General Auction Gun Sales 2 Day Spring Firearm Auction
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Mattoon, IL 61938
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Monday Mar 6, 2023 Completed
Sunday Mar 19, 2023 Completed
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Bauer Auction Service LLC

Contact: Jessie
Phone: 217-273-0274
Email: ID#: 9070
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Listing Terms and Conditions
Auction Terms & Conditions Please review this information carefully. This information creates certain legally binding contractual obligations. In order to register and receive access to the online bidding/pre-bidding platform, a Bidder must accept and acknowledge these Terms and Conditions. 1. Any bid placed shall constitute a legally binding and enforceable offer to purchase the subject firearm. All bids therefore constitute an irrevocable offer to purchase and shall remain valid and enforceable until the Seller declares the property "Sold" and the auction has concluded. 2. Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid placed. For Online Bidding: Early registration is encouraged, accounts are reviewed by the auctioneer prior to bids being approved. Account registrations are reviewed on a daily basis. Account owners requiring more information to meet approval are emailed and/or called stating what information is needed. Failure to respond to attempts at communication may result in bids being declined, account owners are notified via email. Registrations during active auction are not guaranteed evaluation in time for particitpation. 3. Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any Bidder from access to the interactive online bidding platform. 4. The Winning Bidder covenants and agrees to purchase the subject firearm at the price of the Winning Bid, and upon the terms and conditions hereinafter provided. 5. Within 48 hours of the close of the auction event, the Winning Bidder for the firearm shall receive an e-mail from Bauer Auction Service, LLC which will detail a date, a time, and a location for meeting with the holder of a Federal Firearms License, subject to further specific arrangements of the parties, including options for shipping and electronic payments to the holder of a Federal Firearms License appointed by the Winning Bidder, subject to verification of said appointees Federal Firearms License and credentials. 6. At said appointed date, time, and location, the Winning Bidder shall pay the full purchase price for the property by means of cash, certified check, or credit card if paying in person. Shipping customers are required to pay with bank wire or check mailed in. 7. Thereupon, the Winning Bidder shall present all information necessary to consummate the sale and shall thoroughly and truthfully complete any and all documents, forms or applications necessary to effectuate the transfer of the firearm through the Federal Firearms License holder(s), including but not necessarily limited to, ATF Form 4473. 8. The Winning Bidder agrees to comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws with respect to the purchase, possession and transfer of firearms. 9. Failure to appear at the appointed date, time, and location by the Winning Bidder, shall be considered an act of default by the Winning Bidder, and the Seller shall be entitled to pursue any and all legal and equitable remedies against the Winning Bidder which are available to Seller pursuant to the laws of the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois. In the event that Seller and/or Auctioneer file suit against Winning Bidder, Seller and/or Auctioneer shall be entitled to recover all reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses incurred. 10. Time shall be of the essence as to all of Buyer's obligations. 11. In the event that any firearms sale is not consummated based on any misrepresentation, the High Bidder shall be liable to the Seller in the amount of $250.00 as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. 12. Notwithstanding any term to the contrary all sales and transfers shall be conducted in accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws. 13. By registering for the online bidding/pre-bidding platform, the Bidder acknowledges and understands that he or she is responsible for compliance with all local laws, and the Bidder further represents, covenants and warrants that: a. The Bidder assumes all responsibility for the legality of a specific firearm for which a bid is placed. b. The Bidder is at least twenty-one (21) years of age. c. The Bidder is legally authorized to own and possess firearms, and if an Illinois resident, is the holder of a valid F.O.I.D. Card. d. The Bidder is not prohibited by Federal, State, or Local Law from purchasing or possessing the specific firearm for which a bid is placed. e. The Bidder is the actual transferee/buyer of the specific firearm for which a bid is placed. f. The Bidder is not under indictment or information for any felony or any other crime which could subject Bidder to incarceration for a period of twelve months or more. g. The Bidder has not been convicted of any felony or any other crime which could have subjected the incarceration for a period of twelve months or more. h. The Bidder is not a fugitive from justice. i. The Bidder is not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana, or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance. j. The Bidder has not been adjudicated mentally defective (which includes a determination by a court, board, commission or other lawful authority that the Bidder is a danger to himself or others or is incompetent to manage his own affairs). k. The Bidder has not been committed to a mental institution. l. The Bidder has not been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions. m. The Bidder is not subject to a Court Order which refrains the Bidder from harassing, stalking, or threatening the Bidder's child or intimate partner or child of such partner. n. The Bidder has not been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence. o. The Bidder has never renounced his or her citizenship. p. The Bidder is not an alien illegally in the United States. 14. Auctioneer reserves the right to resell any firearm not paid in full within seven (7) days of the auctions' closing date. 15. The Seller, Broker, Auctioneer and their representatives, attorneys, agents, and sub-agents, assume no liability for errors or omissions in this or any other property listing or advertising or promotional/publicity statements and material. The Seller, Broker, Auctioneer and their representatives, attorneys, agents and sub-agents, make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information herein contained or in any other property listing or advertising or promotional/publicity statements and material. 16. The Property is sold in its "AS IS" condition with all faults and limitations and no warranties expressed or implied, and Seller and Auctioneer specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties, including the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. All Bidders are encouraged to inspect the Property prior to placing any bid and the Winning Bidder, as Buyer, acknowledges that he/she/it has had a reasonable opportunity to inspect and examine the condition of the Property and make inquiries of knowledgeable persons. All information was derived from sources believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Bidders shall rely entirely on their own information, judgment, and inspection of the Property and records. 17. By registering and bidding, the Buyer acknowledges they understand accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. 18. By registering and bidding, the Buyer acknowledges that they have submitted themselves to the personal jurisdiction of the State of Illinois. Buyer acknowledges that any and all disputes shall be governed by Illinois Law, conflicts of laws provisions notwithstanding, and that any and all litigation associated with any purchase and sale hereunder shall be filed in the Fifth Judicial Circuit, Coles County, Charleston, Illinois. 19. Seller and Auctioneer cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors, and/or omissions, caused by any means, therefore they cannot guarantee continual, uninterrupted or error free service as the website could be interfered with by means out of their control. Bidder acknowledges that the online auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. 20. Buyer awknowledges payment policy outlined by auctioneer within the catalog. Buyers whom require shipping must pay via mailed in payment or bank wire. Shipping charges may be billed to a credit card unless said charges exceed $500.00, then payment for shipping is to be made by check or bank wire. 21. The Registered Bidder acknowledges receipt and copy of these Terms and Conditions, and having read and understood the provisions set forth therein, accepts same and agrees to be bound thereby.
Listing Information
Hello and welcome to the Saturday, March 18th & Sunday, March 19th General Auction Gun Sales 2 Day Spring Firearm Auction. 2 Day Auction 1000 Firearms at Auction Live Bidding - - Absentee - - Webcast 2601 Lake Land Blvd. Mattoon, IL 61938 Saturday, March 18th - - 9:00am Sunday, March 19th - - 9:00am Ruger - Colt - Smith & Wesson - Winchester - Browning Antique to Modern to New Preview: Friday, March 17th from 12:00noon - 6:00pm at 2601 Lake Land Blvd. Mattoon, IL 61938 " Doors open Saturday & Sunday at 8:00am for Live Auction at 9:00am! " Guns will NOT be out for view during days of auction " Please plan on attending preview or call w/ questions prior to the auction Live Internet Simulcast Bidding Ron Baker, FFL. (217) 273-5056 successfull bidders will pay 15% buyer premium successful bidders will pay 15% buyer premium Credit cards are accepted for in-person payment only, a 4% credit card fee is assessed CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR FIREARMS THAT REQUIRE SHIPPING Illinois bidders can fill out 4473 paperwork during preview on Friday, March 17th from 12:000noon to 6:00pm or after the auction starting Monday, March 20th from 9:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 6:00pm, Tuesday, March 21st through Friday, March 24th 9:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday, March 25th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Filling out 4473 early does not mean pre approval status. You will be notified of days and times for picking up purchases after minimum state required 72 hour waiting period. Form 4473 must be filled out in person.

MBA Assoc. Mk 1 B 13mm Pistol
Scarce Gyrojet model,like new in factory case with medal & 10 dummy rnds ammo,nickel finish,5" barrel,factory black grips,mfg 1966-69 Inv # 121D Serial # B348 Action: Pistol

Colt Bicentennial Set .357 Mag,.45LC,.45 Revolver
New in factory presentation case,3 gun set,Python-SAA-Dragoon models,only 1,776 mfg 1976 Inv # 82D,83D,84D Serial # 0909PY & 0909PM & 0909DG Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver Revolver
Like new,mfg 1986,original 4-1-1986 date walnut grips,nickel finish,6" full lug barrel Inv # 1445D Serial # AUD2063 Action: Revolver

Colt Gold Cup .38 Spl MR Pistol
NIB,National Match Mid Range model,hard to find,less than 8,000 mfg 1961-71,target sights,factory checkered walnut grips,1 mag Inv # 1070D Serial # 6575-MR Action: Pistol

H&K P7 9mm Pistol
LNIB,hard to find squeeze cock model,German mfg,4" barrel,2-8 rnd mags,cleaning tool Inv # 810D Serial # 16887 Action: Pistol

Springfield Armory 1911A1 .45 auto Pistol
Excellent condition,stainless,5" barrel,Pachmayr grips,1 mag Inv # 1446D Serial # N371197 Action: Pistol

Star/CAI BM 9mm Pistol
Excellent condition with original plastic box,3.75" barrel,factory black grips,2 mags Inv # 995D Serial # SB110521 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson Victory Model .38 Spl Revolver
Excellent condition,hard to find US Navy marked model,4" barrel,factory diamond grips,with unmarked brown leather flap holster Inv # 806D Serial # V54815 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 15-4 .38 Spl Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1980,original #ed walnut grips,4" barrel Inv # 1447D Serial # 81K9381 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 57 .41 Mag Revolver
New in presentation case that has rough interior,mfg 1969,smooth fancy walnut S&W grips,4" barrel Inv # 1598D Serial # N21926 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 25-9 .45 Colt Revolver
NIB with presentation case & outer sleeve,ltd production Richard Petty model,gold enhanced,8 3/8" barrel,factory smooth grips Inv # 81D Serial # RLP0626 Action: Revolver

Springfield Armory EMP4 9mm Pistol
Like new with factory soft case,stainless,4" barrel,fiber optic front sight,factory grips,5-8 rnd mags Inv # 1095Z Serial # EMP70323 Action: Pistol

Sig Sauer P320 9mm Pistol
LNIB,Illinois resident sales restricted,4.5" barrel,night & Romeo1 sights,2-17 rnd mags Inv # 666D Serial # 58B135409 Action: Pistol

Colt Pre 1898 Cloverleaf .41 RF Revolver
Hard to find model,very nice condition,early production,mfg 1871-76,nickel finish,3" barrel,4 shot,old ivory grips Inv # 205D Serial # 1863 Action: Revolver

Ruger GP100 .22LR Revolver
Like new,stainless,10 shot,5.5" barrel,fiber optic front sight,factory grips Inv # 68D Serial # 178-92605 Action: Revolver

Colt Diamondback .22LR Revolver
Hard to find nickel finish,mfg 1982,factory walnut grips,6" barrel Inv # 1368D Serial # P54740 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 617-6 .22LR Revolver
Excellent condition with original box,stainless,10 shot,4" full lug barrel,factory black grips Inv # 76D Serial # CLY9595 Action: Revolver

Colt Frontier Scout .22LR Revolver
Mfg 1959,early production,4.75" barrel,factory black grips Inv # 66D Serial # 83149F Action: Revolver

Colt Pre 1898 1849 .31 BP Revolver
Mfg 1864,Civil War production,percussion,matching visible #s including cyl,has good scene,5" barrel,original looking walnut grips,tight working action Inv # 1073D Serial # 250097 Action: BP Revolver

Franz Stock Auto 32 .32 Pistol
Nice condition,early production,hard to find,pre WW II mfg,4" barrel,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 61D Serial # 7873 Action: Pistol

Beretta 92FS 9mm Pistol
Desert Storm model,excellent condition with original box,4.75" barrel,factory black grips,1-15 rnd mag Inv # 271D Serial # DS003341 Action: Pistol

Colt Python .357 Mag Revolver
Like new with factory hard case,hard to find stainless old model,6" barrel,factory black grips Inv # 620D Serial # PY9776 Action: Revolver

Ruger SP101 .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1992,early production,stainless,2.25" ported barrel,black & pearlite grips Inv # 518D Serial # 570-94923 Action: Revolver

Glock 26 9mm Pistol
Excellent condition,night sights,3.25" barrel,1-10 rnd mag Inv # 1444D Serial # PVV918 Action: Pistol

Beretta 1934 .380 Pistol
Italian military,excellent condition,1937 slide date & RE army stamp,3.5" barrel,factory black grips,with brown leather flap holster that has Italian writing on inside of flap,2 mags Inv # 817D Serial # 585049 Action: Pistol

Browning Medalist .22LR Pistol
Excellent condition,Belgium 1964 mfg,shot very little,6.75" bull barrel,factory target walnut grips,1 mag Inv # 1541D Serial # 3772T4 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 53 .22 Jet Revolver
LNIB with 6 factory .22LR inserts,mfg 1962,hard to find model,6" barrel,factory diamond grips Inv # 1016D Serial # K475106 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 48 .22 Mag Revolver
Like new,mfg 1960,early production,factory diamond grips,3 T's,6" barrel Inv # 64D Serial # K418167 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson Pre 29 .44 Mag Revolver
Like new,hard to find 5 screw model,6.5" barrel,factory walnut diamond grips Inv # 1074D Serial # S165312 Action: Revolver

Colt Detective Spl .38 Spl Revolver
Mfg 1975,nickel finish,2" barrel,factory walnut grips Inv # 107D Serial # M08977 Action: Revolver

Erma KGP68A .380 Pistol
NIB,hard to find small frame model,made in Germany,factory brown grips,1 mag Inv # 77D Serial # 116055 Action: Pistol

AMT Back Up .45 acp Pistol
Like new,stainless,DA only,3" barrel,1 mag Inv # 1395D Serial # DA13265 Action: Pistol

Colt Viper .38 Spl Revolver
Like new,scarce model,mfg 1977-84,factory walnut grips,4" barrel Inv # 1413D Serial # 83452M Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 629 .44 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,hard to find no dash model,stainless,8 3/8" barrel,factory walnut grips Inv # 1396D Serial # N854120 Action: Revolver

Pieper Bayard .380 Pistol
Excellent condition,hard to find,2" barrel,factory horn grips,1 mag Inv # 58D Serial # 74195 Action: Pistol

Colt Super 38 .38 Super Pistol
Mfg 1955,custom target sights & walnut grips,5" barrel,1 mag Inv # 1075D Serial # 119553 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 .22LR Pistol
NIB,Illinois resident restricted sales,4.5" threaded barrel,4-12 rnd mags Inv # 689D Serial # MP027715 Action: Pistol

Taurus PT738 .380 Pistol
Like new,black stainless,2.5" barrel,2-6 rnd mags,cc holster Inv # 527D Serial # 54114A Action: Pistol

FN 1922 .32 Pistol
Nazi proofed model,earlier occupation,nice condition,blue finish,many Nazi proofs,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 96D Serial # 25618 Action: Pistol

H&K USP .40 S&W Pistol
Excellent condition,1994 German mfg,night sights,4" barrel,1-10 rnd mag Inv # 565D Serial # 22-34111 Action: Pistol

Colt 1903 Hammer .38 auto Pistol
First year 1903 production,factory grips,4.25" barrel,1 mag Inv # 103D Serial # 18574 Action: Pistol

Hammerli 150 .22LR Pistol
Excellent condition,single shot target pistol,11.25" barrel,oz trigger,large target walnut grips Inv # 53D Serial # 32708 Action: Pistol

CZ 97B .45 auto Pistol
NIB,4.5" barrel,2-10 rnd mags Inv # 1327D Serial # B328212 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 28-2 .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1967,shot very little,4" barrel,9-1-1987 date walnut grips Inv # 258D Serial # S289715 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 17-4 .22LR Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1981,Pachmayr grips,3 T's,6" barrel Inv # 104D Serial # 93K6099 Action: Revolver

Colt Trooper Mk III .22 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1980,hard to find nickel finish,6" barrel,black Colt grips Inv # 55D Serial # Y23086 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 29-2 .44 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1971,factory walnut grips,6.5" barrel Inv # 260D Serial # N61616 Action: Revolver

Steyr 1907 8mm Steyr Pistol
Austrian military,hard to find model,nice condition,regiment marked,21 date,no import marks,5.5" barrel,with 2-50 rnds boxes ammo & newer brown leather flap holster Inv # 171D Serial # 561 Action: Pistol

DWM Luger 9mm Pistol
Nice condition,German military,1917 date,matching visible #s,with old 1916 date leather flap holster,2 wood bottom mags Inv # 816D Serial # 9034 Action: Pistol

Colt 1911 .45 auto Pistol
Nice condition,factory letter,shipped 5-29-1917 to Shapleigh Hdwe,hard to find war time commercial model,5" barrel,original looking checkered walnut grips,1 2 tone mag,lanyard ring Inv # 1356D Serial # C97205 Action: Pistol

Ruger Security Six .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1980,factory walnut grips,6" barrel Inv # 1474D Serial # 156-32686 Action: Revolver

AMT Hardballer .45 auto Pistol
Long Slide model,excellent condition with original box,disc. 2001,stainless,7" barrel,factory adj sights & black grips,1 Colt marked mag Inv # 981D Serial # A30344 Action: Pistol

Ruger Hawkeye .256 Mag Pistol
Scarce model,less than 3,300 mfg 1963-64.excellent condition,shot very little,8.5" barrel,adj sights & 1.3X scope,factory walnut grips Inv # 1540D Serial # 2078 Action: Pistol

Remington 51 .380 Pistol
Excellent condition,mfg 1918-26,factory grips,3.5" barrel,1 mag Inv # 1526D Serial # PA47137 Action: Pistol

Glock 34 Gen5 9mm Pistol
NIB,Illinois resident restricted sales,5" barrel,3-17 rnd mags Inv # 1037D Serial # BYNV790 Action: Pistol

Cimarron Open Top .44 Spl Revolver
Excellent condition,shot very little,case hardened,8" barrel,factory walnut grips,Uberti mfg Inv # 257D Serial # X14091 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 1913 .35 S&W auto Pistol
Factory letter,shipped 6-9-1917 Elmira NY,excellent condition,hard to find factory nickel finish,mfg 1913-21,factory wood grips,1 mag Inv # 1005D Serial # 6017 Action: Pistol

Kimber Micro 9 9mm Pistol
Rapide Black Ice model,excellent condition with original box & soft case,3" barrel,night sights,factory black grips,3 mags,leather cc holster Inv # 106D Serial # TB0036553 Action: Pistol

Alonzo Crull Revolver .22RF Revolver
Custom built,quality made,Colt 1877 frame,4" barrel,adj sights,fancy walnut grips Inv # 1349D Serial # 52813 Action: Revolver

Mauser 1914 .25 Pistol
Nice condition,mfg 1910-34,factory checkered walnut grips,2" barrel,1 mag Inv # 937D Serial # 400806 Action: Pistol

Wilson Combat ACP .45 auto Pistol
Like new with factory soft case,stainless frame,5" barrel,2-8 rnd mags,factory grips Inv # 272D Serial # WC25804 Action: Pistol

Taurus 480 .480 Ruger Revolver
NIB,Raging Bull model,stainless,6.5" ported full lug barrel,factory grips Inv # 1100D Serial # UL912809 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 17 .22LR Revolver
Mfg 1959,excellent condition,8 3/8" barrel,custom walnut target grips Inv # 1473D Serial # K378336 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 500 .500 Mag Revolver
NIB,stainless,4" ported barrel,factory black grips Inv # 1102D Serial # CHY2713 Action: Revolver

Cimarron Open Top .44 Colt Revolver
Excellent condition,shot very little,case hardened,7.5" barrel,walnut grips,Uberti mfg Inv # 259D Serial # X07352 Action: Revolver

Browning Buck Mark .22LR Pistol
NIB,stainless,5.5" bull barrel,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 1002D Serial # 515ZM09464 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 46 .22LR Pistol
Excellent condition,hard to find,7" heavy barrel,only 2,500 mfg 1957-66,factory brown grips,1 barrel weight,1 mag Inv # 978D Serial # 78848 Action: Pistol

Poland/TG P64 9mm Mak Pistol
Excellent condition,shot very little,1976 slide date,3.25" barrel,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 1036D Serial # MN08925 Action: Pistol

High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22LR Pistol
NIB,mfg 1967,has muzzle brake,barrel weight,2 mags,7.25" fluted heavy barrel,factory walnut target grips Inv # 1009D Serial # 1628852 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson .22/32 .22LR Revolver
Excellent condition,early production,6" barrel,adj sights,excellent oversize pearl grips Inv # 1003D Serial # 387169 Action: Revolver

Husqvarna Lahti 9mm Pistol
Nice condition,no import marks,Swedish military or police,4.75" barrel,original looking brown leather flap holster,3 mags,takedown tool,cleaning rod,factory black grips Inv # 1352D Serial # 39492 Action: Pistol

H&K USP .45 auto Pistol
LNIB,German 2007 mfg,stainless,4.25" barrel,Streamlight tac light & laser,1-10 rnd mag Inv # 1618D Serial # 25-046842 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 629-1 .44 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1987,stainless,6" barrel,Pachmayr grips Inv # 261D Serial # AYI3386 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson K22 .22LR Revolver
Like new with S&W gold box,mfg 1948,original #ed diamond grips,6" barrel,target sights Inv # 1008D Serial # K35418 Action: Revolver

Mauser Luger 9mm Pistol
Hard to find German WW II police issue model in like new condition with original matching #ed black leather holster & mag,Mauser marked toggle,1940 date,eagle N & eagle L proofs,extra mag & matching #ed eagle N & eagle L proofed takedown tool Inv # 8...

Colt 1911 .45 auto Pistol
US military,mfg 1915,nice condition,5" barrel,checkered walnut grips,1 mag that has lanyard ring Inv # 1355D Serial # 107982 Action: Pistol

Springfield Armory XDS-45 .45 acp Pistol
LNIB,stainless,3.25" barrel,2-5 rnd & 1-7 rnd mags,XD gear Inv # 669D Serial # S3155001 Action: Pistol

Ruger Auto 22 .22LR Pistol
Like new with Ruger box,mfg 1977,tapered 4 3/4" barrel,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 1543D Serial # 14-29036 Action: Pistol

Webley Mk VI .455 Revolver
British military,1915 date,6" barrel,factory black grips Inv # 1351D Serial # 162148 Action: Revolver

High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22LR Pistol
Mfg 1979,nice condition,5.5" bull barrel barrel,target sights,factory walnut grips,1 mag Inv # 1006D Serial # ML51578 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 627-5 .357 Mag Revolver
LNIB,Performance Center V8 model,black stainless,8 shot,5" ported barrel,adj & Romeo1 sights,factory black grips Inv # 665D Serial # DLE8042 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 66-2 .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1983,stainless,4" barrel,1982 date factory walnut grips Inv # 1367D Serial # 307K930 Action: Revolver

CZ 2075 9mm Pistol
LNIB,Rami model,3" barrel,adj sights,factory black grips,1-10 rnd & 1-14 rnd mags Inv # 1324D Serial # B200063 Action: Pistol

Ruger NM Blackhawk .30 Carbine Revolver
NIB,mfg 1979,factory walnut grips,7.5" barrel Inv # 397D Serial # 51-18445 Action: Revolver

CZ 75D 9mm Pistol
NIB,Compact model,3.5" barrel,2-14 rnd mags Inv # 1326D Serial # B155077 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 1917 .45 acp Revolver
US military,5.5" barrel,smooth walnut grips,lanyard ring Inv # 1354D Serial # 117410 Action: Revolver

Springfield Armory 1911A1 .45 auto Pistol
NIB,Milspec model,parkerized finish,5" barrel,2 sets factory grips,2-8 rnd mags,1911 gear Inv # 675D Serial # NM243660 Action: Pistol

Japan Type 94 8mm Pistol
Japanese military,nice condition,mfg Dec 1941,original black grips,1 mag Inv # 127D Serial # 20301 Action: Pistol

Colt Woodsman MT .22LR Pistol
Like new,mfg 1966,Match Target model,hard to find 4.5" barrel,factory walnut grips,1 mag Inv # 1635D Serial # 217477-S Action: Pistol

AMT 1911 .22LR Pistol
Excellent condition,has excellent Colt conversion unit upper,5" barrel,target sights,Colt checkered walnut grips,1 Colt marked mag Inv # 101D Serial # A10459 Action: Pistol

H&R Trapper .22RF Revolver
Nice condition,hard to find,shot little,6" pencil octagon barrel,factory checkered walnut grips Inv # 1669D Serial # 153826 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 19-3 .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1974,shot very little,6" barrel,3 T's,smooth walnut factory grips Inv # 1634D Serial # 7K1255 Action: Revolver

Sig Sauer P228 9mm Pistol
NIB with factory target,made in Germany,night sights,3.75" barrel,2-13 rnd mags Inv # 808D Serial # B200177 Action: Pistol

High Standard E .22LR Pistol
Hard to find model,less than 2,600 mfg 1938-42,nice condition,6.75" bull barrel,factory walnut target grips & sights,original 2 tone mag Inv # 1670D Serial # 81321 Action: Pistol

Colt Super 38 .38 Super Pistol
Excellent condition,mfg 1970,shot little,5" barrel,Giles rib & target sights,factory bakelite grips,missing mag Inv # 1627D Serial # CS002827 Action: Pistol

Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Spl Revolver
NIB,3" barrel,factory walnut grips Inv # 1642D Serial # 15-35722 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 29-4 .44 Mag Revolver
Like new,mfg 1989,hard to find Hunter model,only 2,500 mfg,unfluted cylinder,8 3/8" full lug barrel adj sights & 2.5X scope on sideplate mount,Pachmayr grips Inv # 1485D Serial # BBY7970 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 39 9mm Pistol
Like new,pre 1970 mfg,adj sights,4" barrel,smooth fancy walnut grips,1 mag,lanyard ring Inv # 1626D Serial # 67372 Action: Pistol

Colt 1911A1 .45 auto Pistol
New in presentation case,1970 WWII European Theater model,companion gun to lot 95,engraved,nickel finish,5" barrel,fancy birdseye maple grips,1 mag Inv # 1607D Serial # 7171ETO Action: Pistol

Colt 1911A1 .45 auto Pistol
New in presentation case,1970 WWII Asian Theater model,companion gun to lot 94,engraved,nickel finish,5" barrel,smooth walnut grips,1 mag Inv # 1608D Serial # 7171PTO Action: Pistol

Baikal IJ-70 9mm Mak Pistol
Like new,Russia mfg,3.5" barrel,adj sights,factory black grips,with 1993 date brown leather flap holster,1 mag Inv # 1625D Serial # J042120 Action: Pistol

Colt 1903 Pocket .32 Pistol
Mfg 1920,nice condition,3.75" barrel,factory black grips & 2 tone mag Inv # 1671D Serial # 365855 Action: Pistol

Sig Sauer Trailside .22LR Pistol
NIB with factory target,Competition model,6" barrel,factory blue target grips,target sights,barrel weight,1 mag Inv # 1104D Serial # E0049329 Action: Pistol

Colt New Service .45LC Revolver
Nice condition,mfg 1943,war time production,5.5" barrel,smooth walnut grips,lanyard ring Inv # 1615D Serial # 353002 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 686-1 .357 Mag Revolver
Excellent condition,mfg 1986,shot very little,original 10-6-1986 date walnut grips,stainless,8 3/8" full lug barrel Inv # 1484D Serial # AUY3463 Action: Revolver

Beretta 92S 9mm Pistol
NIB,Italy 1981 mfg,4.75" barrel,Pachmayr grips,1-15 rnd mag Inv # 52D Serial # B55736Z Action: Pistol

Colt The Woodsman .22LR Pistol
Mfg 1927,nice condition,6 5/8" barrel,adj front & rear sights,factory checkered walnut grips & 2 tone mag Inv # 1672D Serial # 55300 Action: Pistol

Smith & Wesson 36-1 .38 Spl Revolver
Pre 1969 mfg,nice condition,hard to find 3" barrel model,custom checkered walnut grips Inv # 1616D Serial # 766033 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory .22LR Pistol
Excellent condition with original box,stainless,5.5" bull barrel,fiber optic sights,rear sight is missing 1 screw,2 mags Inv # 194D Serial # UEE5064 Action: Pistol

Stevens 35 .22RF Pistol
Nice condition,single shot,6" barrel,excellent bore,factory walnut grips Inv # 1673D Serial # 41276 Action: Pistol

Walther P99 9mm Pistol
Excellent condition,made in Germany,Interarms marked,stainless,4" barrel,1-10 rnd mag Inv # 1617D Serial # 017790 Action: Pistol

Walther TPH .22LR Pistol
LNIB,US mfg 1987-2000,stainless,2.25" barrel,factory black grips,1 mag Inv # 51D Serial # T012351 Action: Pistol

Colt Government 380 .380 Pistol
LNIB,mfg 1985,early production,3.25" barrel,factory black grips,2 mags Inv # 497D Serial # RC16806 Action: Pistol

Ruger Blackhawk .41 Mag Revolver
Like new,mfg 1965,old model,1st yr .41 Mag production,no transfer bar,4 5/8" barrel,nice stag grips Inv # 1613D Serial # 2304 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 37 .38 Spl Revolver
NIB,mfg 1982,hard to find nickel finish Airweight model,original #ed walnut grips,2" barrel Inv # 50D Serial # J911905 Action: Revolver

Smith & Wesson 10-6 .38 Spl Revolver
Mfg 1970,nice condition,4" heavy barrel,factory diamond grips Inv # 406D Serial # D266510 Action: Revolver

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