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Sale Location

Gettysburg, PA 17325
Sale Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Saturday Mar 9, 2024 Completed
Sale Type
 Live Auction 
Company Information
Redding Auction Service Inc.

Contact: Pat Redding
Phone: 717-334-6941
Website: ID#: 5530
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Listing Information


Redding Auction Service Inc.

1085 Table Rock Road, Gettysburg PA
Setting The Trend For Others To Follow
Pennsylvania's Highest Volume Gun Auction Service
"Your Professional FireArms Specialists With 87+ Years of Experience Striving to Put Our Clients First & Achieving Highest Prices Realized as Possible!"


If You Are Interested in Selling Your Items in an Upcoming Auction, Email or Call 717-334-6941 to Speak to Someone Personally.  We Are Consistently Bringing Higher Prices Realized Than Other Local Auction Services Due to Not Employing a Buyer’s Premium (Buyer’s Penalty).  Also, We Consistently Market Our Sales Nationally with Actual Content For Longer Periods of Time Than Other Auction Services.



Saturday, March 9th – 8:30 AM Firearm Accessories & Tools Sale

Sale Located at: 1085 Table Rock Road Gettysburg, PA 17325

 Large Two Auctioneer Sale Starting Both at 8:30 AM. 1st Auctioneer Selling Great Selection of Tools. 

2nd Auctioneer Selling 500++ Lots of Gun Related Accessories. Great Selection of Factory Ammo, Reloading Components, Hunting Clothes, Scopes, Binoculars & Much More! Many of the Items Are Brand New (Discontinuing of Business From Pioneer Guns From Altoona, PA)


Sale Inspection:

Friday, March 8th, 2024 – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Doors Open:

Sale Day @ 7:00 AM


PA # AY002376 

PH: 717-334-6941

Auction License: PA LICENSE NO. AY002376
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