Great Items at Great Prices!! Garage Door Opener * Portable AC * Car Seats * Tools * Toys * Home Improvement & Decor * Harley Davidson Exhaust *
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Lincoln, NE 68507
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Tuesday Sep 20, 6:20 PM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Sep 25, 6:20 PM
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Equip-Bid Auctions

Contact: Andy O'Hanlon
Phone: 913.709.7248
Website: ID#: 14514
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Listing Information
ATTENTION: READ EVERYTHING BELOW PICKUP YOUR ITEMS SEPTEMBER 26 FROM 11:00AM - 6:00PM. Day after auction ends WE ARE LOCATED IN LINCOLN NEBRASKA YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL CHARGE AUTOMATICALLY AT THE CONSLUSION OF AUCTION. CONTACT ME BEFORE THE AUCTION CLOSES IF YOU ARE TAX EXEMPT OR WISH TO PAY AN ALTERNATIVE WAY. YOU CAN SEND SOMEONE TO GET YOUR ITEMS FOR YOU AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A COPY OF YOUR INVOICE (PAPER OR ELECTRONIC) We have gone to an online scheduled pick up. After the last item on the auction closes you get your invoice; by email, at the top of your invoice screen, you will see a scheduler for pick up. Select a time, and then be there during that time. The products we sell are online returns, overstock items, surplus inventory, delivery refusals, and undeliverables. ..Stock photos are examples only, and are not part of the item description. May not be exact size, color, or all parts on stock image may not be included. 4 Levels of Product Condition Factory Sealed: New in box, never used, original product, in original box. We stand behind the listing as described. Being “new”, we have not checked for function / internal damage. Bid with confidence! Any problems with these items must be reported within 48 hours from time of pick up in order to return. Appears New: Item appears to be in new condition, not used. They may or may not be in the original box. They should work as expected. We inspect for the following: Does not appear to have been pre-owned Item is complete enough to run / work as needed Box may be damaged, however, internal contents are functional (We stand behind this item to work as it's supposed to; these items still could have slight cosmetic defects, missing accessories, or hardware. We do our best to point out such instances. We guarantee for functionality (your item is guaranteed to work) bid with confidence. Call within 48 hours of pickup time; no guarantee beyond 48 hours. Open box: Open Box represents several conditions, such as incomplete, pre-owned, new but not verified for condition, untested; could be fully functioning, or DOA, we have not necessarily tested. Open Box items may not be returned, sold as is. No Refunds. Damaged: These items have known damage. We will do our best to describe / picture the damage. We don’t necessarily test for functionality. These could be items never used / owned, such as a grill that had shipping damage to the lid, but never put together or used. Could be scratch and dent, or could be totally broken, also may incomplete / missing items. Call if you have questions Damaged items cannot be returned, sold as is. No Refunds. Any unmarked items will be considered “open box or damaged” *Powers on: Means we plugged it in, and it has power (still refer to whichever above condition is assigned to the item). *

The products we sell are online returns, overstock items, surplus inventory, undeliverables, and delivery refusals We go through semi-loads piece by piece and assign item conditions to each item. Then. You decide the price! Phone: 402-730-0903 for questions READ THE LEVELS OF PRODUCT CONDITION BELOW THANK YOU AND HAVE FUN. Bid Online; Pickup in person on day of Loadout (times below) ALL AUCTION TIMES ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF ANY PAGE. Auction End, and Pickup time. Auction Location: 5600 N. 58th Ct. Suite #4 Lincoln Nebraska ..Stock photos are examples only; may not be exact size, color, or all parts on stock image may not be included. Is not part of the description. *Bids inside 5 minutes reset the clock to 5 minutes* Each lot has its own time clock; with staggered closing.

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