dough Maker, blender, toaster, cookie sheets, meals in minutes, etc.

29 Contents only Contents only, bowls, plates, salad plates, wine glasses, coffee cups, drinking glasses, creamer, gravy, etc.

30 Group lot Canning jars, Baking nails, casserole dish, ice cream bowl, sugar bowl, water bottles, serving trays, cookie sheets, etc.

31 Contents only Contents of drawer, Cling wrap, oven bags, sandwich bags, snack bags, straws, parchment paper, Quart bags, Vacuum bags, etc.

32 Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils, spatula, spoons, stripping tool, wood fork, wood spoon, etc.

33 Assorted Small bowls Small Pyrex bowls, ashtrays, Individual bowls, Small Corning Ware, etc.

34 Assorted group lot Group lot, silverware, containers, rolling pins, kitchen utensils, Oyster electrical oven

35 Contents only Contents, cookie sheet, pie plate with cherry pie recipe, 10.5" Cast Iron Skillet Number 2-Made in Korea, pans, etc.

36 Assorted group lot Muffin pan, pitchers, tea kettles, Pyrex baking pan, the iced tea pot, etc.

37 Contents only Food container storage bowls, mixing bowls, food strainer, etc.

38 Cleaning products Baking soda, Ant & Roach Killer, Lysol products, Fit, The works, etc.

39 Collectible Drinking glasses McDonald's Drinking glasses, Coca-Cola drinking glasses, Et ,Superman, Fozzie bear, Archie friends, John Paul Jones I Have not yet begun to fight, Snoopy Peanuts, and glass baby bottle

40 Crocks 3- Crocks, 1 Roseville- Spongeware, Roseville- R.R.P., and 1 unknown

41 Bowls & mics. Mixing bowls, baking bowls, Lodge Cast iron, USA, NO 168 with spongeware design, Oneida Ava, dine designs Made in China, etc.

42 Assorted group Wedgwood blue and white jasper large pedestal bowl, pair of Wedgwood blue jasperware candle holders, blue vase, 4 lemon juicers, drinking glasses, 2 bowls, etc.

43 Trash can simple human Trash can approx.25.5" T

44 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair, rolls 

45 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair, rolls 

46 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair, rolls 

47 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair, rolls 

48 Kitchen table with 1 chair Kitchen table with 1 chair 

49 Tins Ritz crackers, Milky way, Charles chips, Playskool letter wood blocks, Russell Stover, Snickers, and plate, etc.

50 Area rug Area rug with flowers approx. 51.1"

51 Carving forks Stainless Carving set Carvel Hall, Crisfield Maryland No.21817 and Set of 12 brass Napkin rings with case

52 Coaster lot Costars & wolf statue 

53 Rocker /Slider  Rocker/ Slider with footstool and decorative pillow

54 Futon Futon with 2 decorative pillows

55 Luggage  Soft side Luggage with 4 wheels approx. 28.75"T 

56 Luggage  Soft side Luggage with 4 wheels approx. 25.25"T 

57 Luggage  Soft side Carryon, no wheels approx. 24" W

58 Luggage  Pacific Coast Soft side Luggage with 4 wheels approx. 25" T

59 Luggage  Samsonite Soft side Carryon, with wheels approx. 22" W

60 Tote Everything Mary Scrapbook Rolling Tote with Paper box

61 Bag lot Backpack, Small Sprit bag, 3 other small bags

62 Large bag Large bag with NO.189, Name and address approx. 35" W

63 Longaberger Longaberger 2- Candle holders, and blue pitcher

64 Longaberger Longaberger 3 crocks blue, USA

65 Longaberger Longaberger blue accent Salt and pepper, Longaberger papers, Longaberger coasters, and metal trays- not Longaberger

66 Longaberger Longaberger corn flower coasters, blue accents, votive small flower pot and 2 saucers, plastic glass- not Longaberger

67 Longaberger Longaberger soap dish and bowl, and Longaberger USA pottery early blossoms flower pots and tray set

68 Longaberger Longaberger Salt and pepper,2 bowls, and 2 spices red accent USA

69 Longaberger Longaberger 3 coffee cups candle pillar, sweetener holder, Christmas accents

70 Longaberger Longaberger 2 pies Red and all American Stars and Stripes Pie Plate 10"

71 Longaberger Longaberger Vintage Vine Covered butter, spoon rest and Paper clip with L for Longaberger 

72 Longaberger Longaberger desk accessories, stamp dispenser, magnifying glass, small cooler, tie on

73 Longaberger 2-Longaberger Homestead Heisey glass willow blue colt horse

74 Lamp Lamp - Shade 1998 Longaberger homestead shops Pat Richter base metal and marble 

75 Longaberger Longaberger 2 baskets both seconds

76 Fenton  Fenton, white hobnail milk glass salt and pepper, 1 missing lid and  shaker set

77 Bowl and Salt and pepper Watt 96 Bowl advertising, Salt and pepper- wood, and red plastic salt shaker 

78 Vase Silver touch Engraved vase, Ontario, Canada

79 Watches 2- MAGA Watches- Brand new 

80 Floor lamp Floor lamp and step stool- 1 step model no. 264 Ladder size 4.5'

81 Totes and contents Contents and totes, combs, Avon Skin so Soft, Burn relief gel, Sweet oil, Philips Sonicare, etc.

82 Paper goods lot Toilet paper, and paper towels, hooks, table cloths 

83 Men's clothing Men's clothing, and white metal stool, bath rug, hat-Erie Trek, Ohio Guide Service

84 Contents only Contents of the cabinet, Floor Doctor Dry sweep refills, Swiffer Sweeper, Oxi Clean, Vinegar, Disinfecting Wipes, Fels Naphtha, light bulbs, and food storage containers

85 Mei link Resistant fire Safe Mei link Resistant fire safe with combination lock, the combo is inside the safe

86 Contents only Contents on shelves only- red pitcher, blue basket, flood light bulbs, Sham Wow, brown stool, electric roaster oven, crock pot, tins, etc.

87 Washer Kenmore Ultra fabric care III, Sears, Roebuck, and Co., USA Works Model No.110-92592200 Serial NO.CD2608187, Stock NO. 25922

88 Dryer Kenmore 90 Series, Mod: 110 60902990, Series: MK0325603, Type:DDOT-ELE-2406028-CV54, Listed:119G File:E22253, MFD. For Sears, Roebuck and CO.

89 Towels Towels

90 Shoes Women's shoes mostly 5.5 -6 and shoe bag

91 Sewing box Sewing box, Contents & miniature sewing chair

92 Totes and contents 3 totes and contents

93 Shelf and contents The shelf and contents include a table lamp without shade, drying rack- in a box, stainless electric coffee percolator, night light with a cross on it, Apple cider vinegar, a coffee pot, 2- replacement glass coffee carafe decanter pot, Makita electric drill and charger

94 Assorted lot Frames for cots, walker, cane, crutches

95 Anderson Window Anderson perma shield Casement window, part no. 1314242, serial no. 0122900173122011, new in box, approx.28" x 25"

96 Women's shoes Women's shoes size 5.5-8 Some new

97 Treadmill Treadmill

98 Group lot Galvanized bucket, 2-outside side tables, Wood table, plant table

99 Assorted toiletries  Shampoo, round cotton, Scott tissue paper, poise pads, etc.

100 Assorted kitchen Ice trays, cookie sheets, warming sheets, etc.

101 Chairs Folding chairs and beach chairs

102 Kitchen box lot Apple slicer and corer, Kitchen scale, white plastic tidbits tray, aluminum foil pie holders, etc.

103 Kitchen box lot Spatula, plastic spoon, shaker, white spoons, measuring cups, etc.

104 Kitchen box lot Stanley Aladdin green thermos with handle, to-go mugs and etc.

105 Kitchen box lot Measuring cups, cookie cut-outs, stainless mixing bowl, etc.

106 Contents on table Contents on table, chicken, teddy bears, candle bright tea lights, candle holders, vase, picture frames, etc..

107 Table and contents Contents and card table

108 Games Wooden Dominoes, Bible trivia, Double nine dominoes, uno, matchbox cars, etc.

109 Exercise bike Exercise bike

110 Shelf and contents Shelf, all contents & fireplace screen 

111 Mops and dusters All mops and dusters

112 Beds 2 twin beds with rails and supporters 

113 Cart & Contents White cart with wheels, and contents glass decanters, canning jars, pourer, etc.

114 Floor lamp Floor lamp with white shade

115 Shelf and contents Shelf and contents- Gardening items, planters, canning jars, rugs and cork board-new, etc.

116 Shelf and contents Shelf and contents- Gardening items, Miracle Gro, Water in bottles, Container mix and seed starter, steering wheel coversheet.

117 Shelf and contents Entry way coat rack with brooms, solar garden lights, plastic shoe holder, and everything on the coat rack

118 Bench & step stool Green bench with geese painted and heart with storage in the bench, and step stool

119 Mini trampoline  Mini trampoline and wood rack

120 Electric grass trimmer Worx 4 amp electric grass trimmer/edger 12" brand new

121 Pillar size table Pillar size cherub table with a chip on the side, & Candle & Wreath table centerpiece

122 Décor  Decorative birdhouse on leg, candle lantern on legs, & flower pot planter wine barrel on legs


124 Executive desk Executive desk with glass on top of desk NO. 1934

125 Turner clock Turner wall accessory wall clock No. 8759

126 State quarters 2-Maps United States Collector's Map

127 Americana décor 3- Flags, throw, 2 hats

128 Assorted group Frog in chair, hat, Barber kit, hair cutters

129 Vintage canning jars Vintage blue canning jars with some Porcelain zinc lids, and one lid & wire closures

130 Table with 2 leaves  Table with 2 leaves each approx. 12", table approx. 68"L x 41"W x 28" H

131 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair- Made in Malaysia

132 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair- Made in Malaysia

133 Piano  Piano, Hallet Davis &Co., Bench & everything on top books, night light, table lamp, etc.

134 Coats Coats in closet

135 Sweeper  Sweeper, clothes pin and holder

136 Tables and contents 2 folding tv trays and all contents on top and bottom fans, lamp, HP printer, baskets, etc.

137 Wrought Iron stand Wrought Iron Stand and all contents included office supplies

138 File cabinet  File cabinet, folding tv tray, & all contents included

139 Books All books 

140 Ironing board Iron & 2 Ironing board

141 Kitchen chair Padded fabric kitchen chair

142 Table lamp Hurricane glass table lamp approx.26"T x 13" W

143 Rocking chair Rocking glider chair

144 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair

145 Blankets & throws Blankets, throws and decorative pillows

146 Vintage love seat Vintage love seat

147 Floor lamp Floor lamp with decorated end table

148 Contents only Contents only, bird, bells, candle holder, dog statues, etc.

149 Box & contents Box & contents, bedding, ball caps, clothes

150 Bedding Bedding

151 Afghans Afghans

152 Cabinets & contents 2 cabinets- 1 filing cabinet & 1 plastic cabinet, and all contents included, snowman sign and folders, etc.

153 Broiler & Rotisserie  Faber ware open hearth broiler & rotisserie, punch set bowl &  glasses, & pine cones

154 Rugs Area rugs

155 Clothes rack Clothes rack, everything on it, & under, belts, bags, wallets , & etc.

156 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair with a little damage on the corner of arm

157 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair with a little damage on the corner of arm

158 Floor lamp Floor lamp with 3 light bulbs

159 Chair cushions 3 new outdoor chair cushions, approx. 44"L x 22" W 

160 Chair cushions 4 new outdoor chair cushions, approx. 43" L x 21" W 

161 Hide a bed Sofa express hide a bed like new condition, no pets or smoking

162 Picture & scones  Picture- The Blue Boy painting by Thomas Gainsborough and 2 scones 

163 Wall art 5 piece wall art, all handcrafted

164 Architectural plans  Architectural plans, retro crocks, paper goods

165 Side table Side table &full length wall mirror

166 Décor Décor pillows, handmade baby dolls, and blanket, neck pillow, bed pad size 29" x 35"

167 Office supplies Envelopes, print paper, storage bins, etc.

168 Bench  Bench and everything on it- baskets, notebooks, wall art, etc.

169 Pens & etc.. Pens & computer programs, etc.

170 Kitchen chair Kitchen chair

171 Blue vase Blue flower shaped vase

172 Longaberger Blanket, Bee, coffee cup with gifts inside, tee-shirt, lunch box, bags

173 Longaberger Pins, books, etc.

174 Longaberger Longaberger paper goods

175 Longaberger Longaberger paper goods

176 Longaberger Longaberger a 2nd bread basket with paper products, and Christmas ornament, and piece of Longaberger pottery

177 Longaberger Longaberger home office ornament 3D basket

178 Longaberger Longaberger basket, protector- 2nd quality, lanyard, pot holders, and memorabilia 

179 Longaberger Longaberger pencil basket, protector, liner  & Longaberger note basket, liner, protector, with paper and letter opener

180 Longaberger Longaberger protector, note pad, books, and cards, Longaberger tin, etc.

181 Longaberger Longaberger paper goods

182 Longaberger Longaberger Shirts

183 Longaberger Longaberger tee shirts

184 Longaberger Longaberger table cloth

185 Longaberger Autographed by Tammy and Rachel Longaberger tee shirt Autographed by Tammy and Rachel Longaberger, does have stains  and 2 Longaberger hats

186 Longaberger Longaberger bag bee '97 & Crisco cell American apron

187 Longaberger Assorted Longaberger, pins, notebooks, keychain, newspaper clippings, etc.

188 Longaberger Longaberger tee shirts and polos 

189 Handmade basket Handmade basket, possibly from Longaberger, Owners worked at Longaberger, woven box has damage

190 Wall clock Regulator wall clock Made in China

191 Longaberger Longaberger floor plan for the home office, Newark, Ohio

192 Chimney products Chimney sweeping log, chimney fire extinguisher, Creosote Sweeping log, Creosote conditioner, etc.

193 Pair of candlesticks Pair of candlesticks approx.12" H

194 Longaberger and Fenton Fenton is decorated 40th Anniversary red Swan and Longaberger is a 2nd

195 Crystal lamp 2-Himalayan salt crystal lamp

196 Thomasville Thomasville console table

197 Wall mirror Wall mirror

198 Year books The Coshoctonian Yearbooks from 1952 & 1953 

199 Year books The Coshoctonian Yearbooks from 1953 & 1954

200 Wall art 1- Whispering  Water Image size 14" x 20", number of print 13 , 2 - four bluebirds/ Song at the bottom of the picture, D.A. Neer 12/19/05

201 Wall art Cabin in the snow, signed and numbered 469/500, B Herd, Artist

202 Picture frames  Picture frames and mirrors

203 Pothast painting  Bernard Jean Corneille Pothast art ,The Durham Line- card table and 1 chair with cheekers board on top table number 706

204 Longaberger Longaberger Recipe basket, Protector, lid desk top 2nd basket only

205 Longaberger Longaberger Vegetable basket 2nd, Pansy Basket and liner, Crossbody purse

206 Longaberger Longaberger boat basket 2nd with lid, catch all basket 2nd, bread basket 2nd, tote bag

207 Stand Esddi Led shooting tent with 2 lights with stand

208 David & Tammi's Longaberger autograph Longaberger baseball hat with pins and David Longaberger, Rachel,& Tammi Longaberger's autograph and Longaberger blue ribbon mason jar 

209 Twin Mattress Twin Mattress box & frame, very clean no pets, bugs, or smoking

210 Afghans Afghans

211 Blankets Blankets

212 8 cushions  8 Cushions outdoor, 4 top & bottom

213 2 lights 2 lights I believe them to be Holophane shade's

214 Desk glass top Traditional Desk glass top mirror and 2 lamps- 1 Himalayan Rock salt lamp, 1- Table lamp crystal like 

215 Coolers  2- Collars 

216 Twin sheets 2 sets twin sheets, mattress pads, round table cloth

217 Men's clothes Men's clothes dress pants most 30-31"W mint t-shirts slippers

218 Twin bed spreads  Twin bed spreads and comforters,&Chenib bed spread green king

219 Machined quilts Machined quilts

220 Chair Chair with plaid padding, padding is ripped and has springs in the bottom of chair

221 Farrah's glam center Vintage Farrah's glamour center now you can color Farrah's hair

222 Vintage Quilt  Quilt lots of damaged, well loved, repairable approx. 78" x 72"

223 Shelf and contents Black shelf and table lamp, natural salt lamp, candle holder, wax Melter, and vase

224 Twin Mattress Twin mattress, box springs and frame, no smoking, bugs or pets

225 Assorted lot Mattress topper, futon mattress, sewing machine-cabinet only, and drapes

226 Clothing Men's and Women's clothing, mostly med. 31 waist pants, vintage dresses/shirts

227 Men's clothes Men's pants and dress shirts

228 Bed linens Bed linens

229 Dedham Lock and Mill Wall picture- Dedham Lock and Mill artwork, the wall hanger is broken, and corner side table

230 Shelves and contents 2 shelves and contents- pictures, candy dish with lid, etc.

231 Contents of linen closet Contents only- tissue boxes, cleaning products, water flosser in box, etc.

232 Pillows Decorative pillows

233 Rocking chair Rocking chair with blankets, shelf and contents- Christmas and Indians

234 Table lamp Table lamp with side table attached

235 Art Crafts, art, paper goods

236 Picture frames  Picture frames and office supplies, and Wooden pictures

237 Console table Console table and Magazine Rack

238 Night stand Night stand, Mirror and contents- Sm. Touch lamp, Himalayan salt lamp, Frog, Perfumes, etc.

239 Frederick Morgan painter Picture Over the Garden Wall by Frederick Morgan, Night stand and contents- book, Sm. Touch lamp, butterfly jewelry, etc.

240 Trinket boxes Handcrafted trinket boxes, magazine rack, and alphabet blocks

241 Queen bed Queen bed, headboard, mattress, box springs, frame, bedding, décor/animals some Christmas

242 Longaberger Longaberger 2 seconds desk top baskets only, & handcrafted basket magazine holder

243 Wall hangers Brass wall plate hanger décor, 80's tiger fabric Wesco, and other wall hangers

244 Asst' books Assorted books, only on side left

245 Holiday décor Longaberger wrought iron Christmas tree and wrapping supplies, and wreaths 

246 Longaberger 2 Longaberger both 2nds, Easter, assorted baskets

247 Snack plate  13- Trees, Hazel-Atlas, 5-oblong, 9-Coning Ware NO.13, 3-glasses -1 Amber Drinking Goblet, dome, 1-candle holder, 9-white plates, 2- small bowls

248 Fitness lot Air- Pressure type slimmer system-in box, scales, medical gauze pad 

249 5 gallon crock 5 gallon water crock with blue lines

250 Bench  Hand crafted bench with checker board ,dresser box 

251 Lamps and parts Table lamps, hanging lamps and parts

252 Stencils  Stencils and paint

253 Camera lot Kodak Tele Ektralite camera 20,Magicubes(3 cubes), Canon, Kodak, etc.

254 Bag phones 1997  Bag phones

255 Keystone Threading check for your Keystone 8mm projector serial no. 500469, 5 amps-115 volts-A.C.

256 Assorted pictures Assorted pictures, frames, Mccoy pitcher-chip in top, 2 magazine racks,etc.

257 Assorted dishes Assorted dishes, some chips on plates- some Scio pottery Hazel rose, Anchor Hocking peach, White milk glass Anchor Hocking 

258 Child Roll top  Child roll top desk

259 Side table Side table with table lamp attached

260 Sofa table Sofa table

261 Foot board Footboard for queen bed

262 Seagulls  Handcrafted wood décor seagulls

263 Gone with the wind lamp Vintage Gone with the wind Hurricane Parlor table lamp, missing the chimney 

264 Dresser with mirror  Kling Colonial Dresser with mirror

265 Group lot Side table, Wooden wall shelf tea cup saucer wall hanging shelf, and a cuckoo clock

266 Small appliances Coffee maker, toasters, 5 pieces Mexican cooking set, air pot, iced tea maker,etc.

267 Assorted lot Slate picture art, black cast iron, clay ware, and a wedding cake topper

268 Assorted lot Oster bag sealer, water bottles, sand mixers with out bowl, pots, etc.

269 Craft lot Fabric, Cross stitch, stamps, crafts, etc.

270 Box of yarn Box full of yarn

271 Old bottles Old bottles, insulators, and milk jugs

272 Assorted lot Cherry pitter, Enamel canner, strainer, all assorted, Cabinet not included 

273 Oak Cabinet Cabinet, oak, 2 drawers on top of cabinet 

274 Assorted wood items Plant holder, sleigh, cabinet, drawers, etc.

275 Contents on top only Everything on top bud vases, white hobnail Fenton vase, candy dish with lid, milk glass white hobnail basket, cobalt picture, etc.

276 Dresser Kling Colonial Dresser 

277 Assorted Hardware Assorted Hardware 

278 Iron lot Irons and Steam brush and 2 Sad Irons

279 Lamps Table lamps and Floor lamp upright

280 Men's shoes Men's shoes size 7-7.5 and shoe bag

281 Tv and Vhs player Sharp TV, Cart DVD, players, VHS, CD/DVD

282 Quilts  Newer Quilts

283 Afghans Afghans and 1 throw

284 Autumn in the Tetons Autumn in the Tetons, Artist Robert Wood NO.P158-V1586-541, and Lasko ceramic oscillating heater with digital LCD display- in box

285 Group lot Redmon Picnic basket, Black and Decker toaster oven, coolers-3, Humidifier, sun beam, all untested

286 Women's shoes Women's Assorted shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers size 6-7.5 and bags

287 Assorted bags Assorted bags

288 Handbag & wallets Handbags & wallets

289 Handbag & wallets Handbags & wallets

290 Handbag & wallets Handbags & wallets

291 Handbag & wallets Handbags & wallets

292 Handbag & wallets Handbags & wallets

293 Clothes Men's and Women's clothes

294 Metal boxes & Bags Metal boxes & bags

295 Printer Printer 

296 Table & contents Table and contents Gateway computer, and accessories 

297 School desk School desk, typewriter, printer, LG tv, light, and antenna

298 Phones Phones and fax machines

299 Books Books only

300 Crafts Scrapbooking, stitchery, address numbers, golden color shelf, candles, etc.

301 Vintage Rocking chair Rocking chair with patches

302 Greeting cards Greeting cards, stamps, paper goods & Misc.

303 Assorted vintage lot Slate, bank envelopes, eyeglasses, etc.

304 Hair items Hair ties, pins, brush, and hair clip, hair thinner

305 Tins & canning jars Tins, canning jars, & crock

306 Nevco stool Folding brown stool/chair, and Harvest decorative box

307 Vintage lot Cassette tapes, bow ties, vest chain, wallet, cuff links, etc.

308 Christmas 2 grave blankets, grave flowers, stockings, and tabernacle making model


310 Vintage baby lot Vintage baby- shoes, blankets, bedding, baby pins, and crocheted items

311 Vintage games Vintage games, game chest, operation, bewitched, twister, battling tops, bird brain, avalanche snakes in the grass, the visible man, skittle bowl, etc. Unknown if all pieces are there

312 Vintage games Vintage games, rack-o, Monopoly, Hurry up, Kodacolor puzzle 500 piece puzzle, scrabble for juniors, Operation, baseball, Chinese checkers, dice set, chess set Triple Yahtzee score pads, Unknown if all pieces are there

313 Vintage games Vintage games, NFL football, rebound game, table tennis, Unknown if all pieces are there

314 Vintage games Vintage  tin game, The Ohio Art Co. Checkers and Marbles Two games in one, and Metal Chinese checkers game round tin with marbles, tin game board

315 Baby's and bears Baby dolls and bears, chair, one of the baby dolls head is salvageable, the body is not

316 Arrows  Arrows , Vintage tennis rackets, and baseball bat

317 Typewriter Typewriter and cassette player with speakers, and slide viewer - untested

318 Assorted Vintage toys Assorted vintage toys- canteen no lid damage on top, vintage checkers, yo-yo, Mr. Potato Head& matchbox cars

319 Storage shelves  2 shelves, filing cabinet with hole on top, and 3 drawn storage 

320 Linens  Linens

321 Clothes Clothes, unknown size

322 Women's shoes & clothes Women's Shoes sizes 6-7  clothes 6-8  27" Wrangler pants

323 Soft goods Sheets, blankets, towels, 2-bed skirts, and pillow cases

324 Quilt The quilt matches NO.222, and could be used to repair

325 Women's clothes  Women's nightgowns, hosiery, belts, bags, and soft shoes, including laundry basket size small and med.

326 Child's chairs 2- child's chairs and century booster seat

327 Men's and Women's  Assorted men's and women's clothes, shoes, slippers, coats, belts, gloves, etc.

328 Men's and Women's  Pants, shorts, t-shirts, tanks small and med.

329 Clothing Men's and Women's clothes, Throws, and Afghans 

330 Women's clothes  Hanging women's clothes small and med.

331 Linens  Linens- top shelf only 

332 Women's clothes  Hanging women's clothes small and med.

333 Garnet racks 2- Garnet racks, towel bar, curtain rod, and shower rod

334 Sewing machines  2-singer sewing machines, and folding chairs

335 Bakers rack Bakers rack and contents, umbrella vase, Bissell sweeper

336 Baseball gloves 3- baseball gloves and a plastic storage container

337 Train  New York central, Erie, Locomotive, tank car, NYC, and engine- cars are plastic

338 Allen Doll by Mattel  Malte 1960 Allen Doll, Made in Japan

339 Ken Mattel 1960 Ken Mattel 1960

340 Skipper by Mattel 1963 Skipper 1963 Mattel Missing some hair

341 Midge by Mattel 1958 Midge Barbie by Mattel 

342 Stuffed animals Stuffed animals

343 Vintage mini tow truck Vintage miniature tow truck, rusty

344 Vintage mini flatbed truck Vintage miniature flatbed truck, rusty

345 Vintage mini tour bus Vintage miniature tour bus, rusty


347 Longaberger Longaberger 2- jeans bags, blooms basket 05', make a basket not from the production line, coffee cup, clipping

348 Luggage 2- Luggage 

349 Assorted lot Photo albums, Sears Photo Treasure chest, 8 umbrellas, book, The Patriarchs, by Beth Moore, hem gauge, basket 

350 Cups & Saucers Collectible Cups, Saucers, Teapots, pair of Crane ginger jar, pitcher - from different states & Stands 

351 Corner lot Lot from corner to the peg board, Long handled tools, flower basket, hammers, hand saw, gasoline filler, etc.

352 Group lot Everything between the blue tape-electric disc grinder, birdhouse, flower baskets, radio, etc.

353 Group lot Lot between the blue tape- Grease gun, sm. red toolbox, hardware, etc.

354 Group lot Everything between blue tape- propane tank, sled hammer, sm. Gray toolbox, plastic toolbox, etc.

355 Group lot From blue tape to end of the table- light bulb, 5" discs assorted grits, yellow, red, and blue organizer, etc.

356 Desk  Desk and contents- collated roofing nails, typewriter, etc.

357 Table & contents Table, everything on and under, and everything against the wall- hinges, snow fence, dog bowl, planters, etc.

358 Tools Hoe, rakes, and shovels 

359 Shelf and contents Shelf and contents- Rope pully, Sunflower Bird feeder, etc.

360 Sink  Sink & base

361 Shelf and contents 2 shelving units and contents

362 Deep freezer Tru Cold Deep freeze has power, coldness not tested, needs cleaned

363 Back splash Granite, Backsplash approx. 47x 62

364 Group lot Everything pictured -Tomato cages, red cart, long tools, wood, etc.

365 Group lot Everything in the corner- snap-in filter gutter guard, white, 36", rusty stool, security light, etc.

366 Shelving Unit New in box, Adjustable steel storage shelving unit 5 Shelf 72"x 36"x16" Chrome

367 Toolbox & contents Toolbox, contents & 4" Precision jointers 

368 Hose reel & ladder Hose reel & ladder 

369 Shelf and contents 2 wooden shelving units and all contents

370 Craftsman Sears Craftsman 5 HP Shredder, untested 

371 Canning jars Canning jars & double electric burner

372 Buick hubcaps  Vintage 1958 Buick hubcap wheel covers 15" Special Roadmaster Rivera and Cetirizine hydrochloride tablets 10mg.

373 Garden lot Garden lot- 5 shovels, all handles are broken, spreader, sprayer, old garden tiller

374 Group lot Tarp, air compressor, Metric- inch combination socket set, etc.

375 Air compressor Stanley Bostitch Air Compressor 6.0 Gallon - works

376 Group lot Black & Decker Electromate 400 rechargeable portable power station, jump starter/air compressor, tested, a box of assorted accessories 

377 License plate lot License plate lot- Historical vehicle, Licking Co., Slow moving Vehicle sign triangle, Old wood box Young's American's 

378 Coats Coats, jackets, coveralls, car harts

379 Cart and contents Drinks cart with contents, meat grinder, etc.

380 Lamp Swag lamp, untested

381 Group lot Vintage spices, toaster, basket, aluminum foil, etc.- everything on counter

382 Enamel pans Cast-iron and enamel pans

383 Canning jars Canning jars 

384 Melmac Jars, Boonton ware, dishes, Melmac

385 Outdoor chairs 4 chairs,  side tables,& umbrella

386 Trellis & planters Planters & trellis, 2 cream, ceramic, others plastic

387 Ladder Louisville Ladder Corp. Fiberglass ladder

388 Lawn cart & contents Lawn cart & contents- Hoses and garden tools, etc.

389 Shelf and contents Shelf and contents -dowels, Nike cleats size 8, baseball bat, & shells

390 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

391 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

392 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

393 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

394 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

395 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

396 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

397 Folding chairs Wood folding chairs 

398 Shelf and contents Shelf and contents- canning jars, plastic sheeting, etc.

399 Butcher block Butcher block

400 Outdoor chairs 4 outdoor chairs

401 Armchair Armchair

402 Armchair Armchair and artwork

403 Bench & artwork White bench and artwork 

404 Organ Hammond Organ, has power

405 Couch Green/Yellow couch

406 Rugs 2 rugs green and gray

407 Bicycle Spalding PhysioFit Bicycle with Bikeway seat

408 Vacuum  Oreck Vacuum XL Extended Life

409 Patio chair  Rod Iron patio chair 

410 Glider Glider 

411 Vacuum  Vintage rainbow vacuum serial NO. 3112605

412 Men's bicycle Men's Spalding Physio fit bicycle

413 Patio chairs Vintage Patio table & parlor chairs 

414 Patio chairs 2- Patio chairs 

415 Group lot Group lot with Hoover vacuum and 2 table lamps - 1 with shade and 1 without shade

416 Hot washing machine 1959 Handy Hot Electric Hot washing machine with wringer 

417 Assorted lot Vintage Coleman cooler, car console, and ash bucket

418 Assorted lot Metal shelf, floor lamp, Oreck vacuum, hoses, table leaf insert, etc.

419 Rocking chair Vintage rocking chair

420 Full bed Full bed frame, rod, headboard, mattress & box springs

421 Chair Wood chair 

422 Writing desk Writing desk approx. 30" H

423 Chair Wood chair 

424 Chair Vintage Upholstered Chair  

425 Chair Chair and 5 chair pads

426 Baby bed Vintage Baby bed approx. 53"L x 42"H x 30.5"D 

427 Armchair Vintage Velvet armchair

428 Garden tools Broom holder, brush, umbrella, gardening shovels, etc.

429 Foot stool Footstool, matches sofa and chair

430 Wall art Wall art, for Valentine's day, picture of a girl, Weather station with thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer 

431 Pennsbury Pottery Pennsbury Pottery Morrisville Pa. Sm. Pitcher-Rooster Creamer,  Professional plastic food wrap film

432 Glass towel bars 2-Vintage glass towel bars

433 Fingerpicks Dunlop Fingerpick for Banjo 0.13 gauge USA 

434 Fingerpicks Rosin Fingerpicks for Violin, Viola, and Cello 0.15, 0.20 gauge U.S.A.

435 Fingerpicks Dunlop Fingerpicks for Banjo 0.15 and 0.20 gauge USA

436 Vintage lot Vintage linens, clothes, heater, sweeper, untested 

437 Cabinet and bench Cabinet and bench

438 Oven Calorie Vintage Oven

439 Peg board Peg board and shelf

440 Assorted lot Pictures, trinkets, map of great lakes, etc.

441 Shelf  Shelf  USA pot, and velvet picture, shelf needs repair

442 Rainbow vacuum Vintage rainbow vacuum serial NO. 3112605

443 Honeywell Fan Honeywell rotating fan 

444 Assorted wood 6-8 ft. sections assorted wood in front

445 Outdoor furniture Outdoor furniture - bench, 2 tables, 2 chairs

446 Outdoor furniture 2- Standing porch swing

447 Hammock Hammock and bird feeder

448 Landscape bricks Landscape bricks approx.40"x 53"x30

449 Umbrella Stand Umbrella Stand and pots, Strawberry plant

450 Wrought Iron  5-Wrought Iron flower buckets approx. 30"L x 9"W 

451 Bricks & firewood Brick pavers & firewood

452 Picnic table Picnic table

453 Assorted lot Shepherds hooks, bird houses, hose reel holder, etc.

454 Honda Odessy 2003 Honda Odessy- all power, heated seats, nice AC/Heat, Leather tow package 140,624, always garaged, minor damage rear 1/4 panels drivers side 

455 Wheelbarrow  Wheelbarrow

456 Toyota Sedan 1986 Toyota Sedan Cressida Blue/silver, blue interior, no nips or tears,118,504 miles -1 owner, power, all windows work, turns over, needs a battery, has oil pressure, Starts with ether( starting fluid), needs fuel pump,  needs struts for hood


Auction License: 2021000027
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