Outstanding Memorial Day Auction
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Chambersburg, PA 17202
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Monday May 27, 2024 Completed
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Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

Contact: Heather Kohler
Phone: 717-263-6512
Email: heather@gatewayauction.com
Website: www.gatewayauction.com

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Listing Information

Annual Memorial Day Public Auction

Modern Furnishings, Automobiles, Guns, Cast Iron, Guitars/ Amps, Vintage, Antiques, Steam Toys and Personal Property

Will sell for the Chalmers Fetterhoff Estate, from home in Hagerstown, Md, from the Mary c. Mostofi Estate and others at Gateway Gallery Auction- 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, Pa 17202 on:

Monday, May 27 at 9 AM

Note early start time!

Preview Sunday, May 26 from 1-3 PM

 For Live online bidding - Click HERE

AUTOMOBILE: 2009 Nissan Versa Sedan, VIN# 3N1BC11E79L369764 with 54,330 miles. Car is from Fetterhoff Estate; 2019 Lincoln Nautilus S, VIN# 2LMPJ8K9XKBL52008 with 19,395 miles. Car is from the John R. Campbell Estate.

MODERN FURNISHINGS / VINTAGE FURNITURE: Lift chair; (3) recliners; jewelry cabinet; armoire; love seat/chair; dining table/chairs; small hutch; beds; box spring/mattresses; dressers; wicker stand; oak stand; dry sink; porcelain top table; shelving units; grandfather’s clock; wingback chairs; needlepoint foot stool; Eastlake Victorian end table; modern living room chairs; marble top Victorian stand; Stained glass floor lights; server; dining table/(8) chairs; corner cupboard; Winthrop style secretary desk; dining room hutch; sectional sofa; coffee table; club chair w/ottoman; one drawer stand; power recliner; wicker rocker; wall stand; child’s rocker; glider/rocker; wicker loveseat/chairs; vanity; Victorian settee; Victorian sofa; hall tree; (2) fainting couches; marble top dresser; barrister bookcase; and more.

GUITARS: Yamaha EG303 electric guitar; Marigold 1958 electric guitar; Linchum Les Paul electric guitar; Fender Stratocaster electric guitar; Silvertone electric guitar; LTD 5 string base - electric; Ibinez base amp; Epiphone vintage amp.

VINTAGE/DÉCOR/COLLECTABLES: Nice selection of cast iron (Griswold, etc.) assortment of watering cans, galvanized including NYCS RR, Dover RR, Atlantic, etc.; 1903 Paull’s Kerosene lantern; Atlantic milk can; Stellar nautical wall barometer and others; clocks including Seth Thomas 8” long drop octagon wall clock, Gilbert School House #3035 regulator; Fred Frick clock, Waynesboro PA with timer; Smith London round gallery wall clock & more; salesman sample coat rack; vintage phones including oil can candlestick w/ringer box, 1915 Western Electric candlestick, Viaduct fiddle back wall phone with (2) battery jars; early scales; 1908 Columbus gumball machine with (2) barrel lock; whiskey/sword/1896 W. S. (1 Lection cane); Roy Orbison “Ooby dooby” sun record; Carl Perkins “Blue Suede Shoes” sun record; Johnny Cash greatest hits album sun records & other sun records; 1905 Edison phonograph w/records; 1901 Standard model A phonograph w/(3) records; early butter churns; early canning jars; lg. collection of steam toys including Weedon, Mesco etc.; 1940 Muncie Neptune boat motor; Stoner, Morrow and Whitsel art; collection of rolling pins; crockery including redware spittoon unsigned but attributed to Monroe County potter Rudolph Drach (circ. 1800s), Rowe pottery and more; Barbie & Ken dolls and clothing; pocket knives; Greencastle Corning plates; early Christmas ornaments; Fostoria, Candlewyck, Carnival glass; and much more.

JEWELRY: lady’s 18K yellow gold, platinum and diamond ring w/(1) 1.30ct oval-cut diamond, (2) .40ct diamonds, (6) .09 baguette diamonds, (4) .03 full cut diamonds, major oval cut is et in 900 platinum – total ring weight 5.43 dwt; selection of costume jewelry; other jewelry.

GUNS: Approx. (50) guns including rifles, shotguns, pistols – Winchester Model 12, 12 ga; Remington .22 SLLR pump; Winchester 62A .22 cal; Ithaca Model 37 Ultra Featherlight .20 ga; Winchester Model 42 .410; Winchester Model 94 32 win; Glock 9mm Pistol; Ruger GP-100 .357 revolver; Walther P22 .22 cal; Remington Model 11-48 .28 ga; Winchester Model 87 .22 cal; M1Carbine; Springfield Model 951 .410; Winchester Model 1903 .22 cal & more. NOTE: Guns will be sold at 3:00 PM. Complete listing and photos on our website. No Charge for gun paperwork. All Guns MUST BE PICKED UP at Gateway Gallery Auction.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Shelving unites; lawn furniture; chain saw; storage bins; hunting clothes; garden tools; band saw; wheel chairs; ladders; general household (pots, pans, small appliances, etc.); gun cabinet; CDs; electronics; Frigidaire refrigerator; file cabinets; flat screen TV; and more.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: EARLY START TIME! Live auction begins at 9 AM with general household items, yard items, and tools. Main Gallery cataloged items begin at Noon.  Cataloged items sold both live in house and online. Guns sold at 3 PM. All gun paperwork done onsite. Vehicles sold at 5 PM, followed by Furniture. Don’t forget to check our Buy It Now marketplace items beginning Thursday, May 23 at 5 PM.

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. 15% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check for in house bidders & online bidders using our website. Statements made day of sale take precedence.


Our Service is the Difference

Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, AY002190, AH002001


Auctioneer Heather Kohler AU005651

Auctioneer John F. Kohler, Jr. AU000507L


Gun Catalog - Sold at 3pm (NO SHIPPING ON GUNS)

1g        HG: RG 31, 38 special, revolver, 3.5" barrel, 0062632

2g        NP: Dummy rifle, Parris-Dunn Corp., Clarinda Iowa, training rifle, bolt action, a lot of wear

3g        LG: Winchester, model 12, 12 ga., pump action, shotgun, #720212

4g        LG: Remington, 22 SLLR, pump action, rifle, #RW182146

5g        NP: Milbro, model 22, BB gun, .177 cal., w/scope

6g        LG: Winchester, model 62A, 22 cal., pump action, single shot rifle, #347894

7g        LG: Revelation, model 117, 22 SLLR, Western Auto Supply Co., lever action rifle, w/Simmons scope, NSN

8g        LG: Ithaca Gun Co., model 37, ultra featherlight, 20 ga., pump action shotgun, #ULT-371704274

9g        NP: Gamo, Raptor Whisper, velocity 975, single shot pellet gun, w/scope

10g     LG: Winchester, model 42, 410 cal., pump action shotgun, #68009

11g     LG: J.C. Higgins, model 20, 12 ga., Sears Roebuck & Co., pump action shotgun, NSN

12g     LG: Winchester, model 94, 32-win spl, lever action rifle, #2193231

13g     LG: Remington, Gamemaster, model 760, 35 rem, pump action shotgun, #67842

14g     HG: Glock, 9mm pistol, 4" barrel, #KEU943, (2) clips, carry case & paperwork

15g     HG: Ruger, GP100, revolver, .357 cal., 5.5" barrel, #171-17406

16g     HG: D.D. Cone, Washington D.C., revolver, 4" barrel, 32 cal., #706

17g     HG: Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .32 cal., revolver, 6" barrel, #14812

18g     HG: Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .32 cal., revolver, 3" barrel, #20456

19g     HG: Walther, P22, pistol, 22 cal., 3.5" barrel, #L065311, (2) clips

20g     LG: Marlin, Glenfield model 60, 22 cal., rifle, #25413753

21g     HG: US Revolver Co., 38 cal., 3.25" barrel, #17028

22g     LG: Remington, model 11-48, shotgun, .28 ga., #4039537

23g     LG: Winchester, model 1890, pump action, rifle, .22 cal., #162491

24g     LG: Winchester, model 87 (3rd type), .22 cal., rifle, lever action (1918-1921, Col. Winder military cadet training rifle, w/#53 Lymen rear peep sight), #119391

25g     LG: M1 Carbine, Inland Mfg. Division, General Motors, .30 cal., #6676455, (2) clips, bayonet

26g     LG: Harrington & Richardson, Plainsman 862, bolt action, rifle, .22 cal., #AY525348

27g     LG: Terni (Italian), model 1934 XII, bolt action, rifle, 6.5mm, #2G7419

28g     LG: Geco (Gustav Genschow), Original Geco Sportbuchse, model 28, bolt action, rifle, .22/5.4mm, NSN

29g     LG: Marlin, model 989 M2, .22 cal., rifle, NSN

30g     LG: Stevens/Savage Arms, model 22-410, over under, 22/410 ga., NSN

31g     LG: Japanese, bolt action, rifle, #135880

32g     LG: Mossburg & Sons, model 183D-C, bolt action, shotgun, 410 ga., NSN

33g     LG: O.F. Mossberg & Sons, model 46M, bolt action, rifle, .22 cal., NSN

34g     LG: Ithaca Gun Co., model 49, lever action, rifle, .22 cal., #2008141

35g     LG: Iver Johnson, US Carbine, .22 cal., rifle, bolt action, #028790, (1) clip

36g     LG: Revelation, model 335, Western Auto Supply Co., 410 ga., bolt action, shotgun, NSN

37g     LG: Ward's Westernfield, model 10-SD247A, 410 ga., single shot, shotgun, NSN

38g     LG: Savage Arms, model 4-C, bolt action, .22 cal., rifle, (1) clip, NSN

39g     LG: Springfield, model 951, 410 ga., bolt action, shotgun, #A039870

40g     LG: Marlin, Micro-Groove, bolt action, .22 cal., rifle, NSN

41g     LG: Savage Arms, model 24S-E, 20 ga., shotgun, over under, #P028851

42g     LG: J. Stevens & Co., model 1884, .22 cal., rifle, octagon barrel, #15911

43g     LG: Marlin, Glenfield model 75, 22 SLLR, rifle, #72183980

44g     LG: Colt's P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co., The Colteer 4-22, .22 cal., rifle, #SC02256

45g     NP: Daisy BB gun, 4.5mm/.177

46g     LG: Revelation, model 105, Western Auto Supply Co., bolt action, rifle, .22 cal., NSN

47g     NP: Training rifle

48g     LG: Remington, Targetmaster, model 510, .22 SLLR, bolt action rifle, NSN

49g     LG: Winchester, model 1903, .22 cal., rifle, #86487

50g     LG: Ithaca, M-66 Supersingle, 410 ga., lever action, rifle, #134440

51g     LG: J.C. Higgins, model 377-701, Sears Roebuck & Co., 410 ga., pump action, shot gun, NSN

52g     LG: Revelation, model 335, Western Auto Supply Co., 410 ga., bolt action, shotgun, NSN

53g     LG: Page-Lewis Arms Co., model B Sharpshooter, rifle, .22 cal., NSN



Showcase Catalog

1         (8) pcs. Longaberger Pottery: (7) mugs (ivory); rectangular tray (ivory)

2         Pair Poland Glass: London Hurricane Red (crate & barrel label)

3         (2) Art Glass Vases: cobalt blue bowling pin style vase; art glass blue/white square based vase with ruffled edge

4         (3) pcs. Blue & White China: Planter/small jardinière marked red envelope china; German stoneware blue decorated pitcher label 29 IVV Wandertag WSV Schomberg 1993; Delft's Blauw De Mijnewerker plate

5         (3) Advertising Cans, (1) Jar: Maxwell House coffee jar with orig. label & lid; Tosto Corn Chips tin can; Quaker State Outboard Oil, half pint; Dutch Boy wonsover paint 410-white full in pint can put out by the National Lead co.

6         Souvenir Travels, Binoculars: carved wood recorder (south American carved motif); onyx carved Egyptian Nefertiti bust; carved wood Llama; Prestige 9x35 binoculars with case

7         E C E. Wood Plane: Primus 12 48 with booklet

8         (5) Great Bay Stoneware Mugs: all from New Hampshire

9         (7) Swarovski Crystals: Rooster, hen, (3) chicks, hummingbird, duck

10      (3) Swarovski Crystals: Piano with bench; boy playing flute

11      (5) Swarovski Crystals: (2) beagles; poodle; frosted dachshund; dachshund

12      (2) Swarovski Crystals: angel fish on frosted reef; clam shelf with pearl

13      (8) Swarovski Crystals: (3) matching swans; swan floating; tall goose; (3) geese in various honking poses

14      (5) Swarovski Crystals: horse rearing; cheetah or leopard; flower; koala; hedgehog

15      (7) Cup & Saucer Sets: All bone china England

16      Costume Jewelry: Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins

17      Books & Ephemera: 1984 by Orwell published 1949; 1939 appointment calendar, flip style has been used; The Roosevelt Bears Abroad, Teddy B & Teddy G 1908, hardbound (binding loose); Christmas catalogs 1951, 1948, etc.; cigar box Walter Raleigh

18      Porcelain Flower Figurines: flower fruit basket candle holder; (10) rose place card holders, German; blue flower

19      (3) pcs. Lenox: swan figurine; footed bowl; vase with pierced accents

20      Blue Spongeware Pottery: water cooler with plastic spout (marked JR on bottom)

21      (2) pcs. Henn Pottery: rectangular casserole; milk pitcher - both pink spongeware

22      Stangl Pottery: Town & Country blue spongeware soup tureen (no ladle)

23      Wedgwood China: Queensware includes (7) dinner plates; (8) salad plates; (8) bread/butter plates; (6) saucers; (7) cups; (2) ashtrays; oval vegetable

24      Noritake China Tea Set: Suffolk pattern includes teapot, creamer, sugar, (6) cup/saucer sets, (6) plates

25      Polish & Other Pottery: sterling handled salad spoon & fork; (2) Polish pottery creamers; red vase; Stangl holly charger; (2) art pottery bowls (both signed, 1 has lid); (4) art pottery candle holders; French quiche dish

26      Chocolate Set: Bavaria Germany includes teapot, creamer, sugar, (12) demitasse cup/saucer sets

27      Porcelain Oil Lamp: pansy flower base with chimney

28      (4) Porcelain Jam Jars: (2) hand painted Bavaria Germany; (2) not marked

29      Glass Water Set: water pitcher & (6) tumblers - ruby cut to clear

30      (12) Peanut Butter Glasses: 5", all white dogwood with yellow name

31      (10) Peanut Butter Glasses: sweet scented gladiolus - (1) 6.25", (1) 5", (3) 3.75"; dogwood - (3) 3.75"; bittersweet - (1) 5" (faded)

32      Boscul Peanut Butter Glass: Lilac 5" with original lid, contains peanut butter, unopened, seal not broken

33      (15) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood with yellow name - 3.75"

34      (13) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood with yellow name - 5"

35      Soviet USSR Books & Ephemera: Moscow travel pamphlet; soviet Russia guidebook; maps; Khrushchev in America book; Moscow guide book; 1961 USSR propaganda booklet in English etc.

36      Assorted Lot: Cutco meat clever with sheath; boy scout belt with metal badges; train schedules; small plane dyrlund; Masonic emblem

37      Glassware & China: (4) royal Worchester egg coddlers; (2) wedgwood oven to table jars; pedestal center bowl, clear glass, signed; (3) etched frosted fruit bowls, signed; lead cut crystal bowl; lead crystal vase

38      Set of Blown Glass Dishes: cobalt blue includes (6) dinner plates, (8) luncheon plates, (6) salad plates, (12) tall glasses, (3) small juice glasses, (2) large tumblers, water pitcher, (8) berry bowls

39      (3) pcs. Henn Pottery: (2) water/milk pitchers; covered casserole

40      (15) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood with yellow name - 5"

41      Porcelain Tea Set: large teapot; (6) cup/saucer sets, lilac pattern, not marked

42      (5) Cow Creamers: Germany, West Germany and (2) not marked

43      (11) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood with white lettering - 5"

44      Chocolate Set: RS Germany blue star - chocolate pot & (5) cup & saucer sets

45      (3) Small Oil Lamps: large milk glass with hand painted pansies and clear chimney; milk glass with transferware cherub with clear chimney; miniature blue glass with embossed leaves and clear glass chimney

46      (3) Small Oil Lamps: milk glass with pink flowers and clear glass chimneys

47      Porcelain Tea Set: Germany with different portraits of Greek Gods - (3) tea cups and saucers; creamer; sugar; teapot; (3) demitasse cup/saucers; serving tray - some of the Gods include Mars, Venus, etc.

48      Royal Albert Tea Set: Old Country Roses includes teapot, (7) cups and saucers; covered sugar, (2) lunch plates, tiered server, (3) picture frames, teapot clock, teapot ornament

49      Royal Albert China: Old Country Roses includes (3) oval trays; (2) bowls; footed serving bowl; round tray; letter opener; rectangular tray; dish

50      Royal Albert Canister Set: Old Country Roses, 3 piece set

51      (11) Peanut Butter Glasses: Laurel, 5"

52      Irons & Lamps: (2) flat irons; iron trivet; sad iron; bicycle lantern; lantern with handle

53      (6) Peanut Butter Glasses: 5" forget me not

54      (6) Peanut Butter Glasses: 5" lily of the valley

55      Banks: snowcrest bear bank; llama metal bank; metal bear bank, painted brown; (2) Pittsburgh Corning Glass block banks; small atlas mason jar bank

56      Royal Albert China: old Country Roses includes (20) dinner plates 10"; (25) salad plates 8"; (14) bread & butter plates (6.25"); (12) tea cups; (17) saucers; handled cake plate; pair shakers; (2) bone plates; coffee pot; pair candle holders; (2) mint dishes; (5) ramekins; (3) soup bowls; (8) berry bowls; (1) oval vegetable; (2) oval serving plates; covered casserole; (3) coffee mugs; small square dish

57      Candle Stick Telephone: Kellogg S&S Co. Chicago brass and metal phone with wood box and brass bells

58      Salesman Samples: pink bathtub - contour by American Standard (pink enamel with some spauling); The J L Mott cast metal tub with porcelain coating

59      Kitchen Scale: Howe cast iron base with brass, original decal

60      18K Gold, Platinum, Diamond Ring: lady's with 1.30 ct oval cut diamond, (2) .40ct oval cut diamonds, (6) .09ct baguette cut diamonds, (4) .03ct full cut diamonds. Shank base of the mounting is 18K yellow gold. The major diamond is set in 900 platinum six prong head. Ring weighs 5.43 dwt

61      Polar Cub Type G Fan: brass blades, cast iron base, 1921, works but needs adjustment

62      Imperial Coffee Mill: painted tin case, paper label front, 1885, No. 65 with turn handle, some paint chipping on top and along the bottom some rust, label in good condition

63      Ken Doll: 1960 Mattel with orig. box lid, blonde flocked hair, 11" has original terry cloth lined jacket and red swim trunks, with stand, yellow towel, flip flops, (2) pairs brown shoes, wearing yellow shorts, New York Fair 1939 button up shirt

64      Ken Doll: 1960 Mattel with orig. box complete, brown flocked hair, 11" with stand, has red swim trunks and red striped shirt, red hat, pair red socks, (2) pairs loafers, yellow towel, 1 flip flop, wearing khaki pants and yellow shirt

65      Barbie Doll: 1966 Mattel with orig. box complete, red head, twist and turn, 11" with stand, wearing Barbie label sweater and pencil skirt set, has black and white strip bathing suit

66      Barbie Doll: 1958 Mattel with orig. box complete, brunette Bubble cut with earrings, 11" with stand, wearing Barbie ballerina outfit

67      Barbie Midge Doll: 1965 Mattel with orig. box complete, blonde, wearing swimsuit and high heals, with stand

68      Barbie Midge Doll: 1962 Mattel with orig. box complete, blonde with freckles, wearing orig. swimsuit with stand

69      Barbie Doll: 1958 Mattel with orig. box complete, platinum bubble cut, no earrings, 11" with orig. striped swimsuit and black open toe sandals, with stand

70      Barbie Skipper Doll: 1963 Mattel with orig. box complete, with stand, wearing homemade clothes

71      Edison Home Phonograph: Serial H154370, patent date Nov 17, 1903, wood table top box w/dome lid, metal and brass horn; (7) Edison wax cylinders in orig. tubes

72      Candle Stick Telephone: American Tel & Tel Co. marked on brass plaque, Western electric marked on brass base with dovetailed wood box and brass bells

73      Kitchen Scale: WH Cole & Sons Baltimore MD 1899, painted tin base with brass face and brass scoop, base has American eagle decal, glass insert top on scale platform

74      Vintage Soda Bottles: Pepsi Cola family size bottle with Japanese writing on back; Coca Cola bottle with Japanese writing on back

75      (2) Glass Batteries: The Samson Battery #2, blue glass with embossed lettering, wooden lids with metal rod

76      Amber Fruit Jar: Globe embossed on the front, has matching glass lid top with metal bracket, patent date May 25, 1886, with number 51 on bottom

77      Stoneware Fruit Jar: The Weir #2, patent date April 16, 1901, brown glaze with matching crockery lid and metal bracket closure

78      Amber Fruit Jar: George W. Helm Co. of New Jersey, patented July 16, 1872, on lid and bottom embossed Ldrillard Co.

79      (2) Blue Glass Jars: Ball Ideal patent 1908 #3 with glass lid and metal bracket closure; Millville Atmospheric fruit jar with glass lid and metal clamp closure

80      Assorted Lot: round Germany barometer with wood casing; desk bell; slinky with original box;

81      (4) Electric Engines: Mesco engine with orig. box; Weeden engine; Weeden engine with wood propeller 1910-1912; (1) other

82      (5) Vintage Christmas Balls: large size, blown glass

83      (5) Vintage Christmas Balls: large size, blown glass

84      (5) Vintage Christmas Balls: large size, blown glass

85      Electric Steam Engine: vertical with red base

86      Home-made Engines: (1) electric in a wood box; steam engine metal mounted to wood base

87      Weeden #2 Toy Steam Boat: metal boat, shows scratches, paint loss

88      Steam Engine: vertical with oil burner in base

89      Weeden Steam Engine: vertical with oil burner in base

90      Barometer, Thermometer: made by Taylor - Lucite front and back with metal casing

91      Weeden Steam Engine: vertical, oil lamp base with knob, paint loss at base

92      Weeden Steam Engine: vertical, brass and metal, oil burner

93      Electric Steam Engine: Weeden brass and red painted tin #400

94      Weeden Steam Engine: has original caution label, original instructions, original box

95      Coffee Mill: 1 lb. fast grinder, dovetailed wood box, one drawer, paper label, #1080, Sun Mfg. Co, cast metal handle

96      Stoneware Crock: unmarked, hairlines in base, few chips

97      Watering Can: galvanized with brass details

98      Wood Butter Churn: hand crank

99      Kitchen Scale: American Housekeepers Scale, tole decorated scoop

100   (2) Milk Pails: Buhl Ohio 4 qt with lid; small pai unmarked

101   Malted Milk Advertising Crate: Horlick's, wood crate, dovetailed, size - hold's one dozen small bottles, no lid

102   Dairy Advertising: Thompson's malted milk, enamel canister (some spauling on bottom), aluminum lid with domed handle

103   Dairy Advertising: Carnation malted milk, glass canister, writing is faded on both sides, has hot cocoa mix with it (modern), no lid

104   Dairy Advertising: Borden's Malted milk, aluminum canister with lid (canister has minor scratches, bottom is minorly dented)

105   Jello Advertising Crate: Jell-o, wood crate, dovetailed, marked on all 4 sides, no lid

106   (5) Hire's Root Beer Mugs: each have root beer kid

107   Advertising Can & (3) Glasses: (2) Uneeda milk biscuit glasses, caramel slag; Juicy orange glass; orange crush can

108   (2) Sets of Handcuffs: metal with keys

109   (4) Soda Glasses: 7up, green glass with transferware overlay "You like it, It likes you"

110   (7) Root Beer Bugs: stein style, Dr. Swett's original root beer

111   (2) Store Jars: round clear glass, no labels, glass lids

112   (3) Barber Bottles: bay rum milk glass; witch hazel milk glass; sea foam painted blown blue glass

113   Advertising Stoneware Growler: Hire's Root Beer, The Great Health Drink (lettering on front is faded)

114   (3) Barber Bottles: all milk glass, hand painted with blue clover and bows & red stripe- antiseptic, shampoo, toilet water (shampoo bottle has some fading)

115   Advertising Bottles & Jars: Adam's pure chewing gum clear square counter/store jar; apothecary jar with glass label soluble sugar coated tonic pil blaud with finial lid, patent date 1875; Koken's quinine tonic for the hair, clear glass bottle with glass label, no lid

116   Orange Crush Pitcher: large juice pitcher with wood stopper lid, red lid has some roughness and fading, fading on stripes and lettering on jug

117   (3) Apothecary Bottles: all have glass labels and stoppers, stained on interior, some minor cracks and chips to glass labels

118   Advertising Glass Keg: Fine Old Holland Gin, frosted barrel with metal spigot and small metal lid, glass label (some chipping on label), table top size

119   (3) Apothecary Bottles: all have glass labels and stoppers, (2) have minor staining / discoloration on label

120   Apothecary Bottle: clear glass square counter jar, Foley Cathartic tablets glass label, glass lid

121   Coca Cola Sign: oval glass, reverse painted with decal of 1920s girl, hanging wall sign with holes on either side, property of Coca Cola bottling company Atlanta GA, chipped on back on left side, paint loss on the bottom and side, minor chipping)

122   (12) Coca Cola Glasses: large 12 oz. in original box, made by Libbey

123   (3) Apothecary Bottles: large size, clear glass bottles with glass labels and lids (labels have minor cracks, chips, discoloration)

124   Root Beer Stoneware Jug: Simon's and Hammond, root beer syrup jug, blue stamped label on front, no stopper

125   Chocolate Set: Dresden china, chocolate pot & (5) chocolate mugs, floral design with gold flashing

126   Oil Lamp: milk glass with embossed dog wood, White Flame light company, clear chimney

127   Porcelain China & Glass: double handled cake plate Germany; amethyst powder jar with gold flash painting; (2) wade copper luster creamers; Germany relish tray; Austria plate (hand painted); tri handled cracker jar France with lid; relish tray; blown glass vase; pitcher; Germany center bowl

128   Outdoors Sporting: Zenith 10x50 binoculars with case; 1944 PA resident hunter license cardboard; 1944 PA resident license

129   Assorted Lot: Jim Shore angel holding cat ornament with orig. box; Japan pig piggy bank with hinged lift off head; Germany trivet; set (8) place card holders Germany; Wade Pekingese tea bag holder; Longaberger holly crock; Lenox holiday tray

130   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower

131   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower

132   (10) Peanut Butter Glasses: pink dogwood - (6) with yellow lettering, (4) with pink lettering

133   Antique Kitchen Items: bell with wood handle; German cast iron grinder/slicer with wood handle; stoneware crock with single handle; wood and metal pulley; (4) snuff containers tin; (5) miniature milk jars

134   Assorted Lot: (2) Hohner harmonicas in orig. boxes; advertising pencil; hotel McLaughlin Greencastle PA key & tag; miniature tools; whistles; magnetic scottie dogs; license plate key chain; can opener etc.

135   Remington Pocket Knife: R1306 tracker bullet knife with orig. box and paper

136   (3) Pocket Knives: Buck lite desert knife with orig. box; Case XX scout brown with orig. box; Case XX peanut brown with orig. box

137   Pocket & Wrist Watches: Citizen wristwatch, personalized on back with years of service, in orig. box; Seiko wristwatch Corning presentation in orig. box; (3) pocket watches in orig. boxes; Minnesota Vikings wristwatch; (2) Harry Gant the Bandit #33 race car wristwatches

138   (27) Perfume Bottles: (26) miniature oil lamp perfume bottles; (1) clear glass perfume bottle

139   (19) Pocket Knives: barlow; schrade; advertising, etc.

140   Cast Iron Skillet: Griswold #0, double pourer

141   Cast Iron Skillet: Griswold #0, double pourer

142   Assorted Lot: keychains; military pins; military patches; arrowheads; straight razor; wick scissors; pins

143   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower, with orig. box

144   Vintage Christmas Ornaments: (21) assorted - bells, pinecones, balls

145   Vintage Christmas Ornaments: (2) boxes of (12) each - bells and balls

146   Knives: (5) total - chipaway cutlery with leather sheath; (2) antler handles; (2) wood handles; fancy made in Spain with sheath

147   Porcelain China: Bavaria Germany includes covered casserole, vinegar or oil cruet; creamer; spooner; pair shakers; butter dish; (3) dessert plates; (10) cups & saucer sets; (3) berry bowls

148   (2) Steam Toys: handmade, metal

149   (3) Steam Engine Accessories: miniature machine shop tools

150   Steam Engine Accessory: E.P, cast iron toy on metal base with E.P. plaque

151   (2) Steam Engine Accessories: tin litho man at saw; tin litho man at wood splitter, made in Germany

152   (2) Steam Engine Accessories: miniature grinding stone; Weeden tin litho toy

153   (2) Steam Toys: handmade, metal

154   Steam Toy: metal on wood base, handmade

155   Electric Steam Engine: Weeden #420, cylinder, brass, with power cord

156   Steam Engine: Weeden #903, brass horizontal cylinder

157   Steam Engine: handmade, Lucite

158   Electric Steam Engine: brass horizontal cylinder on wood base with power cord

159   Steam Engine: E. P, Noris, burner inside, brass cylinder

160   Steam Engine: handmade, metal on wood base

161   Electric Steam Engine: Weeden #900, missing power cord

162   (6) Soda Bottles: coca cola Honolulu Hawaii patent date dec 25, 1923; Lemonettee with contents still in it and sealed metal cap; orangette; J. S. Francis Coca Cola bottling co; Chero-Cola; Excelsior bottle works

163   (5) Apothecary Bottles: clear glass with glass labels and stoppers (some chipping to labels)

164   (6) Hire's Root Beer Mugs: (1) blue stoneware stein; (3) villeroy and boch barrel style; (2) Cauldon ware England cups

165   (7) Soda Bottles: Nemo; Nesbit; Frostie; Dad's Root Beer (mama size); The Champ; Orange Crush; stoneware crockery C. Leary Root Beer

166   (7) Apothecary Bottles: clear glass with glass labels and stoppers (some have interior discoloration, some labels have chipping and or cracks)

167   (7) Soda Bottles: Squirt with contents and cap; Sun crest with contents and cap; (2) Holly with contents and cap; Caravan with contents and cap; Sun spot with contents and cap; Ted Williams root beer with contents and cap

168   (6) Apothecary Bottles: (2) amber with glass labels and stoppers; (4) clear glass with glass labels and stopper - (1 has a red glass label)

169   (6) Vintage Esquire Magazines: July 1953 Marylin Monroe centerfold (cover loose); July 1941 Varga girl centerfold; December 1941 pin-up girl centerfold (Varga style), with (3) Varga pull-outs; April 1942 Varga girl centerfold; June 1940 E. Campbell fold out backed with Howard Baer illustration; Dec 1939 The world of Women with Horses and men for slaves a portfolio by Marcel Vertes plus several Varga style fold outs (cover detached)

170   Steam Engine & Accessories: (3) Weeden toy accessories, machine shop style on mounted on wooden board

171   Electric Steam Engine: Weeden #670

172   Large Steam Engine: replica of dentist office steam engine, handmade, mounted on board HEAVY

173   (7) pcs. Porcelain China: Bavaria bread tray; Germany center bowl; purple transferware plate millennium; center bowl; Prussia fruit bowl; Bavaria bowl; double handle plate

174   (3) Rolling Pins: stoneware blue decorated with wood handles; Meissen porcelain blue onion with wood handles; porcelain with blue design and wood handles

175   Antique Redware Plate: slipware glaze, 11"

176   Assorted Lot: Imperial glass cake server; Fenton hobnail milk glass footed relish; blue transferware creamer Spode; cloisonne vase; stoneware ink well with (2) pens; Majesti pocket watch with orig. box

177   Ken Doll Clothing: assorted Ken doll clothing with orig. labels, shoes, sports equipment including cowboy pjs and clown costume

178   Miniature Christmas Ornaments: (63) balls with original boxes

179   Novelty: kissing Asian knodder banks w/magnetic lips; chalkware pig bank (chips to ears and feet, crack at ear, no bottom stopper)

180   Redware Spittoon: bennington style glaze, attributed to John Bell (chips at top rim)

181   Hull Gingerbread Men: (3) large brown glaze cookie trays; (3) small brown glaze cookie trays; (3) small blue glaze cookie trays including 1982 Crooksville bank advertising; (1) small cream color glaze cookie tray

182   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower

183   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower

184   Corning Piggy Bank: blue eyed, cornflower

185   (12) Peanut Butter Glasses: pink dogwood with pink lettering

186   Yuengling Beer: case of (24) 12 oz bottles, brown bottles with labels, card board case (bottles are empty)

187   Lenox Butterfly Meadow: (8) dinner plates; (8) salad plates; (8) bread/butter plates; (7) cereal bowls; (8) soup bowls; (8) dessert bowls; (1) serving dish

188   Watering Can: wheeling label on front, galvanized and original metallic green paint (labels are rough)

189   Hand-made Basket: square bottom wicker with wood lid

190   Vintage Kitchen: cobalt shakers; spongeware enamel colander; blue enamel pan; Stangl blue spongeware pitcher

191   Teak Wood Salad Set: large bowl & (4) small individual bowls

192   Barbie Doll Clothing: assorted Barbie clothing with orig. labels and some homemade barbie clothing, shoes and accessories, hangers and a homemade clothing rack

193   Time Life Civil War Book Series: (30) volumes

194   Royal Albert Old Country Roses: set of (3) metal serving/mixing bowls (2) 12", (1) 10"

195   Longaberger Accessories: mostly napkins; Santa key

196   Glass Fruit: (8) orange strawberries; (16) red strawberries

197   (15) Alabaster Eggs: (3) large size; (12) standard egg size

198   Basket & Watering Can: galvanized can; basket with feet

199   Vintage Kitchen: universal household scale blue with tin scoop; gold seal electric toaster, no cord

200   Butter Churn: wood barrel style with interior wood paddles, yellow painted, metal rings, metal handles, and cast iron crank with wood handle

201   Vintage Kitchen: graniteware burner / camp stove; Victorian egg cooker, tin ware with display eggs

202   (6) pcs. Stoneware Crockery: stoneware blue decorated wine crock; blue decorated jug; blue decorated mug; blue decorated soap dispenser; redware pitcher Hauber Haus (all modern); fruit jar (painted)

203   Wizard of Oz: (4) nutcrackers - Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man, lion; (4) Libbey drinking glasses - Dorothy w/toto, scarecrow, tin man, lion

204   Johnny Cash Records: Sun records label - 12" songs that made him famous, cover has tape along bottom, record has scratches; (11) 45s all with paper sleeves (2) have original Sun records paper sleeves

205   Large Tankard: pewter lid and handle, marked Italy approx. 12" tall with lid, 9.25" dia.

206   Henn Pottery: large round casserole 13" red spongeware with double handled basket holder (basket is damaged)

207   Children's Books: all signed by author - slugs; one incredible dog; broom mates; mary had a little ham; slugs in love; miss marlarkey won’t be in today; cinder edna; golem; the far away drawer; alexandra keeper of dreams; the web files; big band sound

208   Foster's Lager: cardboard box (2) dozen 13.5 fl. Oz cans - box has (10) unopened cans and official can opener, box has been ripped open at the top, stamped for military service club

209   (3) Matchbox Tractor Trailers: matchbox collectibles commemorative matchbox tractor trailers (1) has (2) lesney cars in orig. boxes - all have orig. boxes

210   (5) Dinky Cars: 1973 Ferrari; 1967 jaguar; 1969 triumph; 1956 Austin Healy; 1958 Porsche - all in orig. boxes

211   (4) Matchbox Trucks: 1932 Mercedes spotlight generator truck; mister fix it 1951 holden pick up truck; 1932 Mercedes lorry; 1920 Mack truck - all with orig. boxes

212   (3) Matchbox Tractor Trailers: Texaco 1956 Mack; roadway express; overnite tractor trailer - all with orig. boxes

213   (8) Matchbox: all brewery companies - fire house, the shipyard, wild goose, sun valley, scrimshaw, dixie, San Andreas, hawks bill lager (2) have orig. boxes)

214   (4) Playboy Collector Cars: playmate of the month car series - Nichole van croft, buffy tyler, jodi ann patterson, cara michelle - all in orig. blister packs

215   Lead Toys: (3) sailors; (2) soldiers; dog; guy on bench; paper boy; bench (some paint loss)

216   (4) Playboy Collector Cars: playmate of the month car series - Pamela Anderson, Donna D'errico, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra - all with orig. boxes

217   (3) Mini Micro RC Racers: Dale Jr., Michael Waltrip, Dale Jr - in orig. boxes

218   (4) Playboy Collector Cars: playmate of the month car series- (2) millennium playmates; Shannon Stewart, Neferteri Shepherd

219   (6) Matchbox Models of YesterYear: 1930 Bugatti, 1938 Lincoln, 1938 Lincoln, Jaguar, 1933 Cadillac, 1931 Mercedes - all in orig. boxes

220   (4) Matchbox Newspaper Trucks: Le Figaro; Berliner Morganpost; the times; the Australian - all in orig. boxes

221   (4) Dinky Cars: 1962 Mercedes, 1960 jaguar; 1973 MG; 1969 triumph - all in orig. boxes

222   (4) Matchbox: 1935 auburn; 1931 diddler trolley; 1955 morgan; 1997 corvette - all with orig. boxes

223   (4) Matchbox Great Beers of the World: Stein lager; Carlsberg; kronenbourg; holsten - all with orig. boxes

224   (5) Matchbox Cars: Coca Cola and beer - (2) Budweiser trucks; (2) coca Cola trucks; (1) Michelob car - all with orig. boxes

225   (4) Matchbox Mail Trucks: 1932 Ford; 1937 GMC; 1961 international; 1948 Dodge - all with orig. boxes

226   (6) Matchbox Models of YesterYear: Mercedes; cord; Stutz; Bugatti; hispano; rolls Royce - all in orig. boxes

227   (4) Matchbox Newspaper Trucks: New York times; LA times; Washington post; (1) Russian newspaper - all with orig. boxes

228   (4) Dinky Cars: 1959 Cadillac; Studebaker; 1948 tucker; 1953 Buick - all in orig. boxes

229   (2) Finger Lamps: embossed dogwood designs, w/chimneys

230   (10) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood w/yellow lettering

231   (10) Peanut Butter Glasses: (8) white dogwood w/white lettering; (2) pink dogwood w/pink lettering

232   (2) Finger Lamps: embossed dogwood designs, w/chimneys

233   Longaberger Baskets & Ornaments: medium spoon w/lid; small spoon; (4) sets of pewter basket ornaments

234   Book & Decoy: duck decoy, Cas Carved Wood Art, glass eyes; Old Stuff in Up-Country PA, w/dj

235   (5) Baskets: bear lake, tall umbrella; (4) Longabergers - sweet heart be mine combo; sweetest gift combo; basil booking; chive booking

236   (16) Peanut Butter Glasses: pink dogwood w/pink lettering

237   Glass & China: (2) oil lamps, dogwood embossed, glass chimneys; Limoges France divided serving dish

238   (15) Peanut Butter Glasses: pink dogwood w/pink lettering

239   (12) Peanut Butter Glasses: white dogwood w/white lettering

240   Novelty & Figurines: (4) Halloween novelty candles; Lenox frog; Lenox curious and cautious cat; slag glass rooster; pink glass rooster; paperweight; buck pocket knife 110-1, has sheath; post card kitten & frog; heads or tails coin

241   Vintage Juice Set: hand painted fruit, pitcher & 6 glasses

242   .925, Sterling, GF/GP: sterling - necklace, pendant, bracelets, earrings, pins, rings; GF - wrist watch, rings; Bulova pocket knife

243   10K, 14K Jewelry: 14K - bracelets, necklaces, earrings; 10K- ring

244   Costume Jewelry: wristwatches, earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces

245   Door Stops: rooster; hen (modern)

246   Door Stop: cat, modern

247   Rooster Light: stained glass, modern

248   Crescent Miniature Cast Iron Stove: coal skuttle, pans, accessories, modern reproduction

249   Watering Can: galvanized, painted grey, #4, pat. 1902

250   Pottery & Basket: Longaberger founders basket w/P; Henn spongeware pottery pitcher; (2) art pottery pitchers, signed on bottom, modern

251   Unsigned Native American Jewelry: bolo; necklace; (3) rings

252   .925, Sterling: bracelet; (4) rings

253   Signed Native American Jewelry: necklace; (3) rings

254   Costume Jewelry: Citizen wristwatch, necklaces, earrings, bracelets

255   .925, Sterling: bracelets, pendants, earrings

256   Artist Signed, Possible Silver: pendants, bracelet, necklace

257   Advertising: Gillette razor, (2) Menon shave talc tins; shaving kit; melodica, made in Germany

258   Assorted Lot: (2) wedgwood green jasper dishes; (2) carved stone tikis; (2) trinket boxes

259   Costume Jewelry: Napier, bracelets, necklaces, pins, earrings




Wall Catalog

1w         Cast Iron Skillet: Griswold #11, large logo w/smoke ring

2w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Wagner, #12, w/smoke ring, chrome

3w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Griswold #10, small logo

4w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Griswold #9, large block, w/smoke ring

5w         Cast Iron Griddle:  Erie, #9, round

6w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Griswold #9, large logo, smooth bottom

7w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Griswold #9, small logo

8w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Griswold #9, large logo slant, w/double mark (ghost mark of Griswold Erie 710 9)

9w         Cast Iron Skillet:  Wagner #6, large W logo

10w      Cast Iron Skillet:  Wagner #6, large W logo

11w      Cast Iron Skillet:  #7 Favorite, smiley face logo

12w      Cast Iron Griddle: Wagner, block w/quotes, 18.5" x 18.5"

13w      Cast Iron Pan: Lodge 1970s Turks Head Jem, 6 pocket

14w      Cast Iron Skillet:  #5 Favorite, smiley face logo

15w      Cast Iron Corn Stick Pan: lodge, 7 pocket

16w      Cast Iron Corn Stick Pan: Wagner, Krusty Korn Kobs, 7 pocket

17w      Cast Iron Kettel: Marietta, 2 qt. w/lid

18w      Cast Iron Bowl: #4 Scotch, w/swing handle

19w      Georgia O'Keefe Poster: Cleveland Museum of Art, framed

20w      Photograph: polka band, appears to be in German beer haus, framed & matted

21w      Needlepoint: birds at bird feeder, framed

22w      Oil on Canvas: artist signed, Sugar Cane, framed

23w      Cast Iron Spatula: #10, made from cracked skillet

24w      Painting on Textile: Thai, matted, bamboo frame

25w      Framed Print: tree of life, framed & matted

26w      Framed Print: midsommer's eve, Edward Robert Hughs

27w      Asian Scroll: cranes, painted linen

28w      Hand Broom: wooden handle

29w      Art Poster: Wassily Kandinsky, 1926, framed

30w      Art Poster: Leonor Zimmermann, framed

31w      Toulouse Lautrec Print: Marcelle Lender dancing bolero, framed

32w      Ceramic Tile Wall Hanging: iris, approx. 16" x 6"

33w      Persian Pictorial Textile: framed, approx. 19" x 18" (with frame)

34w      Art Poster: Carol Hoffnagle, Rosebud, framed

35w      Diego Rivera Lithographic Print: Cascaca, Arthur Jaffi printer, copyright NY Graphic Society, #782, framed

36w      Hunt Print: Gone Away, engraved EG Hester, framed & matted

37w      Wooden Tribal Wall Hanging: M. Banda, lightly carved

38w      McClung Print:Feast of Flowers, 512/550, framed & matted

39w      Carl Perkins Sun Records Label: Blue Suede Shoes, sheet music, 45 record, w/Sun label paper sleeves

40w      Lenox Dishes: butterfly meadow, 18-pcs set, 6 dinner plate, 6 accent plate, 6 mug

41w      (8) Sun Records 45s: (1) Roy Orbison Oobie Doobie; (7) Jerry Lee Lewis

42w      Henn Pottery: 2 spongeware pie plates, Longaberger wrought iron 2-pie holder

43w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Dorothy & Toto, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

44w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Wicked Witch, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

45w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Scarecrow, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

46w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Lion, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

47w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Wizard, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

48w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Glenda, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

49w      Wizard of Oz Doll: Tin Man, Charisma Brand Adora Dolls, in original box

50w      (2) Silhouettes: teacher & student; 3 students at chalk board, framed

51w      Wallace Nutting Print: The River Meadow, framed

52w      Movie Poster: The Wizard of Oz, reprint of 1939 poster

53w      Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer: Airguide Instrument Co., Chicago

54w      Claude Monet Print: Purple Irises, framed

55w      Smith's London Wall Clock: w/key

56w      Seth Thomas Wall Clock: drop octagon, key & pendulum

57w      Art Photo: Orange, Alex F. Ross, matted & framed

58w      (3) Framed Prints: McCurdy, Andrew Buchanan School 42/100; Andrew Buchanan School, 19/100; Amsterdam street view (all 3 have matching mats & frames)

59w      Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer: Germany, brass nautical wheels on wood board

60w      Charles Stoner Artist Proof: Fountains First Snowfall, color proof, framed & matted

61w      Waterbury Wall Clock: 12" drop octagon, w/key & pendulum

62w      Seiko Shikosha Wall Clock: w/key

63w      (2) Art Glass Vases: blue vase is 12" tall; green vase 15.5" tall

64w      Kitchen Clock: Ingraham, reverse painted door, w/pendulum & key

65w      Victrola Horn: black metal w/brass, 13.75" tall

66w      Gumball Machine: Northwestern, Morris Illinois, lever dispenser, clear glass cylinder, cast metal base & lid

67w      Regulator Wall Clock: Gilburt School House, has pendulum & key

68w      Frick Co. Clock: Fred, Frick Clock Co. Waynesboro Pa

69w      Seth Thomas Gallery Wall Clock: w/pendulum & key

70w      Charles Stoner Print: Pen Mar Park Remembered, 136/150, hand colored, framed & matted

71w      Oil on Board: Bruce H. Montgomery, Black Log School, framed

72w      Fraktur: in German, Dec. 12, 1802, framed

73w      Landis Brent Whitsel Print: Gone But Not Forgotten, Welty Mills, 69/490, framed & matted

74w      1924 Peter's Wall Calendar: hunting dogs, reproduction from 1980, January - December

75w      Lithographic Print: American Beauty Roses, Paul DeLongpre?, framed

76w      Wall Phone: Viaduct Mfg Co, sold by HP Smith & Son, has 2 glass batteries, brass bells & details, wood cased, batteries (W R Ostrander NY)

77w      Charles Stoner Print: Mercersburg Center Square Fountain, signed, framed & matted

78w      Charle Vernet Print: Route du Marche, framed

79w      Painting on Wood: rabbit holding basket, Linda Briggs, 1994

80w      Turkey Feather Mount: w/metal engraved holder

81w      Advertising Calendar: 1939, Chas. F. Miller Waynecastle PA, November & December

82w      (2) Robert Morrow Limited Edition Prints: Franklin County Courthouse, 4/200, signed; Chambersburg Tollgate House, 78/100, signed (both framed & matted)

83w      Advertising Print: Chas. F. Miller, Waynesboro & Greencastle, framed

84w      (2) Egyptian Paintings: on papyrus, framed & matted

85w      Wall Mirror: wood frame

86w      (4) Liquor Advertising Posters: Dionis Gran Spumante; Cognac Monnet; Contratto; Porto Ramos-Pinto (all framed)

87w      Don Troiani Limited Edition Print: Barksdale's Charge, 928/1000, signed, framed & matted

88w      Dale Gallon Limited Edition Print: Southern Revenge, 182/950, signed, framed & matted

89w      Dale Gallon Limited Edition Print: Serious Work Ahead, 263/950, signed, framed & matted

90w      Gordon Phillips Limited Edition Print: A Rising Star- On the Eve of Battle, 418/1200, signed, framed & matted

91w      Large Basket: double handled

92w      Salesman Sample Coat Rack: brass, approx. 16" tall

93w      Watering Can: galvanized

94w      Large Milk Can: Atlantic, dent in top on one side

95w      Longaberger Basket: corn basket, 1993, w/protector

96w      Watering Can: Atlantic, #6312, paper label has some chipping/peeling, galvanized

97w      Advertising Crate: Rosenberg's Cub, produce of Oregon, paper label on end has chipping, no lid

98w      Dover RR Can: blue painted stripes at top and bottom, galvanized

99w      Longaberger Basket: hamper, protector is cracked, lid has wear

100w   Vintage Fire Extinguisher: Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co.

101w   Longaberger Basket: spring flowers, w/protector, 2001

102w   Vintage Wicker Beverage Tray: w/dried flowers & butterflies

103w   Brass Bucket: H.W. Hayden's, E. Miller & Co., swing handle, #12

104w   (2) Longaberger Baskets: pie basket; large market

105w   (2) Longaberger Baskets: pie basket; mother's day vanity, w/P & lid

106w   Henn Basket: double swing handles

107w   (2) Baskets: hand made, wicker

108w   Watering Can: Dover, paper label is faded & has some chipping/peeling, galvanized

109w   (2) Baskets: hand made, one has stationary handle; rectangular basket

110w   Barn Lantern: Paully's No. 0, paint wear

111w   Railroad Can: NYCS

112w   (3) Longaberger Baskets: mother's day timeless memory combo; mother's day flower pot basket combo; mother's day combo

113w   Gumball Machine: Columbus Vending Co., cast iron base & lid, decal on front, has been restored

114w   (3) Longaberger Baskets: candle basket; easter basket; one other

115w   (3) Longaberger Baskets: darning; bread; berry

116w   Longaberger Basket Stand: wrought iron

117w   Large Copper Egg Skillet: 10-pocket, hand forged handle, 16.75" across

118w   Large Copper Skillet: BD & Co. NY, Chicago, cast iron handle, 13.25" across

119w   Large Copper Pot: cast iron handle, WL ? Olac & Sons Philadelphia, rough interior, 10.75" across, 7.5" tall

120w   Large Copper Pan: cast iron handle, 14" across, 9" tall

121w   (3) Easter Decorations: wood stand ups, easter egg, rabbit w/basket, bunny in basket

122w   Pair Oil Lamps: embossed dogwood design, w/chimneys

123w   (2) Oil Lamps: hand painted dogwood designs, one is a little larger than the other, both w/chimneys

124w   Pair Oil Lamps: embossed dogwood design, w/chimneys

125w   Hanging Light: brass oil lamp base, pink reverse painted shade, hanging prisms, electrified


126w   Hanging Light: matching shade & base, hanging prisms, oil lamp, electrified


Guitar Catalog

1m      Yamaha Electric Guitar: EG303, 6-string, serial #6070602

2m      Linchun Electric Guitar: Les Paul model, 6-string

3m      Marigold Electric Guitar: 6-string, with soft case

4m      Fender Electric Guitar: Stratocaster, 6-string, serial #0050824482, with soft case

5m      Silvertone Electric Guitar: 6-string with hard case

6m      LTD Bass Guitar: 5-string, electric, B-155, ESP serial #IR0428524 with hard case

7m      Ibanez Amp: sound wave bass amp. Model SW35, serial #S050202463


8m      Ephiphone Amp: Regent 50R


Furniture Catalog

1f         Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer: Enterprise, has wood handle, the lettering has been gold painted

2f         Pair of Rabbit Standups: wooden, w/wood easel bracket, Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit

3f         Stained Glass Table Lamp: matching shade & base, modern

4f         Carved Pedestal: wood, carved details, has some wear on the corners

5f         Kerosene Heater: Barler Ideal, has been electrified

6f         Stained Glass Table Lamp: matching shade & base, modern

7f         Side Table: octagonal, carved feet

8f         Cast Iron Stove: one foot is broken has some broken lattice on front, doll house style

9f         Butter Churn: Union Churn #3, wooden paddle on inside, lid, 3 legs, crank turn w/wooden handle

10f      Victrola: Standard Model A, red bell horn, (3) records

11f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: Eastlake, grey marble

12f      Vintage Boat Motor: 1940 Muncie Neptune, on stand, has been restored, brass & chrome

13f      Barrister Bookcase: 5 stack, double sliding glass doors, Danner, has drawer in base

14f      Oak Umbrella Stand/Holder: mission style

15f      (3) Canes: (1) w/metal band - Election Nov. 4, 1806; (2) bamboo style

16f      Walking Stick: brass, ivorine handle

17f      Sword Cane: decorative handle

18f      Cane: antler handle, natural wood base

19f      Floor Lamp: stained glass, modern

20f      Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock: moon & star face, has paperwork, pendulum, weights, keys

21f      German Tabletop Cuckoo Clock: 1870s, black walnut, carved Franco Prussian war soldier, bird finial on top, acorns & oak leaves, military helmet, wreath, cannon balls

22f      Bedside Commode: needlepoint hinged lid, wood cases, porcelain feet rollers, porcelain pot

23f      Butter Churn: has paddles inside, lid, crank handle

24f      Oriental Rug: wool, approx. 3' x 5'

25f      Bassett Dining Table & Chairs: (6) chairs, (4) board extensions

26f      Shaw Area Rug: 9' x 12'

27f      Pair of Shelves: mission style, lighted stained glass top, 4-shelf each, one shelf has candle wax mark, & other ring

28f      Rayo Style Oil Lamp: milk glass shade, chimney

29f      New Juno Oil Lamp: #2, brass base, painted milk glass shade, chimney

30f      Kitchen Clock: Ingraham, key & pendulum

31f      Buffet/Server: burl veneer on center drawers

32f      Set of (4) Dining Room Chairs: Hardin, cherry

33f      Chaise Lounge: modified (folds out to day bed), reupholstered, has some wear at corners

34f      Dresser Lamp: stained glass, modern

35f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: white marble, Eastlake style

36f      Victorian Chair & Vanity Bench: reupholstered to match

37f      Chamber Set: 6 pcs - wash bowl, pitcher, chamber pot, water pot (cracked & repaired), soap dish, mug

38f      Wash Stand: towel bar, 2-drawer, bow front, claw feet

39f      Dresser: 3-drawer, matched 41f

40f      Scales: Howe #1, cast iron weights, brass scoop

41f      Chest of Drawers: matches 39f

42f      (2) Rabbit Standups: wood w/easel back, rabbit w/bow (plastic eye), rabbit in basket

43f      Kitchen Clock: New Haven, pendulum & key, reverse painted arched door

44f      Parlor Lamp: oil lamp, matching painted shade & base, shade possibly repainted

45f      Mantel Clock: Ingraham, reverse painted door, pendulum & key

46f      Wingback Chair: Fairfield

47f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: Eastlake style, white marble

48f      Living Room Chair: Alton Furniture Group, red upholstery

49f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: Eastlake style, white marble

50f      Wingback Chair: Masterfield

51f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: Eastlake style, white marble

52f      Power Lift Chair: Cat Napper

53f      Mantel Clock: Seth Thomas, greek columns, lion head details on side

54f      End Stand: open shelf

55f      Victorian Settee: carved details, w/inlaid center medallion of musical instruments, has been reupholstered

56f      Wicker Rocker: cane seat, decorative wicker back

57f      Wicker Chair: highly decorative/detailed

58f      Wicker Rocker: wicker seat & back

59f      Wicker Rocker: wicker seat & back

60f      Wicker Rocker: cane seat, decorative wicker back

61f      Bed Complete: king adjustable bed, Serta I directions series X1 Hybrid, w/remotes & power cords, etc.

62f      Display Cupboard: lighted, beveled glass door, 4-glass shelves

63f      Step Back Cupboard: repainted yellow, paned doors over 3 drawers over 2 blind doors, 2 pcs

64f      Chaise Lounge: oak framed, reupholstered

65f      Victorian Marble Top Stand: white marble, Eastlake style

66f      Victorian Settee: carved details on back, reupholstered, some wear to corners

67f      Victorian Stand: Eastlake style, white marble

68f      Mantel Clock: Seth Thomas, greek columns, lion head details on sides, faux marble details

69f      Victorian Stand: Eastlake style, white marble

70f      Rocker & Side Table: wicker set, painted white

71f      Highback Bed: headboard, foot board, frame, queen size

72f      Oil Lamp: blue glass, chimney

73f      Victorian Hall Stand: beveled mirror back, brass hooks, center brown marble top, 1 drawer, umbrella holders

74f      3 Pcs Candle Holder Set: figural, matching, glass prisms

75f      Marble Top Sideboard: mirrored back w/shelves, marble top, 2 drawers over 2 blind doors, curved sides

76f      Victorian Bench/Settee: carved griffins on back, has lift up bottom for storage

77f      (2) Pressed Back Chairs: oak

78f      Box Spring & Mattress: Tension Ease Englander, single, w/frame

79f      Chaise Lounge: Braxton Culler

80f      Wash Bowl & Pitcher Set: lusterine

81f      Oil Lamp: hand painted shade, electrified, milk glass base

82f      Dresser w/Mirror: matches 83f, 1920s style

83f      Vanity w/Mirror: matches 82f, 1920s style

84f      Side by Side Secretary: slant front drop down, w/pigeon holds, rounded glass door on other side

85f      Huntley Furniture Hutch Cupboard: 2 doors, over 1 drawer over 2 doors

86f      (3) Pcs. Set Lamps: pair matching table lamps; matching floor lamp

87f      Bedside Commode: hinged top, porcelain pot, round

88f      Dinette Table & Chairs: oak pedestal table, Benxi Maple Leaf Furniture, (3) chairs on rollers

89f      Doll Carriage: black leather, wood base, button quilt pillow & spread

90f      Oak Kitchen Table & Chairs: 1 board extension, pedestal base table, (4) arrow back chairs

91f      Chest of Drawers: White Furniture Company, 2 over 3

92f      Table Lamp: metal base

93f      Buffet/Server: 4-drawer, w/pull out shelf

94f      Corner Cupboard: 2 glass doors, over 2 blind doors

95f      Pair of Dresser Lamps: matching stained glass shades

96f      Porcelain Case Mantel Clock: Accomac, key & pendulum

97f      Drop Leaf Table: leather inlay, drawers on either side

98f      Oil Lamp: painted shade, metal base, base has embossed cherubs, not electrified

99f      End Stand: 1-drawer, the legs show some wear to finish

100f   Pitcher: Bohemia Austria, painted

101f   Wine Cupboard: holds 20 bottles of wine, shelf to hang stemware, 1 drawer

102f   (2) Aladdin Oil Lamps: clear base; milk glass base (both w/chimneys)

103f   Young America Chest of Drawers: 3-drawer

104f   (2) Milking Stools: used as plant stands (flower pot marks on top)

105f   Oil Lamp: cobalt blue glass base, silver crest shade

106f   Oak Stand: 1 drawer, crack in top, some staining

107f   Wall Mirror Coat Rack: carved and shaped like bell, beveled mirror w/ships wheel

108f   Slant Front Desk: gallery shelf, pigeonholes, 1 drawer w/drop pulls

109f   Pair Table Lamps: stained glass, modern

110f   Clayton Marcus Living Room Suite: chair, matching loveseat

111f   Pair Broyhill End Stands: 1-drawer

112f   Glider Rocker: some staining on seat

113f   Pair End Stands: open shelf

114f   Glider Rocker: blue upholstery

115f   Pair End Stands: Pottery Barn, 1-shelf

116f   Pair Chairs: plank seat

117f   Coffee Table: open shelf

118f   Victorian Feather Christmas Tree: has candles

119f   Mitchell Gold Leather Chair: brown leather, matches 121f

120f   Victorian Stand: brown marble, oval

121f   Mitchell Gold Leather Chair: brown leather, matches 119f

122f   Table Lamp: stained glass, brass base

123f   Table Lamp: stained glass, modern

124f   Victorian Stand: turtle top, brown marble

125f   Victorian Stand: white marble, Eastlake style

126f   Ironstone China: water vessel, hairline cracks

127f   Counter Paper Cutter: The Wright

128f   Wall Table: mission style

129f   Child's Rocker: slat seat & back

130f   Victorian Stand: white marble, Eastlake style

131f   Wall Stand: mission style

132f   Lane Recliner: matches 133f


133f   Lane Recliner: matches 132f


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